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I'll Do Anything
by The Big Show

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was furious. She had just been humiliated on
national television. Her father, Vince McMahon had her carried out by
security after begging her father to let her keep her job.

Seconds later, Vince walked through the curtain and once again Steph
started to suck up to her father. "Daddy please. I'll do anything. Carry your
bags, get your coffee, anything."

"I don't think so Steph." was her Father's reply.

"Anything Dad, anything." Steph said with a slight grin on her face as she
started rubbing Vince's chest and running her fingers through his hair. She
was getting truned on and the hardness of her nipples showed through her
shirt. She then tickled Vince's neck and whispered in his ear. "I want you
Daddy. I want your big cock."

Steph looked down at her Father and noticed a huge bulge in his pants. She
grabbed Vince by his throbbing member and led him through the hallway. Vince
was moaning the whole way. Steph approached the lockeroom that read "Vince
McMahon" and swung it open quickly. She still had Vince by his dick and led
him to the couch and pushed him down on it.

Steph had a devilish smile on her face as she slowly unzipped his pants,
reached through his boxers, and grabbed Vince's big 8 inch cock. Steph slowly
stroked her Father's big member and ran her thumb around his purple head.
Vince was enjoying the wonders his daughter's mouth was working on him.

Steph finally took control of her Father's meaty prick and gently put the
head through her nice red lips and sucked on it for a few seconds. Vince was
in heaven. Steph picked up the pace as she started licking her Father's
purple head very fast. As she was sucking, Steph grabbed her Father's balls
in her hand and gently rubbed her fingers across them.

Steph started to take more of her Father into her mouth as she started to
bob her head up and down on her Father's cock. Vince was loving every minute.
"Oh god Steph. Suck your Dad. Yea." Steph was bobbing faster and faster.
Vince was feeling so good and was ready to cum. Steph could feel this too and
she took Vince's cock out of her mouth and started to pump it in and out of
her hands faster and faster. Vince was about to blow. "Oh fuck yea Steph,
here it comes. Ahhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuck Yeaaaaaaa Steph!!!!!!!!!" screamed
Vince as he shot load after load of hot gooey cum into his Daughter's
awaiting mouth. Steph took it all in her mouth and swallowed it in one gulp.
"Oh Daddy you taste so good" exclaimed Steph. "Oh god Steph I want you so
fucking bad."

Vince stood up and took his shirt off. He then got behind his Daughter
and started to feel up his Daughter's big breast implants through her blue
t-shirt. Steph's nipples were rock hard and Vince pinched them through the
shirt and Steph let out a nice squeal. Vince took off Steph's shirt and
unstrapped her bra freeing her huge tits. Vince grabbed her tits and rubbed
them furiosly and pused them together. Vince grabbed Steph by the waist and
humped his bare cock against Steph's covered ass.

Vince turned Steph around and cubbed his hands around his Daughter's
breasts and started to lick her rock hard nipples and gently sucked on them
as Steph moaned "Oh yea Daddy, it feels so good." Vince was having a field
day with Stephs tits. He was sucking her orbs and rubbing her ass. Steph was
moaning very loudly and took her tit out of her Father's mouth.

Steph started rubbing Vince's chest. She then took off Vinces boxers
leaving him completely naked. Steph whispered in Vince's ear "Eat my pussy
daddy. I want you to eat it." Bince took the cue and unzipped Stephanie's
pants and Steph stepped out of them. Steph pinched her hard nipples and took
off her white string bikini and tossed them to Vince. He took a nice whiff of
his Daughter's panties and said "Oh god baby get that billion dollar pussy
over here."

Steph walked over to her Father and Vince sat Steph down on the black
plush couch and kneeled down. Steph spread her legs and wrapped them around
Vince's head allowing her Father acess to her completely shaved pussy. Vince
once again enhaled his Daughter's smell. Vince stuck out his tongue and took
a long upward lick on Steph's clit as she let out a long moan. Vince then
continued to lick Steph's rock hard clit up and down and sucked on it as he
ran his thumbs over Steph's nipples. Vince was getting so turned on that he
started to stroke his cock and he was munching on his Daughter's pussy. Steph
was moving all over the couch as she was moaning. She couldn't believe how
good her Father was. "Yea Daddy make me cum. Make me Cum!!!" squealed Steph.
Vince didn't need any encouragement as he started to lap on Steph's pussy
like a mad man. Steph couldn't take any more. "OHHHHHH Daddy. OHhhhhhhhhhhhh
here it cuuuuuuuuums God Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Steph as Vince's
mouth was full of his Daughter's pussy juices. Vince loved it as he lapped it
all up. Steph sat up and said "Oh Daddy, your real good" with a smile. Steph
then spread her legs open once again and eyed Vince's hard cock.

Vince took the cue as he threw Steph on the couch. Vince opened his
daughter's legs and lined his cock up with Steph's pussy and ran it down her
slit. Steph squealed "Yea give it to me daddy, ram it in." Vince opened up
Steph's lips and gently stuck his hard cock in as Steph let out a moan. Vince
grabbed Steph's waist as he pumped in slowly for the first time and Steph was
moaning loudly. Vince kept up the slow thrusts for just a few seconds as he
started to pump his cock in Steph's pussy faster and harder. Steph was loving
it "Oh god Dad faster faster yea fuck my pussy hard god damnit." Vince was
fucking his daughter's pussy very fast as the loud smack of skin echoed
throughout the halls. Vince felt so good. "Come on Steph, let it go baby come
on" encouraged Vince as he still pumped in his Daughter. Steph screamed at
the top of her lungs and she scratched her Father's back as her back shook
and she let go with a mind blowing orgasm. Her juices covered Vince's cock,
but he wasn't done. Vince pumped into Steph a while longer before finally he
was ready. "Get ready Steph, Daddy's cumming." Vince shot several loads of
cum into Steph's pussy.

Vince took his cock out of Steph's pussy and smiled. He said nothing as he
ran his fingers along Steph's soaking wet slit and held them out as Steph
sucked on her Dad's fingers covered with her pussy juices. Steph cleaned up
her juices quickly. Steph smiled and and grabbed Vince's cock as she said "So
Daddy, do I have my job back?" Vince's reply was "What do you think?" as he
threw Steph down and got ready to go another round with his Daughter.

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