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I'd Rather Be In Chyna
by The Canadian Badass

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Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Chyna.

Chyna had just kicked Eddie Guerrerro's Latin ass and made her way up the
steel ramp all the way to the backstage area. She passed through the black
curtains and passed through the sound and pyro controls.

She was wearing her usual type of outfit. A leather thong that gave an
amazing view of her tight, hot ass and a leather bikini top that was under a
lot of stress, considering the fact that it was supporting a pair of 38DD
boulders on her chest. Just looking at her made guys' legs weak and their
dicks hard.

She walked through the hallway, passing superstars such as the Rock and
Chris Jericho, as she made her way to the women's dressing room. Like most
of the Federation divas, the men did look at her as she passed. She got to
the door labeled "WOMENS CHANGE ROOM", and proceeded to walk in.

Chyna walked through the door and made her way directly to a couch
located against the far wall. She sat down, wiping a towel across her face,
extracting the sweat from her skin. The Smackdown taping had just ended and
all the divas were in the change room, either conversing or getting cleaned
up. Chyna sat on the sofa for a few more moments and then went to have her

She entered the showering area and proceeded to remove her clothing. She
unstrapped her top, relieving a hell of a lot of weight from it and then slid
her boots off. She tossed them to the side and slid off her leather thong,
revealing a neatly shaved pussy, allowing her outer lips to be visible. She
walked into the actual showering area, which also was also being occupied by
Lita, Jacky, Tori, Kat, Terri, Molly Holly and Ivory, and made her way to a
shower head and turned the water on.

Seeing all of these women here was always a turn on for her. Jacky had her
big boobs and black skin, Molly, Terri, Kat and Ivory had small bodies and
nice & round tits (not to mention great asses). And then there was Lita and
Tori. Those two made Chyna feel more comfortable in the WWF since they were
just like her. They were athletic. They had fit and firm bodies. Big tits.
Great asses. Nice pussies. They were great.

She shower for about 15 minutes, washing her hair and cleaning away her
body sweat. She exited the room at nearly the same time as the others and
walked over to her Gold's Gym duffel bag and picked out some clothing to wear
back to the hotel. She selected a pink mini top, which she had previously
worn at the Republicans Convention, a pair of cotton panties, a pair of very,
very, very tight jeans and her platforms. No bra. Shame on her. She said
goodbye to the gals and departed to the parking garage where she then left
in her rental car, a midnight black convertible.

She drove across the city to where she was staying for the night: The
Marriott. She exited the car, handing it over to a valet Sam along with a
10-dollar tip, and took the elevator up to her room on the 21 floor, the
fancy floor. When she got up to her floor, she exited the elevator and made
her way to room 1172. She opened the door and when she entered, she heard the
shower running. She had a pretty good idea of who it was so she crept into
the bathroom and threw open the shower curtain. There standing butt naked in
the shower, looking shocked, was her boyfriend Hunter Hearst Helmsley, his
7 inch dick hanging out for her beautiful eyes to see.

Hunter: Hey Chyna, how's it hangin?

Chyna: Pretty good. I can see that also speaks for you as well.

He looked down, his cock was already getting stiff. It must've been the
adrenaline or something.

Hunter: Hey, how about you let me finish up here and then we can talk. I
really have to talk to you about something that McMahon told me today. Okay.

Chyna: Okay. You got five minutes Mr. Game.

With that, she closed the curtain and allowed him to finish getting
cleaned off. After about three minutes, he walked out of the bathroom in a
white robe and sat down on the bed. Chyna had already stripped of all her
clothes, as he could see since they were all over the room, and had slipped
under the blanket of their enormous bed. He could see her great cleavage and
it was starting to arouse the hell out of him.

Hunter: Look Chyna, Vince came up to me tonight after my match with K-Kwik
and Road Dogg and told me he had a story-line for me that might help me get
a good pop from the fans. But I told him I wanted to talk to you first.

Chyna: Okay, what does he propose.

Hunter: He wants me to start being managed by Trish. You know she has been
costing T&A a lot of matches as of late and since Steph recently left me to
be with Angle, Vince thinks it would be kind of cool. But there is one
problem. Itís gonna be a romantic type of story. Vince mentioned the words
petting, kissing and groping when he told me about this.

Chyna: So, basically, he wants you to fool around with her.

Hunter: That's what I think. Why do you think I told you about it before I
said yes?

Chyna: Look Hunter, I have no problems with it as long as it stays within
the story and not anywhere else, Okay.

Hunter: Okay, so you donít mind?

Chyna: Of course not. I trust you.

When she said those three words, I TRUST YOU, he suddenly felt both glad,
yet confused. When he first started the whole kiss and grope story line with
Steph, she actually asked him if he still loved her. He said yes, of course.
And now he was asked to do a story-line with Trish Stratus: a beautiful,
talented, big breasted, tight assed beauty who he had once or twice thought
about when having sex with Chyna. He didn't truly think that his hot stuff,
Chyna, really trusted him. He was frustrated. He had to prove to her that he
loved her more than anyone.

He stood up, took the robe off, walked over to his WWF Attitude bag and
grabbed a pair of HHH boxers. He slid under the covers and rested his head on
the pillow, as the mostly asleep Chyna cuddled up to him, her warm, muscular,
shapely body rubbing against his. He put his arm around her, returning the
cuddle, as he watched a replay of the last quarter of a football game.

HHH then drifted off to sleep.

At 11:59, he woke up. He looked over at the sleeping Chyna, all cuddled up
against his body. He felt so proud to be with her, but then remembered that
she may be unhappy with him. He then thought of the perfect way to please
her; to be romantic. He leaned over the fit goddess and lightly kissed her
forehead, then her cheek, and then the side of her neck and finally on the
area just above her cleavage. He moved upward again and planted a soft kiss
on her lips. His facial hair brushed against her lower lip and she woke up.

Hunter: I'm sorry, honey. I was just...

He paused, not knowing what to say. She might take it the wrong way,
thinking he was trying to have his way with her while she was asleep. So he
came out with the truth.

Hunter: Öbeing romantic.

Chyna: It was romantic. And it felt nice.

Hunter: Really. You mean it.

Oh she meant. She pushed her face closer to his and their lips made
contact. HHH wrapped his arms around her, continuing the most passionate kiss
he had ever experienced, his tongue intertwining with hers. It was so
romantic; neither of them wanted to break the lip lock. But then Chyna pulled

Hunter: What's wrong, baby. Wasn't it good?

Chyna: It was good. But I want it to be perfect. Can you please close your
eyes? I have a nice reward for your romanticizing.

He did as she instructed, closing his eyes and letting her be in control.
He felt the bed move, as she got up, and then he felt the blanket being
pulled off in one quick motion, leaving him laying there in his boxers. He
then felt the button on the front of his boxers being undone, causing his
dick to twitch in pleasure, which was followed by the sudden grasping of his
cock, at the hands of the wrestling goddess. He was in heaven, her hand
motioning up and down his shaft, a perfect jerking motion. She was going at
the perfect speed with the perfect amount of pressure.

Hunter: Um... Chyna... Baby... that feels incredible.

She hadn't planned on stopping. She continued to whack him off until she
got worried about how much longer he was going to last. And what he said next
gave her a pretty good idea. But she didnít feel like stopping.

Hunter: Oh... Baby... Keep going. I'm gonna cum.

He was just about to blow it, when Chyna suddenly stopped, relieving the
pressure his balls were under. He was now quite confused. She wasnít doing
anything. He was kind of glad that he didnít cum just yet, but now he was
becoming sexually frustrated.

But then, all of a sudden he was pulled back into the realm of sexual
lust. But it felt different. He opened his eyes to find the ninth wonder of
the world in heaven as well, her tongue sliding down the shaft of his cock,
making its way to his balls. She moved upward again and started to actually
suck his dick. It was an amazing sight. Here's a woman who hits men for a
living and yet, she loves to giveíem blowjobs. But then she did something the
Game had never experienced in his entire life, a "Chyn-ese" deepthroat. Chyna
started to slide his cock down her throat, causing her to momentarily gag.
After a few seconds of slip & slid, she had his whole 7 and a half-inch cock
down her throat.

Hunter: Holy shit, honey. Keep going.

That was as far as she could go, so she decided to start her way upward.
As she started up, an amazing rush of pleasure swept across his body. Every
second she was pulling away, it got better. But he thought it was different.
He put his hands on the back of her head and pushed her back down, ramming
inch by inch of man meat back into her throat. At first she hesitated, trying
to keep from gagging. And then she realized how to get him out of her mouth.

She started to rub her tongue along the lower side of his cock, making
him shake. After a few more seconds of that, he started to pump his seed
down the goddess' throat, shot by shot. After a few moments, he was empty,
allowing her to pull it out.

Hunter: Good damn, baby. You are a gift of god. You, that body, and by god
that damn mouth.

Chyna: Thanks. See ya in the mornin'.

She got under the soft sheets and put her head down on the pillow, as she
finished swallowing the juice heíd left in her throat. He got up and went to
the washroom to clean up, closing the door behind him.

Hunter (whispering to himself): What the hell am I gonna do now. She's
definitely pissed of at me for not giving her anything. Oh yeah, like she
only wants cum. What can I do for her to make it up?

He closed the toilet seat and sat down, pondering this question. But then
the perfect plan came into his head: He was gonna fuck her brains out. But
it had to be a special way. None of that missionary bullshit. He looked over
into his shaving bag and pulled a jar of Vaseline. He took off the lid and
just pushed his whole cock in it, lubing it up enough, it could slide through
a keyhole. He continued to fuck the Vaseline until he was sure it was slick
enough. He put it back and exited the bathroom. He walked over to the
voluptuous hottie and pulled the blanket off her slowly. She awoke to see a
big rock hard shaft in her face.

Chyna: Baby, what're you doin?

Hunter: Okay Chyna, now it's your turn to play the game. Lay on you stomach
and point your ass up in the air.

She did exactly that, not quite sure what he was gonna do. He stood up
and looked at her perfect, round ass and then stuck his slick pole in her
asshole. She let out a scream, even though he was really lubed up, and he
stopped just in case he was to hard on her hole or just in case he was in
her too far. I think 7 inches is too far.

Hunter: Are you okay.

Chyna: Yeah, it was just a surprise. Keep going.

He began to pull out and thrust in. He started going fast and faster,
until all you could hear was squishing sounds and a load moaning coming from

Chyna: Oh fuck yeah. Keep doing it baby. Harder baby. Faster baby.

Even though he had slicked his cock up more than Scotty Too Hottie's hair,
there was a shit load of friction on both his shaft and her hole. She seemed
to be enjoying it, even though every once and a while, she would let out a
gasp of pain.

Chyna: Keep doin' it Hunter. I gonna cum.

Hunter: Me too gorgeous.

He continued to give her wood until he began pumping his slime into her
tight little ass, shooting load after load of hot, sticky cum into her ass.
Meanwhile, she started letting out a loud scream of pleasure as she finally
reached her peak.

After all the contractions between the two had ceased, Hunter decided that
he might as well go clean up, again. But as he started to slip his dick from
her hole, she pushed back towards him, letting his pole go right back in.

Chyna: Hunter, why don't you leave it in tonight. It feels really good you

Hunter: Okay, sweetie. For you, babe.

The two lovers fell asleep spooning, his cock buried deep in her rear
love hole.

Meanwhile, in the next room, Matt Hardy and Amy "Lita" Dumas had been
listening on and it had gotten them a little, uh what's the word... horny.
Well, him anyway. She'll just have to play along in this one on one match.

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