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I Have Something To Show You
by JessWeis123

"Tonight, I have something to show you Nikki."

After their match on Sunday, Natalya practically dragged Nikki Bella to their shared hotel room. The pair had been going out for several months or so, and had often hooked up whilst on the road and in Hotels. Tonight though, Natalya had something in mind...

Arriving at their room, both women strolled in. In the center of the room was a Queen sized double bed, with red and white duvet and mattress covers respectively. Dumping their bags into the far corner of the room, Nikki lay on the bed sheets gazing at Natalya.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Natalya

"Erm, lying down?"

The blonde shook her head.

"No, tonight, we're doing more than that."

She pulled the busty brunette up off the bed, and began to undress herself out of her leather jacket and skintight jeans, before placing her fully naked body against Nikki. Her nipples were

hard than ice, as she began to gently circle and grind against Nikki's breasts with their own.

"So, do you like what you see Nikki?" She caressed Nikki's ass with her hands, the Brunette returned the action. She whispered into Natalya's ear.

"Help me get this shirt off, and I'll be all yours baby."

Wasting no time, Natalya quickly let go, and undid the lace of Nikki's crop top and shorts, letting loose the larger than life C cups of the woman before her.

"That's what mama likes to see." Nattie muttered, as she began fondling with Nikki's ample breasts. She then lifted the brunette up, before gently dropping her on the bed back first, whilst Nikki's long legs still straddled around Natalya's waist, and arms wrapped around her neck.

"Come on baby, play rough with me." Nikki begged,

"No not yet."

"Come on you teasing little slut." Nikki pulled the Blonde in closer to her body, forcing Natalya's face into her cleavage.

"Go on, lick it!" Natalya complied, trying to force the Brunette to let go, as Nikki begun to moan in pleasure and satisfaction. Her moans filled the small room, as she clutched the sides of the bed they lay upon.

Natalya began to lift her head up, and saw Nikki Bella sprawled out on the bed, eyes shut and smiling. Natalya decided now was the time.

She quickly grabbed the smaller diva by her hips and turned her over, so her ass was facing the air.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"This is my surprise for you Nikki baby."

Fastened around her waist was a strap on with harness, and Natalya looked fucking sexy. She quickly pounced onto the prone Bella, before swiftly inserting the pink dildo far into Nikki's vagina. She let out a loud moan.

"Aww, does little Nikki not like that(!)" Natalya said mockingly, not caring for what her partner had to say.


"No no no, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you Nikki!"

With that, Natalya smacked Nikki's right cheek, which turned the golden tan into a light red. She began to thrust her hips backward and forward repeatedly.

"Yeah, you like that, huh?" She taunted, "Mmmmmm,I bet you want more, don't you Nikki?" She continued to thrust the pink dildo in and out. Natalya's D cup breasts jiggled to the fast rhythm as Natalya quickened the tempo of her action.

"Fuck me Nattie!!!" Nikki yelled, her voice full of sexual pleasure.

"I'm gonna peg you more, little slut." Nattie said as she retracted her dildo and forcibly turned the brunette in her back, before reinserting her toy. Natalya's thighs crashed against Nikki's, as her legs pointed high into the air.

Nikki's POV;

As Natalya fucked her, Nikki thought to herself

"God she looks hot with her dick....but I know where'd she look hotter."

Natalya spoke whilst thrusting;

"Don't you cum for me yet Nikki." Natalya ordered as she began to caress Nikki's large breasts, groping them as Nikki's whole body vibrated and shook from the force of Natalya.

"I'm gonna cum Nattie!" Before she did.

Natalya suddenly stopped, but kept the strap on in, and leaned down to Nikki's face and breasts.

She whispered:

"Oh, did you just cum for me?"


"Di you know what that means Nikki?"

She shook her head

"It means" She stood up on the bed, before continuing "you're gonna clean it,"

With that, she pulled on the long brunette hair facing her, forcing Nikki up and into Natalya's lower body, directly facing the pink dildo.

Nikki protested, but Natalya was too strong for her to move away.

"Go on, open your mouth you slut." She wiggled her hips, moving the cock across Nikki's lips, before thrusting into Nikki's open mouth, deeper and deeper, until Nikki practically kissed Natalya's large thighs.

Natalya laughed "Hahaha, yeah suck my cock Nikki!" She kept one hand perched on the younger woman's head, bobbing it in a forward and backward motion for Nikki to suck, whilst keeping the other hand on her own double D breasts, gently circling her nipples; if Nikki wasn't satisfying her now, why shouldn't she do it herself?

"Yeah, I bet that tastes good."

Nikki stared at her dominator above her, only seeing the blonde hair and eyes, blocked by her unleashed breasts. She began to move her own hands to Natalya's waist, loosening the harness attached: Natalya failed to notice.

She began to slide her fingers in between the straps and Natalya's thighs: Natalya didn't notice.

She suddenly pulled down the Harness from Natalya's waist: Natalya noticed.

"What the fuck Bitch?"

Natalya reached for the strap on, but it was now in Nikki's hands.

"My turn Nattie."

"I don't think so."

Natalya grappled with Nikki on the bed, the strap-on on lay on the floor to the side. Natalya kept Nikki held down, and began to finger her pussy. One by one by one, Natalya added her trimmed nails deeper into Nikki's entrance. Nikki flailed her legs to try and disrupt Natalya's efforts, but to no avail. Like with her cock, Natalya thrust her fingers in and out with a rapid motion, the quicker she made Nikki cum, the quicker it would be to get back her toy. Nikki could feel the rush of an orgasm coming, she didn't know how much longer she could last. There was a stronger, more deviant blonde laying on her, dominating her. Nikki couldn't let herself cum again out of her own personal dignity.

Freeing one of her own arms, she managed to shove the blonde off her chest, bewildering Nattie. Using this momentum, Nikki quickly forced herself upon Nattie, she was going to trig her lover and dominator into submission.

She began to rock Natalya's body, circling her D cup tits with her own C cups, and also rubbing their throbbing clits against one another. Nikki extended her reach to the sides of the bed, gripping them as hard as she could as to stop Nattie simply turning her over and putting Nikki upon the bottom.

"I'm gonna make you cum Nattie."

Natalya had no response, only quiet moans of pleasure as the brunette on top of her tribbed faster, the rough pussy rubbing increased with Natalya's rising orgasm. Wanting to avoid this, Natalya began to spank Nikki's fat ass, it jiggled under the shock Nikki faced as Natalya began to spank harder and quicker, Nikki winced in pain, but knew this pain would be shadowed by the pain if Natalya got her strap on back. Nikki needed to get the strap on now: she quickly dove off the bed and grabbed the strap on, Natalya was too far away to halt her. Nikki had a devilish grin on her face.

"Now, where were we Nattie?"

"You couldn't fuck me if you tried Nikki, You're just my brunette bitch!"

Nikki was being called a Bitch for the last time tonight.

She quickly slid the harness up her legs, before fastening the straps in place around her golden tanned body.

"Like what you see Nattie?" Nikki said mockingly. Natalya still had a face of thunder.

Moving over to Natalya, Nikki pushed the blonde onto her back, before grabbing a hold of her ankles. She slowly pulled Natalya towards the strap on, with Natalya desperately trying to tighten her grip on the scrunched up bed sheets. Slowly but surely, Natalya's entrance had reached Nikki's strap on, with the blonde's legs supported by Nikki's shoulders, Nikki thrust her cock deep into Natalya's pussy.

"I'm a winner. You like my winner cock?"


Nikki placed her arms behind Natalya's neck, before hoisting the busty Canadian upwards,

but still kept her perched in the pink dildo. Lifting the diva was hard enough, but Nikki had to make sure she dominated Natalya in return. Thrusting her hips into the air, Natalya was helpless as the strap on penetrated and rocked her body rough style. Nikki continued to hump her fat ass. After a few more minutes, Nikki let the blonde off her toy, as Natalya collapsed on the bed.

"Is that enough for you?"

Exhausted, in pain and pleasured, Natalya answered. 'Yeah...yeah baby."

Removing the strap on, Nikki laid on Natalya's prone body, tits meeting tits, and began to stroke her long blonde hair.

"We should do this more often."

"Tomorrow good?"

"Yeah...but my turn first." She planted a kiss on the blonde's lips, before both fell asleep completely naked in each other's arms.

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