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Inside Man
by Doc_Holliday05 (

My name is Michael Pastore. For a reason unknown I was orphaned upon birth.
When I was 10 I helped a boy who was being bullied. That boy was Shane
McMahon. We became quick friends. I moved from the orphanage into there home.
Vince was like a father to me. He payed for me to go to law school and gave
me a job behind the scenes at WWE.

Moving from city to city as part of the crew, I was still able to pursue my
real love. I was a ladies' man. I love women and women love me. For the past
2 weeks I had been trying to hook up with Lita. I always thought she was
beautiful but never wife material. A get in, get off, get out type. As she
had been fueding with Molly Holly, I was watching a lot of her matches and
as it is with all of the women's matches, I had wood the entire time. After
that nights match on Raw I met with Lita afterwords to discuss it. Her work
ethic was unparalleled so like usual she was the last in the dressing room
at the end of the night. Even though Raw was over by 11 o clock and it was
3 in the morning she was just preparing to leave when I knocked and entered.

"Hey Lita, great match tonight." She was surprised by my sudden apperance.
When she turned around I was amazed by how good she looked. Her black hair
was pulled in a ponytail that shown off her gorgeous eyes. She had on a tight
fitting long sleeve tee that hugged her luscious breasts. It was caught off
just above her belly button, while her low rider jeans were worn in and slung
low on her feminine hips. She had some slip on black sneakes on her feet
that complimented the entire outfit.

"You look great, as usual." She smiled coyly; her skin still gleamed from her
after match shower.

"Thanks, thats good to hear from you, your usually pretty tough." Which was
true, but I was usual harder on the men than on the women.

"So what will you be up to tonight?" I asked. She started to roll on the
balls of her feet like a schoolgirl with her hands together.

"Nothing really...I'll just go back to my hotel and go to sleep." She refused
to look me in the eyes. At this point I know I've got her.

"Ohh if your tired I'll let you hit the road." I stepped toward the door but
she almost jumped towards me.

"There's no need to leave, I'm not that tired." Her eyes remained glued to
the ground.

"Well we could go to my room and have a drink, if you would like?" I touched
her chin and pushed it up to where our eyes met. Neither of us moved for
several seconds before she took a step closer to me. Our bodies pressed up
against us.

"I would like that very much." Her last words came breathlessly from her
beautiful red lips as they met mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist
pulling her ever closer to me. Her breasts pressed against my chest and her
arms were around my neck. She pulled my closer and closer to the wall before
saying with a smile, "I don't like whorish men."

I smiled back at her and said "Neither do I." When our lips met for a second
time her tongue ventured next to mine and began fighting with it. She pulled
off my suit coat and throwing it to the side before reaching down to my
waist band and untucking my shirt. I followed her lead and grabbed the
bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She had on a pink push up
bra with Victoria's Secret imprinted over and over into the silk. With Lita's
hands free she undid my tie and began unbuttoning my shirt. My hands moved
down her warm chest over the smooth silk of her bra, to her jeans which
were unbuttoned and unzipped in a flash. Our lips were parted during our
undressing but we were both breathing heavy with lust. We moved to our own
clothes. I pulled off my shirt, unbuttoned my pants, and kicked off my
wingtip shoes before removing my pants, leaving me clad in my silk boxers
and nothing else. My usual large bulge was evident from my bigger than
average tent pitched in the silk. Lita stepped out of her shoes and pulled
her pants off as well. She stepped back from her jeans in matching pink
panties. She truly was beautiful.

"Be a little rough with me baby." She said as she stared at my bulge. I
rushed forward as she gave a yelp of surprise before I picked her up and
moved her to a nearby table. It was in the middle of the room which made it
ever so more erotic. I roughly bent her over the table and rammed my pelvis
against her juicy ass. My engouraged cock and her dripping wet twat were
only seperated by two layers of thin silk.

"Rough you say" I reached down between her legs and felt her wetness, smooth
skin and a clit piercing that aroused me even further. I used one hand on her
back to hold her down while the other pulled down her panties to just above
the knee. My silk boxers were the next to go as they got cast to the side.
Her ass looked good enough to eat, but I wanted to be quick and rough with
her. I entered her with one quick thrust, in to the hilt. She screamed, loud
with pleasure. After 10 minutes of rough pounding I decided to quicken my
pace. I grabbed a handful of her hair as my speed increased.

"Yes baby, fuck me." It took me longer to get her to cum than it had ever
taken me to get any woman to do so. After 25 minutes of my best pace, I still
hadn't got her to the edge. Seeing my error I finally took off her bra. With
her bent over the table I wasn't lucky enough to see them but I reached down
with both hands and took one in each. Her globes felt perfect in my expansive
hands. I felt a piercing, a hoop to be specific, in each one. After massaging
them I found her weakness. Her nipples were extremly sensitive and after
tugging on the hoops in each one, she finally came. Her body shook and her
back, covered in sweat, slipped and slid underneath my muscular chest.

I pulled out of her and put my arm around her waist to hold her seizuring
body. Lita slumped over as if she was going to fall onto the floor. I lifted
her up and placed her on her back on the table. I placed her beautiful tanned
legs onto my shoulders and looked down upon her exquisite form. Her large
breasts, topped with dark red nipples, gleamed with sweat in the bright
lights of the dressing room. The hoops through both nipples stood out
brightly on her flesh as the swelled up and down with her harried breath. Her
hair stuck to her face but I could still see that her eyes were closed with
lust. With the massive orgasm she had, I figured she wouldn't want me to dick
her again untill she calmed down. Instead I reached down and using both hands
began jerking off my engorged member. It didn't take long for me to shoot my
lad onto her gleaming frame.

Three large white wads landed at the bottom of her breasts and rolled off
onto the sides of the table. I reached for a towel and wipped the cum from
both her stomach and the head of my cock. After throwing it to the side, my
mouth sucked on her right nipple before wipping hair from her face and
placing a kiss onto her red lips. While she was finally gaining her breath,
I redressed. As I was putting my coat on, she finally spoke.

"You are absolutly amazing" Her gorgeous eyes finally opened as she got up
and walked over to me. I placed my hands on her hips and began sucking on her
neck. "I want you to come home with me," she asked.

"Why don't we just go at it again here."

"Don't be ridiculous, were lucky we didn't get caught once." She pulled her
panties up which were still around her knees. Then she pulled up her jeans
and slipped her shoes back on. Her bra got shoved into her bag and she pulled
my wife beater shirt on. Her nipples easily shown through the thin white
cotton and the side of her breasts stuck out of the side. I wrapped my coat
around her just in case somebody was in the parking lot to see her.

It was only a 20 minute drive to her hotel but once we got out of the car
it seems we floated to her room. Once inside my coat was thrown off her
shoulders while our lips eagerly met. I removed my shirt without taking my
tongue out of her mouth. She slowly moved us towards the bed before pushing
me down so I was sitting on the edge. I pulled the wife-beater off of her.

"Your a great kisser" I complimented her, before tugging her jeans and
panties down off her hips. She stpped back out of them but before she could
step back towards me I told her to stop. "Just let me look at you." She was
slightly embarassed but did as I said. She twirled slowly. When she had her
back to me I rushed forward and picked her up.

"What are you doing," she asked with a giggle. I jumped onto the bed with

"Ride me, baby. Hop on it." She was quick as a cat. Before I was done
speaking she was hopping up and down on my member.

"Oh God, it's so big!" Her moans and breathing quickened after several
passionate minutes. I chose not to do anything but revel in the fact that
Lita was going to be be a receptical for my cum. As I was getting close, I
sat up and bit down hard on her right nipple. Wrapping my arms around her
and helping her get some speed with her riding. Lita was also getting close.
The beautiful brunette started digging her nails into my back. I'm not really
into that but with her it felt like the right thing to do. I tried to hold
on as long as I could but I finally blew my load deep into her. The feel of
my hot cum and spasming cock inside her, she orgasmed for the second time
tonight. We were both exhausted. She laid down next to me and fell asleep
with my cum slowly oozing out of her. I silently got up, dressed, and quietly
closed the door behind me.

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