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Divas: Beth Phoenix & Candice Michelle

I Want Candi!
by Number One (

It was supposed to be a night of redemption for Candice Michelle. Since
losing the Women's Championship to Beth Phoenix at No Mercy back in 2007,
Candice missed months of action due to cracking her clavicle the next night
on Raw during her obligated title rematch. She returned during the countdown
to WrestleManin XXIV, and was supposed to compete at the event in Orlando,
but she reinjured her clavicle and missed more time. Finally in September,
Candice made another return and this time, she had her sights set on
regaining the Women's Championship, which was held again by Beth Phoenix. She
would get her chance at No Mercy, but she came up short against the powerful

Candice made the long walk down the hallway and to the locker room to change
out of her gear. She was immensely dejected that after coming back from
injury twice, she could not regain the Women's Championship. She even tried
to keep from crying, but a few tears slowly streamed down her beautiful face.
As she wiped her eyes, Candice heard what appeared to be a sinister snicker
from close by. She turned around and saw the last person she wanted to see,
the Glamazon herself, Beth Phoenix -- with the Women's Championship over her
shoulder. With her usual arrogant swagger, Beth slowly walked closer to the
very Diva she defeated to retain her title.

"Poor Candice," Beth said in mocking tone. "Did you really think that you
could just come back and take possession of my Women's Championship?"

"Leave me alone, Beth," Candice said as she tried to walk away. The Glamazon
stopped her in her tracks by taking hold of her right arm and turning her

"Don't you walk away from me!" the villainous blonde hissed. "Let me remind
you of something, Candice. I am Beth Phoenix, the all-powerful Glamazon. I am
the perfect combination of brute strength and feminine beauty. And later
tonight, I am going to give you an example of my dominance.

"What are you talking about?" asked Candice. "You already beat me in the

"Oh, Candice," said Beth, "you haven't forgotten our little side bet, haven't
you? If I defeat you to retain the Women's Title, then you will have the
honor of being my little sex servant." The Glamazon smiled wickedly as she
stroked Candice's tender baby face, and later kissed her defeated opponent on
her soft lips in a romantic fashion. After the embrace, Candice was about to
fulfill her end of the bargain and started to get down on her knees, but Beth
stopped her.

"Not here," the Glamazon said as Candice stood back up. She pulled out a
hotel key from her cleavage and handed it to the brunette beauty. "Room 206,"
said Beth. "That's where I'll be. Don't keep me waiting." The devilish blonde
slowly walked out of the locker room, leaving Candice standing alone. Beth
turned back around and decided to tease her eventual lover one more time by
blowing her a kiss and saying,

"See you soon."

Candice changed out of her in-ring attire and in mere minutes, was out of the
Rose Garden and in her car -- on her way to meet Beth. As she was on the
road, her mind shifted from her heartbreaking loss at the hands of the
Glamazon, to her eventual sexual encounter with her. Candice had mixed
feelings about what was about to happen, with part of her actually looking
forward to hooking up with her. On the other hand, Candice knows how strong
Beth is, and coupled with her arrogance, she figured that she would more
likely be in for a night of humiliation. The thoughts enveloped the mind of
the curvaceous Diva throughout the entire drive to the hotel, which lasted 10

Candice entered through the front door of the hotel and headed for the second
floor via the elevator. Once there, she reached Room 206 and opened the door
with the key that Beth gave her. Right when she entered, the first thing she
saw was the wicked Glamazon herself -- lying on a king-size bed wearing a
frilly robe and a seductive smirk on her face. "Hello, sweet Candi," Beth
said as she rose up out of bed. "Just let me take this robe off. It's getting
hot in here." Candice watched as Beth removed her robe, but what she saw was
not too pleasing to her eyes. It wasn't Beth's sexy black lingerie that was
the problem. It was the fact that with her revealing apparel, the Glamazon
had the Women's Championship belt around her gorgeous waist.

"Ahhh...that's more like it," the Glamazon said.

"You are so cruel," said Candice. Beth chuckled evilly as she walked closer
to the raven-haired beauty. "Oh, you are so right, Candice," she said
arrogantly. "And you know what? I can be as cruel as I want to you. But I've
decided...," Beth paused to make out with Candice for the second time
tonight. "...that I want to handle you with extreme care." Beth and Candice
resumed their make out session, and they were all over each other this time.
It was their most heated and passionate exchange of the evening, and it ended
when the Glamazon pushed Candice on to the bed, while the devilish blonde
bombshell crawled on top of her lover. The Women's Champion started taking
off her lingerie, while Candice removed her clothing as well. With both Divas
fully nude in bed together, Beth started the sexual act with some soft kisses
to Candice's lips, her neck, and especially her large breasts.

"Oh yeah...," Candice softly cooed as Beth kissed and licked her luscious
tits. "Ohhh baby," The voluptuous Glamazon decided to position herself behind
Candice -- all while continuously showering her lover with soft kisses and
gently fondling her gorgeous body. While Beth's lips were planted all over
Candice's neck, her hands were busy as well -- slowly moving down her lover's
waist to her shaved and luscious pussy. The naughty Women's Champion petted
and stroked Candice's snatch, and that small act alone turned both Divas on.
"Not yet," Beth said softly to Candice. "Wait for it." The brunette vixen
held her tongue but it wouldn't be for long, because Beth slowly inserted her
fingers inside of her tight pussy and started firmly grind it in an erotic

"AHHHH!!! AAAHHH!!!" Candice screamed loudly as she was on the receiving end
of intense fingerfucking by the Glamazon. "Oooh...YEAH!!!" Just like Candice,
Beth was enjoying herself as well. Every orgasm she let out was music to the
dominant blonde's ears, and she also enjoyed being in control of Candice.
"Yes, that's it," the evil Glamazon said to her enamored lover. "That's
exactly what I want to hear -- the sound of your orgasmic shrieks as I own
you sexually, just like I own you in the ring." The Glamazon continued
working on Candice, easing up on her fingerbanging. only to toy with her
harder later on.

"Oh God!! OH GOD!!!" Candice shrieked continuously.

"That's right!" shouted Beth. "Keep coming!" Candice did just that -- letting
out numerous loud and pleasure-filled orgasms.


After a good while, Beth finally released her grip on Candice's pussy and
lustily licked her vaginal juices from her fingers. "Ohhh, Candi," the
vivacious blonde said, "your pussy tastes so sweet."

"Thank you," Candice replied between breaths, while Beth actually started
playing with her own snatch for a short while. "But I must -- aah! -- remind
you," she said, "that one of the -- uhhh! -- best perks of being the Glamazon
is -- ohhh! -- having a pussy that's to die for." The amorous blonde placed
her juice covered fingers on the lips of her companion, who slowly licked off
every orifice. Just as Candice was about to start fingering Beth, she was
stopped by the Women's Champion. "No, no, no, my dear," Beth said with a
wicked smile on her face. "You want some more of my pussy? Put those lips of
yours to use." Candice did as Beth ordered her to do and moved down her
entire body -- from her breasts to her snatch. Once there, Candice began her
act of oral pleasure by licking the Glamazon's luscious pussy.

"Oh Yeah! That's what I want!" Beth shouted loudly. "OHHH! Harder, Candice!"
The always provocative Diva heard her lover's demand and turned it up a notch
by placing her lips on the Glamazon's lower lips and appeared to be actually
French-kissing her snatch.

"Ahhhh...AHHHH!!" the Women's Champion moaned in ecstatic fashion. In fact,
Beth was enjoying Candice's act so much that she was gasping and breathing in
between orgasms.


Candice was really into it as well. In actuality, she was "making out" with
Beth's pussy, but in her mind she was looking at her eye-to-eye and kissing
her actual lips. After a few minutes, Candice stopped orally pleasing Beth,
whose orgasms nearly exhausted her. The raven-haired bombshell crawled back
up to Beth and gave her one soft kiss and laid next to her. "Beth," said
Candice, "can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," replied Beth.

"Obviously, I was really dejected when I didn't beat you tonight," said
Candice, "and I was expecting to be demeaned and humiliated by you. Why were
you so gentle to me?"

"Honestly?" answered Beth. "Because as much as I enjoyed dominating you in
the ring, I really relished the thought of making love to you."

"Thanks...I think," said Candice.

"I love you, Candice," Beth said softly. "I always have. And I wanted to make
this encounter one that neither of us will forget."

"You did just that, Beth," replied Candice. "And I love you, too." Both Divas
kissed each other and cuddled up to each other afterwards. Though Candice was
unable to capture the Women's Championship, she got the next best thing: a
romantic evening with someone she truly loved. As for Beth, while she still
held the title, she was happier with being in bed with a Diva she had a huge
crush on for a good while.

The End

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