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Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Facial

Stars: Rebecca Quinn (Becky Lynch) Saraya-Jade Bevis (Paige)

Inspire The Fire Part 2
by MeanBlackjack

Leaning back in the chair and looking over the small tablet computer I had at the desk of the hotel, I watched the latest episode of NXT with one headphone in and the other out of my ear and dangling against my polo shirt. Watching the action, I was ready for Takeover: Brooklyn IV and while it was only an hour's drive away from where I lived, it wasn't on my to do list. I had a couple of days off so I could have gone but by the time I had gotten around to booking my tickets the only seats were in the nosebleeds and they were all incredibly expensive tickets as well. I figured that staying in my apartment and watching the show on my ultra widescreen. Watching some of the action, my phone pinged with an e-Mail. Closing down the app and bringing up my e-Mail client, my eyebrow arched ever so slightly at the context of the e-Mail.

Sender: Barry Macockinher
Subject: Free this weekend?

That was new. I didn't know a Barry and certainly didn't know anyone with that surname. Opening up the e-Mail, my heart started to flutter instantly at the substance of the message.

'Hey Zach!

Sorry for the random message but I thought I'd let you know I'm going to be in town this weekend for Summerslam and Takeover, wondered if you wanted to meet up and catch up? I've got to take Carmella's arm on Sunday but I should be free to do something on Friday and Saturday?

Message me back stud! I probably won't be able to get my toe stuck this weekend though :( :P

Becky xxx'

Holy shit...

My fingers and thumbs came up and I hit the reply button before my mind started to really think on what I was going to say.

'Hi Becky!'

Well that was a good start.

'I do have this weekend off actually. I was going to watch Takeover and Summerslam at home. I had to cheer my favourite Irish superstar on!'

Even better.

'If you wanted to go get drinks or something I would definitely be open to that too.'

Getting better and better.

'I can think of more things we could do if your toe wasn't stuck though.

- Zach'

Damn. Was that too much? I guess it was too late now as I'd already hit the send button and the e-Mail was already making its way over to her phone. Leaning back and looking over the phone, I was tempted to go back to NXT but the thought of Becky sending me another message right back was far too tempting for me to possibly consider doing anything else. Hitting the refresh button on my phone, I looked down at the bottom of my phone and waited to see it bring something back to me but nothing came.

Updated Just Now.

That was what my phone said and I could already feel my heart sinking with it. Maybe she was out of area or something. It was just Thursday and she was probably making her way down to the state or something. She could even be in the air now or something. Nodding my head as I tried to reassure myself that she wanted to still meet me or something but she was just busy, I almost jumped out of my skin when my phone beeped with another e-Mail coming in.

Looking down at my phone, I opened up the message from the same Barry. Hitting it open with my thumb, I read over what Becky had sent back to me. I was surprised to see that there was an attachment with this e-Mail as well.

'Zach attack,

Staying in your apartment sounds really boring! You should come be my piece of arm candy at Takeover! I'm going to be ringside for the Shayna match but I'm sure I can convince Papa H to let us stay there all night!

By the way, say hi to Paige!

Becky xxx'

There was the picture of Becky and Paige together in the front of a car, stopped at traffic by the looks of things and they were close together, arms around each other with their lips pursed for a kiss. Aimed at me as well? I was a lucky boy! With the photo downloaded to my phone, I quickly sent another message right back to her and now, I guess her travel partner as well.

'Becky and Paige,

So a ringside seat at Takeover sounds pretty Bexcellent to me! I mean, I don't want to be a hassle or anything. I could happily stay in and we can meet up after the show or something?

- Zach'

Fortunately, I didn't have as long to ponder this e-Mail as the door to the front of the hotel opened and one of my new customers arrived to book in. Ripping the headphone out of my ear and stuffing my tablet away, I did my best to keep a steady eye level with the customer as I booked them in and explained some of the basic details of staying at the hotel with us such as the fire assembly point and various other boring things that I knew off the top of my head. My eye flicked down to my phone and I could already see that there was another e-Mail waiting for me and that only made me even more excited for what that message could have contained. As the guest hoisted his bag up onto his shoulders and moved away from the lobby, I sat down quickly, plugged my headphones into the socket on my phone and quickly opened up the new e-Mail.

Opening up the attachment, I looked at the video and smirked at the sight of Becky and Paige together in the front of the car. Looking up and around the hotel lobby, I sunk back in my chair slightly and clicked the large triangle in the middle of the screen to start the video. Becky had her bright orange hair hanging down over her shoulders, covering some of her strong looking shoulders and the straps of the white vest she was wearing. Of the two women in the short video, Paige was the first one to speak. The gothic looking superstar was wearing a zip up hoody with a pale vest on underneath it, she had an annoyed look on her face and spoke to me seemingly right through the phone's screen.

"Oh just come and see Becky! She wants to see you again and I bet you want to see her too!" Paige was almost shouting at me through the camera of the phone, that made me smirk. As tempting as it was to send back another video message, I quickly tapped out a response for the two women to no doubt deconstruct together.

'Becky and Paige,

Well, it's not really fair that you two should get to gang up on me... I could come to the show but now it feels like you're bullying me almost you know? Maybe I should let Snickers know that the two of you have been picking on me?

- Zach'

Sending the message back to the the two women, I sat back in my chair and just waited for them to send me another response back to me. This week's episode of NXT was far from my mind now and all I was thinking about was Becky Lynch and Paige both working together to send me other messages. Of course, after the last time I had been with Becky we had been working together to do something entirely different but with Paige being there? Her sexual history was fairly common knowledge now and while I would never ever dream of bringing the comment up, I couldn't help but wonder if Becky was asking for her opinion on messages. The phone beeped with another message and while this one was a text, I was more than happy to read it.

'Cheap tactic Zach, threatening US with the sponsors? Don't you know Paige has a movie coming out and I'm going to be the first ever woman to make Carmella tap clean in the middle of the ring?

Maybe I don't want you to come along any more?'

Looking down at the phone, I smirked and quickly fired back another message.


We both know you won't find anyone as cute as me this weekend. You've seen the average New York crowd right? I'm going to be at the hotel until six pm tonight. You girls can come get me if you want, which I know you do, and we can go do something after the show.

- Zach'

That was definitely too brazen and way too out of line but it was too late now, I had sent it and I had to just sit back and deal with what the repercussions of what my hubris was. Placing my phone back on the front desk and now plugging the charger into the small port at the bottom of my phone, I reached over and grabbed a hold of the small porcelain mug that had my steaming coffee inside it. Taking a swig and going back to my computer ministrations, I made sure to keep an eye on my phone and listening to my phone to see if the two women had responded. As I looked at the lines of customers names and booking in dates and booking out dates. I was doing everything else that I could to try and not look nervous.

I bit down on my bottom lip and placed my mug of coffee back down on the desk before reaching over to look at my phone. The battery percentage was slowly climbing up and as I unlocked my phone and went right back to my mail client. Taking a deep breath and then opening it up, I looked down at the bottom of the app and my eyes actually went wide when I could see a slim blue bar that started to roll along the bottom of my screen. Looking back up to the top of the screen, my breath caught in my throat and I could feel I was almost running out of air as I waited for the message to fully download. Looking at the screen, I could see that the message was from Barry and I could only grin at the thought of what this message was. Opening it up, I laid back in my chair and read the message.

'Six o'clock. See you there stud.'

Just the two sentences and it was already enough for me to pay attention. Sitting up in the chair, I paused for a moment before putting my phone to one side.

The rest of my shift was fairly plain and uninteresting, it wasn't until the clock hit six o'clock and I was able to clock off my shift that my mood started to pick up. Using one of the change of clothes I had with me, I started to change my clothes and then I found myself sitting in the lobby of the hotel waiting for some sort of sign. It really was pathetic. Whenever I could hear a car's engines in the parking lot, my ears perked up and I looked out of the windows to see if it was the two women. Trying to ignore the occasional glance from Danny, the new guy at the front desk, I sighed and got up. Walking out of the lobby, I was greeted by a car that was just pulling into the lot. The sounds of their car horn honking was enough for me to stop in place and as it pulled up outside of the front of the hotel, I found myself grinning.

The car window rolled down and Becky leaned over Paige to call out to me.

"Get in loser, we're going to go and get food." Becky said, a wide grin on her very pretty face.

"Again Becky?" Paige complained, looking at the orange haired woman and then up to me. "Hey Zach, you can put your stuff in the boot."

"The boot?" I asked.

"Yeah, the boot, or the trunk or whatever you guys call it." She pressed a button on the dash and the trunk at the back of the car popped open slightly. "Just get it thrown in there, we're going to go and get some food at that diner place."

Throwing my bag on my shoulder, I moved down to the side of the car and threw my bag in there next to the two women's bags, Becky's gear and Paige's general clothing, I could imagine. Putting my bags in there, I closed it up and walked back to the rear left door to the back of the car.

The two women quickly made their way out of the car and moved around the side of the car to personally greet me. Becky gave me a very friendly hug and having her body pressed up against me was a very nice, very pleasant feeling. Of course, if I was to have it any other way, I would have taken her shirt off but beggars couldn't be choosers as the phrase went. Taking a step back with a big smile on her face, Becky casually tossed some of her bright orange hair back over her shoulder before she smiled to me.

"Well, you still look great!" Becky said with a grin.

"I've certainly seen worse." Paige added, her being the first one to actually talk to me. Turning to face her, she extended an arm for her me to shake her hand. As I went to shake her hand, Paige slipped her hands under my extended arm and quickly jabbed her index and middle fingers into the spot between me ribs making me jolt in surprise. "Normally I want my drivers to be dressed a bit smarter but you'll do." She added with a smirk.

"Driver?" I asked.

"Yeah, we've both been driving for ages so we figured you could drive us to the next restaurant." Becky explained, stuffing her hands into her jeans pocket.

Now, this was tricky. I could argue that I had been at work all day and was already pretty tired from staring at a computer screen all day, but it seemed like the decision had already been made for me and the women were arranging themselves in the car. Paige was now sitting in the backseat and Becky had made her way up to the passenger side of the car. Paige rolled the window down and tossed the keys to me.

"Hop in!" She demanded and I simply had to do as she said to me.

Now sitting at the front of the car with Becky next to me and Paige now in my rearview, I had a wave of something close to another crazy dream. Looking along the road, I chewed down on my bottom lip and casually drummed my fingers along the inside of the steering wheel as we made our way onto the roads towards one of the food joints I knew was close by.

"Do you have any idea where you guys want to get something to eat?"

"I don't know, where's good?" Paige asked, looking up into the mirror with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"There's a small family dining place a thirty or forty minutes down the road from here? It's normally pretty quiet when I normally drive by it at this sort of time." I explained, looking up at the rear view to look into Paige's gaze. She nodded her head and then let her head fall back so that her dark hair became a mess on the back headrest.

"I'm going to grab some sleep." Paige announced suddenly before she just closed her eyes and went straight to sleep.

"She's incredible, I swear." Becky said with a laugh, looking over at her sleeping general manager and then up to me. She was quiet for a moment before her hand reached over and placed it on my lap. That was definitely like something of my wildest dreams and as Becky reached her hand down to find my balls even over my pants, I could only stifle a moan as the Irish female wrestler went to town on me. Squeezing my dick and then rubbing her hand up and down, she made an approving noise and leaned over to me. I could feel her hot breath on my neck and she was so close to me, I could almost feel her lips on my skin.

"Let's see if this is as good as I remember it being."

Becky then moved her hand down to my zipper and quickly started to make short work of unzipping my pants and pulling the flies apart. She quickly unbuckled her belt and moved down so she was kneeling down in her side of the foot rest and leaning over my lap.

"Becky!" I hissed under my breath, doing my best not to wake Paige as I also wanted to do my best and both get my dick sucked and also not crash the car while the first was happening. Keeping both of my hands on the steering wheel in the ten and two position, I looked down at her and shook my head, biting down on my bottom lip. "Think of the road safety!"

"Shut the fuck up and let me suck your dick." Becky said, a dirty, flirty smirk on her face.

Becky reached both of her hands down to my lap and her fingers worked straight onto undoing my zipper and pulling the teeth down so she could get her hands right inside there. Looking back up into the mirror to look at the sleeping English superstar, I bit down on my bottom lip and focused my attention on the road ahead of us as Becky fished my length out of my jeans. The Irish wrestler wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly stroked it before she leaned down and planted a kiss on the head of my dick. She looked up at me and offered me a big smile before she opened her mouth up and flicked her tongue all over the head of my cock. With her quickly getting back into the way she had treated my dick, I knew that this fairly short car ride was going to be a very, very interesting one.

Becky's tongue ran all over my head before her lips opened up and she moved her mouth down past the head of my cock and she slowly took the head of my dick into her mouth. Her lips closed down around my shaft and she started to push her mouth down, feeding my cock inside of her mouth and slowly giving it more and more of her warm, wet saliva, Becky made sure to fairly apply all of her spit to my length. I could feel the torturous beads rolling down my shaft and towards my balls. I bit down on my lip and did my best to keep the car going straight down the road and was greeted with a small mercy in a stop sign. Rolling the car to a stop, I looked down at the mess of orange hair that was now hovering over my lap as she placed her left hand on the inside of my thigh and her right hand remained firmly wrapped around my dick to steady it.

Her mouth slipped up and down on my length, her lips were pressing together to form a nice, tight seal around my cock to make sure that I felt every little bit of her actions. Her lips moved up and down on my length and with each move she made, her lips pressed together just a little bit tighter and with each push she made, I could feel a shiver run through my body and it was almost as if Becky knew what she was doing was having the good sort of effect. She moved from side to side and redoubled her efforts, moving her mouth back up and down and working her lips from side to side. Becky continued to really focus on sucking my dick as I had to actively fight to keep my eyes open and on the road.

Pushing my foot down on the gas was almost a perfect simile for what I was going through right now. My hands remained firmly gripping the steering wheel and my eyes made sure to keep looking at the road and driving us to the small restaurant on the outskirts of my town. Biting down on my bottom lip, I shivered in place and Becky's hand left my rod and moved to my thighs so she could feed the rest of my cock all the way right back into her mouth, offering me an easy deepthroating and that was enough for my orgasm to start to really take hold of my body. I was so close to cumming when Becky brought her lips up off of my cock. The Irish superstar leaned over and pecked me on the cheek before I even had a chance to cum, then she sat back in the car and plugged her seatbelt back in.

"Are we nearly there?" She asked, a teasing smirk on her face.

"I... Oh boy... I think so."

My eyes floated up to the rearview to actually check on Paige and it was then that I got the shock of my life. Paige's big eyes were wide open and she was staring right back at my reflection and now, she had a flirty smirk on her face.

Had she heard that? Even worse, had she seen that?

"Are we nearly there yet Zach?" Paige asked, her tongue ran over her lips, adding an extra shine to her lip gloss.

My eyes went right back to the road and I recognised instantly that we were coming right up to the junction for the diner.

"We're... We're here." I breathed, still catching my breath after the stellar blowjob.

The two women opted to grab a booth in the corner of the small diner, away from prying eyes and an excuse for them to actually just relax for the evening. I couldn't say I blamed them though. I couldn't imagine the sort of pressure that must have been on their shoulders to behave in public and just be perfect all the time. Sitting in the booth and grabbing a hold of some of the menus, I had taken up my seat directly opposite Paige and with Becky next to me I knew I was living the fantasy of most of the internet wrestling community. It was tempting to steal a selfie with the women but that was definitely going to be stretching my current good fortune. Sitting back in the booth and looking over what was on order, I had already decided on a medium rare steak with a side of fries while Becky had gone for a caesar salad and Paige had gone for a simple toasted sandwich.

The waitress had already given us our drinks and had taken our orders away to the kitchen leaving us to our own devices. Paige was looking at me and then at Becky before the Norwich born wrestler turned Smackdown Live General Manager raised an eyebrow over at me.

"So, me and Becky were talking..." She started, her eyes flashing into a devilish grin. "What sort of benefits does she get for being one of the better behaved guests at Christmas?"

"What makes you think she was better behaved than the others?" I asked back, looking around as a small family left the restaurant to the point where it was just the three of us and the staff.

"Oh, I heard some things about her evening after the Smackdown show."

"Such as?" I asked, looking over at Becky and then back to Paige who simply shrugged her shoulders.

"I heard your bath taps could do with being a little wider."

That prompted a snort from Becky and my own eyes went just a little bit wide at the comment. The orange haired woman lifted her arms up and draped them across the back of the booth, Becky looked over at me and then to Paige before she sighed and scooted across the booth just a little bit.

"I'll be back in a moment," Becky started "Try not to ruin him so much yeah Paige?"

"I'll do my best." The pale beauty said with a grin, looking over at Becky and then back to me. "Probably."

Becky rolled her eyes and walked over to the bathrooms leaving me alone with the woman.

"So, hi. I get this is all really weird me just joining your little party with Becky and everything but I just wanted to say I promise to not make this weirder."

As soon as she had said that, I felt a foot between my legs. Looking down underneath the table, I saw that Paige had her foot up off of the bottom of the floor and now up against the inside of my thigh. Her foot found the outline of my dick, still half hard from Becky's earlier blowjob in the car, and she started to slowly tease it.

"Oops... Too late!" She teased, licking her lips as her bare foot started to rub against my dick, making my eyes roll right into the back of my head. Shaking my head and keeping me back in the room, I looked over at Paige and then over to the doors to the bathroom while Becky was most likely still there. Her foot pressed into the side of my dick and she very casually stroked her foot up and then rolled it down, teasing my dick underneath my pants. "You know I was awake right?"

"Huh?" I managed to let out, raising an eyebrow and trying to find a voice to challenge the woman.

"When Becky was sucking your dick," Paige continued. "I was awake and heard all of it. Shame you couldn't get off right? Is this helping Zach with that orgasm you want?"

When I didn't manage to answer, I could almost hear the shit eating grin on Paige's face.

"That a yes?"

Paige ran her foot down to the base of my dick and then she used her toes to paw at my balls, stroking them before moving up to the rest of my dick to keep it nice and hard.

Suitably hard with Becky still away and Paige using her feet to stroke my dick and keep it hard, I gritted my teeth and did my best to not make a scene there and then as the Norwich-born superstar simply continued to tease me underneath the table. My fingers dug into the side of the table as I looked around, no one was paying us any attention and as I saw Becky making her way back, Paige made a surprised noise before looking over her shoulder to see the orange haired superstar making her way over to us. Paige shot me a wink before she put her feet right back down on the floor and left me with a throbbing cock underneath the table. Rearranging myself slightly, I watched as Becky slipped into the box next to Paige and looked to me and then back to Paige.

"Did I interrupt something or something?" Becky asked, looking to me and then to Paige.

To her credit, Paige simply shook her head.

"No! You didn't interrupt anything did she Zach?"

"Nothing at all." I agreed with the paler skinned woman, even though my cock was still throbbing hard.

"Oh, okay then." Becky said, looking at us both as we settled into the evening's meal.

The evening had gone from strength to strength as we had had a good meal at the diner and then the two women had sprung it on me that we weren't getting ringside seats at Takeover but we were going to be getting a box there instead. The view from the box was simply incredible. I had practically booed and cheered myself hoarse from all of the wild action and now as I followed Becky and Paige back to the car, Paige was inspecting the shirt I had opted to buy.

"I mean, he's a great entertainer and everything but a Ciampa shirt? Really?" She asked, holding up the shirt to me.

"He is a great entertainer. Does a lot better job than Johnny Failure does too!" I counter protested, playfully snatching the shirt away.

"Oh! Johnny Failure! That's a good one!" Becky said with a loud chortle as we got into the car. Paige in the back and Becky up at the driver's side, we were soon on our way back to the hotel. As we were driving, Becky and Paige had both engaged each other in conversation.

"So what are you gonna do when we get back to the hotel Paige?" Becky asked, looking over her shoulder and into the rear of the car.

"I don't know really? I'm thinking it's too early to go to bed." Paige said, shrugging her shoulders casually. "What are you guys going to do?"

Becky looked over at me, then back to Paige before she answered. "Fuck."

As I gulped at that comment, both Becky and Paige chuckled at my reaction. Becky punched me on the shoulder before nodding her head. "I mean, come on Zach, we are aren't we?"

"I was certainly hoping we could..."

"Well there you go!" Paige said, smirking as she moved forward and placed her hands on my shoulders, rubbing against the muscles briefly. "At least you guys have a plan for tonight!" I caught her gaze in the rear view before she broke the look and turned to look at Becky. "I could come hang out with you guys?"

"Oh really?" Becky asked, a sly smirk on her face as she eyed me and the back to Paige in the back. "You want to watch us fuck?" Becky asked all while I could feel the two women practically devouring me there and then. "Well, I don't mind. Do you Zach?" Becky asked, her fingers stroking against my ribs as Paige's fingers danced against my neck.

"Please say no Zach, I want to watch you two fuck."

Well, who was I to refuse a lady her request?

"I mean, you can if you want?" I suggested as both Becky and Paige grinned and nodded their heads in excitement. A few moments passed before I put two and two together. "Have you two been planning this?"

Both Becky and Paige burst into fits of giggles. "Busted!" Paige said with a hearty laugh. "I've been listening to the stories Becky's been telling about you since Christmas and well, I wanted to see for myself. So, we sorted out our rides so that when Becky would be picking you up, I'd be in the car. Listening to her blow you and then me giving you a footjob was enough for me to say I wanted to see it in action."

"Yeah! So step on it Zach, I'm not going to get laid here am I?" Becky said with a smirk, leaning forward to peck me on the cheek and prompted me to push the car forward into the traffic and cutting our way forward towards the hotel.

Becky and Paige both had hold of me by the hands and I was being led by them, following them through the lobby of the hotel and straight into the elevator. As soon as the doors slid closed, Becky's hands were all over me again, and she had quickly tugged me down into another hot kiss with her. Our lips met with each other and her tongue was almost instantly into my mouth. I was more than happy to swap spit with her even with Paige watching, and now making some soft noises on the outside of the kiss. The sound of the elevator came to a stop rang into the elevator and the three of us walked out of the elevator and almost instantly we were inside of the room. Paige walked into the room as Becky pulled me into another kiss and my hands were instantly on her ass, squeezing against her cheeks and lifting her up into my body.

The two of us managed to walk into the bedroom and towards the large bed that was sitting almost right in the middle of the room. Placing her down on the bed, I took a quick step back and looking down at her, Becky wasted no time and had her hands on my belt, quickly undoing it and ripping the leather strap clean out of the loops and throwing it to the side. Her fingers then unbuttoned the top button of my pants and she quickly unzipped my pants and tugged them down to my feet. Paige made an impressed noise as she settled down in the corner of the room on one of the chairs provided and she watched Becky go to work with my pants. Slipping out of my jeans and pushing my shoes and socks off as well, I helped Becky by taking my shirt off as well while Becky rearranged herself so that she was on all fours on the bed. She was still clothed but the sight of her as she was, well it was enough for me to get hard again.

Her hands came up and she sunk the finger into the waistband of my boxers before she pulled the band back and let it snap against my waist slightly before she pulled my boxers down towards my thighs. Her fingers tugged my boxers down and the fabric was soon down around my ankles as well, letting me step out of them and as soon as I did that, Becky had her hands wrapped around my dick. Slowly stroking her hand up and down on the length of my pole, I looked down at her as her hands rolled up and down along my member. Moaning at the touch, her fingers seemed to be everywhere with my dick and watching as she rolled her hands up and down, I could feel both of her index fingers teasing against the vein that ran along the underside of my cock. Licking her lips, Becky brought the head of my cock up to her mouth and she very casually offered it a lazy lick as if it were a lolly pop for her.

"As good as in the car?" Paige asked, rearranging herself in the chair so that she had one of her legs hanging over the arm of it while she watched.

"Mhm." Becky said, licking her lips before offering my dick's tip a gentle kiss. "Definitely." Her left hand slipped down towards the bottom of my pole and she offered my balls a firm squeeze before nodding her head. "I wonder how much you've got in there for us?" She asked, her right hand squeezing on my pole firmly before she went back to stroking against my cock.


"Us." Paige confirmed, I want to see just how many times you can cream Becky. If you do it enough, you never know, I might help her out." Paige chucked before looking over to Becky. "That is, if you want more internet rumours about you being pregnant?"

"Oh yeah, I fookin' do. Especially with what's happenin' tomorrow!" Becky said, a laugh leaving her mouth as she stroked my pole. Looking down at her, I couldn't help but feel like her accent became just that little bit stronger when she was aroused and with how thick her accent was with those late couple of sentences, it made me feel like I was going to be going crazy with her sooner than later. Becky opened her mouth and curled her tongue around my dick's head before she pushed her lips a little bit further down on my dick.

"Come on Becky..." Paige said, breaking the lewd noises that were starting to fill the room from Becky jerking me off. "He's had a blowjob and a footjob tonight AND we got him in to go see Brooklyn Four! The least he can do is give you a good couple of orgasms while I watch." Paige added as if it were the simplest thing in the world to do. The Norwich born superstar stood up off of the chair and quickly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her long legs, stepping out of them and showing her long, pale legs off with a dark grape sort of purple coloured thong. Paige offered me a twirl before she sat down and her hand moved to between her legs. "Carry on." Was all Paige said as Becky's hand squeezed down on my length firmly as if to bring me back to the room with her.

"How do you think he should dick me then Paige?" Becky asked, threading her fingers through her hair as she looked over at her kayfabe boss who put a finger on her jaw as she thought on it.

"Becky, let your arse hang over the edge of the bed and Zach you go right between her legs and pound her missionary style. I want to watch those sexy legs of hers work while she's getting dicked." Paige said with a grin, sliding her right hand inside of her panties as Becky quickly got herself undressed. Slipping the shirt off and then unbuckling her white bra to go with it, Becky then rolled her own jeans down and threw them across the room as the matching white panties went with it. With Becky now totally nude in front of me, I licked my lips at the sight of her before I began to move in time with the program that the two women had set out for me.

Walking between her legs as she quickly moved herself around so that she was in fact half on the bed and half hanging off of it. I placed my hands on her strong thighs and gently rubbed against them before I gripped my dick at the base and nudged the head forward. Slowly rolling my cock inside of her, I could already feel just how wet Becky was and I had to admit, if I was in her shoes I probably would be too. My hands moved down to grip hold of her waist and keep her in position as my hips pushed forward and soon I was all the way inside of Becky. The Irish superstar's back arched up off of the bed and she let out a long, horny moan as I pushed my dick inside of her. The moaning wasn't just from Becky though, there was a slightly lower toned moan of pleasure coming from Paige in the corner as she touched herself.

Doing my best to not look over at Paige, I pulled my hips back so that maybe half of my member was inside of her and then, I pushed my hips forward and buried more of my dick inside her. Hissing in pleasure at how good her folds felt, I made sure to keep hold of her as she propped herself up on her elbows and watched me go to work in fucking her. My eyes were settled on her stomach as I didn't want the temptation of the rest of her body to spoil me so soon in the night but even with Becky's tight walls squeezing down on me, I knew an orgasm would most likely be a little further away due to Paige's torturous footjob. My hands had hold of Becky and as I started to pick up momentum of sliding my hips backwards and forwards. As I did that, I made sure to make good use of that mental 4K copy of the first time I had fucked Becky Lynch I had made and started to angle my thrusting.

"Oh fook yeah..." Becky panted as my dick hit a particularly sweet spot inside of her.

"Mmmm... He... Ooh... He knows what he's doing?" Paige asked, her fingers working over her clit apparently as I continued to saw my length in and out of her. Watching my cock slide inside of her and almost shining with Becky's arousal, it was enough to make a man go mad with pleasure all while I was sure the two women would have kind of liked that, I personally wanted to go just a little bit longer. My hands moved from her waist and down to her thighs, keeping hold of them on the underside of the strong muscles, I started to really slide my dick in and out of her, making sure to use the head to keep beating against that same spot that had made Becky curse earlier. As I did that, I saw Becky's body drop from being upright on her elbows to flat on the bed.

"Oh fook yeah... That feels so good!" Becky moaned, her own hands coming up to paw at her chest as I continued to slide my prick inside of her. Looking down at her pussy, I could feel my balls slapping against her ass as I pumped my dick into her. Looking up her body, my eyes settled on her hands clawing into the sheets as she continued to wet my cock with her pussy. Rolling my hips backwards and forwards, I offered her pussy one final and particularly hard push inside of her and her back arched clean off of the sheets and her legs instantly clamped down on me, pulling me in tight to her as she started to cum all over my dick. Still working my way through her orgasm, I grit my teeth and did my best to not cum right with her as my angling slowed down and I just offered her entrance a quick couple of pumps as she came.

Slowly though, Becky came back down to Earth and her fingers dropped from sheets as she groaned through the slight aftershocks of her orgasm. Her legs dropped from being wrapped around me and she let me step out of her grasp. Taking a step backwards so that my cock could slide out of her entrance, I looked down at my slick, coated cock and then up to her. Becky bit down on her bottom lip before turning to look over at Paige who had, at some point, stripped off her own shirt and was now bra-less but still had her thong on.

"Paige? What's next?"

"Hm?" Paige asked, barely aware of what was happening before her big eyes snapped open and she was looking at the two of us looking at her waiting for instructions. "Why are you asking me? It looks like you two know exactly what you want!"

"Because you wanted to watch us fook. How do you want it next?" Becky asked, licking her lips as she moved up to a kneeling position at the end of the bed.

"Becky, why don't you ride him so you can both watch me finger myself?"

That sounded like an excellent idea to myself and Becky seemed to agree as well. She quickly scooted herself up onto the bed and moved herself around so that I could climb on the bed with her. Moving so that my head was practically hanging off of the edge of the bed as well, I could see Paige and despite her being upside down to me, she looked just as hot. I didn't have much time to admire the other woman in the room though as I soon felt Becky's hand on my length and she was holding my dick upwards and steady for her. I looked up at her, using my neck muscles to watch her as she lowered herself down onto my dick. We both moaned together as her walls swallowed me all the way down towards the bottom of my shaft.

Becky's hands came forward and settled on my chest as she started to slide her hips up and down on top of me. I moved my hands up from my side to settle on her waist, taking hold of her and helping as she slipped up and down on me. Becky let out a low moan and with the two of us moving together, she started to hug her walls down tightly around me as her gaze moved up from my face and up towards the other woman in the corner of the room. Following Becky's gaze, I let my head fall back and we both watched as Paige rubbed against herself and her other hand worked on groping on both of her breasts. I licked my lips and helped Becky roll herself up and down on my shaft as we worked together and fucked in time with how Paige was touching herself. I could smell the arousal from Paige slowly making its way across the room towards the two of us on the bed.

My hands took hold of Becky's hands before I moved up towards her chest and I took hold of her breasts, fondling them firmly as she slipped her hips up and down on top of me. Becky bit down on her bottom lip and let out a long, low moan as she pushed her hips down towards my lap again. The sound of her ass clapping against my thighs started to fill the room combined with the lewd moans from the both of us and also with the sounds of Paige sitting on the chair in the opposite corner of the room all while she played with herself as she watched me and Becky fuck. My hands squeezed down on both of Becky's breasts, my grip on her chest tightened slightly as her hips dropped down and then she slowly rolled her hips around on my lap.

Becky started to slide herself up and down on my lap, her hands settling up on my chest and keeping herself upright as she rolled herself up and down on top of me. My hands squeezed against her chest, my fingers and thumbs coming down to tease against her nipples as she bounced on top of me. I could feel her walls squeezing down on me tightly and as I brushed my thumbs over her hard nipples, Becky let out a long moan as she threw her head back and her long orange hair was shot backwards in a glowing arc as it ran over her head and towards the gap between her shoulder blades. Becky bit down on her bottom lip and as she bounced up and down on my shaft, her riding speed started to shift up and moving faster. Was she going to cum again already? I could feel her pussy practically drenching me there and then again as she moved up and down on my lap.

Looking up at her, I could only grin at just how lucky I was while she rolled her hips up and down on top of my stomach. Her fingers ran against the top of my chest and she slowly leaned down to press her lips against mine, but as she did, she leaned over to whisper in my ear. Becky slid her body up towards the tip of my dick before she dropped herself right back down to the bottom of my cock in a quick, steady rate of fucking. Becky's teeth sunk into my earlobe before she whispered directly in my ear.

"She's so fookin' hot isn't she?" Becky asked, looking up towards Paige as she was still rubbing against her pussy as she watched the two of us fuck. Becky rolled her hips around on my lap before she started to move her body back up and down again. I let my head fall back and off the side of the bed so I could look over and watch Paige rub against herself and slip a finger inside of her.

"Fuck... She... Mmmm... She looks so good."

The red head let out an approving noise as her body moved in time as she slipped up and down on top of me. My hands cupped and squeezed against her breasts as my thumbs teased the tips of her nipples and as Paige's own masturbating started to pick up, I reached up to suck against Becky's hard nipples that were on show for both me and Paige. My hands moved down to her sides and then reached behind her to cup hold of her asscheeks, squeezing down on them gently, I offered them a sharp smack and made Becky yelp in pleasure as she rode up and down on me.

"Oh fuck... Fuck..." Paige moaned as her fingers worked over her pussy and her other hand groped against her large breasts. Her body was tensing and as I let my mouth fall from Becky's breasts, I let my neck go limp so I could lean over the edge of the side of the bed so both me and Becky could watch Paige fuck herself towards an orgasm just from watching us fuck.

Becky's walls squeezed down tightly on me and then her head fell back as she started to cum again, the erotic scenes inside of the room were almost getting too much for me and that orgasm that I had been promised was starting to build up higher and higher. Biting down on my bottom lip, I managed to lift my head up to look up at Becky as she pushed her hips down with one final push before she lifted her body up and managed to slowly pull herself up off of my dick. Wobbling backwards and landing flat on her back on the bed, Becky spread her legs and brought her hand up to summon me over towards her. I moved to sit upright on the bed with her and as I moved to take her missionary style one last time, we were interrupted by the sounds of Paige in the corner.

Her fingers were rubbing against her clit at what looked like a mile a minute and as she groped against her chest with her free hand, Paige's head fell back over the back of the chair and her body was rocked with an orgasm. With her frame trembling, Paige grunted and moaned through the orgasm as her pussy dripped down towards the chair and all over her fingers as well. The Norwich born superstar looked over to us both and offered us a weak smile before she planted both of her feet on the floor.

"Well..." Paige started, lifting her fingers up to her mouth to clean them up. "I think Zach deserves an orgasm right?" She asked, looking over at Becky and ignoring me completely.

"He has given me two!" Becky said, looking over at the slightly paler woman.

"Go on then, get on all fours so you can snack on me and I can see that dick in action!" Paige said with a grin, her right hand coming down to grab my cock and stroking it briefly as if she wanted to keep me hard. As if I couldn't be hard in a situation like this...

Becky moved herself up and around on the bed as Paige let go of my shaft and joined the orange haired woman on the bed as well. The two women moved together so that they were in more of a sixty nine style position, Becky pressed Paige's legs apart and let her head drop down towards the wet opening of Paige as I watched Paige lift her own head up to push her tongue against Becky's own wet entrance as well. Half tempted to just watch the two women eat each other out, I licked my lips and moved back onto the bed and moved behind her. Stroking my shaft, I lifted my dick upwards and pushed it forwards so that it would slide inside of her. Rolling my dick right back inside of her, I moaned as Paige let her head fall down slightly and stopped licking against Becky all while I bottomed my dick out inside of one of the number one contenders for Smackdown Live's Women's championship.

As soon as my dick slid inside of Becky, I could already feel my dick starting to throb inside her and I was ready to blow. I had been ready to blow since I had been blown by Becky earlier on in the night and this orgasm had been hours in the making. While I worked my hips backwards and forwards inside of her, I actually found myself to be pretty proud of myself for lasting this long with her after the blowjob and the earlier footjob from Paige and then being able to fuck Becky in two different positions. Sliding my dick forward one more time, I hissed in pleasure when I felt a tongue sneak up and press against my hanging sack as I fucked Becky from behind.

Paige's hands came up and settled on the back of my thighs as her tongue continued to lick against my hanging balls. While I had my hands on Becky's waist to keep her in place, the two women were quickly getting into each other and I could hear Becky's own muffled moaning as I slipped my length in and out of her. Pushing my cock into her, I started to pick the pace up, sliding in and out of her own hot entrance as she moaned into Paige's pussy. The paler skinned, darker haired woman was moaning as well but her moans were slightly obscured by the fact that she had her mouth right next to my balls as they were moving backwards and forwards with each hard push inside of the woman on top of her. Paige's hands stroked along the back of my thigh before running over to Becky's ass cheeks.

Sliding my dick backwards and forwards, Becky's own hot pussy was milking me tightly as I pumped myself in and out of her. Looking down at Becky's body, I could see the skin tone contrast between Becky and Paige and seeing the slightly paler arm wrapped around Becky's more tanned frame was enough for me to get more and more excited. Pumping my cock into the orange haired female superstar, I bit down on my bottom lip and did my best to try and resist the urge of orgasming inside of Becky while Paige's tongue ran all over my ball sack. Rolling my cock right back inside of her, I started to move my cock back in and out of Becky with a quicker and quicker speed. My orgasm was starting to get closer and closer and I could tell that my own body was ready to explode.

Paige seemed to know as well and so did Becky, as my cock slipped backwards, Becky pulled herself forward so that my dripping wet dick slipped out of her and bobbed independently in the air, Becky's juices still coating my cock and adding a shine to it in the low light of the hotel room. I was going to grab hold of my dick to take over the jerking motions but both Becky and Paige had moved with a surprising speed to take hold of my shaft and they both stroked my cock. Pumping their hands up and down, they each took turns aiming my dick at each of their faces as I just let them take over and let them work all over my shaft. Their hands were both stroking at my cock until it twitched a couple of times and then it started to explode. Firing ropes from my dick's head and over towards the two women, they each took turns stroking my cock and moving my dick from side to side.

My dick fired rope after rope out of my dick's head and over towards the two women, hot ropes tore from the head and while one rope landed on Becky's face, another landed on the cheek of Paige. One landed on Paige's forehead and another one landed over Becky's nose as one more rope landed on Becky's left eye, another one landed over Paige's forehead, then the final two ropes tore from my shaft and each rope landed on both women's lips. With the two women satisfied that I had been drained completely, I collapsed backwards and landed on the bed. Sitting on the pillows of the bed, I looked up at the women as they moved together and wrapped each other into a hot and passionate kiss as they made out together while swapping my cum together and also sort of rubbing my cum on their faces against each other as well.

Slowly though, the two broke up and then turned to look at me. Paige nodded her head and was the first to break her silence.

"Well... He looks like he could satisfy me too..." Paige looked over to Becky, scooping up some of my cum off of the orange haired woman's face before sucking on it. "Tell you what Zach, if Becky wins tomorrow? You get to fuck me right here too."

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