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I'm Better Than You Part 2
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

"Steve, don't worry about it," Stephanie replied, trying to calm the
Rattlesnake. She rubbed her hands all over his chest. "Let's get to the other
suite. You'll have your chance for revenge in there."

Stephanie led him into the other suite like a child, grabbing onto his
hand and forcing him through the doorway. The stubborn Rattlesnake kept
glancing toward the other suite as he was been dragged further and further
away from it. Once inside her suite, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley slammed the
door shut and locked it tight. She needed to make sure that her man for the
evening didn't attempt an escape, even though she secretly knew that one
night alone with her would make him beg for more.

"Let's get this over and done with," Stephanie commanded, pushing Steve
back toward the bed. He remained on his feet at the foot of the bed.

"Exactly," Steve started and moved toward Stephanie with his arms

The cunning McMahon daughter slipped through Steve's arms and dropped down
to her knees. Without as much as a word, she began to unbuckle his belt and
pull down his pants. Austin was still stunned, but kept his mouth shut. After
all, if he played his cards right, he'd finally be able to get a first-hand
look at those beautiful breasts that Hunter always bragged about backstage.

"No offense, Steve," Stephanie said as she pulled his dick from the
opening in his boxer shorts, "but this is what you want, is it not? You don't
want the whole lovey-dovey bullshit. That's something Debra would try to
pull. I know you just want a straight-on hardcore fuck, am I right?"

It didn't mean a world of difference to the Texas Rattlesnake. He spent
plenty of nights at home with Debra cuddling and kissing before sex and it
was fantastic. He had also spent nights where he came home, ripped off his
clothing, and fucked the hell out of his beautiful wife and that was also
quite enjoyable. But since he was eager to find out what his wife was doing
with Hunter next door, he figured he'd share Stephanie's opinions and get
this over with as quickly as possible.

Steve's piece dangled freely between his legs for a few moments as
Stephanie surveyed in closely. She began to stroke it with her hands, getting
a feel for its size. Austin didn't know whether his dick was bigger than the
Game's or not and he didn't care. A smile on Stephanie's face was enough of
an ego boost for him. The grinning brunette fed the piece between her ruby
red lips, gobbling it up inch by inch until the entire thing was jammed
inside her large mouth. As Steve watched his boss's daughter bob up and down
on the entire length of his tool, he chuckled quietly to himself. Stephanie's
mouth was finally serving a purpose other than annoying the WWF fans with her
whiney, high-pitched voice.

"Yeah, that's it," Steve called the shots from above, "deep throat that
thing like Debra has done before."

Even though she didn't want to be associated with Debra in this field, the
Billion Dollar Princess pushed her way down the entire length of Steve's cock
and deep throated him as instructed. She could feel his purple head tickle
the back of her throat as she remained at the base of his cock for almost a
minute's time before pulling back up gasping for air.

"Damn, Debra can't even hold it that long," Austin said, patting her on
the head.

Another smiled filled the face of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. She knew
that Hunter was better at sex than Austin was and she now had proof she
needed that she was better than Debra. Nevertheless, she continued to
pleasure the Texas Rattlesnake and put an exclamation on her point. She moved
swiftly up and down Austin's dick, titling her head to the side and tossing
her dark brown hair around with each movement. Stephanie came up from one
final suck and lifted her lips from around Steve's piece, but kept her mouth
hovering above his purple head. Slowly, her lips opened once more and she
spit atop the tip of his penis. Her saliva dripped down the length of
Austin's prick like chocolate syrup covering a scoop of ice cream. Soon, his
entire piece was coated with saliva from the Billion Dollar Princess.

Roughly and unexpectedly, Stephanie threw her hands onto Steve's chest and
pushed him onto the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed with his dripping cock
losing its erection and the lovely Stephanie McMahon now hovering over his
lap. He tried to salvage his lost hard-on with swift strokes, but the
brunette slapped his hand away and assured him that she had plans for him. As
he watched her plans unfold, Steve's dick gradually grew back to its full
length. Bent over, the sexy Stephanie reached behind her back and unzipped
her pink sequent top. She then rose to her full stature and pulled the top
away from her body, revealing a sexy see-through black bra that contained her
melon-sized jugs. Austin was about ready to blow his load right then and
there, but the brunette had more coming. She turned and removed her skirt,
making sure to bend over in front of Austin and wedge her black panties
between her stout buttcheeks. Again, the Texas Rattlesnake was ready to blow.
Just staring at that self-made thong was making him hot.

"Fuck that's sexy," Austin blurted out.

"If you think that's sexy, take a look at this."

With that, the boss's daughter bent over and rubbed her beautiful
bra-laden breasts all over Steve's dripping wet piece. His dick swept over
the soft flesh of her each tit, swirled around her dark, dime-sized nipples,
and even became wedged between the two beautiful mounds themselves. Every
each of Stephanie's magnificent chest came in contact with Austin's tool as
she swayed from side to side. Reaching behind her back, the Billion Dollar
Princess decided to push the envelope even further and unsnapped her bra.
Another sway of Stephanie's torso sent the transparent article of clothing
flying and her huge melons free.

They had to be the most extraordinary thing Steve Austin had ever seen in
his life. He knew Debra's breasts were great, but these things blew them
completely out of the water. Each one jutted out from her chest and swung
freely without the slightest hint of sagging. Austin figured that they were
melon-sized like Debra's, but being this close allowed him to reconsider that
fact. These puppies were beyond melon size. Steve glanced down at the black
bra that had fallen to the floor and wondered how in the world it managed to
contain tits that large. He also wondered how a girl the size of Stephanie
could support them but she seemed to manage fine as she continued to rub them
all over his slippery hard-on.

Without a word, Stephanie could sense what Stone Cold wanted -- or what
any man, for that matter, that has ever seen Stephanie would want from her
and her trillion dollar tits. She buried his wet piece in her heaving
cleavage and pushed her breasts in around it to form an indestructible wall
of flesh. Austin's dick looked rather small compared to the two huge breasts
that were being mashed together around it. He began to buck his hips, hoping
to catch some sort of glimpse of his cock between the two mounds of flesh
that covered it. Each time the hint of his purple head would manage to escape
the grasp of Stephanie's boobs, the Billion Dollar Princess would grace it
with the tip of her crafty tongue. It felt good not only to be tit-fucking
the wonderful breasts of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, but her crafty
tongue-work made it all the better. Austin placed his hands on the back of
the brunette's head and rammed her breasts intensely. More and more of his
dick managed to slip through the defenses and rest comfortably inside the
waiting jowls of the boss's daughter. She would suck on it for just a
moment's rest before allowing it to slip down between her glorious chest.

"I want to feel you inside of me," Stephanie said in her sexiest voice as
she let Steve's piece drip from her lips for the last time.

Not one to object, Austin removed his clothing and stood up at the foot
of the bed to await further instructions. Gracefully, Stephanie rose to her
feet and fell back onto the bed. Her back and shoulders rested firmly on the
bed while her legs swung freely over the end of the bed where Austin was
standing. He took his cue and turned to face the luxurious princess. She
looked absolutely gorgeous with her hair draped down across her forehead and
her bare breasts flattened against her chest so that they were still bigger
than the average woman's. Austin spread Stephanie's legs apart and slowly
removed her panties. Inch by inch, the material sank from the brunette's
body and exposed her to the open air. Austin peeled the panties from Steph's
feet and tossed them aside. He was left with a remarkable lower half: sexy,
tanned legs, broad hips, and the pinkest, cutest, trimmest pussy he had ever
seen in his life. He could see the hints of brown pubic hair covering her
labia, but she was definitely well manicured.

"Are you going to fuck me or what?" Stephanie interrupted, killing the
mood entirely.

"Yeah, but..." Steve tried to chime in.

"What?" she shot back coldly.

"Hell, I don't want to mess anything up down here."

"Trust me, I've done a lot worse down there than you could ever imagine."

Instead of contemplating that thought, Austin decided to fulfill the
princess's wishes. He spread her legs wide, revealing once again her pink
labial lips. Holding her legs for balance, Steve lined his dick up with her
cunt and pushed inside her. He forced himself inside through the vigorous
moans of Stephanie McMahon and managed to fit his entire piece inside. It
was a comfortable fit: not too loose but not too tight. Perhaps her slut
moniker wasn't completely true, he thought. Austin took it to the princess,
ramming her with everything he had and bending her legs back while he did
so. Stephanie looked to be in the most uncomfortable of positions with her
breasts nearly smashed by her own legs and moaned in approval anyway. Austin
watched her monstrous tits sway and giggle each time he laid it into her with
a hard fuck. He continued to plow into the brunette's soft cunt, constantly
taking his dick out to circle around and entice her labia.

"Come on," Stephanie ordered him, "give it to me harder."

Steve released the hold on the back of Stephanie's calves and she wrapped
her legs around his torso. Austin then planted his hands firmly on the bed
beside Stephanie and moved his hips back and forth, plowing into the
brunette's pussy with increased speed. His head hung low, staring at her
breasts and he fucked her harder and harder. Stephanie's loud screams became
his fuel as his thrusts became quicker and his movements became rougher. The
bed the two were screwing on began to slam into the wall as hard and as fast
as Austin was slamming into Stephanie. A consistent "THUD" echoed throughout
the room and mixed in with Stephanie's screams to fire up the Rattlesnake.

Unannounced, he scooped Stephanie into his arms and lifted her up off the
bed. There, he held her in his grasp as he fucked her standing up. Stephanie
tightened the grip of her legs around Austin's torso and held onto his
shoulders through this wild ride. He could barely hold Stephanie up as his
hips slammed back and forth into her burning cunt. She pulled him closer with
her powerful legs and his face became wedged between her glorious mounds.
Austin managed to suck on each breast for a few moments before the upper half
of her body fell back. He nearly dropped the princess but managed to keep a
hold on her and support her lower back. With his lover's upper half now
dangling in the air, Steve plowed into Stephanie's cunt with an unending
speed. His huffs and puffs became more abundant with each fierce movement he

"Shit, I think I'm about to blow," Austin hollered.

"Lay me down and squirt it all over my body," Stephanie demanded.

Austin obliged and gently laid the princess back on the bed and removed
his dick. He held it in his palm over her stomach, gently stroking it as his
hollers grew louder and louder. Stephanie, rubbing her enormous breasts
together and pinching her nipples, was anticipating his release. A few sold
strokes and loud moans later, he came. Thick streams of goop leaked from his
dick and latched onto Stephanie's milky skins in large clumps. Most of his
semen fell atop her breasts, which seemed to delight the Billion Dollar
Princess the most. She massaged her gorgeous tits thoroughly, making sure to
cover each and every inch of their hefty size.

"Oooh god, that feels SO good!" she moaned, rolling around on the bed and
rubbing her breasts.

"Damnit Steph, you wore me out," Austin said and sat down on the edge of
the bed. "But we're far from through."

"I guess I'll have to just become my own little fuck-toy until you get
your strength back," Steph sighed and crawled toward the headboard of the

On all fours, Stephanie grabbed the headboard and looked back at Steve,
flipping her brown locks out of her face and flashing him a sexy come hither
look. Austin turned around and watched the actions unfold, stroking his dick
while he did so. Knowing she had his attention, the boss's daughter continued
with her shenanigans. Slowly, her hand crept down her back -- tracing one
finger over her soft skin -- and found the two globes of her butt. She palmed
her left buttcheek, squeezing the firm flab of skin then slapping it hard.

"Ummmmm..." Stephanie moaned as she spanked herself.


Another handprint was embedded as a red mark on her soft ass. Back and
forth, she alternated between each cheek, first taking it into her hands to
size it up and then smacking herself hard. Austin couldn't help but jerk off
to this magnificent site.


Three hard smacks came and Stephanie moaned even louder. It sounded like
she was reaching orgasm on her own. "Ooooož Godž that feels so fuckin' nice."


One final loud smack and Austin couldn't resist anymore. His dick was
hard and he was hungry for that tantalizing buttocks. Stephanie encouraged
his every move, grabbing the headboard with both hands and sticking out her
amazing ass that was now laden in red handprints. Austin held both of
Stephanie's cheeks between his palms and admired the prize that knelt before

"This butt is so amazing," Steve remarked, lightly tapping it with the
palm of his hands. "It's so much better than Debra's."

"Thank you," Stephanie replied in her sweetest, sincerest voice. Quickly,
the innocence faded. "Now, fuck that ass you love so much!"

Stephanie's screams, which were normally heard as ear-piercing torture,
were nothing short of a sweet melody to the Rattlesnake at that present time.
Without as much as a single thought, he parted her buttcheeks with one hand
and fed his dick through them with the other. It felt incredibly comfortable
inside Stephanie's mildly tight butt. Her butt cheeks clamped down tightly
but at the same time, coated his dick with a soft touch. Austin's moves were
slow at first, easing back and forth to get a feel for this woman. After all,
the only other anal he had done was with a woman that was next door probably
doing it with her second partner as well. He didn't want to make any
comparisons, but he did notice that Stephanie's butt had much more cushion
to it. It didn't seem to hurt as much thrusting inward as it did with Debra.

"You know what I love even more than this incredible ass?" Austin asked.

"What?" she wondered.

"These," Austin said and wrapped his hands around Stephanie's mid-section
to grab her hanging breasts. He felt each large boob between his fingers and
rubbed her hard nipples with the palms of his hands.

Austin was now hunched over slightly, kissing the back of Stephanie's
neck and rubbing her magnificent rack as he fucked her from behind. She was
impressed with his ability to maintain all three actions to their fullest
potential. His kisses felt tender against the back of her neck and she even
moved her brown locks out of the way so that he could cover more of her soft
skin. He knew exactly where to rub on her breasts to make it feel extra
special. And he fucked her butt like a true professional, gradually gaining
speed to make it easier on the both of them. Stephanie simply shut her eyes
and felt the trifecta of pleasure that was being placed on her.

Their love making seemed to last for hours as the Rattlesnake kissed,
rubbed, and fucked all the right spots. Stephanie's ass muscles now felt
loose and Austin could easily maneuver in and out of them. He kept his hips
at a constant motion, pivoting back and forth into her bulbous rump. Her
reddened skin could not keep a consistent form; it constantly jiggled through
Austin's intense anal. As much as he loved slamming into her beloved butt,
even the Rattlesnake had to admit that he was getting tired. He stopped
kissing the back of Stephanie's neck and the breast attention he was giving
her quickly faded away as well.

"You seem tired, champ," Stephanie called out, noticing the apparent
change in her lover's sexual activity. "How about you lie down and I take
over for the time being?"

"All right, sounds good," Austin said, relieved.

"But you'll owe me for this one," the crafty brunette shot back.

A bit confused, Austin stretched his body out along the length of the bed
with his head propped up by a few pillows. Stephanie stood above him and bent
over to stroke his hard-on. Austin was thus given a view that most men would
give their lives to see. He couldn't wait any longer. He wanted back inside
that wonderful butt. But before he could take control, Stephanie lowered
herself down -- asscheeks spread -- and impaled herself on Steve's dick. With
his lover's back to him, Steve could not see the brunette's beautiful pair of
breasts in all their glory, but could still see bits and pieces of them as
they flopped around uncontrollably.

Stephanie was a tad bit different with her methods. She neglected the
gradual building technique that Austin used and went straight to the hardcore
fucking. Filling their room were the sounds of the adjacent one and what
sounded like an intense fuck from Debra and Triple H. It was obvious by her
face that Stephanie's jealously, like Steve`s, was rising. Stephanie began to
bounce on her lover`s lap, hoping to change things. Austin held onto her hips
and guided her as her firm butt slid up and down his lengthy pole. Each
bounce set Stephanie's tits flopping and a smile on Austin's face. He could
feel the bed shake beneath them as the brunette's intensity thickened.

"GOOOOODDDDDDDAAAAAMMMMNNNIIITTT!" she screamed as she twisted back and
forth, bounced up and down, and did everything possible to cause an overturn
in noise pollution. Austin simply held on for the ride.

This intensity was absolutely spellbinding. Steve thought that Stephanie
would break something with her jerking movements and fast pace. Stephanie
continued with her violent trashing, moving back and forth and twisting all
over Austin's pole. The headboard, as a result, began to slam into the wall
and Stephanie knew she was on the right track. She bounced once again, this
time incorporating a swivel of her hips as she came back down. This
perfectly blended combination proved to be effective as the wall and
headboard collided in a fury of overpowering sound.

However, the Billion Dollar Princess would not cease. Like her husband,
she was relentless. Back and forth, up and down, she moved her hips in full
circles in hopes to capture every essence of this buttfuck. Austin's hands
merely served as support so that she didn't fall from her mounted position
during a violent trash of her hips. Stephanie continued to slide her hips
back and forth, feeling Austin's thick pole poke at her insides and violate
her tight asshole.

"Stephanie... shit... that feels good," Austin moaned. Stephanie took
notice to the amount of space between his words now.

Sensing his approaching orgasm, the brunette reached down and tickled
Austin's balls with the soft touch of her warm fingers. She groped each nut
carefully and held onto them as she bounced up and down on his stiff rod.
Austin could no longer take the pain of holding it in with such an elegant
pleasure felt in his genitals. His balls instantly became hard as stones and
he announced his second release.

"Here it comes againž" Austin started and threw his head back. To his
surprise, the brunette dismounted him.

"It's time for you to pay me back," Stephanie demanded out of the blue.
"It's time for you to fuck me again, but this time, it's going to be a bit

Directing traffic, Stephanie laid down on her stomach and motioned for
Steve to go behind her. He did just that and his dick poked at her soft butt,
just itching for a release.

"Now," she continued directing, "stick that nice hard-on of yours between
my buttcheeks and fuck them until you fuckin' explode!"

Stephanie buried her head between two pillows and reached back to part her
buttcheeks, openly inviting her wide-eyed lover. With pleasure, the Texas
Rattlesnake crammed his dick through her lovely, parted cheeks. Austin hadn't
done this type of thing before, but he was able to adapt rather diligently.
He eased back and forth between the two flaps of skin as Stephanie gradually
released them from her grip. It was a tight fit once her butt cheeks were
back in their original place, but the Rattlesnake kept pushing through. His
dick barely made it through the firm cleavage of her butt. It was all worth
it once he reached his forgotten orgasm yet again.

"I'm cumin' again," he declared, "and this time, it ain't waitin' around."

"Just go ahead and blow your load, baby," Stephanie answered back.

Austin wasted no time and did just that. His juices erupted from the tip
of his dick like a volcano, spurting out in all directions. Streams of the
sticky white substance splattered on her lower back and even in her hair.
That portion that simply overflowed and ran down opposing sides of his dick
served as lube once it found the base of his penis. Austin easily slid in and
out of Stephanie's crack and continued to do so as his last drops erupted.
Each stroke had his hard-on sliding between the brunette's flabby cheeks and
seemed to pleasure her more than Steve.


Steve dug his fingers into the sides of her ass and intently fucked her
cheeks like there was no tomorrow. Without warning, Stephanie released a
final ear-piercing scream, threw her head back, and came. Austin slid his
dick through her cheeks one final time before dismounting her and climbing
off the bed. It was over.

"That was a wonderful fuck," Stephanie shouted out as she rolled over on
her back with her juices still dripping.

"Better than Hunter?" Austin asked, gathering up his clothes.

"You're certainly not the gamež" she replied, "but I'd definitely play you
again and again and again."

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