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If Given The Chance
by WWE Smutfics

AJ Lee never liked Nikki Bella, and she never hid that fact.

Ever since the Bellas came back to the WWE AJ made it a point to get a dig in at Nikki at least once a day. A comment on a match, a move, her gear, even something as simple as word choice in a everyday conversation - AJ mostly showed discontent with Nikki as a person and a wrestler.

Nikki didn't understand it, because they had a lot of similar interests and fantastic chemistry in the ring. Someone suggested AJ saw Nikki as competition, but that couldn't be true: AJ always got the pushes, Nikki hadn't. Nikki has just come back to this.

The Bella Twin seized the opportunity to find out what AJ's deal was on a night that most of the women from the roster were going out. AJ and Nikki never found ourselves alone until then.

Nikki drove separately and pulled into the parking lot of the bar the same time AJ's big SUV was rolling in. She parked a space away from AJ in the back of the lot. Our movements were almost in sync as they exited their cars and slammed the doors shut. As Nikki walked out from behind mine she did too, and caught my eye. I gave her a small smile and a wave, and she sneered me. As she turned to walk into the bar I yelled after her, "Wait!" There were barely any cars where we were, so she couldn't possibly ignore me by chatting up someone else or pretending I wasn't there.

She whipped around to look at me, the glare of the streetlight in the dark highlighting her face. She was beautiful. Silently beautiful, as she crossed her arms and waited for me to speak.

"I thought maybe we could talk, alone," I said, walking closer to her. She swung her legs lazily as she walked back towards her car, the Converse scuffing the asphalt. Her cotton skater dress was red, making her skin and hair look even darker. A little deadlier. A lot scarier.

She leaned on the trunk and continued to stare at me, using her silence to urge me into babbling. "I'm not sure what I did to you, but I'd appreciate it if you let me know. I just want to be friends, I think we'd get along well, and you just haven't given me the chance to prove that to you yet." I spoke quietly, calmly. I'd heard she had fits of rage when she was angry, and didn't want to incite one.

A smile curved her mouth up on one side, a startling sight. She dropped her arms and took two steps towards me. I was a little taller than her, so she had to crane her neck to look into my eyes. She wrinkled her nose and giggled, then went up on tip toes and pressed her lips to mine.

My eyes were open in shock the whole time she kissed me.

When she pulled her head back she could see I was stunned, and that only widened her smile. My mouth moved, open and shut, no sound coming out.

"What's wrong?" she asked sweetly.


"Listen to me." Her voice dropped, tone serious. "You didn't do anything. But, you are my competition. Some hot little chick coming up from NXT, chasing my title. I can't have that. I don't want to be nice to you and I don't think I need to be." She slid a hand around my waist and pulled me towards her. "I do, however, want you. And what I want, I get."

"W-want me?" Was she serious? "As in...?"

"As in I want to taste you, darling. And I want to fuck you. Look at this body." Her other arm snaked around me and she ran her hands down my ass., then back up again, pulling my skirt up to expose my panties. "Who wouldn't want to?"

Her lips caught mine in a kiss again, but this time she pressed her tongue past them. I moaned when it came in contact with my own. Her mouth tasted sweet.

"So, what do you say?" she breathed, pulling away from me. "This is me giving you a chance. Are you going to give me what I want, or do I have to take it?"

I'd found her stunning since the moment I met her. Why would I ever deny myself it, especially if she was handing it right to me?

I cupped her face and kissed her deeply before replying, "You can have it. Let's go back to-"

"No, no," her voice was a sing song when she said it. She clicked her key fob and I heard her SUV unlock. "Get in the back seat."


She squeezed my ass hard and repeated, "Get. In the back. Seat." She stepped away and smiled at me.

I yanked the driver's side backseat door handle open and slid inside. She followed me, tossing her belongings on the driver's seat up front before shutting the door and clicking the lock shut. The inside of the car was partially lit up by the street light overhead, letting me see the look of lust etched into her face.

I leaned against the door behind me and she crawled up between my legs, pressing her chest against mine as she kissed my neck. My hands roamed across her back, fingers tracing the low cut back of her dress.

We both groaned as she ground her hips into mine, putting pressure on my clit. She reached behind her as we kissed, and I felt her tug her panties down, heard them drop to the floor of the backseat. Her shoes followed.

She switched to laying against the door opposite me and spread her legs so the light hit her pussy. I could see how wet she was, and hear it when she slid two fingers inside herself.

She looked at me through hooded lids as she played, then said, "Now you. Take 'em off." I mirrored her position and slid my own underwear off, piling them on top of hers on the floor. I removed my shoes and laid back, toying with my own pussy as she watched my fingers intently. "You do what I do," she commanded, pulling her hand away and holding it palm facing me. She dropped all her fingers into a fist but her pointer and middle, which she slid back into her opening. I did the same to myself.

She fucked herself gently, then brought her other hand to her mouth, licking her thumb. She waited for me to do the same before bringing the wet pad of her finger down to her clit, making small circles. I followed her lead and my breath caught as my pussy tensed under the movements.

"Very good," she said sweetly. "Now, lay on your back and don't stop, not at all, not until I tell you to. Got it?" I nodded vigorously, enjoying what I was doing to myself too much to even think of stopping.

She moved to the edge of the seat and I stretched my legs down, digging my heels into the cushion to pull my whole body until I was lying flat. She hiked her dress up around her hips and scooted towards me. One knee came to rest on the side of my head closest to the back of the seats, while her other stayed bent as her foot rested on the floor. Her pussy hovered above my face, and I looked up at her pink folds as her tiny fingers parted them. "Lick," she said simply.

I lifted my head up to meet her heat, licking a pointed tongue along her slit. I slid it the entire length several times before pulling her clit between my lips, sucking gently.

She leaned back and rested a hand between my legs on the seat. Her hips bucked as she ground into my mouth. "Let me," she said quietly, and she smacked my hands away. Her slim fingers pushed inside my pussy and I moaned, sucked her clit harder. "Ooh, yes!" she cried softly. "That's it, mmm, you're so good!" My hands gripped her thighs as she rode my face, fingers still working inside me. "Make me come," she gasped out. "Oh, shit, I'm so close, make me come, don't stop!"

I picked my head up more and shook it. Her fingers stuttered inside me as she started to come, rolling her hips against my face. I lapped at her pussy juices, just as sweet as the taste of her mouth.

She moved away from me with a moan, extracting her fingers. She pulled me up by my hair, throwing me towards the other side of the seat, behind the driver's side. She turned and leaned over the center console, and I couldn't help but reach my fingers for her wet cunt as she did. Without looking her hand darted out behind her and she slapped me away. "I didn't say you could have more," she chided, a forcefulness in her voice.

She dug under the passenger seat until I heard a click and the back of the seat dropped down flat, resting next to where I was sitting. She crawled over it on hands and knees until she was kneeling where the headrest was. She pointed at the dashboard and said, "Sit."

I moved my way there, taking note of the fogged-up windows as I did. Condensation was rolling down them inside the car, and as I put my hand up on the passenger window to settle into a sitting position with my ass on the passenger seat, back to the dashboard, it left a handprint.

She pulled my legs apart, putting one over her shoulder and letting the other fall onto the center console. She dipped her back low and swept her tongue up my pussy. I shuddered at the skill as she curled and twisted it through my folds again, coupling two fingers inside me with it. I looked down to see her nose pressed into my mound as she soaked me with her mouth, arm pistoning while her fingers curled inside me. Her dark eyes were steady on my face.

"Oh, shit AJ," I gasped. "I'm cl-" She sat up and stilled her hand. She was smiling at me again, sugary sweet.

"Hmm, did I say you could, though?"


"Well, then you can't." Her hand started moving slowly. She just stared at me as she fingered me, same smile plastered on her mouth.

"But...but I-"

Her smiled turned into a sneer. "Ooh, what, you made me come so now you get to? Is that how this works?" Then she flipped right back to the smile. "Maybe if you ask me nicely, I'll let you."

"AJ, can I please come?" I whined. Her fingers were building pressure in me.

"Why should I let you?"

"Because...because I'll do whatever you want if you do!"

She chuckled. "I'm starting to like you a little more." She lowered her body again and flicked her tongue on my clit. "If I make you come, that means you're mine from now on. My little fuck toy, whenever I want you." She smacked my clit rapidly before landing a final thwack to my thigh. "Agreed?"

"Yes," I breathed. "Agreed."

She removed her fingers and pulled my leg that was hooked over the console to her, shifting it over her own leg. She put her foot down on the floor of the back seat, then lined her pussy up with my own. She picked my other leg up and put it on her shoulder, her other leg coming to rest in a kneeling position behind my ass on the pulle- back front seat. She lowered her mound to mine and began grinding, tugging at the front of my shirt as she did.

I propped myself up and she leaned towards me so we could meet in the middle for a kiss. Her wet pussy lips rubbed against mine, the friction heating up my clit. She bit my bottom lip, plumping it up. "So, so wet," she cooed. "Do you like when I touch you?"

"Oh god, I do!"

"Is it because I'm beautiful?"

"It's because you're sexy, AJ." She liked that answer, and started moving quicker.

"Why else?"

I fed her ego. "It's because I can't stop thinking about how delicious your pussy tastes." She peppered my mouth with kisses, swallowing some of my words. "And how your body shakes when you come. Mmm." I held onto the back of her head as she gyrated her hips faster, the springs of the seat squeaking beneath us. "I want to make you do that whenever you'll let me. Whenever you say, AJ."

"That's right," she choked out. We were both getting close. "You do whatever I say. So come, come for me. I'm close, and when I come I stop, so you better make it fast."

I let go of her and laid back, holding onto the door and back of the driver's seat to steady myself as I pushed my hips back at her. Her body undulated on top of mine, and I could feel myself on the edge as I watched her gorgeous face twist with pleasure. She started shaking, her dark hair fell in her face, and I finally lost it, the two of us coming together. She pushed against me harder as she rode it out, and when she finally stopped she flopped back onto the large seat in the middle of the car.

I lay with my legs spread on the passenger seat, shoulders against the dash. I could see people walking in the parking lot through the clear spot the palm of my hand made on the window. She picked her panties up daintily and put them back on, then started pulling her shoes on. I righted myself and clicked the passenger sit back to the sitting position. She handed me my shoes, but I waited for my panties before putting them on. I held my hand out to her over the console, she in the backseat and I in the front. She looked at me, confused.

"My underwear?" I asked, flexing my fingers open and close.

She tittered and said, "Oh no. You're going in without them. And you're sitting right next to me. We're going to show everyone what great friends we are now, and if I want to play with you under the table, I will."

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