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In The Mood For A Little Asian Cuisine
by The Game Is On

Torrie Wilson and Major Gunns- two of the most beautiful women who USED
to work for WCW had decided to get together for dinner to discuss their
options, now that they had been released by the Uber-CEO known as Eric
Bischoff. Torrie asked Tylene to come over her house for a "Girls Night",
get some dinner, shoot the shit, and watch a movie. If anything else came
out of it, that was just a bonus.

"Thanks for coming, " said Torrie, "I know it hasn't been easy for you
lately. Me either. I don't know what to do with myself now. Basically I just
sit home all day and masturbate"

Tylene was shocked. She and Torrie were good friends, but they generally
did not talk about things like that. Although the thought of the blonde
goddess stretched out on the floor with her fingers in her pussy was starting
to make her hot.

"What are we doing for dinner?" asked Tylene, "I don't know about you, but
I've been in the mood for some Asian food for awhile now. Should we order
some takeout?"

"Sure, I'll order from the place around the corner and have it delivered.
I'll make another call to and have some Asian dessert brought in." said

Tylene was confused. Why didn't Torrie just order it from the carry-out
place. Tylene looked over at Torrie on the phone, she had a devilish look on
her face. What was she thinking? All Tylene knew was she was thinking about
sucking on Torrie's nipples. Tylene cleared her head as Torrie let her know
the food was on the way.

After they ate dinner and talked about their futures, which did not look
bright, Tylene chimed in. "Where's dessert?"

Torrie had that sly grin on her face again and responded, "Oh, it should
be here any minute."

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Torrie went over to answer the door, and
when she did, on the other side stood Leia Meow. Torrie leaned forward and
kissed Leia on the lips, first softly and than with more force, snaking her
tongue in Leia's mouth while Leia began to grab Torrie's ass. So this is what
Torrie meant by Asian dessert, thought Tylene.

"I hope you like my choice for dessert, "asked Torrie, "Sit back and watch
for a little while. Join in whenever you want."

Torrie had removed Leia's overcoat, revealing her beautiful nude body.
Leia knew why she was coming over, why bother with clothes. Torrie began
kissing Leia neck, working her way down her body. She made her way down to
Leia's breasts, her nipples dark and full. Torrie took one into her mouth,
swirling her tongue around the nipple, than flicking it making Leia moan in
ecstacy. Torrie had managed to remove her own clothes while doing this,
revealing her perfect body to Tylene.

Leia made her way to the sofa, and lay back, legs spread. Her pussy was
glistening, the moisture glowing off the dark patch of pubic hair. Torrie had
worked her way in between Leia's legs and began sucking on her engorged clit.
Leia fondled her own breasts, pinching her nipples and pulling them to their
full erectness.

Tylene had a perfect view, as Torrie's perfect round ass was facing her,
her pussy peeking from between her legs. Tylene removed her clothes and
watched the show in front of her. She rubbed her huge, full breasts,
squeezing them upwards, licking her own nipples. She dropped her hand to her
shaven pussy, rubbing her clit with her palm, slowly pushing two fingers
inside herself. Tylene began to rock on the chair, legs bucking wildly as she
approached orgasm. It was time to join in.

Tylene climbed onto the sofa, and began to suck on Leia's tits. She
worked her way up until she was straddling Leia's face, her pussy dripping.
Leia lapped up all of Tylene's juices, while at the same time continuing to
get eaten out by Torrie. Leia was nearing orgasm. Torrie decided it was time
to change positions, and pulled Tylene into a 69, with Torrie on top.

Leia went over to Torrie's armoire, opening it up to find a closet of sex
toys. She found one she liked. Leia found a two-way strap-on, not only did it
have a dildo on the outside, but one on the inside as well that she could
ride while fucking Torrie. Leia put on the dildo, moaning as the internal
piece entered her pussy. She came up behind Torrie and placed the rubber cock
into her twat, making Torrie scream out in pleasure. Leia rode Torrie's box,
while herself getting fucked by the rhythm. All three women were nearing
their peak. Leia was the first to go.

"Oh God- I'm cumming, Oh yeah, Oooohhh Aaaaahhhh" screamed Leia as she
continue to fuck Torrie.

Torrie was next. "Pound my pussy, harder. Lick my clit, suck on it.
Oooooh, that's it baby. Here I cum, Oooooh yeaahhhh".

Tylene had yet to cum, so Leia sat on the sofa, Tylene straddling the
rubber cock. Torrie grabbed another dildo and began to fuck Tylene up the
ass. Within minutes, Tylene was rocking on both cocks with wild abandon.
"Come on, make me scream. Push that up my ass harder. Bang my clitty. Ooooh
Heree Ip.. Aaaaarghhh Yeahhhh!!!!"

All three women collapsed on the sofa, Leia still wearing the strap-on.

"Tylene, I hope you liked your Asian carry-out."

Tylene just smiled as Torrie and Leia Meow both began licking Tylene's
Major Gunns. It was going to be a long night, and they hadn't even started
the movie yet. Torrie has an affinity for porn you know.


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