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Notes: Independent Wrestling Federation is just a made up federation, made
solely for the use of this story. I do not claim any rights to any proper
Independent Wrestling Federation name, nor the names of Allison Danger,
Alexis Laree, Mickie James, or WWE. I hold no ties to any professional
wrestling federations. This story is made entirely out of fantasy and holds
no baring to reality.

Indy Locker Rooms (FF, cons)
by Monster Under The Bed

Enter the Independent Wrestling Federation locker room. The locker room is
completely void of people, except for the long haired vixen known by
Independent Wrestling Federation fans as Allison Danger. Danger is just
pulling up her knee pads, preparing for her match, when a knock is heard on
the door.

Allison: Jack, if you're trying to get a sneak peak at my boobs, you're a
little late. I've already got my top on!

The door creaks slightly as it opens. Through the door emerges not Jack
Evans, but a figure from Independent Wrestling Federation history, Alexis
Laree. Long gone from Independent Wrestling Federation in favor of World
Wrestling Entertainment to become the mentally unstable Mickie James,
Alexis very much surprises Allison as she enters the room. Allison gets a
crack of glee in her voice as Alexis bounces into the room. Alexis has long
been the crush of Allison Danger, but she could never manage to get a hold
of Alexis. She had kidnapped her several times, but the heroic babyface had
always managed to save Alexis before Allison could harm even the slightest
hair. Allison thinks to herself. "Why is she here? I thought she was working
for WWE." Allison's eyes glare off into space but the energetic Alexis brings
Allison out of the trance quickly.

Alexis: Not even going to say hello?

Allison: ALEXIS! It's been so long since I've seen you! What's it been? Eight

Alexis: Something like that.

Allison: How's life in New York been treating you?

Alexis: Bad. I miss it down here.

Allison: The guys in the locker room miss you too. And I do.

Alexis: That's what I came here. I miss you too, Allison.

Allison (her voice sounding delighted): Really?

Alexis: Yeah. I really let you go and shouldn't have.

Alexis grabs Allison by the nape of her hair and sinks in a deep kiss. Alexis
slides her warm wet tongue between the lips of Allison, swiping saliva with
IWF's favorite female. Alexis pulls her tongue out of Allison's mouth and
licks Allison's lips slightly before pulling away.

Allison: Hot damn! Where'd you learn that?

Alexis (as she grabs at Allison's chest): Trish.

Alexis gropes Allison's breasts from outside of her shirt, almost instantly
making Allison's nipples hard. Allison's erect nipples poke through the thin
fabric of her shirt and stand at attention as Alexis continues to stroke
them. Allison undoes the strap on her top, letting one strap fall over her
shoulder. Alexis slides the other strap down, but the shirt does not fall,
instead staying on Allison's supple breasts. Allison begins to rub at her
jeans covered crotch as Alexis continues to service her breasts.

Allison: Oh damn.. Oh shit.. I've wanted this for so long. Shit.. OH SHIT!

A wet spot almost instantly appears in Allison's crotch area, confirming
that her thoughts were true. Alexis slides her hand into the top of Allison
Danger, cupping Danger's supple breasts, one in each hand. Alexis gets a
nipple in each hand, each in between two fingers, giving both nipples a good
rub down at the same time. Alexis focuses all her attention on Allison's left
breast, massaging and twisting at the nipple in gentle, yet firm motions.
Alexis starts to pull up at the shirt, and Allison complies, pulling her
shirt right over he head., letting her large and perky boobs float freely in
the air. Alexis bends down and takes her face right to Allison's left boob,
grasping the nipple between her teeth. She gives the erect nipple a good bite
and Allison moans in pleasure.

Alexis: You like that? You like me biting your nipple?

Allison: FUCK YEAH!

Alexis releases her bite and begins to vigorously lick the nipple of Allison.
Allison directed her own hands to her crotch, unbuttoning and unzipping her
jean shorts and sticking a hand inside the undone waist band. Allison dips
her fingers into her soaked and cum filled love hole, quickly pulling two
gooey sticky fingers out. She offers them to Alexis, who quickly licks up all
the love sap on the digits.

Allison: MMMMM...

Alexis continues to suck on the nipple viciously and Allison now works her
fingers in and out of her own pussy, letting her other hand wonder around the
back of Alexis. Alexis leans in for another deep kiss, this time directing
Allison down onto a near by bench. Alexis grabs the tops of Allison's shorts
and peels them right off, leaving Allison laying on the bench in just her
black knee pads and matching boots. Alexis wastes no time going for what she
wants, getting a long lick of Allison Danger's sweet pussy. Alexis buries her
face in Allison's pussy, licking deep in the sweet spot while jamming a
finger in as well. Alexis pulls out, but only to lick at the top and to get
a mouthful of pubic hair. Back down to the pussy Alexis goes, using only her
face to please Allison now, using both of her hands to work her own clothes
off. Allison moans in ecstasy as Alexis buries her tongue deep into the

Allison: MMMMMMMMMMMM. Shit you're good.

Alexis now has her own pussy exposed and begins to quickly stroke at her own
box as she continues to lick at Allison's, jamming two fingers in for extra
pleasure. Allison is moaning in ecstasy. Her breathing has become very irregular.

Allison: OH SHIT!

With a splatter, Allison Danger cums yet again, this time releasing a blast
of love juice right into the face of Alexis Laree. Alexis does her best to
lick cum off of her face, then she leans over Allison, spitting a mouthful
of cum right into the face of Allison Danger. Allison swallows her own fluids
with delight as Alexis falls onto her, passing out from the much needed

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