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I Support You Part 1
by Formerly Ty (

The match this Sunday at No Mercy pitted The Rock against Chris Jericho.
It would be a great match to get involved with, thought Stephanie. So she
would go to the Rock's locker room, cause he was least likely to insult her,
just hours before the ppv started. She knew the Rock would win this sunday,
and if he didn't, she had a back-up plan. She rudely barged in the Rock's
locker room without even knocking. He just had a towel on and looked at her
with displeasure.

"Hey--" Stephanie said before she was interrupted.

"You think you can just barge in the Rock's locker room and see his
strudel?" said the Rock.

"But--" Stephanie said before she was interrupted once again with a hand
to her face.

"You didn't come her for the people's strudel," said the Rock as he
walked around her examening her tight leather skirt and her top. "What do
you want?"

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I just wanted to say
that I support you tonight against Jericho." said Stephanie.

"Speaking of support," said Rock. "How are your friends being supported?
Bra, hands, tongue or penis?" asked Rock.

"I'm glad you noticed!" said Stephanie excitedly. "Is that all you got,
Rocky?" Steph asked. She brushed her backside against Rock making him hard.

"The question is...Is that all you got?" responded Rock.

"Could you just listen instead of making insults about my breasts?" said

"Ok, go ahead." said Rock.

"I was just saying, anything you need to win tonight, anything. Come to
me." said Stephanie.

"What would help me is if you and your two fake, slut apprentices leave!"
screamed Rock. But Stephanie was not affected by his insults or screaming,
she wanted to see what was under his towel.

"I'll leave if you show me what's under the towel." said Steph.

"Here," said the Rock. He pulled off his towel to reveal he had on his
wrestling attire. "Now leave!"

"Wait!" yelled Steph.

"You thought you would see the people's strudel?" Rock laughed.

"Please let me see!" she begged.

"You will never see the people's strudel." said Rock.

"Fine you asshole!" yelled Stephanie. She faked like she was gonna leave,
but as soon as Rock turned around, Steph hit him over the head with some
type of stick. He fell to the floor unconscious. Stephanie quickly tied him
up against his locker standing with some shoe laces. She mumbled while tying
him up. Now that she had him all tied up she looked at his sexy physique and
drooled all over her breasts.

She touched her body all over, she was now wet (with perspiration that
is). She moved her fingers to her already wet, swollen clitoris and inserted
it. Taking it back out full of her juices, she wiped it on Rock's chest and
slowly licked him up and down.She felt on his pecs, his chest and even
kissed him on his lips.

"Ooh, you're gonna get what you deserve Rocky, it's time to see your
strudel." she said to the unconscious Rock. She slowly got on her knees and
caressed his thighs. She tried to release his cock simply but the tights
were not that simple. She released his cock from the side and was surprised
at the six inch erection he had. Maybe, he was conscious after all.

But she ignored it and jerked his slowly with her right hand while
masturbating with her left. The moans of Stephanie were satisfying. Not
knowing what would happen next she moved his tights aside and released his
balls. He was now fully out there. She licked the head of his cock and
slowly reached her tongue for his balls. The salty taste was great for

She then focused on his cock and began stroking it into her petite but
loud mouth. She now began brushing against his pubes as she deepthroated his
mediocre cock. The taste was overwhelming and she starved for more while
slurping in his balls. Suddenly, Rock awoke to look down and see Stephanie's
head bobbing on his swollen member. He couldn't deny that he loved this and
began fucking her in the mouth.

"Oh yes you dirty slut! Suck my cock!" moaned Rock. She did just that and
feverishly jerked him off into her mouth. Rock felt it coming but waned to
stop, it wouldn't stop because Steph kept sucking. She wanted to take all
the energy he had and all he could give. Rock knew it wouldn't stop so he
pounded her mouth and released inside her wet mouth.

"Mmmm!" said Steph. She couldn't speak with a mouthful of semen as she
spit it on the floor. "I knew you would like it!" said Steph. Her face
covered with Rock's juices.

"Oh, you were great! Can you let me go now?" said Rock.

"Unh, unh, unh. We're not done yet." said Stephanie. She got up and took
off her top. Rock glared at her new breasts which weren't supported by a
bra. She pulled up her leather skirt and just as Rock thought, no panties.
She mooned him showing her pussy lips from behind. She pressed her breasts
against his chest and let him suck on them for a second or so.

"That was not it, it's time now!" said Steph. She pulled a chair over to
them and leaned her elbows on the back of the chair.

"I don't know where your pussy has been!" said the Rock.

"I don't think insults will help you right now, so just sit back and let
me take control." said Stephanie. She backed her ass into his wet cock. He
couldn't hold his erection from coming back as he thought about having sex
with Linda. His cock grew bigger and better than when he was receiving oral.

Stephanie would move her hand to direct his member into her anus, she
loved anal, especially from dark men. She slowly moved back and he entered
her cautiously. The pressure began to build as Steph would back up into his
cock faster and faster. She made Rock moan, her ass was so tight. She
normally left anal alone until a special occassion. Well this was special.

"Oh god you feel so good Stephie!" moaned Rock loudly. "If only I wasn't
tied up."

"Fuck me Rocky! Fuck me!!" screamed Stephanie. She backed into him faster
and faster. Rock knew he would blow his load soon. He then noticed that he
wasn't properly tied up, one of the shoe laces were loose. He quickly untied
himself before he would blow his load. His hands were now free as he put
them around Stephanie's love handles.

She was shocked, but knew the Rock wouldn't run away since he was already
inside her. Now Rock controlled how fast and hard they would go and he chose
real hard and fast. Rock ripped her tight butthole apart with every pound.

"Oh Rocky, I want that hot load inside me!!" demanded Steph. Rock felt it
coming as he took his cock out and jerked it onto Steph's backside. Just
before he came, Steph turned around and opened her mouth, ready for his jizz.
She jerked it for him as it was all in and around her mouth.

"Swallow it for me slut!" said Rock. Steph gulped it all down her precious
little throat and into her stomach as she stared at Rock. "You are one
determined little slut!"

"If I have it I'l take it," responded Steph. "Now I have to see what
Jericho's up to."

"He's in for a great one!" said Rock.

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