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I Know You Want Me
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Days after WrestleMania 14 in 1998, the newly reformed D-Generation X,
consisting of Triple H, X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws, have walked in to the
bar of the hotel where they are residing in. With what has quickly become a
tradition, the four degenerates are staying in a hotel separate from the
other WWF wrestlers so they can party and raise hell. X-Pac, dressed in a
ratty leather jacket, black bandana, black boots tattered jeans a
D-Generation X t-shirt flips is unkempt black hair back as takes off his
sunglasses to survey the bar, "Shit... what a fucking dump..." X-Pac laughs,
as they four men walk to the bar.

"Yeah... for $1,500 a night, you'd think they have a real fucking bar
here..." Road Dogg says, and he's dressed in a faded South Park t-shirt,
black jeans and sneakers.

Triple H, who's wearing a denim sleeveless jacket over a black hooded
sweatshirt, jeans and boots, laughs as they sit at the round table, "Ah, who
gives a shit, this is all going on Vince's dime, so let's drain every damn
bottle in this joint before we tear up that big ass fucking suite we're in."

Billy, wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and white high-top sneaker, turns
his chair around so the back is facing the table before he sits down, "That
sounds like a plan to me... but this would be fucking better if we had some
fine ass slut waiting for us."

"Oh hell yeah..." X-Pac licks his lips as he strokes his shabby beard with
his right hand, "We should've planned this out..."

Road Dogg laughs, "I'm sure there's some fine biz-itch hear that would love
to get it done doggy style." He turns in his chair to look around the bar,
and moments later all four of them are scanning the bar, and to their
disappointment it's near empty.

"Damn... we're like the only ones here... that fucking blows," Billy says
as he waves his hand to try and get the attention of the waitress who is
flirting with the bartender.

Triple H is about to agree with the Bad Ass of the group, until his sees
someone enter the bar, and he licks his lips, "Boys... I think we just found
our slut for the night...' X-Pac, Billy and Road Dogg all turn their heads
towards the entrance of the bar to see who Triple H is talking about. The
four D-Generation X members all turn their head in amazement as they see the
stunning blonde-bombshell, Sunny. The smoking hot Diva shakes blonde hair
back as she dressed in a short black skirt and a black low-cut tank top.
Sunny slowly scans the room before she starts to walk over towards the bar,
letting her round hips and nice ass sway back and forth as she walks.

Road Dogg licks his lips as he and his buddies watch Sunny and he shakes his
head, "Aw damn she's a fine piece of ass... look at those fucking tits..."
Road Dogg points at Sunny's chest with his right hand as he turns completely
around in his chair to gawk at the smoking hot diva.

"Tits? Fuck... she's got a sweet looking ass... those are the best buns in
the WWF..." Billy replies as he grips the top of his chair and turns himself
and chair to get a better view of Sunny. He tilts his head and leans down to
the left as if trying to look up Sunny's short black skirt even though she's
a good distance away from him. "That little tight ass can make me stop on a
dime anytime..."

X-Pac puts his sunglasses back on, but they are resting on top of his head.
He grabs the crotch of his jeans and squeezes it as stares at Sunny's perfect
body as she reaches the bar and leans over it, "Shit... man I remember back
when before I went south to Turnerland... that chick was like all over Shawn,
right Hunter? Remember right after the 'Mania party back in '96... fuck I'd
love to have a sunny day like that..." X-Pac laughs and slaps his left hand
on top of the table.

Triple H smirks, "Yeah I remember... and you know what... that tiny dick
prick she got with later on is no longer in the Fed... he's in some fucking
bingo hall..." He turns his chair and looks at his three cohorts, "So you
know she's got some needs that aren't being met." Triple H licks his lips.

"Hey Trips man... you should got fetch her..." Road Dogg says with a wide

"Fetch?" Hunter raises an eyebrow, "Shit... I ain't The Rock, I don't chase
chicks..." Hunter turns on his chair and cups his hands around his mouth
before he yells out, "Hey, Sunny!"

Sunny slowly turns her head and looks around after hearing her name. Once
she glances over at the table at which the four DX members inhabit, Triple H
waves her over to the table. Sunny smirks a bit as she starts to walk over to
the table. Once Sunny reaches the rounded table, she places her hands on the
table and leans allowing the four Degenerates to get an awesome view of her
cleavage. Sunny licks her lips slightly as she looks around the table at
X-Pac, then Road Dogg, then Billy Gunn and finally Triple H "Did you boys
call me?" Sunny asks in a soft, seductive but yet innocent tone.

"Yeah we did..." X-Pac grins as he keeps his hand right on his crotch as he
looks right at Sunny's cleavage, "Fuck that's a view I'd love to wake up
to..." X-Pac laughs and slaps the table again.

"You wanna join us for a few drinks?" Billy asks as he turns himself and the
chair he's sitting on around so that he's facing Sunny, but he then leans
back and observes how her short black skirt has risen up to expose parts of
her ass cheeks.

Road Dogg looks back at the bar where the waitress is still talking to the
bartender, "Better make that join us in waiting for some FUCKING SERVICE!"
He yells out loud enough for the waitress to hear him, but she doesn't
acknowledge the request for her presence. "What a fucking dunce... man I'm
this close to getting all rowdy up in here to get my damn beer..." Road Dogg
says with a sigh.

Sunny smirks a bit as she slides her left hand through her waving, blonde
hair "So...what are you boys up to?" Sunny asks as she looks Triple H's body
up and down before smirking at him.

Triple H leans back in his chair, "Oh you know the usual... raising hell...
looking for how we're going to party tonight..." Triple H smirks up at Sunny.

"Yeah that's fucking right," X-Pac takes the sunglasses off of his head and
flips them down on to the table, "Cause right now... I've been back here in
the Fed for 3 days... and we haven't had a total blowout fucking wild party

Billy looks at X-Pac and shakes his head as reaches behind his head to pull
off the rubber band that was holding his hair in a ponytail, "Hey, this ain't
Dubba-U-C-Dubba-Ya... we don't have hot, sexy chicks that are ready to party
at the drop of a hat..." Billy then looks back at Sunny, "Or do we?" He
smirks and raises his eyebrows a few times to see if Sunny caught on to what
he meant.

Sunny smirks and licks her lips "By the sounds of it...I'd have to say...I
know you want...boys...want me.." Sunny laughs a bit and shrugs her slender
shoulders and winks at the four DX members "And...I'll let you boys know...
I love to party.." Sunny says as she flips her blonde hair back before she
steps away from the table and starts to slowly walk away from the table.
Sunny stops once she reaches the exits of the bar and looks over her shoulder
back at the four DX members with a playful smirks "Are you boys coming or
not...because I know you want to..."

The four degenerates almost fall down on their asses as they jump up from
their chairs, "Fuck darlin' you don't have to tell this ol Dogg twice..."
Road Dogg says as he rushes towards the exit of the bar before the other
three get their balance back. Road Dogg looks back at the X-Pac, Triple H
and Billy and folds his arms, "Fuck, man what's the hold up?"

"Hold on... I'm coming... and later I'll be coming again..." Billy laughs as
knocks the chair he was sitting in down. He walks with some long strides over
to the exit, followed by Triple H, while X-Pac hangs back for a second before
he then flips the table DX was sitting at over. The resulting crashing sound
finally gets the attention of the waitress that didn't serve them, and she
looks over at X-Pac.

"Hey Bitch, you can fucking suck it for not doing your damn job!" X-Pac
yells as he does a quick crotch chop before he hurries along to catch up with
Triple H, The Outlaws and Sunny who have already left the bar and he catches
up to them in the hotel lobby as they wait for an elevator, "I showed that
bitch..." X-Pac smirks as he high fives Road Dogg.

Sunny folds her arms after she pushes the elevator button and looks back at
the leader of DX, Triple H, as she patiently waits for the elevator door to
open " that hotel room nearby?" Sunny asks as she licks her lips.

Triple H nods and smirks, "You bet your ass there is... we got the fucking
penthouse suite waiting for us..." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out
a hotel room keycard and also a credit card, which he accidentally drops to
the floor.

Billy bends down to pick it up, "Hey Trips, you drop this..." He says before
he looks at it and he starts laughing.

Road Dogg raises and eyebrow, "What's so damn funny?" Billy doesn't reply
because of how hard he's laughing and he hands the credit card to Road Dogg.
Road Dogg reads the name on the card and he starts laughing as well, "Aw
shit, Trips, tell me this isn't his card..."

Triple H nods, "Yeah it's Vince's..." He replies as the elevator doors open.

Sunny smirks and she steps into the elevator, after the door opens. Sunny
folds her arms as she leans against the back of the elevator cart. Sunny
licks her lips as she shakes her head "Mmmmm...I love a man who can take
action...and using their well as...other large things..." Sunny
says as she licks her lips glances down at X-Pac's crotch, once he enters
the elevator along with Billy, Road Dogg and Triple H.

All four DX members step onto the elevator, and X-Pac stands right next to
Sunny. "Then you're gonna love tonight cause we got the biggest dicks and
the biggest balls in the Fed..." X-Pac says as Triple H pushes the button
for the top floor of the hotel. The elevator doors closes and it starts to
go up to their destination.

Sunny licks her lips as she glances down at X-Pac's crotch "Is that so..."
Sunny bites down on her bottom lip "That's good...because I love it big..."

Billy folds his arms, "Fuck Sunny, me and Roadie here got like what...
twelve, thirteen inch dicks..." He looks at Road Dogg to see if he was right,
and Road Dogg nods his head to acknowledge he was.

Triple H laughs, "Hey don't tell her sizes now... let her have some

Sunny shakes her head and laughs "No...tell me.. I want know what I'm working
with ahead of time.." Sunny licks her lips and motions her head to Triple H
"What about you big boy? What are you packing?"

Triple H smirks and holds his hands up in front of him and spreads the apart
to show Sunny how big a rocket he's packing, "A big 15-incher..." Triple H
says with a smirk.

X-Pac licks his lips, "I can top that... I got a sixteen inches of pussy
pounding dick right here!" He says as he grabs the crotch of his own jeans
to get his point across.

Sunny licks her lips "Mmmm...I like the sounds of what your four are
packing...I just hope you can use them well..." Sunny says with a smirk as
she looks around the elevator unit at the four DX members.

The elevator bell DINGS as the doors open when they reach the top floor,
Triple H smirks at Sunny, "You're about to find out..." He says as he steps
off the elevator turns to the right and walks a short distance to the first
of two doors on that side of the hallway. He slides the keycard through the
room-lock-scanner and then opens the door.

Billy and Road Dogg get off the elevator and head towards and into the room,
while X-Pac waits for Sunny, "Damn this is gonna be fucking awesome... you
really look like a chick who knows how to work a dick..."

Sunny tilts her head back and laughs as she walks over towards the opened
door of the penthouse suite " have no idea.." Sunny says as
she licks her lips and enters the large sized, penthouse suite.

When Sunny enters the penthouse suite, She sees that Triple H and the two
Outlaws are already starting to get undressed. Billy and Road Dogg are
sitting on two chairs as they get stripped, but Triple H is standing and
he's pulled off his denim-sleeveless jacket and his hooded sweatshirt,
revealing that he's not wearing a regular shirt underneath it. X-Pac walks
into the penthouse suite and he closes the door, when he looks at Triple H
already starting to unbutton his jeans, "Aw shit, you mother fuckers
couldn't wait?"

Road Dogg laughs, "Ya snooze ya lose Pac."

Triple H shrugs as he leans back against the dresser, lifts his legs one at
a time and pulls off his boots, "Yeah man... we're here to party... and Sunny
is waiting for us to get fucking ready..." Triple H says as he then lowers
and takes off his jeans and boxers, freeing his 15-inch cock before anyone
else could get undressed.

Sunny licks her lips as she turns her head and locks her eyes on Triple H's
large cock "Mmm...Hunter..." Sunny bites down on her bottom lip as she steps
closer to the leader of rebellious group.

Triple H licks his lips as he sees Sunny starring at his cock. He laughs a
bit and puts his hands flat on the dresser behind him, "It's all right to
stare Sunny... but it'll be a lot better if ya got down and just suck it."
Sunny tilts her head back and laughs as she flips her blonde hair back,
before getting down on her knees and crawling the rest of the way to Triple
H. Sunny sits up on her knees and wraps her two soft, skilled hands around
his impressive 15-inch cock and begins to move her hands against his shaft,
stroking his eagerly growing cock.

Triple H licks his lips; "You must've put some baby oil or some thing on your
hands tonight..." He says, commenting on how Sunny's hands feel on his cock
as it becomes harder and thicker with every instant. Billy and Road Dogg have
finished getting undressed and X-Pac has quickly ripped off a lot of what he
was wearing, and just has his jeans left on.

Sunny smirks up at Triple H as she pumps her two hands against his thick, now
completely hardened cock. Sunny slowly turns her head and looks over at Road
Dogg and Billy Gunn, who are completely undressed and are stroking their own
cocks to hardness. Sunny laughs a bit "Hey...that's my job.." Sunny says,
before turning her head back to Triple H's cock, leaning her head into his
cock and presses her tongue against the tip of his large cock.

"Don't worry about us sweet cheeks..." Billy says as he slides his hand up
and down his cock, "Cause we're gonna be partying all fucking night."

X-Pac sits on one of the huge beds that are in the in the penthouse suite.
He kicks off his jeans and smirks, "Got that fucking right..." X-Pac yells
in agreement. Sunny smiles slightly as she starts to circle the tip of her
tongue around on the head of Triple H's cock, gently working her sensual
tongue into his piss-slit, while she motions her left hand against his
shaft, while motioning with her right hand for one of the DXer's to join

Because of where Billy and Road Dogg are sitting they don't see Sunny
calling for them with her right, but X-Pac does, "Aww yeah, time for my
baloney pony to get smoked...." X-Pac gets off the bed after removing his
boxer shorts to free his already hard and throbbing sixteen-inch cock. He
walk over to Sunny, grips his dick and slaps it down into her right hand.

Meanwhile, Triple H has his head tilted back and is moaning a bit, "Fuck
Sunny... don't do that teasing shit..." He says as he thrusts his hips
forward to push his cock against her mouth. Sunny gently taps her tongue
against the large cockhead of Triple H before she opens her warm mouth
and takes his cock into her mouth. Sunny wraps her lips around Triple H's
cock and gently bobs her head against his cock, sucking. As Sunny sucks
on Triple H's cock, she moves her right hand against X-Pac's throbbing
sixteen-inch cock as she rubs the palm of her hand around the sides of his

"Now that's... what I fucking like..." Triple H says as he places his large
right hand on the back of Sunny's hair and grips a hand full of her soft
blond hair. X-Pac does the same as he starts thrusting his cock against
Sunny's hand as if he was trying to fuck her palm.

Road Dogg sits back on the chair he's sitting on and smirks, "Shit... now
that's a fucking show..."

Billy nods, "Yeah... looks hot..." Billy then stands up and starts to walk
over towards Sunny, Triple H and X-Pac, "Hope she doesn't if I get some of
this stuff off her..." Billy grins as he kneels down behind her and reaches
around to grab the front of her low-cut tank top and rips it down the middle
to peel it from her body. Sunny moans softly against Triple H's cock as she
starts to rotate her head around on his cock, sucking tighter as she laps
her wet tongue around his shaft, bobbing her head at a quicker pace. Sunny
guides her right hand down X-Pac's long shaft and cups his ballsack, before
she begins to massage his ballsack.

Triple H licks his lips, "Fuck you can suck cock... give X-Pac a sample..."
Triple H says as he lets go of Sunny's hair and places his hand back on the
dresser behind him.

"Yeah you hot's 4:20... smoke my dick!" X-Pac says eagerly
as Billy reaches around in front of Sunny again at starts to squeeze her
braless tits with is strong yet surprisingly gentle hands.

Sunny slowly lifts her head up from Triple H's cock, with saliva trickling
down his shaft as she flips her blonde hair back and turns on her knees to
X-Pac. Sunny licks her lips "Don't you have two words for me?" Sunny asks
with a laugh as she pulls X-Pac's cock closer to her hot mouth before she
opens her mouth and accepts his large cock into her mouth. Sunny instantly
clamps her mouth around his cock and starts to bob her blonde head against
his hard, stiff, cock.

X-Pac lets out a gasp of pleasure as he feels Sunny's hot mouth moving back
and forth along his long fat cock, "Yeah... keep sucking!" He replies as he
does a crotch chop. Triple H moves away from Sunny and heads over to the one
of the large beds and sits on it.

Meanwhile Billy has now stand behind Sunny and he's moved to stand on her
left side, "Hey you got another dick to deal with..." he says with a grin as
he strokes his own dick as Sunny focuses on X-Pac's for the time being. Sunny
begins to lap her warm saliva against X-Pac's cock, splashing her warm saliva
against his cock as she wraps her left hand around Billy's thick cock. Sunny
tightens her grip instantly and begins to slowly guide her hand against his
shaft, rubbing hand against his cock. The stunning blonde beauty, opens her
mouth wider as she starts to deep throat X-Pac's large cock, moaning against
his cock while she sucks.

"Ahhhh yeah... smoke that meat!" X-Pac groans loudly as he pushes his hips
forward to keep as much of his cock past her lips as possible.

Billy places his right hand on the back of Sunny's skull and pushes her head
down on X-Pac's dick and holds her there, but he moves his head away almost a
minute later when he sees that Sunny doesn't have a problem of giving X-Pac's
cock a throat massage. "Fuck she's amazing..." He says.

Road Dogg has now gotten up from the chair he's sitting on and he goes over
to Triple H, "Hey I got an idea... how about when she's gonna suck my dick,
you fuck her?"

Triple H smirks at the former Roadie and laughs, "Good idea... but I'm the
fucking leader here I do all the planning."

After a few more head bobs on X-Pac's cock, the ultra-hot Sunny lifts her
head up from X-Pac's cock, now lubricated in her warm saliva, and slowly
turns her head to face Billy. Sunny looks up at Billy with a smile, once
she's fully turned to face him " ready for some Sunny time?"

Billy looks down at the sexy woman and smirks as he nods his head, "I'm
always ready for some Sunny time..." He says as he places a hand flat on top
of the dresser as he prepares himself mentally for what she's about to do.
Sunny smirks up at Billy and wraps both of her hands around his large and
thick thirteen-inch cock and starts to pump both of her soft, gentle hands
against his shaft. Sunny leans her head down and gently pats her tongue
against the head of his cock, while she strokes his cock. While Sunny strokes
with hands and pats with tongue on Billy's cock, he reaches down and pinches
Sunny's perky and erected nipples.

Billy moans and licks his lips as he slightly pushes his cock forward,
causing the tip of it to go past her lips and into her mouth for only brief
seconds. "Mmmm fuck..." Billy says as he slightly twists Sunny's hard nipples
with his fingers. "Damn your nips are hard as rocks already..." He says to
her with a smirk. Sunny moans softly as she presses her soft lips just around
the head of Billy's cock. The stunning, tease Sunny starts to slowly bob her
head on the head of Billy's cock, gently sucking as she presses the tip of
her tongue against his piss-slit. Sunny sits up a bit more on her knees as
she starts to twist her head on the head of Billy's cock.

Triple H gets up from the bed he's sitting on and walks over to where Sunny
is and before either she or Billy can get to far into the blowjob she's
giving Mr. Ass, Triple H pats the back of her head, "Hey Sunny... how about
we get some real fucking going on..."

Sunny pulls her head away from Billy's cock and looks up at Triple H with a
playful smirk "What do you have in mind, Hunter?" Sunny asks with a seductive
twinkle in her eye.

Triple H smirks, "You... on this..." Triple H grips his fifteen inch cock,
then he points at Road Dogg behind him, "While you suck his dick... so
c'mon..." Triple H licks his lips as he heads walks back over to the bed
and lays down, but with his legs hanging off the bed and his feet flat on
the floor. Sunny licks her lips as she fluffs up her hair with her hands
as she walks over to the large bedroom inside of the hotel room. Sunny then
gets onto the bed along with Triple H and mounts herself on top of his cock.
Once having his cock buried deep inside of her warm pussy. The seductive
tease places her hands on his muscular chest and begins to bounce on his
cock, riding his large prick.

Triple H puts his strong hands on both of Sunny's perfectly tanned thighs and
holds them down next to the sides of his own body. Road Dogg climbs up onto
the bed and grabs hold of the top of Sunny's hair, flattening it after she
fluffed it up. Using the hottest diva in the WWF as a way to balance himself,
Road Dogg steps over Triple H's head with one leg so that now his dick is
hanging right in front of Sunny's lips. "Oh you better suck somebody..." Road
Dogg laughs, "Namely me..." He adds as he puts his other hand on Sunny's
head. Sunny laughs a little as she opens her warm, wet mouth and Road Dogg
responds by pushing his long cock into her hot oral tool of pleasure. Sunny
wraps her pouty lips around Road Dogg's shaft and starts to bob her head
swiftly along his long cock. Sunny grinds her pussy down against Triple H's
cock, before she starts to bounce her body up and down on the leader of DX's
impressive cock, while at the same time giving Road Dogg a hot blowjob.

"Mmmmm.... Oh you know what to do... woo!" Road Dogg moans as he plays with
Sunny's fairly long blond hair while also holding it up to keep it from
hanging forward into her eyes.

What a tight cunt..." Triple H grunts as he begins to thrust his cock up into
Sunny's tight pussy with a stiff thrust every thirty seconds.

X-Pac licks his lips, "Shit Trips, if you think you're gonna be the only
one fucking right now... forget about it..." X-Pac walks over to the bed and
places his hands on Sunny's asscheeks to spread them apart. He then lowers
his head and starts sliding his rather long tongue up and down her ass crack.
Sunny's lips tighten around Road Dogg's cock instantly as she feels the warm,
sensation of X-Pac's tongue gliding up and down her asscrack. Sunny moves her
head up and down, quicker on Road Dogg's cock grinding her soft lips against
his shaft as she goes all the way down on the cock. While blowing Road Dogg,
Sunny gyrates her round hips as she bounces on Triple H's cock, gently
rocking her body back on his cock.

Road Dogg begins moving his lower body back and forth, pushing and pulling
his cock between Sunny's luscious lips. Behind her, X-Pac slips his tongue
into Sunny's asshole, and he uses his tongue to keep Sunny's asshole open
to allow his saliva to drip down right into her asshole. Underneath Sunny,
Triple H gives the blond hottie a sharp thrust that makes her jump up and
off of his shaft. The leader of DX gets a smirk on his ruggedly handsome
face, "Guys... I think... this little wild child... wants a little Double
Team action..."

Sunny moans out a form of 'yes' as she sucks on Road Dogg's cock deep in her
hot mouth, lapping her tongue around his cock as she sucks on his cock. Sunny
splashes her saliva against his cock as she starts grind her mouth on the
head of his cock.

After hearing what Triple H said, Billy finally heads over to the bed with
smirk on his face, "Hey Roadie... let's show Sunny here why we're the best
tag team in the WWF..." Billy says as X-Pac moves away from Sunny's ass so
that Billy can lift Sunny off of Triple H.

"Sounds good to me," Road Dogg replies as his dick falls out of Sunny's
mouth. Road Dogg hops off the bed and he sits on a wooden chair as Billy
stands Sunny up. Road Dogg motions for Sunny to come over, "I gotta a big
bone for ya..."

Sunny licks her lips as gets up from the bed "Mmmm...I think I like the
Doggie...over on the chair..." Sunny says in seductive voice, biting down
on her bottom lip, as she starts to walk over to the chair that Road Dogg
is sitting on with his erected cock pointing straight up.

Road Dogg smirks and licks his lips, "Well this ol' Dogg certainly likes
you..." Road Dogg says as he straightens his legs out so it's easier for
Sunny to climb up on to him. Billy walks closely behind Sunny and he taps
the side of her right ass cheek with his dick without saying anything.
Sunny looks over her shoulder with a playful smirk at Billy, once she
reaches Road Dogg. Sunny flips her blonde hair back and places her hands
on Road Dogg's shoulders as she straddles Road Dogg's lap and then
positions herself above his hard cock. Road Dogg places his hands on
Sunny's smooth hips and gently pushes her down onto his hard cock.

After Sunny becomes completely situated on Road Dogg's stiff 'bone', Billy
places his left hand on her left shoulder, "Let's see... if it's true...
about you having the best buns in the business..." Billy grins as he bends
down a bit and guides his cock with his right hand into Sunny's tight

Sunny tilts her head back "Ohhhh godd yess..." Sunny groans as she pushes
herself up on Road Dogg's cock, before pushing herself back on Billy's cock
inside of her tight asshole. Sunny wraps her arms around Road Dogg's neck,
pushing her large chest up against Road Dogg's face.

"Ohhh lordy... thanks for the mammaeries..." Road Dogg laughs a bit as he
buries his face between Sunny's tits to lap his tongue against them. Billy
grunts a bit and places his right hand on Sunny's right shoulder as he
starts to drill her asshole with fairly quick thrusts, thanks mostly to
all of X-Pac's saliva that is in her butt, which acts as a warm lubricant.

Sunny grits her teeth as Billy's powerful and quick thrusts, cause Sunny to
bounce furiously up and down on his cock. Sunny comes slamming down hard on
Road Dogg's cock "Ohhhh mother...fucker..." Sunny moans as she pushes her
backside back against Billy's cock in her ass.

X-Pac, who is watching the fun from over on the bed, gets off with a somewhat
devious look on his face, "Man.... What's with you sons of bitches leaving me
out of the fun..." He says as he grabs two wooden chairs from the far side of
the suite and brings them over and places them right next to the one Road
Dogg is sitting on. X-Pac then climbs on to the two chairs he brought over,
using them as a platform, and he grabs Sunny's hair to turn her head, "Come
on... smoke me again..." X-Pac drools a bit and some of his saliva lands
right on Sunny's forehead.

Sunny looks up at X-Pac and licks her lips " got it.." Sunny moans
softly as she opens her mouth and lowers her head down on to X-Pac's cock.
Wrapping her lips tightly around his shaft; she begins to lift her head up
and down on his cock as she sucks off his large fuck-pole. Sunny twirls her
tongue against X-Pac's cock, while she feels the cocks of Road Dogg and Billy
Gunn thrust into her pussy and asshole.

A thought pops into Billy's head and a grin creeps onto his face as sweat
forms on his forehead, "Let's... see... how you can... take this..." Billy
says as he pulls his thick thirteen inch cock out of Sunny's asshole, and
he crouches down even further and pushes it into her pussy right along side
Road Dogg's.

"Hey... fuck Billy... you freak!" Road Dogg says as he lifts his head up
from Sunny's large round tits. He puts his hands down on Sunny's perfect
hips and holds Sunny still as Billy and him thrusts fairly hard into cunt.
Sunny's moans loudly, but with X-Pac's cock in her mouth, her moan is
muffled. Sunny continues to bob her head along X-Pac's large cock, lapping
her tongue and saliva around his cock as she bounces wickedly on Road Dogg's
cock, mainly due to Billy's powerful thrusts her to cock-filled pussy. Sunny
removes her right hand from Road Dogg's shoulder and wraps her hand around
X-Pac's shaft and begins to stroke his cock as she sucks him off.

Meanwhile Triple H, who is still on the bed, is watching Sunny, X-Pac and The
Outlaws with a smile on his face. He scoots back on the bed and rest his head
on the pillow, satisfied for the moment to let his buddies do all the work
with Sunny. X-Pac looks over his shoulder at Triple H and smirks, "Oh you
fucking lazy bastard..." X-Pac laughs as he pulls his cock out of Sunny's

Triple H smirks, "Hey, I do what I can to get over..."

X-Pac laughs and hops off the chairs he was standing on then he looks at
Billy, "Yo Bad Billy... why don't ya let Sunny go over to Trips and make him
fucking do some work." Billy laughs at X-Pac suggestion but he does extract
his cock out from Sunny's pussy, leaving Road Dogg's dick inside of her.

Sunny looks over her shoulder and smirks as she remains onto of Road Dogg's
cock, gently rocking herself back and forth "Why...doesn't that lazy ass...
come to me?" Sunny asks in a seductive tone as she gently bounces on Road
Dogg's cock.

Triple H smirks, "Because I'm reason you came up here..."

Road Dogg casually thrusts up into Sunny's pussy, "He... does have a
point..." Road Dogg grins as he stands up from the chair and wraps his arms
around Sunny's body. He carries her over the bed and drops the beautiful diva
down on the bed right next to Triple H.

Sunny tilts her head back and arches her body as she lays down on the bed
next to Triple H. Sunny spreads her smooth legs apart and smirks as she
looks at him "Well Hunter... what are you waiting for then?" Sunny asks as
she places two of her fingers over her warm pussy, and begins to gently rub
her pussy.

Triple H smirks, "Well... I am waiting for my post-show meal..." He says as
he sits down and lays down the opposite way on the bed, with his feet at the
headboard. Triple H then rolls on to his side and pulls Sunny on top of him,
and positions her pussy right above his face, which also results in Sunny's
head hanging right over his own crotch. Placing his hands on her thighs,
Trish H pulls her pussy down to his face and sticks his tongue right into
her cunt where he then begins moving Sunny's lower body up and down, making
her grind her pussy down on his tongue and face. Sunny licks her lips as she
grabs a hold of Triple H's cock. Sunny leans her head closer to his cock and
begins trace her tongue around the head of his cock, before dropping her
tongue down from his cockhead and eases her wet tongue down his shaft. Sunny
moans softly as she feels Triple H's tongue slip into her warm pussy.

As Triple H tongue fucks Sunny's sweet wet pussy, X-Pac stares at Sunny's
gorgeously tanned ass and rubs his hands together, "Fuck I gotta tap that
sweet ass..." X-Pac grins.

Billy slaps his back, "Go for it man... her asshole is so fucking tight..."

"Don't have to tell me twice..." X-Pac smirks as he approaches the bed, gets
on it, and squats behind Sunny and just rams his sixteen inch meat missile
into her asshole, resulting in his balls crashing against her backside. Sunny
lets out a groan as she pushes her body back against X-Pac's cock and results
in X-Pac's ballsack smacking against Triple H's forehead. Sunny's hot body
rocks and rubs against Triple H's cock, while X-Pac taps her sweet ass. Sunny
gently taps her tongue against Triple H's shaft, slowly guiding her tongue
back up his cock, and to the tip of his cock. Sunny opens her warm mouth and
takes his cock inside of her oral cavity.

X-Pac grabs hold of Sunny's slender, sweaty hips and pulls her back towards
him following every one of his thrusts. Meanwhile, Triple H is sliding his
tongue around all around inside of Sunny's cunt, slurping up every drop of
moistness he can get. He also slides his own hands to Sunny's ass cheeks and
pulls them apart, giving X-Pac greater and wider access to her asshole. "Man
this is fucking crazy," Road Dogg says as he goes over to the bed and kneels
down on it on the left side of Sunny. He takes her left hand and has her grab
hold of his cock.

"I know... ain't it fucking awesome?" Billy laughs as he gets on the bed on
the right side of Sunny, and duplicates what his tag team partner did but
with Sunny's right hand. As Sunny amazingly bobs her head on Triple H's cock
at a fast, loose sucking rate; she moves her left and right hands up and
down the shafts on Road Dogg and Billy Gunn at a slow, but sensual rate.
Sunny lowers her head completely down on Triple H's cock as he flicks his
tongue against pussy, while X-Pac is drilling his cock into her tight

Road Dogg moans as Sunny strokes his cock, "Man... I wish she had some thing
other than sweat on her hand right now..." He says, commenting on the feeling
of Sunny's sweaty palm on his cock.

Billy thinks, "This might help..." Billy replies before he leans forward and
spits right down onto his tag team partner's dick.

Sunny begins stroke her hand against Road Dogg's cock quicker now with the
support of Billy's salvia on his cock. As Sunny strokes Road Dogg's cock, she
moves other hand down Billy's cock to his ballsack and then cups his balls,
before she starts to massage her hand against his ballsack. Sunny laps her
tongue around Triple H's cock a few more times as well as bobbing her head a
few times before she lifts her head up and looks back at X-Pac as he drills
her tight asshole "Ohhhh...pull out...mmmm.." Sunny moans as she begins to

"Damn... I gotta... take... a fucking breather..." X-Pac grunts as he pulls
his huge cock out of Sunny's asshole and sits down on the bed to catch his

Road Dogg looks down at his cock that is covered with Billy's saliva, "Fuck
Billy... you didn't have to do that..."

Billy laughs, "Hey you complained..."

Road Dogg smirks, "Well... I'm gonna top that shit... hold on... hey Sunny...
look up... and open that mouth..."

Sunny raises her eyebrow as she crawls off of Triple H and sits somewhat on
her knees in between Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Sunny looks up at Road Dogg
"Say what?"

"Open your mouth..." Road Dogg smirks as he cups Sunny's face to keep her
mouth open. The best mic man in the WWF proceeds to spit 5 times into her
mouth, filling it up a bit with his own saliva. Road Dogg then smirks,
"Now suck Billy's dick..." Road Dogg says as he turns Sunny's head towards
Billy's crotch. Sunny opens her mouth, that's mixed with her own saliva
and Road Dogg's saliva, taking Billy's cock into her mouth. Sunny wraps
her lips tightly around his cock and begins to bob her head up and down on
his cock.

"Awww... shit... fuck Roadie... that was kinda sick..." Billy moans as Sunny
sucks on his cock, coating it with Road Dogg's and her own saliva. He places
a hand on the back of Sunny's head as he closes his eyes to enjoy Sunny's
oral skills.

"It's Game Time..." Triple H smirks as he gets on his knees behind Sunny.
Taking hold of Sunny's hips, Triple H thrusts his thick meaty dick into
Sunny's pussy, and immediately starts fucking her with hard thrusts that
makes her jolt forward. Sunny's body jolts forward after the quick thrust
of the leader of DX, Triple H, causing the teasingly delicious Sunny to
deep throat Billy's entire cock, making his ballsack smack against her
chin as she bobs her head quickly.

"Hey Trips... move the fuck over..." X-Pac laughs as he finishes taking his
break and kneels behind Sunny and next to Triple H. Triple H looks at his
best friend from the days of the Kliq and raises an eyebrow as he thrusts
hard into Sunny's tight pussy, but he does move a bit to side.

"What's on your fucking mind?" He asks X-Pac who is licking his lips.

"You'll see..." X-Pac replies as he uses his smaller body to his advantage
to shove his dick into Sunny's pussy with Triple H's.

Sunny moans around Billy's cock as she deep throats his cock. Sunny slowly
lifts her head up from Billy's saliva coated cock and looks back at X-Pac
and Triple H who both impressively worked their cocks into her tight pussy
from behind in a doggy style position. Sunny smirks mischievously before
she plants her hands firmly on the bed and begins to slam herself back
against both of their cocks. She tilts her head back "Ohhhhh...fuck yess..."
Sunny groans.

"Ahhh fuck... this chick... can sure take... a lot of dick!" X-Pac grunts as
he and Triple H begin alternating their thrusts. Whenever one pushes his dick
into Sunny's tight twat, the other pulls out, and with in moments, Triple H
and X-Pac get into a perfect rhythm. Triple H, being the larger of the two,
has a firm hold of Sunny's waist and he's pulling the sweaty blonde back
towards him and X-Pac non-stop, causing her ass to slam back against both of
their waists.

Sunny's hot mouth hangs open as she moans "Awwww fuck yesss!" Sunny screams
out as she slams her entire body back against both solid hard cocks inside
of her warm, filled pussy. Sunny closes her seductive eyes as she ravagely
fucked by the two DX members, X-Pac and Triple H.

"Shit... I want to fuck this babe's ass..." Triple H groans as his large
ballsack comes crashing against Sunny's ass cheeks. X-Pac smirks and licks
his lips as sweat drips from his beard as if it was a soggy towel.

"And I got the... freakin' munchies...." X-Pac flicks his tongue out a bit
before he laughs. Triple H smirks as he and X-Pac pull out of Sunny's pussy
almost at the same time, so that Triple H can ram his shaft into Sunny's
tight asshole. Before he begins to fuck her, he rolls over onto his back so
that Sunny is on top with her back facing him. Sunny grits her teeth as she
places her hands behind her and onto Triple H's muscular chest. He places
his hands on Sunny's tanned and sweaty waist, and begins to bounce her
steadily on his cock. Sunny begins to cock herself back and forth on his

"Man... fuck that pussy looks fucking yummy..." X-Pac licks his lips as he
lays down on his stomach in front of Sunny and places his hands on her thighs
to keep her legs apart.

Before he brings his head to her pussy, Billy starts laughing, "Hey Pac...
how come you got the munchies all of a sudden... you weren't smoking anything

X-Pac laughs and shakes his head, but doesn't reply when he buries his face
into Sunny's cunt, lapping his tongue over every inch of it. Road Dogg stands
up on the bed and places a hand on Sunny's blonde head as he holds his cock
with one hand, "Since X-Pac's eating... here's something for you to chew

Sunny licks her lips "Mmmm...I love having something to chew...and suck on."
Sunny says with a wink as she opens her mouth and Road Dogg shoves his long
cock into her hot. She wraps her lips around his cock and starts to rock her
head back and forth against his cock, while she bounces up and down on Triple
H's cock that's in her ass, while she grinds her pussy against X-Pac's tongue
and face.

"Ohhh lordy..." Road Dogg closes his eyes and tilts his head back as he
clutches Sunny's sweat-dampened hair with his right hand. Underneath the
petite hottie, Triple H is thrusting up quite frequently into Sunny's
asshole while rocking her back and forth, making her press her pussy right
up against X-Pac's face. X-Pac is darting his tongue in and out of Sunny's
pussy, and the fairly scrawny wrestler reaches up with one hand to start
playing with her right breast. Sunny's moans vibrate against Road Dogg's
cock as she bobs her head quicker on his long cock, lapping her wet tongue
around his massive tool built for fucking. The teasingly seductive, Sunny,
opens her mouth wider as she lowers her head completely down on Road Dogg's
cock, deep throating him as she gives him an incredible blowjob. Sunny lifts
her left hand off of Triple H's muscular chest and motions for Billy Gunn to
rejoin the group in the hot fun.

Billy smirks as he watches Sunny motion for him to get back in on the fun,
"Someone wants some more..." Billy laughs as he moves to stand on the left
side of Sunny, where he lays his cock in her left hand.

"Ahhh shit... she's... taking this... like it was a game-ahhhh..." Triple H
grunts as he slides his hands back and forth across Sunny's glistening waist.

X-Pac lifts his head up from Sunny's dripping wet pussy, and his beard is
drenched with a mix of his own sweet and the moistness of Sunny's cunt,
"Fuck she tastes so fucking sweet..." Sunny slowly lifts her head away from
Road Dogg's cock and wraps her right hand around his now moistened cock, she
begins to stroke her hand against his cock as she turns her head to Billy's
cock and opens her mouth, taking his cock into her warm, sensual mouth.
Sunny wraps her pouty lips tightly around Billy's cock and begins to bob her
head against his cock, as she bounce slowly on Triple H's cock, while he
powerfully rams his cock into her tight asshole.

X-Pac sits up on his knees and flips his long black hair back with his
right hand as he presses his left hand against Sunny's pussy. X-Pac slips
two fingers past her soft pussy lips and finger-fucks her slowly. Billy
thrusts his cock forward into Sunny's mouth, matching the pace she's bobbing
her head along his cock, "Man.... it fucking sucks she's with that old suck
ass team LOD..." He groans while Triple H suddenly pushes Sunny up and off
of his cock, and he rolls out from under her, leaving a sweaty imprint of
his body on the sheets of the bed.

Sunny sits up more on her knees now with X-Pac's head still buried in her
crotch as he licks her warm and wet pussy. Sunny twirls her tongue against
Billy's cock as she moans and bobs her head on his cock at the same time,
incredibly blowing his massive cock. As Sunny is giving Billy Gunn a
blowjob, she strokes her hand against Road Dogg's saliva lubricated shaft.

Road Dogg looks down and sees X-Pac pumping his two fingers repeatedly into
Sunny's perfect pussy and he starts to get an idea, "Aww... shit...fuck I
got an awesome... idea...." He says as he frees his saliva coated dick from
Sunny's slick right hand and he lays down on the bed. X-Pac looks at him.

"What's your idea?" he asks as he takes his two fingers out of Sunny's cunt.

Road Dogg smirks, "This may seem gay... but I want you lay down on me..."

"SAY WHAT?!" X-Pac scream as Billy and Triple H look at Road Dogg with raised

"Let me finish..." Road Dogg laughs, "Lay down on top of me, so Sunny can
ride two of us at once."

X-Pac looks at him for a long moment, then he smirks, "Man, that sound's
fucking sweet..." X-Pac proceeds to lays down on top of Road Dogg, face up
with his head almost right above Road Dogg's face. X-Pac's rests his ass a
few inches up from Road Dogg's crotch, then he scoots down a bit until his
balls are slightly pressing against Road Dogg's shaft. X-Pac then spreads
his own legs apart, and now both his and Road Dogg's dicks are practically
touching each other, making a thick huge pillar for Sunny to deal with just
as Billy pulls his dick out of Sunny's warm mouth.

Sunny turns her head and looks back at the display of Road Dogg laying
down on the bed and then X-Pac laying on top of Road Dogg, making a huge
double-cocked pillar. Sunny raises her eyebrow and then licks her lips
slightly "Mmmm...what do you wild boys have in mind?"

Road Dogg looks out from underneath X-Pac's long black hair, "We want you to
come from a ride... on the D-X Express..." He says as X-Pac lays his hands
on the bed.

Sunny laughs a little "You guys are crazy..." Sunny says as she licks her
lips once again, crawling slowly over to the portion of the bed that Road
Dogg and X-Pac are at with their double-cocked tool of fucking power.

X-Pac smirks, "Hey... this was Roadie's idea..." He says with a laugh as he
watches Sunny crawl towards him and Road Dogg.

Billy and Triple H both exchange looks and laugh a bit at the sight of X-Pac
laying on top of Road Dogg before Billy asks, "Hey Sunny... how are you going
to ride that mountain?"

Sunny laughs a little as she reaches Road Dogg and X-Pac, she smirks as she
turns with her back facing Road Dogg and X-Pac "With a lot of skill..." Sunny
replies as she stands up a bit and stands above X-Pac and Road Dogg. Sunny
slowly and gently lowers herself down onto the double cocked pillar of X-Pac
and Road Dogg's cocks. Sunny places her hands back on X-Pac's chest as she
starts to rocks her body against their to cocks, resulting in their cocks to
grind against each other as well as X-Pac's asscrack grinding against Road
Dogg's stiff shaft.

"Ohhhh fuck!" X-Pac grunts in a bit of mixed emotion, for whenever he
thrusts up into Sunny's pussy, his ass cheeks spreads apart because of how
his asscrack is grinding against Road Dogg's dick.

"Man... this is fucking sweet..." Road Dogg says, not paying attention to
X-Pac, who's on top of him.

Sunny grits her teeth as her pussy is scratched wide with the double cock
pillar inside of her warm pussy. Sunny tilts her head back, letting her
hair hang down in X-Pac's face as she starts to bounce up and down on both
cocks, causing their cocks to grind against each other rougher. As the
teasingly-delicious Diva bounces faster on both cocks, it causes Road Dogg's
long and stiff shaft to rub and grind up and down against X-Pac's asscrack.
"Ohhhhh fuck!!" Sunny moans in between her
heavy breaths as she sweaty sexy Diva, slams down on both cocks.

Billy licks his lips as he watches Sunny bounce up and down on X-Pac and
Road Dogg's dick. A smile starts to come on to his face as he wipes a bit
of sweat from his brow, "Hmmmm.... let's see... how this will work..." He
says as he moves over to Sunny, Road Dogg and X-Pac. He grabs Sunny's legs
suddenly and brings her to screeching halt.

"Hey what the fuck are you doing Billy?" Road Dogg asks as he looks at Billy
with raised eyebrow.

Sunny looks up at Billy and wipes some sweat off of her forehead with a
slight angry look on her face as she remains on top of the double-cock pillar
of X-Pac and Road Dogg's cocks "Yeah! What the fuck...I was having fun!"

"What? I'm just gonna add to this..." Billy grins as he lifts Sunny up enough
to spin the fair-haired vixen around on the meat-stack that is Road Dogg and
X-Pac's dicks.

Sunny laughs a bit and looks back at Billy over her shoulder "Mmm... more
cock..." Sunny moans as she places her hands down on X-Pac's cock as she
looks down at both X-Pac and Road Dogg, as she's on top of the double-cock
pillar of X-Pac and Road Dogg.

Billy licks his lips, "Oh I got what you need..." Billy grips his cock with
his left hand and pushes Sunny forward so that her gorgeous ass is more of
a target for him. Using his right hand to spread Sunny's ass cheeks apart,
Billy plunges his shaft into the depths of asshole. Just before he begins
to pump and pound her butt, Billy wraps his arms around Sunny's waist to
lift her up every time he thrusts into her asshole. Road Dogg and X-Pac both
wait for a bit before they each start to ram their dicks up into her pussy
again. Sunny closes her eyes as her body wildly rocks back and forth in
between Billy's cock in her ass and the two cocks of Road Dogg and X-Pac in
her warm, wet pussy. When Sunny comes crashing down hard on both cocks in
her pussy, she pushes back against Billy's cock in her asshole. As X-Pac and
Road Dogg continue to thrust their cocks in and out of Sunny's cunt, their
cocks continue to grind against each other, as well as having Road Dogg's
cock rub and grind against X-Pac's asscrack.

"Man... this... is fucking.... wild!" X-Pac groans as he tries to ignore
the fact that Road Dogg's cock is practically traveling between X-Pac's ass
cheeks on it way up to Sunny's pussy. X-Pac does sit up a bit and brings his
head to Sunny's tits, where he begins to work over both of her nipples with
his mouth. Billy grunts like a beast as sweat flies off his body every time
his plows his dick into Sunny. Triple H, the only man not involved at the
moment, folds his arms and smirks as he watches Sunny get the fucking of her
life from X-Pac and the Outlaws.

Sunny turns her head a bit and looks at the leader of DX "
mouth is wide open for you.." Sunny says with a slightly groan as she sweaty
covered beauty licks her soft lips

Triple H licks his lips, "It sure is... I better fill it up..." The muscular
leader of D-Generation X stands up on the bed and steps over X-Pac and Road
Dogg with one leg so he's standing in front of Sunny. Grabbing hold of
Sunny's hair, Triple H thrusts his hips forward to bang the thick head of his
cock against her chin. Sunny sticks her tongue out of her mouth and flicks
her tongue against the head of Triple H's cock before she opens her mouth
completely and takes his cock into her warm mouth. Sunny wraps her lips tight
around his shaft and begins to swiftly bob her head on his cock as she
bounces quickly on the double-cock pillar of X-Pac and Road Dogg, as she
pushes herself back against the cock of Billy Gunn that's in her tight

"Ahhh shit... Sunny you're a awesome..." Billy grunts as he pulls out of
Sunny's tight asshole. He lays down on the already sweat stained bed and
starts to catch his breath.

X-Pac, tired of feeling Road Dogg's cock grinding between his ass cheeks,
looks up at Sunny, "Hey babe... go ride Billy..." He says as he starts to
push her off of his shaft while also trying to get off of Road Dogg.

Sunny licks her lips, after pulling her head away from Triple H's cock, as
she looks over at Billy's hard, rock-solid cock "Mmm...sure thing.." Sunny
moans as she lifts off of the double-cock pillar of X-Pac and Road Dogg.
Sunny moves over on the bed to Billy and mounts herself on top of his hard
cock. Sunny lowers herself down and places her hands down on his sweaty,
muscular chest as she starts to rapidly bounce on his cock, as she rides
him like a rodeo bull.

"Ahhhh shit.... ride 'em cowgirl!" Billy moans as Sunny rises and falls on
his cock with a good deal off force.

X-Pac rolls off the bed completely to compose himself after having Road
Dogg's dick grinding against his ass that allows Road Dogg to get up whose
cock is throbbing wildly. He stands up on the shaking bed and carefully
steps over next to Sunny with his cock in hand, "Sunny... I got... two
words... for you..." He says as he holds onto her right shoulder for

Sunny licks her lips as she looks up at Road Dogg, while riding on top of
Billy's large cock. Sweat dripping off of her beautiful face, she smirks
"Suck it..." Sunny says in a seductive tone before she opens her mouth and
takes Road Dogg's cock in her hot oral zone. Sunny wraps her lips around
his cock and starts to bob her head along his shaft, while she pistons
herself on Billy's cock quickly, as she grinds her pussy against the
surface of his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Road Dogg moans as he feels Sunny's hot tongue slap against
his cock as she sucks his shaft. He tilts his head back and starts to cum,
but unfortunately for Billy, when Road Dogg blows his load Sunny is pulling
her head back and Road Dogg's sticky cum comes raining down on his own sweaty

"AWWWW Mother fucker! Christ Roadie!" Billy yells.

Road Dogg down at Billy as X-Pac and Triple H start to laugh, "Shit, sorry

Sunny licks her lips as she stares at Road Dogg's warm cum, beading on
Billy's sweaty chest "Mmm...don't worry Billy...I'll gladly clean it up."
Sunny says in a moan as she lifts herself off of Billy's cock and crawls
around up to near Billy's chest and head. Sunny leans down and places her
tongue down against Billy's sweaty chest. She circles her tongue around on
Billy's sweaty chest as she licks up the first few drops of Road Dogg's
warm cum.

Road Dogg hops off the bed and laughs, "Yeah, there you see Billy... it all
worked out..."

X-Pac shakes his head and laughs as he comes back to the bed and kneels on
it, "Roadie if that was me I'd kick your ass..." X-Pac laughs as he lightly
slaps Sunny's ass, "Hey Sunny... let's get done doggie style action..." Sunny
moans in response as she guides her wet tongue against Billy's muscular,
sweat chest as she licks up a mixture of Road Dogg's cum and Billy's sweat.
Sunny twirls her tongue against Billy's chest as she licks up the last few
drops of Road Dogg's cum.

Billy licks his lips as Sunny's finishes lapping up the cum that was on his
chest, "Hey I want in on that..." Billy says as X-Pac starts to lift Sunny
off of his cock and sets her down on all fours on the bed.

Sunny smiles back at X-Pac, licking her lips "Mmmm...I'm ready for this..."
Sunny grits her teeth as she gently pushes herself back against X-Pac's cock
that's waiting right at the entrance of her warm pussy. Sunny lets out a moan
as she feels X-Pac's cock enter her warm cunt.

X-Pac takes a moment to savor the feeling of Sunny's warm pussy around his
cock, "Aww shit... this is the best fucking pussy... ever..." X-Pac starts
to thrust in and out of Sunny's cunt as Billy gets up.

"Yeah... she's defiantly got it all..." Billy says as he wraps a hand around
his cock and starts to move to get behind Sunny while stroking his shaft.

Sunny grits her teeth as she pushes herself back against X-Pac's sixteen inch
cock "Ohhh....awww...yess.." Sunny moans as she feels X-Pac thrust his cock
deeper into her glorious pussy.

Billy kneels behind Sunny and X-Pac and watches as X-Pac drills his
sixteen-inch fuck stick in and out of Sunny's pussy. "Man... we got to get
her in to DX..." Billy says as he continues to stroke his cock.

"Awww shit yeah... that'll be fucking... what the hell!" X-Pac looks back
over his head will he suddenly feels something warm splash on his ass cheeks.

Billy starts to laugh a bit, "Sorry Pac..."

"Awww sick man... fucking hell!" X-Pac yells as a he suddenly pulls out of
Sunny's pussy when he realizes Billy just dumped his cum on his ass.

Sunny slowly turns her head back and looks at X-Pac with a raised eyebrow.
She laughs a little "What's...going on?"

X-Pac points at Billy, "Numb-nuts hear just blew his load on my fucking ass!
Christ... first Roadie's dick grinds up my damn crack... and now this!"

Sunny laughs again and licks her lips as she turns around to face X-Pac,
remaining on all fours "Hey...turn around...I'll take care of it for you"
Sunny says as she bites down on her bottom lip.

X-Pac smirks, "All right..." X-Pac turns around on the bed and leans forward
some so his cum covered ass is pointing right at Sunny's face. Meanwhile
Billy and Road Dogg have gone to sit on the leather couch to watch what
happens next. Sunny leans her head forward toward X-Pac's ass covered in
Billy Gunn's cum. She licks her lips as she places her tongue against X-Pac's
right ass cheek and begins to guide her tongue up his ass cheek and towards
the center of his ass, where his asscrack begins.

"Ohhhh shit... that feel's fucking good..." X-Pac moans as he wraps his left
hand around his cock and starts jerking off as Sunny's tongue glides on his
ass. Triple H, who has been hanging back and taking it easy, silently moves
behind Sunny and he reaches between her legs and starts to rub her pussy
before pushing three fingers into her pussy, catching her off guard. Sunny
moans as she flicks her tongue against the tip of X-Pac's asscrack,
collecting Billy's tasty cum and her tongue, then swallowing it. Sunny drags
her tongue down into X-Pac's ass crack, collecting some of the cum and
dripped down in between X-Pac's two ass cheeks.

Triple H smirks, "Damn... she's going to let out one hell of a scream when
she fucking explodes..." He says as he pulls his fingers out of Sunny's pussy
and sucks her moistness off of his digits. The leader of DX then guides his
cock into pussy and starts to fuck her with sharp thrusts that push her
forward. X-Pac grits his teeth as he continues to stroke his cock slowly as
he enjoys Sunny's magnificent tongue.

"Ohhhh god yes..." Sunny moans as she guides her tongue back up X-Pac's
ass crack and moves her head away from X-Pac's ass after cleaning up all of
Billy's delicious man-juice. Sunny then grits her teeth as she looks back at
Triple H as he roughly fucks her already well fucked pussy "Ohhhh ahhhh...
yesss...mmmm fuck me!" Sunny groans and screams.

"You... fucking like that... don't ya!" Triple H grunts as he grabs Sunny's
hips and pulls her back towards him, causing her ass to slam back against
his waist. Triple H keeps his thrusts perfectly timed as he uses Sunny's own
reactions to judge how hard he should fuck her.

Sunny tilts her head back as she starts to cum against Triple H's cock
"Ohhhhh mother....fucker..." Sunny groans as she closes her eyes.

Triple H gets a wide grin on his face as he feels Sunny's pussy tighten
around his cock like a vice as her orgasm hits her, "Fuck... I was right..."
He says as he pulls out of Sunny's pussy, and his dick is completely covered
in Sunny's cum.

Sunny licks her lips as she looks at X-Pac, and then back at Triple H
"Mmmm...I think I have two left to finish off."

"Yeah you sure the fuck do..." X-Pac says as he lets go of his pulsating cock
which looks like it's going to burst.

"And since you like to clean things..." Triple H smirks at Sunny as he moves
to kneel in front of her, "I got your cum... on my dick that needs to be
cleaned off..." Sunny licks her lips as she turns around to face Triple H.
Sunny opens her mouth and brings her head down to his cock. She wraps her
lips around Triple H's cock and begins to bob her head slowly up and down on
his cock, sucking him at a slow and gentle pace as X-Pac walks over on top of
the bed to join in with the group.

X-Pac licks his lips as he thinks about how it's going to feel when Sunny
starts to blow him again, "Come on babe.... don't leave me hanging..." X-Pac
says as he strokes her sweat-damped hair. Sunny smiles a bit around Triple
H's cock as she continues to bob her head, now quicker, on Triple H's massive
cock. Sunny works her tongue around his shaft Triple H's shaft, lapping her
saliva as she places her right hand around X-Pac's shaft and begins to stroke
his cock, in a slow and teasing motion.

"Aww shit... this is fucking great..." X-Pac groans as Sunny strokes his cock
nonstop as he pushes his hips forward to increase the feeling.

Triple H licks his lips and flips his brownish-blond hair back, "Sunny... I
think X-Pac would want a sunnier day..."

Sunny slowly lifts her head up from Triple H's cock and smiles up at him "You
think he wants the Sunny special...too?" Sunny asks with a smirk as she turns
a bit towards X-Pac, still stroking her right hand against his cock at a
decent rate. Sunny is about to lean her head into X-Pac's cock, but suddenly
stops when X-Pac starts to cum, shooting is load right past Sunny's face and
onto Triple H's sweaty crotch.

Triple H looks at X-Pac with a raises eyebrow, "Oh god damn it... can't you
control that pocket rocket you dumb ass!" Triple H yells as he looks down at
X-Pac's cum on his crotch.

X-Pac laughs a bit as Sunny milks his cock a bit more, "Shit Trips...
chill... Sunny will take care of it..."

Sunny licks her lips and turns her head to looks at Triple H's cock, coated
in X-Pac's warm saliva "Mmmm...Yes I will..." Sunny moans as she turns to
back to Triple H and holds her hot mouth open.

"There ya see... relax..." X-Pac grins as he gets off the bed again.

Triple H looks at Sunny and into her open mouth, "Well, at least something
is going to go right... here ya go..." Triple H rather roughly pushes his
cum covered dick back into Sunny's mouth. Sunny lets out a soft moan as she
laps her tongue instantly around Triple H's cock after locking her lips
around it. Sunny works her delicate tongue around Triple H's shaft, cleaning
off X-Pac's warm cum and then swallowing every drop as she bobs her head at
a medium rate against his cock.

Triple H rakes his fingers through Sunny's hair as he tilts his head back
and lets out a fairly loud moan, "Uhhhhh yeah... suck it... suck it good..."
Triple H then puts a hand on Sunny's forehead as he can feel his balls
tighten up as he's about to release his hot load. Sunny twists her mouth
against Triple H's cock as she opens her mouth wider and lowers her head
down completely on his stiff cock, making her chin press against his large
ballsack. Sunny moves her blonde haired head swiftly up and down on his
shaft as she lashes and whips her tongue against all sides of his meaty

Triple H licks his lips, and he pushes on Sunny's forehead to get her to let
his cock out of his mouth moments before he's about to cum. "Fuck... I knew
I wanted you for this..." Triple H groans as he grips his cock with the
intention of cumming of her beautiful sweat dripping face, but he cums sooner
that her figured and he paints Sunny's large perky tits instead with his hot
sticky man goo.

Sunny licks her lips as she looks down at Triple H's warm cum splattered all
over her large chest "Mmmm...just how I love it."

Triple H groans as he pumps his cock fairly hard to make sure every drop of
cum lands on Sunny's tits and he shakes it a bit, sending a few droplets to
land on her face, "Damn... fuck... that... felt great..." Triple H says as
with a satisfied grin.

Sunny licks her lips as she looks up at Triple H " did feel
great..." Sunny moans as she flips her sweaty hair back.

Triple H looks over his shoulder at X-Pac and The Outlaws who all have
smirks on their faces before he looks down at Sunny, "You know... it's still
early..." Triple H licks his lips, "And there is that line in your theme song
that is very true about me and the guys..."

Sunny smirks as she looks over at X-Pac and the two Outlaws "Mmmm...ohhh...I
know you want me...and you know what else?" Sunny says with a playful laugh.

Triple H smirks, "What else is there?"

"Well..." Sunny bites down on her bottom lip "I also know...I love to...SUCK


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