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Inside The Teachers Lounge
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown/ECW Television taping, ECW's new 'teacher' Matt
Striker is in the catering area, making himself a cup of coffee. Dressed in
black slacks, a white button and a red tie, Striker turns to leave the
catering area when SmackDown's 'teacher', Michelle McCool walks in. Striker
smiles as he sips his coffee, "Why hello Ms. McCool... how are those lessons
going on SmackDown?" Striker asks.

The mischievous, sly SmackDown "teacher" presses her soft lips together as
she removes her silver rimmed glasses and sets them down on the catering
table as she turns to face Matt Striker "Well...ya'll know, the same old
stuff...I just have to whip Idol and James into shape..." Michelle shakes
her head from side to side as she's dressed in a short black skirt and a
red long sleeved top that is tied at the center of her body below her nice
and large chest, revealing some of her black laced bra that's underneath.
Michelle picks up a cup of coffee and raises her eyebrow as she looks at
Striker "What about you? How are those ECW morons for ya'll" The hot
SmackDown teacher, Michelle McCool, asks in her adorable Southern accent.

Striker chuckles a bit as he sips his coffee a bit, "They are exactly what
you said... they are morons... a bunch drunk, ignorant barbarians..." Striker
shakes his head, "They have the collective intelligence of a table that they
put each other through..." Striker says with a sigh as he drinks more of his

Michelle laughs slightly "I know what you're talking about...there's some
people over here on SmackDown that I wonder about..." Michelle says as she
folds her arms over her chest "And what's worse is those ignorant fans..."

Striker finishes off his coffee and tosses the cup into a nearby trashcan.
"Do not get me started on the fans... they are completely idiotic... they
cheer for degenerates and drunks and people who use their fists to solve
problems instead of cheering for me... someone who uses their brains..."

Michelle nods her head "Ya'll are very right, Mr. Striker..." Michelle says
as she causally glances down at Striker's crotch while she sips her coffee
at the same time.

Striker folds his arms, "The fans need to be taught a lesson... that a man
with intelligence is better than some idiot who can swing a chair..." Striker
says as he's oblivious to the fact that Michelle is glancing at his crotch.

Michelle nods her head slowly as she slightly licks her lips "Very true..."
Michelle says as she glances back down at Striker's crotch.

"And there's so much a man with intelligence like myself, can do better than
anyone else..." Striker says as he looks at Michelle, "No matter what it
is... I know everything and how to do everything properly."

Michelle slyly raises her eyebrow and presses her lips together "Oh really?"

Striker nods his head, "Yes really.... why do you ask?" Striker says as he
looks at the stunning Michelle McCool.

Michelle takes a casual step towards Striker "Just what are ya'll good at?"
Michelle smirks as she gently presses her left hand against Striker's crotch.

Striker raises an eyebrow as Michelle moves her left hand back and forth
against his crotch, "Well... ahem... I'm very good... at giving extra
credit..." Striker says with a smirk as he casually glances at Michelle's
nice cleavage. "And I'm an expert... in certain fields of education..."

Michelle nods her head as she removes her left hand from his crotch and
places it onto his shirt covered chest along with her right hand "That's
very good Mr. Striker..." Michelle says as she begins to slowly untie Matt
Striker's red tie.

Striker slightly licks his lips, "I'm glad you approve Ms. McCool... and I
see that you must be interested in my... lesson plan..." Striker says as
Michelle finishes untying his red tie and slowly pulls it from around his

Michelle smirks a bit "Ya'll should know I love giving a good teaching
lesson.." Michelle replies in her adorable Southern accent as she removes
his red tie and begins to unbutton his white long, sleeved shirt.

Striker smirks back at Michelle as she unbuttons his white long sleeved
button shirt. "I can see that... and I can see you now the benefits of proper
preparation..." Striker says as he raises his hands so he can untie the knot
of Michelle's red long sleeved top. Michelle presses her lips together as she
finishes unbuttoned his white shirt and pushes his shirt open exposing his
muscular, tanned chest and stomach. Michelle licks her lips as she places her
hands against his smooth chest and begins to slowly lower hands down his
body. Striker finishes untying the knot of Michelle's red top and he pushes
it open to reveal Michelle's large firm tits, which are covered by Michelle's
black-laced bra. "These... deserve an A+ Ms. McCool..." Striker says as he
looks at Michelle's bra-covered tits while pushing her red long sleeved top
off of her shoulders and down her arms. Michelle smiles sweetly as she begins
to remove Striker's white shirt from his body as she reaches over her
shoulder and unclips to her black laced bra. Striker's white shirt falls to
the floor of the catering area and he takes a step back as he watches
Michelle peel away her black-laced bra from her impressive chest. Striker
licks his lips again as he starts to unbuckle his belt as he watches Michelle
drop her bra and red long-sleeved top down to the floor behind her.

Michelle raises her eyebrow as she looks at Striker and smirks "What do ya'll
think of these, Mr. Striker?" Michelle asks as she places her hands down on
her smooth waist and begins to push down her short black skirt.

Striker smirks, "If you were my student... you'll be getting an A+ for each
one..." Striker replies as he pulls his belt through the loops of his slacks
and drops the belt down to the floor. He then unbuttons and unzips his slacks
and begins to push them down from his waist. Michelle steps out of her short
black skirt and after it travels down her smooth, stunning long legs and
reveals her black laced panties. Michelle smirks as she kneels down in front
of her fellow teacher and helps him out as she starts to pull his slacks
further down his legs. As Michelle helps lower his slacks, Striker starts to
push down a pair of white boxer-briefs down his legs. When his slacks and
boxers are both down at his feet, Striker steps out them and his surprisingly
thick ten-inch cock hangs between his legs.

Michelle licks her lips "Ya'll got a nice cock there..." Michelle says as she
gently wraps her hands around his cock and begins to gently and smoothly
stroke his hard, thick cock.

"Glad you approve..." Striker replies with a soft moan as Michelle gently
strokes his stiff, thick cock with her smooth hands. "Mmmm... I see you are
a hands-on teacher..." Striker groans as he puts a hand on top of a nearby
table as the hot Michelle McCool continues to pump his cock with her hands.
Michelle raises her eyebrow with a smirk as she looks up at Striker before
she lowers her head down on his cock and presses her soft tongue against the
head of his cock. The hot SmackDown teacher begins to gently circle her
tongue around the head of his cock, lathering the head of his cock with her
warm, wet saliva. "Ahhh... mmmmm... excellent technique..." Striker moans as
he closes his eyes and enjoys Michelle gently circles her tongue around the
head of his cock, leaving it covered with a nice coat of saliva that drips
down length of his cock.

Michelle gently taps her tongue against the head of his cock before she
opens her warm, saliva-dripping mouth and lowers her head down on his cock.
Michelle McCool takes Matt Striker's cock into her mouth, wrapping her lips
around his shaft, and begins to smoothly bob her head on the length of his
cock. Striker lays his right hand on top of Michelle's head and pushes his
fingers through her blond hair as she bobs her head on his cocks. "Ohhh...
yeah... mmm..." Striker continues to moan as he opens his eyes to look down
at Michelle as she easily sucks on his meaty ten-inch cock. Striker grits
his teeth slightly as Michelle's warm tongue presses against the underside
of his cock as she moves her warm, moist mouth back and forth on his dick.
Michelle closes her eyes as she starts to tap her tongue around his hardened
shaft as she bobs her head quicker on his cock, taking more of him into her
wet, warm mouth. "Mmmmm.... mmm... if this was an oral exam Ms. McCool...
you would have aced it..." Strike groans as Michelle completely deep throats
his thick ten-inch cock with ease.

Michelle gently twists her head on Striker's cock as she gently moans against
his cock. Michelle slowly lifts her head up after a few more head bobs and
smiles up at Striker as her warm, wet saliva drips down his cock. Michelle
presses her lips together as she stands up and pushes down her black-laced
panties. Striker licks his lips as he watches Michelle push her black-laced
panties down her smooth, tanned legs, revealing her hot, smoothly shaved
pussy. Striker wraps a his left hand around his saliva covered cock and
strokes it slightly as he watches Michelle step out of her panties. Michelle
licks her lips as she tosses her soft blonde hair back before leans against
the empty area of the catering table. Michelle smirks slyly as she slowly
turns around and bends over the catering table.

Striker smirks as he steps behind Michelle and bends his knees slightly. The
former New York City School Teacher slowly pushes his saliva-covered cock
into Michelle's hot pussy. He puts both of his hands on Michelle's waist and
begins to smoothly thrust his cock in and out of Michelle's warm, tight pussy
while pulling her back towards him so that her ass presses against his waist.
"Mmmmm...ohhh Mr. Striker..." Michelle moans as she gently pushes herself
back against Striker's hard cock as he thrusts into her tight, warm pussy.
Striker grits his teeth slightly as he thrusts his cock into Michelle's pussy
with long, smooth strokes. Each of his thrusts take the same amount of time
going into Michelle's pussy as they do when he pulls back. Very gradually,
Striker starts to increase the tempo of his thrusts, but he keeps his
movements so perfectly timed that Michelle can't feel much difference between
each one. "Ohhhhh...mmmm yesss..." Michelle moans as her hot Southern body
rocks against the catering table due to Striker's smooth and powerful thrusts
to her tight, warm pussy.

Ahhh... mmmm..." Striker moans slightly as he pumps his cock in and out of
the Southern Teacher's hot pussy as he leans forward. Striker puts both of
his hands on Michelle's shoulders as he drives his cock deeper into her

Michelle grits her teeth as she starts to slam her hot body back against
Striker's hard cock "Ohhhh yeah...ya'll are great..." Michelle moans as she
closes her eyes.

Striker slows down his thrusts and he pulls out of Michelle's pussy when she
slams back hard against him. "Now... now... the lesson isn't quite over..."
Striker says as he turns Michelle around and lifts her up and sits her on the
edge of the catering table. The talented and slightly arrogant Matt Striker
picks up Michelle's legs and drapes them onto his shoulders before he pushes
his thick ten-inch cock back into her pussy as Michelle lays back on the

Michelle grits her teeth together as Striker eases his cock into her warm,
tight pussy "Ohhhhh yeah...mmmm Mr. Striker..." Michelle moans as she places
her hands against his strong arms while the arrogant ECW teacher starts to
thrust his cock in and out of SmackDown's hot teacher, Michelle McCool.
Striker begins to sweat slightly as he smoothly thrusts his cock in and out
of Michelle's hot, wet, pussy. Striker puts his hands on Michelle's thighs
as he quickly gains momentum as he pumps his cock deep into Michelle's pussy
with sharp thrusts as he lets Michelle's legs fall from his shoulders.
Michelle tilts her head back as she moans and wraps her smooth, tanned legs
around Striker's waist and begins to grind her pussy against his cock as her
quickly slams his cock deeply into her pussy "Ohhhhhh fuck...mmmm yesss..."
Michelle moans as she leans forward and wraps her arms around Striker's neck,
slightly lifting herself off of the catering table and begins to bounce on
Striker's cock.

"Uhhh... mmmm... ahhhh..." Striker breathes heavily as he wraps his arms
around Michelle's hot, body as she bounces on his cock. Striker continues to
push his hips forward to drive his cock into Michelle's wet pussy. Striker
grits his teeth as Michelle drops sharply on his cock as he holds her near
the table.

Michelle tilts her head back as she starts to slam down harder on Striker's
cock "Ohhhh...ohhhh yessss..." Michelle moans as she breathes heavily and
begins to sweat as she grinds her pussy sharply down on his cock when her
body comes down after a quick bounce.

Striker closes his eyes as he slams his cock as hard as he can into
Michelle's pussy, "Ohhhhh... ahhhh yea..." Striker groans as he sits Michelle
back onto the catering table, but then he climbs onto the table with her
without pulling out of her pussy. Striker pins Michelle down on the smooth
table as he quickly drives his cock in and out of Michelle's pussy.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm...ohhh Mr. Striker!" Michelle moans as she begins to cum
against his hard, thrusting cock.

Striker keeps pumping his cock in and out of Michelle's pussy as she cums on
his cock as he fucks her. "Ahhhh... ohhhh... Ms. McCool... ahhh... ohhhhh
yes..." Striker moans loudly as he starts cum inside of Michelle's soaking
wet, hot pussy.

Michelle grots her teeth tightly as she feels Striker's warm cum flood her
tight, soaked pussy "Ohhhhh...ya'll are amazing..." Michelle moans as she
closes her eyes, breath heavily as sweat drips off of her hot Southern body.

Striker's face drips with sweat as he looks down at Michelle, "See... I told
you so..." Striker replies as he breathes slowly to catch his breath. "With
intelligence... I'm better than all those... mindless barbarians... in


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