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Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Facial

Superstar: Rebecca 'Becky Lynch' Quin

Inspire The Fire
by MeanBlackjack

The large clock on the side of the office ticked by idly as I was briefed fully on what I would need to do over the three day break. I nodded my head, this was all par for the course for me and I was something of a pro at looking after the hotel. Walking out of the hotel's main office I found myself staring at an absolutely empty lobby and that was perfectly fine by me. Pulling out the wheely chair, I took a seat and steadily reclined, kicking my feet up on the desk and closed my eyes.

While most people would hate the idea of working on Christmas Eve into Christmas day, I relished it. You see, I grew up with a loving, supporting family and always, ALWAYS looked forward to Christmas and in all of my twenty two years on the Earth I have always had a great time when Jolly Saint Nick was supposed to be making his rounds. However, as a soon to be twenty three year old, I was treated to being an adult in my family home and being an adult, apparently sucks. It was just after Thanksgiving that I had been pulled to the side by my mom and she had explained to me that my father had been cheating on her for a long, long time and she was in the middle of applying for a divorce. This had been total news to me and I have to admit, the idea did break me a little bit. My mom offered me support and we decided that maybe, this year, the idea of Christmas was one that we shouldn't be celebrating.

So, imagine my surprise to find out that the woman who was supposed to be working this shift was in fact, addicted to crack and had disappeared somewhere. Sure, the shift was going to be an absolute pain in the ass to get through but for ten times my normal hourly wage? I would be crazy to pass it up! So, as I waved goodbye to the staff who were leaving the hotel, I pulled my feet down off of my desk and reached down into my small leather brown messenger bag. Grabbing some of the cuddly toys that I had picked up the last time that the WWE were in town, I sat a large plushy Sasha Banks down on the desk and offered her a tummy a firm squeeze.

"It's boss time!" The doll announced in a voice that was similar to Sasha Banks but also sounded overly tinny too due to the bad speaker that was contained inside of the doll. Smirking, I sat Sasha down and then the small action figure of Finn Balor who was dressed in his demon attire right next to her. With the desk now tidied to my specifics, I went back to looking over the computer's systems and inspecting any possible bookings. Frowning slightly, I noticed that there were five people who were expected to book in and possibly ruin the break I was expecting. Looking over the names, I was about to just consider them people who couldn't stay with their families until I noticed one particular name.

'Quin, Rebecca.'

Was it really... It couldn't be. I knew I knew the name I had just read but it didn't make sense. We weren't a big fancy hotel in the city, we were a small town hotel that was on the edge of New York City. Pushing my chair backwards, I stood up and walked across the lobby towards the two large windows that were sitting next to the main double doors. The front of the building was nice, it looked almost as if it were a church, there was a top floor that had a slight slope to it and the very front did have two large windows that ran from the top of the building all the way down towards the ground which also served as almost an opening towards the large double doors. We looked very nice and it did make us look like we were a lot better than we were. The hotel only had three floors and while we were never going to be a Hilton, we never had a bad review even at this time of year where it was so cold that you could barely doing anything. My eyes flicked over the empty parking lot before I moved to look at a set of a couple of cars pulling in. The first one, a grey Ford Accord, grabbed the parking spot closest to the door before the second one, a midnight black Renault Clio parked up next to it. Both of the driver and passenger doors popped open and the people inside of the cars started to walk inside of the hotel.

Moving back to the front desk to book in whoever it was making the appearance at the parking lot, I looked at the Sasha doll before shaking my head, waking the computer up and then looking over at the front door, waiting for the guests to enter. The large double doors swung open and five people fell into the foyer of the hotel. The first group, a set of three African-American men who I instantly recognised as WWE's The New Day stepped up and quickly booked themselves in, declining the use of a trolley for their luggage and instead wanting to just head on up to their rooms which was more than fair. Next, a tall, blonde woman who walked with a certain grace among her who I almost instantly recognised as Charlotte Flair placed her bags by her side, shot the Sasha toy a smirk and got her own room key, the Queen suite on the top floor of course and this time did indeed opt to take one of the bronze trolleys. Placing her wheel bags on the trolley, Charlotte disappeared into the corridor towards one of the two elevators and made her way up to her room.

That left the last person who made her way up to the front desk, her shoulder bag and suitcase with the handle extended so that she could wheel it along without needing to lift it up and physically lug it around as if it were a heavier item. Placing it down by the side, the suitcase leaning forward and bumping against the front of the desk, the mystery woman in front of me plucked the plum coloured beret off of her head and her long orange hair dropped down to her shoulders and instantly showed her off as Becky Lynch, not that I should have been surprised by that what with her travel partner being Charlotte Flair. As soon as she unwrapped her scarf from in front of her face, I could see Becky's beautiful points on her face and that warm, genuine smile. Becky beamed at me before shaking off the thick pea coat that she was wearing, popping the buttons off, Becky took a step forward to speak a little more clearly.

"Wow, it is cold out there!" She said, shaking her arms and then stuffing her gloved hands under her armpits to warm them up again slightly. "Hi, I'm Becky Quin? I'm here to check in."

"Ah... Right! Of course, sorry!" I said, catching myself and quickly moving to actually check her in.

"You alright there chief? It looks like you've seen a ghost or something! I think that's supposed to be in a couple of days time isn't it?" She said with a hearty chuckle, no doubt referring to the ghosts of Christmas.

"No... No! Sorry, it's just, we don't really get famous people here, let alone five of them."

That made Becky laugh, her eyes rolling gently before coming back to simply tilt her head to the side slightly.

"Ah well, we're just the same as every other person, just treat us right and we'll be okay with you." Becky said with a casual wink that was no doubt not a flirty one but with someone like Becky, it was difficult to not take it that way. The orange haired superstar fluffed her hair before raking one of her gloved fingers through her freshly dyed locks and then smiling at me. "So, my room?"

"Right... Right!" I quickly ducked down and keyed in the information of the beautiful woman as she was standing in front of me. Her information was switched over and soon keyed into the small plastic tab that would serve as the key to her room, the hot tub and all sorts of other rooms inside of the hotel that would be free for use for someone who held a key to the hotel would be able to use. As it was being written onto the card, I caught the Sasha doll being lifted up off of the counter from the corner of my eye, Becky was inspecting the doll before offering its tummy a firm squeeze to prompt another quote from the slightly tinny voice.

"Oh boy, I remember Sasha saying she had to record for these! How much did this one set you back?" She asked, twisting the Sasha doll from side to side as she inspected it. "I think this is one of those deluxe ones that came with those silly sunglasses she has." Becky said, almost wistfully as she looked it over. "How come I'm not here? I mean you've got one of Fergal!"

Struggling to find an answer, somewhat still amazed that I was still having a conversation with someone like Becky Lynch who was more than happy to just stand here and chat with me. Me! A simple hotel worker. I looked up at her and could only offer her a shrug of my shoulders. "I mean, I don't really have any of your gear. That action figure they released of you? Definitely didn't do you justice." I said simply, offering her my own opinion on the situation. "Why is it you don't have as much merchandise as Sasha?" I asked, sitting back in my chair and looking up at her as she continued to idly inspect the Sasha plushy toy. Offering the fabric a squeeze, Becky smirked at the sound of another sound bite before placing the cuddly toy right back down on the countertop.

"I don't know to be honest. I want more stuff but they never really put it out. I do get some pretty cool shirts though, so that's cool I guess?" She said, casually flipping her head to the side slightly, her long orange hair bouncing, definitely showing off some of her better features. Raking her fingers through her hair, Becky stuffed her gloves into her coat pocket and then grabbed a hold of the handle to her suitcase. "Well, see you tomorrow I guess," Becky paused briefly before leaning over the counter to inspect the small name badge on my left breast. "Zach. See you later!" She said with a smile, offering me a polite wave before making her way over to where her travelling partners had disappeared to. The doors opened and as the orange haired woman disappeared on to the small elevator and she was soon making her way up to her own room and I was left alone to my own thoughts.

Sitting back in the leather chair, I looked over the filing system for people who would be booking in and out. The only names were the five WWE superstars who had arrived just now, they would be checking out in a couple of days so that gave me ample time to hopefully not come across as too creepy in hoping that Becky and the rest of the superstars wouldn't mind signing some stuff for me. Pushing back on my chair, I rolled my sleeve up so that I could check the round face of my wristwatch and noted that it was in fact time to lock the main door of the hotel. Because we weren't part of a major chain of hotels the front desk wasn't open twenty four hours a day and I was going to be running a three day twelve hour shift. That meant that I was going to have to lock the hotel's front door and simply take up my own room on the ground floor. Walking over to the front of the hotel, I twisted the large bronze knob on the door and with a heavy thud, the door was locked. Walking back to the front desk, I placed the small information board on the countertop, opted to leave the WWE figures up on the counter, and made my way down to the room.

I had gone to bed and while it had been a fairly quiet night so far, I was tucked into bed and half listening to a podcast when my room phone started to ring. That was not unusual on most nights. I had provided the number for my room as a point of information for the guests so I could only assume that it was one of the guests. Lifting the receiver up off of the handle, I rolled onto my side and lifted it up to my ear.


"What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?"

"... I'm sorry?" I asked, running my hands through my hair as I sat up in my bed.

"What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?" The voice repeated, the Irish tone starting to shine through. This was definitely Becky Lynch I was dealing with.

"I don't know, what do you call a lesbian dinosaur?"

"A Lickalotapus!" As soon as she had said that I could hear the woman on the other end of the line break into a hearty guffaw, cackling down the phone line as she enjoyed the fact that she had tickled herself so much. "I'm sorry, I just heard that one and had to tell someone. Were you asleep?" She asked, somewhat thoughtfully after calling me up at one o'clock in the morning.

"I was nearly asleep but it's okay Miss Quinn. Can I help you with something?"

"Oh I didn't want anything! I just wanted to let you know one of my jokes. They don't let us say that sort of thing on my twitter and I was just bursting. Charlotte's asleep and the New Day are screaming at a TV." Becky sighed softly before she spoke up again. "So what are you up to?"

"Me? Uh... I'm in bed listening to a podcast?" I answered honestly, not seeing much of a reason to lie to her. "What are you doing?" Was that crossing a line? Yeah, yeah that was probably crossing a line.

"Oh I'm just soaking in the tub. Charlotte's a great girl don't get me wrong but I don't like being driven around by her. She grew up on these roads but I always get so spooked when we drive on the wrong side of the road." There was a slight sound of splashing when I heard Becky mutter something into the receiver. "Oh Jesus! Ah... My toe's stuck." She said flatly before there was a loud sound of presumably, a foot hitting water and then Becky breathed easily. "That's better. I guess I should watch what I'm doing but why should I? I work for the WWE now!" I listened to Becky talk and as she seemed to almost just chat to herself, I wondered if she understood that she was still on the line with me.

"Miss Quinn? I'm still here."

"Hm? Oh! Right, hi! Yeah, so I'm not really sure how this sort of thing works." Becky commented, the sound of water sloshing around filled the sounds of the phone's receiver, prompting me to wonder whether she was waving her hand around in the pool of warm water or if she was still swaying her legs around in the water. I should probably not really think too hard on what she must have looked like with all those bubbles sticking to her skin and her just lying there in the tub with nothing else on and... Yeah, that was definitely something I shouldn't be thinking on. There was another sound of swishing water and Becky made a noise that sounded a lot like a sigh. I could hear a muffled sound of what I could only presume was Becky's back hitting the creamy white part of her bathtub. There was another sound that almost sounded like something leaving the warm, soapy water and Becky breathed lightly. "Where did that happen?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Oh there's a bruise on the inside of my thighs. When did I do that?" She was still wondering aloud and I was still wondering just what the inside of that bathroom looked like. Sitting up in bed and doing my best to ignore the tent that was forming in my lounge parts, my usual sleeping attire, I rubbed my fingers against my temple and tried to think on anything else.

Becky's bright orange hair sticking to her shoulders as she poured a cup full of her warm water over her head.


Becky's breasts bouncing as she stood up in the tub, her toned figure glistening with the warm water and bath bubbles sticking to her skin.

Lots of taxes.

Becky's round ass as she bent over and made sure to get every inch of those long, muscled legs.

Lots and lots of taxes. 'Come on brain, think on something remotely boring!' I scolded myself as Becky casually hummed to herself.

"So what time are you going to get up tomorrow?" Becky asked, her voice breaking the casual, consensual silence between the two of us.

That was something of an unusual question. Though I imagined my side of work was something Becky must never have really experienced before. Placing my hand on my boner, I was tempted to take care of it while I was on the phone with her but my better frame of mind did get a hold of me and let me know that it was probably a dumb idea to jerk off while I was on the phone to her. Sitting up in bed and swinging my legs out of the bed so that my bare feet could touch down on the carpet next to my bed. I silently shrugged my shoulders as I could still hear that wonderful sound of Becky's bath splashing around. "Well, I'm going to have to prep your rooms for when you come back and then there's general maintenance on the hotel to do as well."

"Oh that sounds fun!" Becky said as there was another sound of water running against her tanned, muscled skin. Becky casually hummed to herself as there was another sound of her back presumably hitting against the curve of her own bathtub. She let out another soft noise before speaking again. "Do I need to extra tidy my room before I go? I don't want you snooping through my suitcase to look at me bras or something." There was a brief pause where the comment seemed to just linger in the air and I had just a split second to work out whether she was being serious or not. More time passed before Becky let out a loud laugh down the phone line and I was reassured in the fact that she wasn't being serious and just busting my balls. "I'm just yanking your chain. Or am I..."

"Miss Quinn, I would never..."

"Oh and enough of the Miss Quinn stuff! What am I? My mother or something?" Becky said with another laugh that made me smile in turn and sort of chuckle into the phone.

"I'm sorry... Becky... But I'm on the clock here. I have to make sure that none of you will give me a bad review to my boss."

"Why do you think I'd give you a bad review? You're working a crap shift right now. I mean, don't mean to pry but don't you have any family to go and see or something?"

I paused briefly before speaking. "My parents have just split up so... Christmas is still a kind of sore spot for me right now. So... Why not earn ten times my normal rate for a couple of days of not much work right?"

"Yeah, that makes sense! So have we ruined your plans for a quiet break?"

"I mean, I would have gone stir crazy just reading my books eventually. It'll be nice to do something other than just sit on my ass and drink coffee."

"Ah that's fair! So what are you going to be doing tomorrow? Tidy our rooms and what?"

"I'll probably have to head up to the outsides of the hotel, get some of the ice and snow off of the fascias and check the guttering."

"You'll have to do all of that? In this weather?"

"Yeah, it's not that bad. I can lean out of most of the windows and some of the bits at the rear of the building are easy to get to with the ladder in the maintenance shed." Becky made a noise and shifted before speaking again.

"Sounds like you'll be busy then?"

"For most of the morning at least. The hotel should be set by the time you guys come back after the show though." I answered honestly, letting her know just how bland my day would be. Not that it really mattered, because, like I had told her, ten times my normal rate of pay. Looking over at the small bedside table, there was my alarm clock that had an LED timer that casually flicked over to show off the fact that it was nearly one o'clock in the morning and she was still happy to chat to me. But, there was something of a lull in the conversation. For what sort of conversation there was considering she just called me up to tell me a really shitty joke. "Is there anything else I can do for you Miss... Becky?"

"Ah to be honest, I did just call up to chat with you. I'll let you go. Do you guys do breakfast here?"

"We do normally but you won't have a great selection tomorrow since I'm not trained for food serving. There'll be a fine selection of cereals out there though?"

"That'll be fine thanks! I just need to get out of the tub and put some clothes back on I guess."

Well... I didn't want to not be hard anymore I guess.

Waking up the next morning had been something of a tricky one for me. I had woken up at the usual, expected time but I had spent a lot longer staring at the ceiling of my room and doing my best to not think about one of the guests at the top floor of my hotel. Getting up and out of bed, I looked at the hotel uniform that was hanging up on the back of the door to my room and almost sighed to myself. While I had thought on just what I was going to do with the rest of my shifts this three day weekend, I was blinded by the fact that I was in the hotel with one of the most attractive women on the WWE roster and she had spent some of her first night on the phone with me while she was in the tub. Liberally spraying myself with a can of Axe deodorant and some of the good aftershave, not that I was trying to impress Becky or something, but I got dressed and made short work of the tie around my neck. Brushing my teeth and styling my hair, I left my room, slipping the key into my trouser pocket, I left my room and made my way down the main corridor. On the bottom floor, a couple of feet away from where the front desk and main foyer was, sat the main breakfast bar. It was a large room that had a fair assortment of tables and chairs in a decent spread. Walking over to the large door in the corner of the breakfast room, I grabbed the assortment of cereal boxes and filled up the appropriate plastic containers. With them on the small metal trolley, I made my way out to the front room where I was greeted by one of the WWE superstars.

Waking up the next morning had been something of a tricky one for me. I had woken up at the usual, expected time but I had spent a lot longer staring at the ceiling of my room and doing my best to not think about one of the guests at the top floor of my hotel. Getting up and out of bed, I looked at the hotel uniform that was hanging up on the back of the door to my room and let out a soft sigh to myself. While I had thought on just what I was going to do with the rest of my shifts this three day weekend, I was blinded by the fact that I was in the hotel with one of the most attractive women on the WWE roster and she had spent some of her first night on the phone with me while she was in the tub.

So, I started my morning routine.

After a brief stint in the stand up shower, I towelled myself off and got myself ready for work. Liberally spraying myself with a can of Axe deodorant and some of the good aftershave, not that I was trying to impress Becky or something, but I got dressed and made short work of the tie around my neck. Brushing my teeth and styling my hair, I left my room, slipping the key into my trouser pocket, I left my room and made my way down the main corridor. On the bottom floor, a couple of feet away from where the front desk and main foyer was, sat the main breakfast bar. It was a large room that had a fair assortment of tables and chairs in a decent spread. Walking over to the large door in the corner of the breakfast room, I grabbed the assortment of cereal boxes and filled up the appropriate plastic containers. With them on the small metal trolley, I made my way out to the front room where I was greeted by one of the WWE superstars.

The black skin and hair do that was hidden by a Zelda beanie instantly let me know that it was Xavier Woods, the Up Up Down Down tracksuit helped as well. He was on his phone but the sound of the trolley's squeaky wheels did make him look up, he shot me a brilliant smile and clapped his hands together at the sight of the cereal coming up.

"Good morning, would you look at all that!" He said, wetting his lips briefly before walking forward to grab one of the bowls and spoons that I had laid out the night before. As the cereal boxes came up on the table, Xavier walked up to the first one, popped the lid open and filled up the bowl, cracking open the small fridge that was at the end of the bar, grabbing one of the green lidded bottles of milk and filled up the bowl.

"Good morning Mister Woods... I'm sorry, Mister Watson." I added, quickly realising that I had referred to Xavier in his kayfabe term and not by his actual name. Xavier smiled, to his credit, and waved off the minor indiscretion.

"It's cool, I mean, most people know me as Xavier Woods now any way. This breakfast looks great though!"

"I'm sorry it's not much. But, you know it's just me here."

"Oh no no no don't you worry about that. I wasn't expecting anything here tonight to be honest." Xavier took a mouthful of cereal before looking up at me. "Are you really here all by yourself?"

"Yeah, it's me by myself but it's just you guys who are the guests here. I can handle all of it by myself."

"I bet you're making good money though right?"

"I can't complain with it." I say, offering him a smile as another guest came in. The fact that the woman was so tall, blonde haired and walking with a style of grace that you would expect from the WWE women's champion. Charlotte Flair offered Xavier a warm smile before looking at me and giving me a curt nod. She moved over to the table before pausing and turning back to look at me. Her finger came up to her bottom lip and she pointed at me with a soft look on her face.

"You're the cute receptionist that Becky was talking about!"

That absolutely floored me. The sound of a pin dropping was one of those things that I had always heard about but never really experienced. Now though, this was one of those moments before Charlotte and Xavier both burst out laughing. She looked over at Xavier and shot him a big grin.

"You owe me twenty bucks Woods!" Charlotte said with a laugh, walking over to one of the less sugary cereals and filling her own bowl up.

Aside from the joke from Xavier and Charlotte, the breakfast had gone fairly smoothly, the superstars had all come down, some had opted for food and others had gotten some cereal. Becky however, was nowhere to be seen. Although, it was entirely possible that she had just slipped right out of the hotel without me noticing. Tidying up the breakfast bar and quickly blasting the bowls of cereal, the spoons and then discarded the unused pieces of cereal with the rest of the garbage, I went about my daily tasks, thought most of my afternoon was spent just thinking on Becky and what she would be getting up to while she was at work in the middle of New York where the Christmas Day specials would be airing from. Occasionally, I would look out towards the beautiful skyline of New York and wonder just what was happening.

Now though, now I was inside and doing my best to not freeze my nuts off as to just how cold it was outside. Rubbing my upper arms and checking over the e-Mails, one that had been sent from my manager who was no doubt at home enjoying the warmth and good food while I was stuck here freezing cold at the front desk. Looking around, I leaned back in my chair and put my feet up on the desk, a sly smile on my face as I just relaxed at how good it actually was to not do anything. Looking back over the guest list, I read over every single one who were due to check out tomorrow. Every single one had been nice enough to me but really I had barely said anything to any of them. Becky was still the only one who had said more than a couple of sentences to me.

The hours had rolled over at the sun had set so there while I was in the office to actually keep myself warm, and drink the coffee I had brewed for myself, there was the sound of the front door opening. Leaning back to see just who was there, wondering if it was some random lost soul who had come in looking for some sort of shelter from the cold. But, I saw the same group of superstars who all looked absolutely tired from the show. Kofi and Big E had made their way straight past the counter, them clearly wanting to just head right to their rooms. Charlotte and Xavier both looked over the counter and shot me a casual wave as Becky followed in behind them all, her gear locked into a small gym bag that she had thrown over her shoulder. She looked over at me and gave me a big wave before she made her way up as well.

Sitting at the front desk for a long, long time I had just about gotten ready for my bed shift when my phone rang again. It was the same sort of time that Becky had called me last night and I couldn't help but wonder if it was her calling me again. Not in bed, I picked up the phone, answering it with a polite tone.

"Hello? Room number seven." I said, looking over at the wall.

"Hi Zach, it's Becky. Listen, me toe's stuck again and I can't get it out. I've tried calling Charlotte and she's fast asleep. The New Day are in their room playing a game for Up Up Down Down, it's really awkward but... Can you come and get me out?"

"You want me to... Come up there?"

"Yeah, I would call absolutely anyone else because I get how awkward it is but... My toe is stuck you know?"

"Are you..."

"Naked? No. I have managed to get myself into a robe so you're not going to see anything really good. Can you come up and help me out?"

Oh boy... This was tricky.

"I know it's tricky but I just need a hand."

Oh shit! I had said that out loud. "Uh... Of course Becky, I'll be right up."

The phone line went dead with a click and I was left wondering about just how wild this was. This was something that definitely wasn't handled in the training I had been through. Riding the elevator up to the floor Becky was on, I made my way down to the orange haired woman's room. Reaching into my jacket pocket, I fished out the master key and unlocked the door. Walking inside, I couldn't hear the water running and funnily enough, I couldn't even hear Becky splashing around too. So, as I popped open the door to the bathroom, I walked inside and saw that the bath had barely been touched at all. There was no water in there and the bath was absolutely empty. It was then that I felt her front press into my back.

"I got out." Was all Becky said as her hands ran along my upper arms. She took a couple of steps back as I was able to turn around and see that Becky was in her hotel room, absolutely naked and looking at me with a sly smile on her face.

As I stared at her body, I couldn't help but wonder just what she was doing there in her room, buck naked and still not putting any sort of clothing on. She placed her hands on my shoulders and slowly, she pulled me around and then offered my shoulders a firm shove so that my ass hit against the bottom of the bed and I was now sitting down in front of her. Becky got down on her hands and knees and with a careful, firm shove of her hands, my legs widened and she was left kneeling between my legs. Her hands ran along the insides of my legs, her nails threatening to dig into my slacks as she looked up into my eyes as she leaned back on her heels and started to slowly run her fingers up and down, making sure to fully explore the insides of my pants while she worked out just how she was going to direct this sort of traffic. She wetted her lips and leant back, placing her hands on her chest, offering her ample cleavage a generous squeeze while she looked up at me.

"You know, Woods is filming Up Up Down Down across the hall? I'm pretty interested in some in and out, in and out if you know what I mean?"

And with that simple silly comment, Becky had her hands right back on my groin, her fingers slipping under the fabric that covered my zipper and she was making short work of undressing me and getting my pants off. Lifting my hips up off of the bed, Becky slipped my pants down my legs and with relative ease, i was able to kick them off, I had opted to not actually wear shoes but had gone for a pair of comfy, casual sandals that kept my feet off of the floor and also gave me a casual look too.

Stroking my hands through Becky's long bright orange hair, I look down at her as her perfectly painted lips were wrapped tight around my cock and she slipped her mouth up and down on me, applying just the right amount of suction to me to make me moan. Her eyes flicked up and met mine as she bobbed her head up and down. Not taking all of me at once, she still had her left hand wrapped firmly around the base of my cock as she sucked on me. Becky brought her mouth up to the top of my cock and her little pink tongue escaped her mouth and it rapidly flicked over my head, teasing me as she stroked the base of my cock.

Using her hand, Becky pushed my cock upwards, the dick was pressed up towards the ceiling so that the WWE wrestling mega star could lean in and run her tongue along the bottom of my shaft. Her pink tongue teasing along my vein that ran along the entire underside of my cock. Moaning as she did so, Becky ran her tongue along the bottom of my cock before bringing it up and licking around the head of my dick in a circular, constricting pattern, finishing it off with a kiss at the tip.

"You have a really nice dick." Becky complimented with a genuine smile. Her mouth was against the side of my cock as she closed her lips around the side and gently sucking on it. Her teeth gently scraped against the top and bottom of my pole as she looked up at me. Sucking along the side, Becky ran her tongue all the way along to the bottom and using her hands again, she pressed my length upwards so that she could reach my balls. Pressing her lips against them, she offered each of them a kiss before wrapping her lips around them and suckling on them softly in a soothing motion. Taking her lips off of my sack, she placed a soft, wet kiss on the both of them while her hands stroked my dick up and down in alternating pumps.

"Your balls are nice too. Rare to get the whole package." She said again, almost impressed with the state of my below the belt area. Holding my dick still with her right hand, Becky kept my cock steady before opening her mouth and pushing her lips right back down onto my cock, keeping half of my dick untouched by her pretty lips while she sucked on me. Humming around my cock and she slipped her lips up and down on me, she used her tongue inside of her mouth to flick and lick against my pole as she sucked me.

"Fuck... That feels so nice." I managed to breathe out, looking down at her as she bobbed her head up and down on me. Combing some of her hair out of her face, I was nearly powerless and could only watch as Becky Lynch, famous pro wrestler sucked on my cock. Bobbing her head up and down, Becky happily hummed to herself as she remained on her knees, blowing me in a place where stuff like this had definitely happened before, just never to me though! This was like something out of my wildest fantasies. The hand around my base loosened and it slipped down to almost just two of her slim fingers that stopped her from deepthroating me all the way down. Looking down at her, I let out a groan of delight that caused her to look up at me. Flashing me a wink, she then placed both of her hands on the inside of my thighs, kept them spread and pushed my cock all the way down her throat with ease.

Gasping as she did so, I almost lifted myself up out of the edge of the bed but the hair dyed superstar was quick to keep me grounded and sitting on the bed. Remaining seated as best as I could do, I moaned as I watched her suck me up and down, swallowing my cock into her throat with each steady push of her lips downwards. Deepthroating me with a remarkable ease, I couldn't believe this was happening to me and when I felt Becky's hands slide along the inside of my thighs, her nails scratching along the side of my thighs and one of them slipping up under my shirt. Her hands continued to explore me as she pressed her lips up and down, sucking me with more of a purpose now. Holding my cock down into the back of her throat, I heard her choke and gasp before pulling my length out of my cock. Wiping at her mouth with the back of her right hand, Becky looked up at me and spoke in a slightly more husky tone.

"You think you can handle fucking me as well?"

And with that simple question, Becky had climbed on top of me and was almost instantly pushing my cock inside of her. Holding my cock steady, Becky let her head fall back and her eyes closed tightly as she pushed her hips down onto my lap, my cock slid inside of her and almost ran all the way inside of her right away. My balls were soon pressing against her ass cheeks and with my cock all the way inside of her, both Becky and me were silent for a moment as she adjusted to having my cock inside of her. Becky slowly pulled her hips up and then pushed them right back down again, this time she rolled her hips around in a circle and I could almost visibly see Becky's breath catch in her throat. Slowly, she opened her eyes again and looked down at me, a sly smirk on her face as she struggled to find the words.

"Oh fuck me this is going to be good dick!"

She said, her voice catching in her throat as she dropped her hips down again. Becky bit down on her bottom lip and placed her hands on my chest, her hands slipping under my shirt and touching my bare chest as she started to ride me. Her strong, muscled body was very different to mine, her body while having incredibly soft skin, was very strong and firm in all the places where my own body was soft and slightly pudgy. In my defense, I was packing winter weight and I was going to stick to that story. No matter the shape of my body though, Becky was very interested in what I was packing underneath my pants and with her spit slick cock inside of her pussy now as she lifted herself up and down on me.

"Oh fuck... This is good dick!" She cried out as she found a good spot inside of her. Making sure to keep hitting herself against the same spot which had made her react so strongly. Becky started to lift herself up and drop down, my dick was sliding all the way in and all the way out of her as lewd sounds started to fill the room. Not only was there the sounds of the both of us moaning so strongly but there was also the sounds of her slickness melding with the both of our sounds of our pleasure. Rising up and down, Becky's ass started to slap against my thighs as she bounced on me. While she was riding me, I slipped my hands up her sides before coming up to cup her chest. Squeezing both of her breasts as she bounced on me, I could see that Becky enjoyed it. My thumbs came up and brushed against her hard nipples as she bounced on my lap, teasing each of the hard nubs while she bounced up and down on me. Looking up at her, I positioned myself so that I was now sitting on the edge of the bed, keeping her close to me while she wrapped her arms and legs around me. Her legs had crossed at the ankles and weren't as tight as they could have been, but her arms were locked solidly around my neck.

With my hands now on the underside of Becky's strong thighs, I kept a hold of her and started to help lifting her up and down on me. Bouncing her on my length, I bent my head down and took her hard nipples into my mouth, sucking on the left one before moving over to the right. My teeth trapped the hard nipple between them and slowly, I rolled my teeth from the side, gently nibbling on the hard nub in my mouth. Becky's nails pressed against my back, slipping under my shirt only to strip it up off of my chest and toss it across the room so that her nails could instantly sink themselves into my bare back as she bounced up and down on my cock. Still biting and sucking on her hard nipples, I listened to Becky as she moaned and groaned while my cock slid inside of her, stabbing inside of her delicious folds while she was bounced on my cock and her hard nipples were taken care of by my teeth.

"Oh fuck... This is so fucking good!" Becky called out, her head falling back as she was bounced up and down on my lap, my cock making sure to get every little bit inside of her.

While she was being bounced up and down on me, I moved my head in and placed my teeth against her neck, sinking my own pearly white teeth into her tanned neck. Sucking on her skin while my fingers dug into her ass, kneading against it as she was being bounced up and down on me, Becky called out in pleasure, her head falling back so that I could get at her neck some more and make sure to cover it all in kisses and licks. Tasting her skin was one of those things that I had never expected to be doing today but as she slipped up and down, her nails scratching against my back and also her moaning, I could have dare said that I was in my own personal heaven. I still hadn't even thought that Becky was going to even grace me with her presence, let alone ride me hard as she was. Her head was fallen backwards and I had my teeth on her collarbone, nibbling against the hard part of her skeleton while she continued to rub herself against me.

"God, you just know where to touch me! Fuck me... So fucking good!" Becky moaned, her voice catching every so often as she would have her lower lips bump against my lap, her slickness running from her folds and onto my balls and also the bed sheets as she was sliding up and down while her hands moved over my upper body. Looking up to her, I could see her eyes were screwed shut tightly and her mouth was hanging open, her tongue threatening to poke out with every hard pump inside of her. Seeing how the orange haired superstar shook with every push inside of her, I made sure to map those particular sweet spots to my memory, making sure to hit them hard with each slip inside of her. Lifting my hips up off of the bed and hitting her insides with harder strokes now, I could hear Becky's voice picking up and whining as she threw her head back and her slick, velvet walls exploded all over my lap and she came hard on my cock. Keeping her close to me as she exploded over me, Becky's body went stiff and her body was tense in my arms as she came.

Looking up at her, I smiled and rolled her over, flat on her back and started with a slow series of pumps in and out of her. Her now flat on her back with a missionary style position, I ran my hands over her thighs and held her legs apart while my hips started to smack against her. My balls were slapping against her ass with steady slaps as my cock slipped in and out of her. Looking down into her face, Becky had her eyes locked on mine and her brilliantly white teeth were biting into her bottom lip as she was fucked hard on the bed. The sheets beneath her had already been screwed up from our earlier action and now she was being slipped forwards and backwards as I rocked myself in and out of her. Using my earlier knowledge of just how she liked to be fucked and how her sweet spots were buried inside of her, I made sure to stab the same spots. Rocking myself forwards and backwards on my feet, I sawed my cock in and out of her, hitting her spots and making her face contort in delight while I fucked her.

Running my hands over her thighs, I made sure to lean down and kiss against her chest while her breasts bounced up and down as she was fucked. Becky was taking it so hard and her body was definitely reacting to it, a thin sheen of sweat was forming on both of our bodies while I fucked her on the bed. Seeing how Becky's back arched up and writhed from side to side, I could actually tell that I was doing a good job and Becky was absolutely into it. Her ankles were wrapped tight around my hips, her legs crossed over my ass and squeezing me closer to her as I rocked myself inside of her. Becky's body was already working to milk me and despite the stellar blowjob I had gotten earlier, I could feel my orgasm creeping up. I felt my dick pulse with a push of precum seeping inside of her and I knew that I was close.

As I worked my hips inside of her, I could feel the bed beneath us both shaking backwards and forwards, the hard thrusting I was giving to her was clearly making the bed bounce and the sounds of the wooden frame creaking underneath us started to mix with the sounds of Becky's pleasure and my own sounds of delight. Slipping in and out of her, I looked down at the Irish wrestling superstar's face, seeing how her bright white teeth were sinking into her bottom lip and also just how she was panting while I drilled inside of her. My balls started to slap against her ass and the sound of my skin on hers did add to the sheer pleasure that was running through both of our bodies as I slipped in and out. My own body was being rocked further and further into the throes of pleasure as I fucked Becky hard on the bed.

Becky had her teeth sunken into her bottom lip before she let out a hard, very loud pant and her tight walls went impossibly tight and she exploded hard around me. With another explosive orgasm, that was it for me and I had hit my own point of no return. Keeping my cock all the way inside of her, all I could do was just bite down on my bottom lip and not do anything but simply deal with the fact that my cock was being soaked in her slick, warm, wet juices and my own orgasm was so damned close. Looking at her face as she tried to come back down from her insane pleasure trip, Becky slowly opened her eyes and looked up at me.

"Oh fuck... You need to cum?"

Biting down on my bottom lip, I nodded my head. Becky smiled and moved herself forward, my cock slipping from her folds and my hard length was still slick with both of her orgasms. Becky climbed to a shaky hands and knees position before looking down at my cock and with a hand wrapped around the base, she started to stroke my cock. Aiming my hard length at her face as she started to jerk me off, ready to shoot my cum all over her face. With her right hand wrapped so tightly around my length, Becky started to stroke my cock faster and faster, making sure to keep her mouth closed by also aiming the head directly at her face.

I barely had a chance to deal with it before my own orgasm hit me and I started to cum. My body shook and then, I started to cum. Shooting hot rope after hot rope of my cum from my cock and towards her face, I could only bite down on my bottom lip and look towards the ceiling as I orgasmed and orgasmed hard. Shooting nearly five warm ropes of cum from my cock and towards her face, I could feel Becky continue to stroke me, even over the slickness that was still casing my cock from her two, hard orgasms. As my cum stopped after I shot so much, I could finally bring my head up and look at the mess I had made. I had nearly covered the entire left side of Becky's face, a rope was in her bright orange hair, almost gluing it together while another rope was over her eye and one more was on her cheek and forehead. Having cum so hard, I looked down at Becky while she was still on her hands and knees and she slowly took my cock into her mouth, sucking on it, licking against the head and also working on cleaning up some of the slickness from her orgasm.

Becky worked her lips up and down, sucking roughly half of my length while she looked up at me with her one eye that hadn't been cum over. Even with her mouth full of cock, I could see that Becky had a big, wide smile on her face and she was definitely loving just how this evening had gone so far. Becky bobbed her head up and down on my length.

And then, as if by magic, the mood in the room changed. Becky's expression seemed to change and the woman got back onto her knees before running a finger over her cheek, scooping up some of my thick ropes and inspecting it on her finger before feeding herself some of the cum that I had just fired on her face. Making a soft noise, Becky nodded her head in approval before climbing up off of the bed and making a move towards the small bathroom in the side of the room. Becky looked at me and then back to the door before making a motion, some of my cum still dripping down her face as she spoke.

"I should probably... You know... Freshen up?" She said, almost embarrassed about the fact that we had just hooked up. Nodding my head, I agreed with her.

"Sure, that makes sense. Did you want me to... Go?"

"I think regardless of how we deal with this, it's going to be awkward. Why don't you go on and make sure you're going to be up okay to make sure we can all book out okay and we aren't going to get any funny looks because of it."

That certainly made sense. So, as Becky closed the door on me, I dressed myself and made my way back down to the room on the bottom floor. Walking past the rooms, the noise that had been coming from Xavier Woods' room had quietened down and there was very little noise in general now. Walking towards the stairwell, I made my way downstairs and could only imagine just how insane this whole story would sound if I told anyone about it. Walking to my room, I made my way to my room and as I got inside, there was a big, stupid grin on my face as I realised that I had one of those stories that would be always called bullshit if I posted ANYWHERE on the internet but I knew that it was true.

My body hit the bed of my room and as I stared up at the ceiling of the room, I couldn't even come close to getting the smile off of my face. My mind kept replaying everything in the evening that had happened. The feeling of Becky's breasts against my back, the way her face twisted in pleasure as she came over my cock, the way her voice sounded as I rocked my cock inside of her.

Looking at my bedrooms ceiling, I wondered if this sort of euphoria was similar to wrestling at Wrestlemania or winning an Oscar or something. I had just had sex with a celebrity and she had enjoyed herself! My cock, still slick with her juices was proof for that. Getting up off of the bed, I made my way to the bathroom to clean up my dick and also change into one of the pairs of boxer shorts that I had left in there. Wiping my cock down with a sheet of tissue paper, I made sure to fully dispose of it before grabbing my new boxers. Checking my phone, I made a new alarm and made myself ready to go to bed, simply thinking about what had just happened.

Having had probably one of the best nights of my life with the WWE superstar, I had managed to make myself up out of the funk of my bed and was sitting at the front desk with a big smile on my face as the entirety of The New Day made their way down first. The three men were all happy enough, though there were a couple of looks exchanged between Big E and Xavier but neither of them said anything in particular to me. The group left the foyer of the hotel and left me to my own thoughts, though they were short lived as Charlotte Flair soon made her way down, smiling at me overly wide as she passed me her key, her eyes never leaving mine while her face continued to have a very wide smile on her face. Taking it away, Charlotte left the hotel and that only left me with Becky to arrive and hand her key in. A few minutes passed before the orange haired superstar arrived with a black beret and a pea coat just like how she had arrived. Not sure on what to say, Becky passed me her key but also a small note attached to it.

Looking it over, I saw that Becky had left me a present in her room.

With the hotel now quiet again, I made my way up to her room and saw that on the bed there was a shirt, some new stuffed toys and also a big foam finger along with a box of New Day pancakes. Walking to it, I scooped it all up, so happy that Becky had considered getting me something that I saw there was another note.

"We'll be back soon, make sure you keep working here.

- Becky xxx'

Well, that made me want to stay at this hotel a lot longer.

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