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Image Advice Comes With A Price
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After the final Smackdown tapings for 2004 is completed, Shannon Moore and
Billy Kidman, two of the WWE’s most talented cruiserweights are hanging near
locker room area, discussing the events of the year and how their careers
are going. Shannon, dressed in red & black wrestling tights, sighs, "Billy,
I'm going no where... I don't have a gimmick, or even a look that'll get me
noticed... when Matt was here, I had something that got me on TV every week."

Kidman nods his head, "I know what you mean, I've gone from being one half
of the Tag Team Champions to a generic guy that hurts people with his best
move... I need a change just as bad as you do."

Shannon laughs a little, "Hey, at least you get on TV every week, I'm lucky
to make it to Velocity."

Kidman laughs, "True... but what we need is advice from an expert."

Shannon snaps his fingers, "JBL has like an image advisor... we should ask

Kidman, dressed in plain white wrestling trunks with a green criss-cross
patter on the each of the sides, raises an eyebrow. "You want to talk to one
of JBL's cabinet members?"

"Sure, why not... she's an expert right?"

Kidman nods his head, "Yeah she is...I guess you're right, what harm could
it do."

"That's the spirit Billy," Shannon smiles before both men start walking
towards where JBL's Cabinet locker room is. When they reach their
destination, they both hesitate before Kidman knocks on the locker room

The door to the locker room of JBL's Cabinet opens and standing on the other
side of the door is JBL's Image Consultant, the lovely Miss Amy Weber; who is
dressed in a short black skirt and a light blue, buttoned jacket. Amy also
has a sliver, diamond plated tiara on top of her silky black haired head and
a clipboard resting on her left arm. Amy puckers up her lips as she looks at
Shannon and Kidman. Amy then raises her eyebrow "Can I help you?" Amy asks as
she places her right hand on her hip "If you're hear to see JBL...he's busy
taking care of a business affair.." Amy says as she slightly licks her lips.

"Uhhhh we're.... not there to talk to JBL," Kidman says with a laugh.

"Yeah... we're here to talk to you," Shannon adds as he rubs the back of his
neck, "We both need some advice..."

Amy keeps her one eyebrow raises as she looks at Kidman and Shannon, she
then nods her head "Advice...with what?" Amy asks with a bit of a snap in
her voice.

"Image advice," Kidman quickly answers.

"Yeah, we both need to jazz up our look so we can get noticed by the match
makers," Shannon explains.

Kidman nods his head, "And we were hoping... since you're an image
consultant... if you could make some suggestions."

Amy shakes her head "No.... no.... look in case you haven't noticed," Amy
pauses and smirks proudly "I'm high demand...JBL saw so and he offered the
right amount..." Amy says as she smirks once again, she then glances at
both Kidman and Shannon as her eyes narrow "My services aren't for free..."

Kidman and Shannon exchange looks and shrug before Shannon looks back at Amy.
"Uhhh how much... do you cost?" He asks after hesitating for a moment.

Amy laughs and licks her lips as she tilts her head back slightly "Oh...boys,
I'll say you the don't have enough for me...I'm priceless.."
Amy says with a sly smirk "Just like with JBL, my image advice comes with a
price. You know why? Because I'm the best!"

"Oh come on..." Kidman holds his hands out, "There's got to be something we
can give you... maybe, say a trade."

Shannon nods his head, "Yeah... we'll trade you anything for your image

Amy shakes her head "No...I don't think so..." Amy says with a smirk "Now
beat it, ok?" Amy says as she rolls her eyes as she starts to close the door
"I'm not cheap at all..."

Shannon quickly blocks the door with his arm, "What if... we paid you over
the course of a few weeks... like a payment plan."

"We're really desperate, we really need your advice, we'll do anything,"
Kidman adds.

Amy opens the door completely, allowing Shannon and Kidman to step into the
locker room of JBL's Cabinet. Amy nods her head " much?" Amy
says with a smirk.

Shannon smiles a bit, "However much you want... we'll pay you anything."

Kidman nods his head, "Yeah... we know any advice you give us is going to be
worth the price because we're going to start getting noticed."

Amy nods her head again as she folds her arms over her clipboard "Ok...
we'll discuss a payment plan later..." Amy says as she puckers her lips "But
first...I did to see what exactly I'm working with."

"Ok..." Kidman smiles as he stands pretty still and holds his arms out to his
side, "This is what I pretty much go out to ring in these days."

"Same here..." Shannon says as he mimics Kidman's actions, before they both
turn around to show Amy the backs of their outfits.

Amy nods her head as she sets her clipboard down on the nearby leather couch.
"I may be able to help out.." Amy smiles proudly "No...I will be able to help
out, because like I said...I am the best.." Amy's face then turns a bit more
serious "But let me see what else you have."

Both Shannon and Kidman soon turn back around to look at Amy, and both of
them have confused looks on their faces. "What else we have? Uh Amy... this
is it... we got nothing else on... well I know I don't..." Shannon laughs a

Kidman scratches the back of his head, and asks flatly, "You want to see
us... naked?"

Amy nods her head and smirks slyly "'s part of your image, I have
to see everything I'm working with"

"All right..." Kidman says, before he takes a deep breath. He starts to lower
his white wrestling shorts down so he can take them off. He also takes a few
moments to take off his wrestling boots and knee pads before he stands in
front of Amy completely naked.

Shannon smirks a bit, "I hope you're being professional about this..." he
says to Amy as he starts to get undress, taking off his red & black wrestling
tights and his black wrestling boots so that he too is completely nude.

Amy nods her head, obviously impressed with the sizes of Kidman and Shannon's
cocks. Amy takes a step toward both Kidman and Shannon "Of course I'm being
professional...I'm all about business...I just have to see what I'm working

"We believe you..." Kidman smiles before he asks, "So what do you think...
can you make us more appealing?" Shannon doesn't say anything thing as he
stretches his own arms upward for a few moments. Both men's cocks are almost
equal in size, with Kidman's being slightly longer and Shannon's being
slightly thicker.

Amy licks her lips as her eyes wander down to the crotches of Shannon and
Kidman, she nods her head with a smirk "Ohh...I have a few ideas for you
already" Amy says as she stands in front of Kidman and Shannon with her
arms folded.

Shannon smiles, "You do? Can you tell us what some of them are?"

Kidman also gets a smile on his face, "Yeah, what do you have in mind? I
really want to know."

Amy licks her lips "Well...why don't you two come closer" Amy says as she
puckers her lips once again.

"Ok..." Shannon gets a goofy grin on his face as both men step closer to Amy.

"So... are you going to tell us... or make us wait," Kidman asks as he gets
close enough to smell the aroma of Amy's perfume. Amy smirks as she bends
down, slowly moving down onto her knees in front of Shannon and Kidman. Amy
looks up at Shannon and Kidman, giving them a wink as she wraps both of her
smooth hands around their respective cocks and begins to slowly move her
soft hands up and down their shafts.

"Ahhhh shit... I think... you got your answer...." Shannon laughs and moans
at the same time as Amy's smooth hand moves along the length of his hardening

"Yeah... I see that..." Kidman groans as his limp dick becomes hard within
Amy's grasp.

Amy smiles as she moves her head to look at Kidman's growing cock. Amy licks
her lips as she glances back at Shannon's cock as she mentally debates to
which cock to start with. Amy's head moves back to Kidman's cock and she
finally lowers her head down on his cock and leans her head down. She sticks
her tongue out of her warm mouth and places her tongue on the tip of Kidman's

Kidman bites his lip as he moans, "Ohhh fuck...." Kidman goes weak in the
knees as he feels Amy's moist tongue against the sensitive tip on his cock.
Shannon slides a hand through Amy's hair as he moves his hips forward to
push his cock against her hand.

Amy gently circles her tongue around the head of Kidman's cock and gently
flicks her tongue a few times before she turns her head to Shannon's cock.
Amy leans her head into Shannon's cock and wraps her soft lips just around
the head of Shannon's cock. Amy begins to slowly bob her head against the
head of Shannon's cock as she moves her right hand up and down Kidman's

"Mmmmm... shit.... this is... awesome..." Shannon groans as he closes his
eyes to enjoy the warmth of Amy's mouth around his cock.

Kidman looks down at Amy and asks her, "Is... this part of your evaluation
of us?" Amy's eyes glance up at Kidman, however she doesn't reply as she
opens her mouth wider and begins to bob her head completely on Shannon's
cock, starting off a medium pace. As Amy bobs her head quickly up and down
on Shannon's cock, her right hand wanders down to Kidman's ballsack and she
begins to fondle and play with his balls.

"Man... I don't care... why's she's doing this..." Shannon moans as he
reaches down slides his hand against Amy's left cheek. "Just as long... as
she doesn't stop."

Kidman looks at Shannon and smirks as he grips his own shaft to stroke it as
Amy plays with his nut bag. "Good point Shannon... I bet... she'll want us to
show her something else." Amy slowly lifts her head up from Shannon's cock
that drips of her warm saliva. Amy flips her silky black hair back and over
her shoulder as she turns, now facing Kidman's cock once again. Amy licks her
pouty lips as she lowers her head down and opens her mouth, taking Kidman's
cock into her warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his cock much
like a vice and she begins to bob her head up and down on his cock at a slow,
teasing pace.

"Uhhhh Christ... If I could grade her... I'd give her an A Plus for how she
gives head..." Kidman moans as he closes his eyes and tilts his backward.

"I agree with that," Shannon licks his lips, "But I wonder how her pussy
is... I bet it's awesome..." Amy begins to lap her tongue around Kidman's
cock as she starts to bob her head quicker a long his cock. Amy softly
moans against Kidman's cock as she places her left hand back over the now
saliva covered cock of Shannon Moore.

Kidman opens his eyes and looks down at Amy as he breathes a bit heavily,
"Hey... Amy... how... about... we take this... up a notch." He says as he
lays his hand on her forehead to gently push her away from his long cock.

Amy pulls her head completely away from Kidman's cock and looks up at him
with a smirk "What do you have in mind?"

"You have to wait..." Kidman smiles as he bends down to stand Amy up. He
looks at Shannon who smirks and nods his head before they both go to work
in removing Amy's clothes. Kidman unbuttons her light blue jacket and
slides it off her arms as Shannon unzips her black skirt and lowers down
her legs. Amy smirks and slowly steps out of her black skirt once Shannon
lowers the skirt to her feet. Amy glances over her shoulder at Shannon as
he kneels down behind her and reaches up, slowly pulling her black silk
panties off of her slender hips.

"Wow... what a gorgeous ass...." Shannon says once he lowers her panties far
enough to observe her backside. He lowers her panties down completely to her
feet and kisses both of Amy's butt cheeks. Kidman, who is in front of Amy,
unbuttons her blouse and slides it off her arms. He lays it on top of a
nearby chair so it won't get wrinkled on the floor. Kidman then reaches
around behind Amy and unclasps her black bra so he can peel it away from her
upper body.

Amy smiles as Kidman removes her bra from her large, rounded tits. Amy smirks
as she looks down at her own chest "Impressive, huh?"

"Very Impressive..." Kidman smiles as he places his hands on Amy's tits and
he lightly squeezes them. Behind Amy, Shannon uses his hands to spread Amy's
asscheeks apart so he can slide his tongue between them.

Amy closes her eyes and licks her lips as Shannon's tongue gently move up and
down her asscheeks "Mmmm...ohhhh...boys I know what your payment can be..."
Amy says in a slight groan.

"Really? What is that?" Kidman asks as he lowers his head and circles his
tongue around one of Amy's nipples, while Shannon presses his tongue against
Amy's asshole. He then pushes his tongue into her tight asshole, catching her
completely by surprise.

Amy jumps forward slightly and then laughs. She then smirks as she looks at
Kidman "You me, what you're both really made of."

Kidman lifts his head off her breast and looks up at Amy, "I think we can do
that... right Shannon?"

Shannon replies by reaching between Amy's legs and lightly rubs the edges
Amy's cleanly shaved pussy with two of his fingers. He then removes his
tongue from Amy's asshole and licks his lips, "Oh yeah... that's defiantly

Amy smirks again "Good...then get started" Amy says in a commanding tone.

"Yes ma'am!" Kidman smirks as he places his hands on Amy's hips and pulls her
towards him so that her large chest is pressing against his own. He looks at
Shannon and smirks, "Hey... lay down man... we're going to do this right...
DP right off the bat."

Shannon licks his lips, "Oh yea, I like the sound of that." Shannon lays down
on the cold floor of the locker room as Kidman turns Amy around.

"Hope you don't mind that being the first thing we do..." He whispers into
her ear.

Amy looks over her shoulder with a sly smirk "Oh.. I don't mind at all" Amy
says as she puckers up her pouty lips as she lowers herself onto the floor
with Shannon. Amy gently mounts herself on top of Shannon's cock, taking him
deep inside her warm and tight cunt.

"I sure as fuck don't mind..." Shannon moans as he feels Amy's pussy clamp
down on all side of his fat prick. He places his hands on Amy's hips and
pulls her down all the way onto his cock as Kidman kneels behind her. Kidman
pushes Amy forward so that her ass becomes more exposed for him to enter it,
but instead when he grips his shaft he guides it to Amy's already filled

Amy grits her teeth as she lifts her head up slightly "Ohhh fuck..." Amy

Kidman smirks a bit, "Hope this impresses you..." He says as he works his
long shaft into her cunt so that's in it along side Shannon's dick. Once both
men's cocks are inside of Amy's tight pussy, Kidman wraps his arms around her
waist and begins to pump into her pussy slowly while raising her up and down
on Shannon's dick.

" certainly have the perfect image for your bodies..."
Amy moans as begins to bounce on Shannon's cock at a quickening rate as she
starts to push back against Kidman's cock.

"Thanks... Amy..." Shannon grunts as he places his hands on Amy's large round
tits while he thrusts up into her pussy sharply.

"This is nothing... wait till we... fuck your ass" Kidman grunts as he slams
his cock repeatedly into her pussy, "Shannon loves your ass... and I love
fucking a hot girl's... ass...."

Amy tilts her head back and licks her lips "Ohhhh fuck..." Amy moans as she
starts to grind her pussy sharply against Shannon's cock.

Shannon grinds his teeth together, "Man... let's fuck her ass now..."

Kidman laughs a bit, "All right Shannon..." Kidman pulls out of Amy's pussy
and sharply thrusts his cock into Amy's asshole suddenly, giving her no
warning at all.

Amy lowers her head and closes her eyes upon the sudden thrust into her ass
by Kidman's cock "Ohhhh Christ!" Shannon pushes Amy's body up and scoots out
from underneath her. Kidman roughly pounds her ass with his cock as Shannon
soon moves to get behind Amy as well. Kidman pulls his cock halfway out of
her asshole, to allow Shannon room to force his fat heavy cock into Amy's
asshole. Both men lick their lips as they see Amy's asshole take in both
their dicks, and soon, Shannon and Kidman begin to alternate thrusts as they
fuck her. Amy looks over her left shoulder as she watches Shannon and Kidman
collectively thrusts their cocks in and out of her tight asshole. "Ohhhh...
awww... fuck... yes!" Amy moans as she starts to sweat.

Kidman licks his lips, "Man... our image... is going to be so fucking good
after this..." He says as he drills Amy's ass before he suddenly pulls out
and shoves his cock back into her pussy.

"Yeah... I know..." Shannon wipes some sweat from his forehead with the back
of his hand as he alone ravages Amy's ass now.

Amy grits her teeth as she flips her black silky hair back with one quick
movement of her head "Ohhhh...awww...ahhhh..." Amy moans.

Kidman and Shannon both pull Amy back against them. Shannon licks his lips,
"Hey... Billy... let's... do her... standing up..."

Kidman smirks, "Oh yeah... she' s going to love that..." Both men pull out
of Amy and they work together to get Amy up. Kidman stands behind her and
lifts her up high enough so that Shannon can push his cock back into her
tight moist pussy. Shannon then takes hold of Amy so Kidman can slide his
dick into her asshole. Both cruiserweights sandwich Amy between their bodies
and they begin bouncing her on their cocks while thrusting into her.

Amy closes her eyes as she rapidly bounces on both cocks inside her pussy and
asshole "Ohhhhh awww fuck me!" Amy screams in pleasure.

"Ahhhhh damn.... I love this..." Shannon yells out as he drills Amy's tight
cunt with his fat cock. He lowers his head and sloppily drags his tongue over
both of Amy's tits while placing his hands underneath her ass.

"Uhhhh fuck... Amy... you were... right... you're... advice... is
priceless...." Kidman grunts as he reaches around her and places his hands
underneath Amy's tits as he fucks her asshole with every ounce of strength
he has in his body.

Amy slams down hard on Shannon's cock and her pussy begins to erupt with her
wet cum "Awwww...." Amy groans and moans at the same time.

Shannon bites his tongue as he feels Amy's pussy tighten around his cock as
she climaxes, making hard for him to hold out. "Ohhhhhhh ahhhhh god... help
me!" Shannon groans as he starts to cum inside of Amy's cunt, filling it
with his hot dick juice.

"Awwww... fuck..." Amy groans as she feels Shannon's warm cum unloaded into
her tight pussy.

Kidman continues to pump his throbbing cock in and out of Amy's asshole
trying to savor every moment as he approaches the boiling point. Wrapping
his arms tightly around Amy's sweaty body, Kidman pulls her away from
Shannon and lowers her to the floor with his cock buried deep in her
asshole. "Ohhhhhh mother... fucker!" He yells as he pulls his cock out of
her ass moments before he cums so he can spray his hot sticky load all
over ass.

Kidman falls backward and sits on the floor behind Amy, "Ohhh damn... this...
was worth it..."

Shannon nods as he tires to control his breathing, "Yeah... it was..." He
swallows hard and bends over, placing his hands on his knees as he looks at
Amy, "Was... that enough?"

Amy smirks and licks her lips as she too sits up on her knees. Amy nods her
head as she exchanges glances between Shannon and Kidman "You know boys...I
think I may be able to fix your image a bit.." Amy says as she stands up
from the floor and folds her arms over her chest "But you two need to
remember a very important thing..." Amy says as she looks back and forth
between Kidman and Shannon as she speaks in a soft, somewhat confident

"What... do we need to remember?" Kidman asks as he and Shannon both wait to
hear what they have to remember.

Amy smirks and slightly narrows her eyes as points at both Shannon and Kidman
" everything!" Amy says as she puckers her lips, giving
Shannon and Kidman a sultry, seductive look.


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