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I'm Better Than You Part 1
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

During the January 14th edition of RAW, the staged catfight between
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Debra seemed rather innocent. Debra had done
this sort of thing before and Stephanie was a well-trained entertainer.
However, the ever-growing egos of both women sparked an off-camera argument.

"That was a superb segment we did, Stephanie," Debra said, shaking the
hand of the younger brunette and her boss, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. "I'm
happy to have worked with you."

"Thanks," Stephanie replied, "ditto."

"You know, I was wondering," Debra started in her thick southern accent,
"with all this talk about the Royal Rumble, who does Vince have planned to
win that thing anyway?"

"Why, Hunter of course," Stephanie snidely remarked. "Why?"

"Oh, no reason," Debra answered. She turned and started to walk in the
opposite direction. "Guess if Steve fucked his boss, he'd win the match too."

"Excuse me?" a wide-eyed Stephanie called out. "What was that?"

Debra stopped and turned to face the Billion Dollar Princess. "You heard
me. I said that had Steve fucked his boss, he would have been chosen to win
the Rumble."

"WHAT?" Stephanie shot back, shocked. "I'll have you know that my father

"It's funny," Debra interrupted, "Steve is twice the lover Hunter is and
he still isn't even up for consideration. Looks like he just fucked the wrong

"You listen to me, Debbie," Stephanie commanded, marching toward Debra.
"I'll have you know that my father picked out Triple H to win the Rumble. Our
relationship is our own personal business and does not mix in with our work."

"Are you done?" an annoyed Debra asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"And another thing..." Stephanie started once again, putting a finger to
Debra's chest. "Hunter is a million times the lover, the wrestler, and the
man Steve Austin will EVER be. You got me?"

Stephanie arched her back and poked at Debra's shoulder. Her breasts were
heaving with each fierce word she spoke, prepared to spill out of their

"I do believe that's a challenge, Stephie," Debra replied, digging her
index finger into the brunette's shoulder and shoving her back.

"You're quick for a big-breasted blonde," the boss retorted. Enforcing her
argument, Stephanie fondled Debra's leather-encased breasts in her hands.

"Are you kidding me?" Debra asked, throwing her head back to laugh. "Those
things are twice as big and twice as fake as mine will ever be."

Debra decided to enforce her point as well, taking Stephanie's breasts
between her hands and squeezing them. Immediately, Stephanie pushed Debra
back and threw her hands over her tank top, covering her breasts.

"What's the matter, Stephanie?" Debra taunted. "Afraid that I'm right?"


Removing her earrings, Debra prepared for a battle with boss's daughter.
Stephanie simply held her hand up and laughed at the eager blonde.

"Calm down," Stephanie assured her with a sly chuckle. "We're not going to
fight again. No, I have something much bigger in mind."

"What is it?" Debra wondered, slipping her earrings back into her ears.

Stephanie wrapped an arm around Debra's shoulder and led her down the
corridor, explaining her idea. Her revelation required that the two switch
partners for the evening, meaning Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley would spend the
night with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Debra would spend the night with
Triple H. At the end of the night, each female would know which man was the
better fuck. Stephanie figured this plan was fool proof seeing as neither of
the husbands would dare be bias with a free fuck hanging in the balance.

"Let me get this straight," Debra said, stopping in the middle of the
hallway, "we're going to fuck each other's husbands to prove our points? This
doesn't make sense."

"It makes plenty of sense," Stephanie assured her. "You claim that Steve
Austin is the better lover and I claim that Hunter is the better lover. There
is only one way to find out who's right and that's to experience it up close
and personal. I'm sure that neither of us will lie about the kind of night we
had. I know I sure won't. I'm a McMahon, afterall."

"What about our husbands?" Debra questioned. "What if those two don't want
to do it?"

"Steve and Hunter?!" Stephanie reiterated. "Those two will take a free
fuck in half a second. Besides, their egos are gigantic. Neither Hunter nor
Steve would be willing to throw away a chance to prove that he is better."

Debra nodded her head, then set off to find her husband and explain the

"I hope this works," Debra called back as she trotted away.

"It will..." Stephanie shouted back. "It will."

That night, the plan went into action. Steve Austin, Triple H, Stephanie,
and Debra met outside their two private suites to make it official. Austin
stood smiling with his arm around his wife, Debra. She wore a tight fitting,
unzipped leather halter top and matching tight pants -- an outfit that could
make any man turn his head for a second look. Her hair was beautiful as well,
cascading down to her shoulders and ending just above her bountiful breasts,
which were restrained by a visible white bra. Debra's husband, however, could
not help but stare at the younger Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, who had her
arm around Hunter's mid-section. The Billion Dollar Princess wore one her
typical sexy outfits: Pink sleeve-less shimmering top, black skirt, and
thick knee-high leather boots. Although Steve was a happily married guy, he
couldn't help but stare vehemently at the woman he would be spending the
night with.

Triple H, with his arm over Stephanie McMahon's shoulder and his hand
rested firmly on her chest, was sizing up his "lady for the night" as well.
He had his head bent downward, just enough to make it appear that Stephanie
was his main focus. Secretly, he locked his eyes on Debra. She flashed him
a sexy smile and rubbed her chest. Triple H smiled back and knew that tonight
was going to be yet another reason he was glad to be back in the World
Wrestling Federation.

"Are we clear on this?" Stephanie led the group. "We'll get one hour to
experiment, and then meet right back out here."

"Well, it's time to get busy," Debra said, taking Triple H's arm.

"A bit eager, aren't we?" Austin asked, a bit shocked.

Throwing back her head, Debra smiled at her husband and led Triple H into
the first suite without uttering a word. Austin tried to follow, but his wife
slammed the door and locked it shut.

"Damnit!" Austin hollered. "What the hell was she so eager about?"

"Steve, don't worry about it," Stephanie replied, trying to clam the
Rattlesnake. She rubbed her hands all over his chest. "Let's get to the other
suite. You'll have your chance for revenge in there."

Inside the first suite, Triple H sat on the bed and watched as Debra
locked the door. He folded his arms across his chest and, licking his lips,
watched the blonde's round, plump butt strain against her skin-tight leather
pants. He wondered just how in the world he'd get her out of those things.

"There," Debra announced emphatically, "that ought to keep Steve out."

The sexy blonde waved the key over her head, dangling the only thing that
prevented the two from being with the outside world -- but more importantly,
with their significant others. Debra tossed the key aside and approached
Hunter with a mysterious fire in her eyes. Triple H hadn't seen anything like
it. Sure, out in the hallway, the two were checking each other out, but
Debra's eyes never showed the same blaze that they did at this very moment.
Hunter accepted the seemingly eager blonde with arms wide open. Debra tried
to kiss the muscular superstar, but the Game quickly buried his between the
busty blonde's heaving breasts. His tongue snaked over the top of her white
lace bra and licked the sides of her esteemed "puppies."

"Ooh!" Debra leaked out a soft moan. "That's it Hunter, lick my breasts."

Hunter removed Debra's leather vest and tossed it aside. He continued
to kiss her breasts, cupping each large orb and stroking it with the long,
aggravated stroke of his coarse tongue. Outlines of saliva formed at the
outer edges of the blonde's white lacey bra.

"Hunter baby, lie back," Debra instructed with a slight shove. Hunter
scooted himself along the bed, resting his back against the black wooden

Debra climbed up onto the bed -- on all fours -- and began a sensual
catwalk toward the seated Game. Triple H watched enticingly, shifting his
eyes from side to side to match the sway of the Debra's tits. As the Diva
moved over his groin, Triple H could feel his prick harden and form a bulge
in his loose-fitting jeans. Debra hovered over his crotch, rocking back and
forth toward the Game. Her restrained tits swung with each melodic shift of
her frame. In the distance, Triple H could hear the loud thud from the room
next door. Steve Austin and Stephanie had already gotten down to the business
and here he was, watching as the lovely Debra taunted him.

Normally, as a horny male, he would have loved to watch this busty diva
swing her beautiful breasts back and forth, but this wasn't pleasure -- it
was business. Triple H decided to take control, wrapping his arms around
Debra's lower back and firmly pressing her down onto crotch. Debra jumped at
first, feeling the bulge of Helmsley's pants tickle the front of her leather
pants, but gradually settled down. She began to rock back and forth once
more, this time leaning further toward Hunter to allow her breasts to tap
his face. He smelled and tasted her shackled tits with each passing swing,
but wanted much more.

"Take that bra off," he demanded.

"Whatever you want, honey," Debra replied, reaching back to unsnap her
lace bra.

Dropping her arms, Debra allowed the white flimsy material to fall unto
Hunter's chest and expose her round, gorgeous mounds. Triple H released a
growl of pleasure as each bare breast smacked into his face.

"Those are absolutely wonderful," Hunter commented. He slipped one of the
oversized tits into his mouth and sucked on the rock-solid nipple.

"Yeah, Steve is in love with 'em too," Debra responded. "He's definitely
a breast man."

Triple H was far too indulged with the Debra's breasts to realize that his
wife's own breasts must be the perfect treat for Stone Cold's craving. He
didn't care. This was the action he was looking for and there was nothing
that was going to silence his urge. Stephanie McMahon could be fucking Steve
Austin eight ways from Sunday right now and it wouldn't make a lick of
difference. In the Game's mind, Debra was the absolute "breast."

Hunter decided to indulge further down his lover's body. Still sucking on
her gorgeous tits, he brought his hands down to Debra's plump ass -- the same
one he was checking out earlier. He laced his fingers around the waistband
of her leather pants and brought them down as far as her seated frame would
allow them. It was just enough to reveal her marvelous backside encased in a
matching white thong. Hunter couldn't see it's beauty, but he felt around.
His hands traced over her thick, fleshy, meaty butt and rubbed the smooth
material of her thong that so delicately fit around her plump cheeks.

In the heat of passion, Debra reached down and unbuttoned Helmsley's
jeans. Hunter relinquished his wandering hands and allowed his blonde slut
to go through with her endeavor. Debra rose to her knees and yanked Hunter`s
pants down to his ankles.

"That's it babe," Hunter encouraged her, "suck it."

Debra smiled coyly at the comment, but appeared dissatisfied. She removed
her leather pants and thong, then shifted her position in order to get a
better view of the beast. Her thick posterior aimed upward toward Helmsley's
shoulders while her lips remained hovering over his enlarged member, encased
inside a pair of black boxer shorts. Their position was almost that of a 69,
but Debra's lower half was lying next to Helmsley instead of on top of him.
Still, it was a magnificent view for the both of them. Debra peeled down the
front of Hunter's boxers and unwrapped her present.

Instantly, Helmsley's dick sprang to life and poked Debra in the chin.
She opened her mouth and captured it between her dark red lips. Her long
blonde hair fell over his dick as she tilted her head and began to suck.
Nothing could be seen but the faint outline of Debra's face, bobbing up and
down on Hunter`s fuckstick. Beneath the thick strands of blonde hair, the
diva's mouth was working like never before. Her lips tightened around the
tip of Hunter's cock as she licked the purple swollen head.

"Fuck, that feels wonderful," Triple H commented. His head fell back
against the wall as he released a long moan. "Keep it up."

Bringing his head forward, Hunter again noticed Debra's magnificent ass,
swaying back and forth, this time to the rhythm of the piston-like movements
of her mouth. He began to toy with her blossoming buttocks, smacking it back
and forth between his large hands. Each ear-piercing slap of skin sent
Debra's butt flailing in the other direction where it was met with another
hard slap to send it back. It was like a game of ping pong with Triple H
slapping the country diva's plentiful bottom.

"You like playing with my ass?" Debra questioned the Game.

"Uh-huh" a mesmerized Triple H replied, still batting Debra's thick booty
between his palms.

"Then lick my ass, Hunter," she demanded. "Lick it good."

Debra's remark immediately brought the Game out of his wide-eyed trance.
Hunter cradled her soft bottom as she moved her torso, stretching one leg
over his chest and thus straddling his entire body. Their attention was
immediately focused to the other's opposing end: Debra had her eyes glued
to Hunter's piece while his eyes were glued to her magnificent buttocks.

"That's it baby," Debra cooed, stroking Hunter's slippery hard-on between
her fingers, "I want you to feast on that gorgeous bottom."

Triple H, a man that had been around the block a few times, did not need
to be instructed. Immediately, he indulged in his meal. His large hands
wrapped around the sides of Debra's butt; his fingers curling over the soft
flesh of her asscheeks. He used his thumbs cleverly, spreading the delicious
diva's cheeks apart to uncover her asshole. Then, he dove in. His tongue
snaked between the parted flaps of skin and licked her tasty butt. Debra
jumped as she felt the cold, wet tongue of Triple H violate her insides. Her
mouth popped off his slick member, but she kept a firm grip on it and stroked
him off.

"OH MY GOD," Debra screamed. "UMMMM■. THAT FEELS GREAT!"

Each jolt of pleasure that surged through Debra's body gave her a newfound
sexual prowess. Her hand jerked off the Game like never before, sliding
without friction up and down his rigid meatstick. She stopped only to rub the
purple head that lay at the top. Such pleasure would drive a normal man to
the point of orgasm, but Triple H was far different. He was far too intrigued
with his lover's backside to even acknowledge the superb hand job he was

"You like it when I stroke your dick?" Debra asked seductively, hoping to
get some sort of answer of the silent Triple H.

Silent, Helmsley continued to lovingly caress Debra's firm butt with the
twists and turns of his crafty tongue. His hands rubbed her smooth cheeks as
he licked out her butt with a true, intense passion. Eyes shut, Hunter was in
his own world. It seemed as though he was making out with Debra's backside,
kissing and licking it like he would during a long, sensual French kiss.
Whatever the case, the WWF Diva was certainly enjoying herself.

"OOOOOH GOD!" Debra hollered. Between moans, she licked Hunter's dick like

Despite the blonde's commands, Triple H came to an commanding halt moments
later and retracting his tongue and hands from Debra's rectum. He rose up,
lifting Debra off of his body in the process. On his knees, Hunter approached
Debra from behind and reached around to slowly rub her enormous breasts,
tweaking the hard nipples between his fingers.

"I want you to bend over, baby." Hunter whispered in her ear, finally
breaking the silence. "I'm going to finish the job on that wonderful ass of

No complaints were made from Debra as she did as instructed. With Hunter's
hands rested on her lower back, the busty diva bent over onto all fours. As
an added incentive, she stuck out her gorgeous butt and wiggled it around
right in front of Hunter's eyes like a piece of meat dangling over a lion`s

"You know what that does to me■" Hunter trailed off. He stared at her butt
with an intense lust, almost drooling over its magnificence. "It drives me

Hunter stroked his dick a few times -- which was still wet from Debra's
saliva -- and then inched closer to the blonde's buttocks. His hands parted
her buttcheeks and once again revealed her lubed and extremely tight asshole.
It was a wonder why Steve hadn't stretched it out, especially with an ass
such as Debra's. In any case, Hunter was prepared to enter that glowing
rectum. With a solid thrust, he poked the swollen purple head of his cock
through Debra's parted cheeks and popped into her asshole.

"OH FUCK!" Debra screamed out as Hunter's large cock entered her smaller
butt hole.

It was a tight fit indeed, but the Game was up to the difficult task. He
kept Debra's cheeks spread with his fingers as he slowly rocked back and
forth, easing into her ass. His face contorted in pain, but he kept with
his endeavor. Debra also appeared to be in a lot of pain, but wasn't faced
with much of a choice as she was forced to move in rhythm with her lover.
Gradually, Hunter could feel the tight muscles of Debra's rectum clamp down
on his thick shaft and support its enormous girth. He released his vice-like
grip on her cheeks and the two pieces of skin fell around Hunter's cock in
a soft coat.

"That's it■ clamp down on it," Hunter called out to the blonde.

"Ooo■ that feels so fuckin' great," Debra cried out. "Ram me harder,
Hunter. Harder!"

That would be all Debra would be able to utter as Triple H's intensity
once again took over the encounter. He began to pump her vigorously, holding
onto her hips for leverage and to make sure that the lighter blonde didn't
fall to her face. His hips rocked back and forth, back and forth, back and
forth, slamming Debra's ample backside with his mid-section each time. Heavy
sounds of slapping skin echoed through the hotel suite, along with the
ear-piercing cries of Mrs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Debra hollered her lungs
out each time Hunter rammed into her backside, giving all the more incentive
for the Game.

"FASTER! FASTER!" Debra screamed.

Debra latched onto the edge of the headboard, fearing she would lose her
balance. With each ferocious pummel from Hunter, she unintentionally slammed
the headboard against the wall with her hands. This blocked out the noises
that arose from Steve and Stephanie's room from time to time. Hunter kept on
pumping into Debra's butt like a madman, giving everything he could to the
tired blonde.

"Oooh■ Hunter, you like sticking your dick in my ass, don't you?" Debra
panted. She was gradually becoming restless, but still tried to get some sort
of response from the Game.

Unfortunately for Debra, Helmsley was trapped inside his own little world.
He saw nothing but the task in front of him. His face was filled with an
astute intensity that seemingly could not be broken. Hunter continued to pump
his hips faster and faster, plowing into the blonde's backside with the same
fierce fervor that he had had for minutes. Debra was panting intensely, on
the verge of collapsing on the bed. The Game's intensity had worn her out.
Stephanie said he was good, but she knew now why he was "that damn good."

Even the Game was becoming tired now. His own intensity had worn him out.
Hunched over, he held onto Debra's big jugs as he pivoted his hips into her
butt for the last couple of times before pulling out. Debra released a long
sigh of relief and fell forward; her sore bottom stuck straight up in the

"Jesus, that was one hell of a fuck," Triple H panted. He sat back against
the headboard as Debra rolled around on the bed, moaning lightly.

"You're telling me," Debra replied, rubbing her sore ass.

Despite the pain that had been jolting at her backside, Debra felt a
certain sexual urge that she hadn't felt before. She was tired, she was
panting, and she was horny. She noticed Triple H sitting against the
headboard with his stiff cock still standing at attention. Something came
over the blonde vixen and a newfound sexual prowess surged through her
body. She rose to her knees.

"I'm not through yet," Debra announced.

Before Triple H could mutter a response, Debra crawled toward him.
Normally, he would tell her that he was far too tired to perform again like
he did with Stephanie, but his sex-craven eyes caught a glimpse of the lovely
beauty. Her blonde hair hung down over her face and curled around her dark,
sensual eyes. He could see the uncontrollable lust burning inside them. Below
her hair swung her marvelous breasts which hung gorgeously off her chest.
Then, of course, the finish to a perfect body: her butt. He had already
experienced it once before but it looked even better now. It was glowing red
from the hammering Helmsley had given it and just appeared plumper than ever
before. Triple H didn't know what Debra's plan was, nor did he care.

"Just sit back and relax and let me do the work," Debra instructed him,
rubbing her hands over his muscular chest.

Helmsley did as instructed and sat back, stretching his huge arms back
behind his head. He watched as the coy Debra wrapped her delicate fingers
around the base of his cock and then lowered her head and trapped it between
her pouty lips. She sucked him for only a moment or two before she spit it
out and began alternating between stroking his dick and taking it into her
mouth. After each time she fed his cock into her mouth, she would immediately
begin to jerk him off. Hunter loved every second of it.

"We need to get this nice and wet first," Debra explained as she popped
his dick out of her mouth once again.

A few strokes and one more suck later, Triple H's dick was wet and ready.
Debra rose to her knees and inched over the Game's midsection, hovering over
his prick. Helmsley could feel the tip of his dick poke at Debra's moist
pussy. He felt inclined to take control and jam her down onto his hard prick,
but he stuck with Debra's prior request and let her do the work. She taunted
a restrained Helmsley, dipping down so that her labia barely wrapped around
the purple head of his fuckstick. It was driving him nuts. Adding to this
heinous taunt, Debra rubbed her thick, juicy breasts right in the Game's
face. She took each large jug into her hands and licked her own excited
nipples. Helmsley gripped the edge of the headboard with his hands in pure
sexual frustration.

"Do you want me?" Debra asked. "Do you want me to ride you hard?"

"YES! GOD, YES!" Helmsley shouted in a fit of aggravation. His hands dug
into the heavy wood of the headboard.

Debra decided to fulfill Hunter's wishes and allow him to experience
the ride of his life. Instantly, she dropped down to a seated position on
her knees, impaling herself on the Game's tool. Her soft buttocks rested
comfortably on his thighs. Slowly, she rose back to her knees, then
immediately dropped back down. Helmsley's dick glided in and out of the
her pussy with ease. Debra began to pivot her hips, grinding her privates
against the slickness of Hunter's cock. With each gyration of her hips,
the blonde diva could feel Helmsley's balls tickle her asshole. Her
movements became quicker and her grinding more intense. Hunter groaned in
approval. He admired this chick's intensity.

"That's it baby, fuck me!" Hunter cried out. He hoped to fire up the
busty blonde.

Luckily, the chant succeeded. Debra sped up; her hips moving like never
before. Her labial lips clamped down hard on Hunter's cock and served as a
base while she grinded with unbelievable stamina. In the heat of passion,
her head fell back while her hands wandered over her breasts. Hunter became
mesmerized. He watched as Debra's palms cupped her enormous breasts and
rubbed her excited nipples. Gradually, the blonde hunched over like Hunter
had done previously and the Game got a better view of those gorgeous jugs.
He passed each breast in his hands and fed them into his mouth. Hunter
licked her nipples passionately, all the while coping a feel on her wonderful

"Oooooooohhhh God!" Debra released a long moan.

Hands skimming through her hair, Debra continued to ride the Game
passionately. Her lower half was becoming increasingly sore, but the blonde
beauty kept going. Debra panted nonstop in Hunter's ear, chanting his name
as she fucked him harder. She rubbed her crotch against his stiff dick in
fierce gyrations of her hips. Her face, hidden beneath thick strands of
blonde hair, was full of innate intensity. With her mouth wide open and her
eyes shut, Debra gave all she could to the Game■ and then some.

Helmsley could not hold back any longer. His face contorted with his eyes
and mouth shutting immediately; his balls tightened up and slapped against
Debra's butt; his dick became rock-hard, more so than ever. It was enough to
stop the blonde from her intense gyrations.

"Shit, I'm about to blow," Hunter announced.

Instantly, Debra rose up and dismounted the Game. On her knees, she
remained on her knees and stroked Hunter's twitching dick. He moaned in
approval, opening his eyes to watch his blonde slut jerk him off to orgasm.
However, Debra had a much better idea that would satisfy him even more. She
leaned forward and trapped his dick between her round jugs. Hunter bucked
his hips slightly, sliding his dick between her tits and poking through the
top of her heaving cleavage. He could only enjoy this for moments before
his load spewed from his prick. Thick streams of semen splashed all over
Debra's face and tits.

"That a boy■" she said, licking up the remains his man-goo.

Hunter pulled his dick from between Debra's jugs and watched as she
cleaned herself off. Debra's crafty tongue gobbled up the cum around her
mouth, then she lifted her enormous jugs up to her lips and licked them
clean as well. Helmsley felt he would blow another load just watching this.
It was so sexy the way she licked his own semen off her fantastic chest
with quick flicks of her tongue. Stephanie never did that, although she

"That was simply amazing," Debra said, leaning on her side and looking
at Triple H.

"Better than amazing, I'd say," Helmsley commented. "You could sure play
the game."

"You weren't so bad yourself there," she replied. "Guess we should
probably get dressed and see if Steve and Steph are finished yet."

Sighing, Helmsley rose from the bed and searched for his clothes. Minutes
later, the two were fully dressed and heading out the door. Debra had her
arm around Hunter's mid-section and he had his arm around hers with his hand
resting firmly on her ass and a smile on his face.

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