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by Foley Fan


"All right man, kick ass job!"

"You are the man!"

Shelton Benjamin was in the locker room, getting a barrage of high fives and
slaps on the back. He had just defeated Triple H in the Raw main event his
first night, and everyone in the locker room had been singing his praise.
Most of the wrestlers had left except for Val Venis, The Hurricane, and

Hurricane shook Shelton's hand, "That was truly amazing work Shelton, glad to
have you on Raw."

"Here, here," said Tommy with a big grin.

Shelton just smiled at the praise from his peers, "Hey, it was my pleasure
guys. That jackass deserved a good ass-whupping. I was just doing my job."

"Aw, aren't you the most modest thing," came a sweet voice.

The five wrestlers turned around to see Nidia shutting the door of the locker
room. All the males present took a moment to admire Raw's latest addition.
Her firm, daisy duke clad butt, toned tummy, and large breasts encased in a
cut-off t-shirt.

"Uh, thanks Nidia," said Shelton, his gave stuck on her cleavage.

Nidia had a smile on her face, she knew the effect she had on men. Not a day
went by that she didn't screw some lucky Joe in a hotel room, bathroom, or
nearest broom closet. She didn't think of herself as a slut per se, she just
knew what she wanted. And right now, she saw five things she wanted very

"Well, you boys are still all sweaty from your matches," said Nidia as she
locked the door behind her back, "I like it when guys seat, gives me a nice
feelin' in my nether regions."

Nidia walked up to Shelton, the young man unable to keep from looking Nidia
up and down. The other guys watched Nidia closely, they heard about her
reputation from Smackdown and were hopeful that she lived up to it.

"I saw you out there Shelton. Beating a former World champion in your first
match on Raw, that's pretty impressive."

Nidia was right up against Shelton know, rubbing her hands over his chiseled
chest. Her eyes gave him a lustful look. Shelton couldn't control the hard-on
that was tenting his tights. Nidia moved her right hand over his erection,
affectionately rubbing it.

"Mmmmm, I love to feel things in my hand. And mouth. And pussy."

Nidia removed her shirt, exposing her braless breasts to the men in the room.
It was silent except for the heavy breathing of the male wrestlers. With a
smile, Nidia got down on her knees in front of Shelton and began to remove
his wrestling tights.

"Shelton, I haven't been properly welcomed to Raw. I need to be. And since
you did such a nice job tonight, I think it's only fair you get the first

Nidia took out Shelton's 8-inch shaft and popped it into her mouth. It was
a good size, thought Nidia had taken bigger. After winning the US title,
Big Show nearly split her in half with his foot and a half monster. Nidia
massaged Shelton's tool with her tongue, swirling it around the young
athlete's member in her mouth. Her hand reached up and fondled Shelton's
ebony balls.

"Oh man, oh damn!" exclaimed Shelton with a smile on his face.

The other wrestlers had already taken their attire off and were jerking off.
They watched as Nidia orally pleasured Shelton, taking his tool deep into her
mouth. She slid up and down his cock, making sure she could feel his tip on
the back of her throat.

"I have to get some of this," said Val.

The former porn star walked up behind Nidia and shucked her daisy dukes off.
He took a moment to admire her firm ass, caressing the smooth piece of flesh
with his capable hands. Nidia could feel Val feeling up her ass, knowing what
was coming next.

Sure enough, Val took his foot-long rod up against her pussy and began to fit
it in. Nidia let out a moan, loving the feel of Val's thick member make its
way inside of her.

Slowly, Val worked it in, inch by inch. Finally, Val began a steady rhythm of
fucking the women's wrestler. He pushed his hips back and forth, seesawing
his shaft into Nidia.

"Ah yeah," sighed Val.

As Val made Nidia squeal with his piece, Shelton had grabbed a hold of
Nidia's brown hair. He held onto her head tight and began to fuck her mouth.
His cock began to jam in and out of Nidia's warm mouth, nearly making her
gag. Between Shelton in her mouth and Val in her pussy, Nidia was in heaven.
Within minutes, Val was mercilessly screwing Nidia. His large pole was
wearing her pussy worn, his balls slapping up against her as he slide into

"Mmmm, come on Val, give it to me," said Nidia between sucks of Shelton's

Val continued to fuck Nidia, grunting with each slam into her. Eventually,
he shot his wad into her cunt, a geyser of manseed sloshing into her womb.
Nidia's body shook as Val deposited inside of her. Moments later, Shelton
erupted as well. Nidia guzzled down his cum like soda, slurping it up as it

"Oh wow, that was amazing," murmured Shelton.

Nidia smiled at the young man and licked his dick clean. As soon as she had
finished, Rosie made his way behind the trailer park goddess and shoved his
thick cock into her firm butt.

"OH SHIT!" shouted a wide-eyed Nidia.

She wasn't used to taking a cock as large as Rosie's into her butt. The
large superhero in training was in no mood to be gentle. Instead, he savagely
slammed his tool into the girl's butt. Nidia's eyes were clenched shut, her
face a mix of pleasure and pain.

"Oh god, god damn that feels g-good!"

Rosie shoved himself forward, the force knocking Nidia to the ground. Her ass
was still raised, which is all Rosie needed. He continued to fuck the girl,
not caring about anyone's pleasure but her own. Eventually, The Hurricane
decided he wanted a piece of Nidia as well.

"Rosie, hold up a second."

Rosie let up on Nidia for a moment, long enough for Hurricane to prop Nidia
on her hands and knees. He took his hardened cock and slid it between her
breasts. With a satisfied sight, the green superhero titfucked Nidia. Her
large, soft breasts felt so damn good, good as any cunt or mouth. Nidia had
a big grin on her face now, this was what she wanted.

"Come one guys, don't be shy, give me all the cum you can spare."

For ten minutes, the two superheroes double-teamed the brunette. Rosie
fucked her sweet ass while Hurricane slid his tool between her firm (and
fake) breasts. Shelton and Val sat nearby, continuing to stroked their
cocks to hardness.

"Damn, she is one big slut," remarked Val.

Nidia continued to take the cocks until the both slid out. She was confused
until Rosie knocked her down on her back. All five wrestlers stood above her
and shot their wads of cum onto her body. Stream after stream erupted from
the men, drenching Nidia in cum. She opened her mouth, trying to get as much
as she could. Eventually, the stream ran dry and the five men took a moment
to catch their breath.

Val let out a throaty laugh, "Welcome to Raw, Nidia."

Nidia began to scoop the cum off her body and into her mouth and rub it onto
her breasts, "Pleasure to be here."

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