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Featuring: Summer Rae (FCW, Lingerie Football League's Danielle Moinet),
Seth Rollins (FCW, Tyler Black in ROH).

Intense And Enterprising - A FCW erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In the Spring of 2012, backstage at the taping of the television show of WWE
development territory Florida Championship Wrestling, the stunning and
enterprising new General Manager of FCW, the beautiful blond Summer Rae, is
looking over some show notes prepared for her with mild interest, but the way
she's glancing at the clock in her office shows she's waiting for someone to
arrive. From the way she's dressed in high heels and a perfectly form-fitting
orange dress that's low cut at the neckline to show off a sexy amount of
cleavage from her well rounded tits, and hugging nicely to her juicy ass,
she's not looking to just get style points or impress management as she did
in order to gain the position of power in FCW.

A knock on the door grabs her attention as she looks up with a sly smile.
"Come in!" Rae calls out, quickly setting the papers aside as the former
football player in the Lingerie Football League stands up and checks over
herself with clear intention of using her charms more than any business
skills to get what she wants.

Walking in now is the man who not only holds the distinction of being the
first ever FCW 15 Champion and the first ever FCW Grand Slam Champion, but
the Superstar who is the reigning FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion in the
intense and talented Seth Rollins. With his title on his shoulder, he's clad
in a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt with jagged white graphics on it that
hugs nicely to his muscular upper body, and his hair uniquely styled with
natural black down one side and dyed blond on the other half.

"Glad you could make it Seth... I should say, our FCW Champion..." Summer
says with a big smile, already turning on the charm.

"Well yeah, when you're told that the G.M. wants to see you, you tend to show
up..." Seth responds with slight suspicious as he takes a little glance
around. "Speaking of that, don't you have usually an assistant around with

"Oh, don't worry about little Rob, he's off doing an errand for me..." Rae
quickly dismisses. "Good talent like that can be hard to find... Unlike you
Seth, since from what I've seen already you are definitely highly skilled...
Very talented... And perfect for what I have planned here for FCW and it's

"Right... Well after those stupid web rumors about this place shutting down
that a lame dirt sheet put out were shut down..." Rollins states with a
smirk."I'm pretty confident about FCW, and I'm damn well proud to be the
Florida Heavyweight Champion."

"Exactly!" The beautiful blond states with a smile, stepping up closer
towards him. "You are a star here, and the top champion! That's why I think
it's very important that you and I not just get onto good terms, but we get
onto the same page..." She says, letting her eyes run over him as she places
her hands onto his chest. "And I don't just mean thinking along the same
lines either..."

"Now hold a second here!" The handsome and rugged FCW Superstar says, using
his own hands to lift hers away as he steps around her. "I thought this kind
of stuff would be over with now that Maxine got fired as G.M. but you're just
reading from her playbook." Rollins states with clear annoyance.

Faking innocence, Summer puts her hands on her hips as she looks to the man
now standing in front of her desk. "What are you talking about Seth? I'm just
trying to show you... Some "benefits" of combining our talents. With my
enterprising skills and business mind, and your great in-ring ability and fan
support we would make a perfect match! And I can get you anything you want in
FCW. I can tell you who you'll be defending against next, who the top
contenders are... I even know all about that girl Paige who was stalking you
a while back... So anything you want, I can..."

"Save the speech Rae, I've heard it all before." Rollins cuts her off with a
serious look as he holds onto his FCW title. "Same stuff Maxine said and then
tried to fuck her way into getting me to sell out and be one of her cronies.
It didn't work, and it's not going to work if you try it on me either.
Besides, I already cornered that Paige and got some answers... Just about the
same stuff she wanted from me is what you're trying, and failing, to get from
me." He adds, although giving her a quick look over shows he doesn't exactly
find her at all unattractive even if her plans of seduction got him annoyed.

"Well I am not Maxine for a start!" Summer snaps, losing her composure for a
moment before getting it back to turn the charm back on with a smile. "I am
better, because I'm not abusing my power like she did for a start... I'm not
forcing you to do anything you don't want to..." She says, coming forward and
placing her hands back on his shirt-covered chest. "In fact, let me make it
up to you since we've gotten off on the wrong foot just now..." With a wink
she slides her hands down his upper body, at the same time moving downward to
her knees in front of him.

"That's a Maxine move right here..." Rollins replies, not completely
objecting to what she's doing as she undoes his belt. "A Paige one as well...
Fine, you want to fuck? I can go along with that, but that's all your little
game is going to get here Rae."

"Of course!" Rae states with a grin, thinking that she's got him right where
she wants him as she pulls his jeans down to the floor of her office, before
reaching up for his boxers. "Just relax, and allow me to show you what kind
of a woman I am, and exactly what I've got to offer you..."

"Oh, I've got a pretty good idea of what kind of woman you are..." He
responds with a smirk, watching her lower his underwear before he steps out
it, and smirks a little wider when he sees her shocked reaction to his
exposed and beginning to harden cock.

Seeing the very impressive weapon he's packing, her eyes go wide with a
clear, lusty lick of her lips as she takes a hold of the already quite long
and thick to match dick with her hand, starting to give it a couple of
strokes to test it as she gazes over the man meat, before a glance up at the
hunk she's handling as he leans back against her desk with a smirk, still
holding the FCW title on his shoulder. Biting her bottom lip seductively, she
brushes her long hair blond hair back over her shoulders before moving her
head in, flicking her tongue out across the tip of his rod as she runs her
palm up and down along his hardening shaft while working her tongue around
the sides and across the top of his bell end, dabbing her saliva onto him and
getting light moans out of him in the process.

Having waited enough for him to get rock hard in her grip, the mouth parts
and she pushes herself down onto him with a groan, taking in the first few
inches while keeping her gaze locked up at the Superstar she's the boss of as
FCW General Manager who lets out a clear moan of pleasure, feeling how warm
and nicely damp her oral hole is already when she's just getting started on
him. Turning her head from side to side, she grinds her soft lips against his
member as her hand pumps up and down along the rest of his size, only lifting
herself back up so the head of his cock is still inside but unable to resist
using her tongue to smack up against the crown as she does.

Moving a hand up and under his T-shirt so she can tease his toned abs with
her fingers, the Manhasset, New York born beauty starts to smoothly bob her
head along the top half of the length she's wrapping her lips firmly around,
groaning herself as she feels his shaft sliding back and forth into her mouth
as she uses her hand to occasionally stroke but more to keep him steady for a
steady motion. For the reigning FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion his
enjoyment is visual as well as physical, loving the feeling of her oral hole
around his manhood as she shows clear experience in this sexual act with a
quick movement up and down on him, and from her position on her knees in
front of him he can gaze down at both her stunning facial features moving on
his length and down at her sexy cleavage on display.

Moving her hands now onto the sides of her own office desk that the man she's
sucking off is leaning against, she turns up her own enthusiasm as she pushes
her long, blond haired head down further onto the big dick of the moaning
stud, causing herself to groan loudly as she goes down so far that the tip of
his tool comes into contact with the back of her damp and soothing mouth. Her
cheeks flex as she gags at the feeling, almost deep throating him but showing
she's never had a dick quite of this size before she decides against it,
going back to a bobbing motion and it's fine by him as his groans of
enjoyment continue to be heard as she runs her lips up and down along him,
only lifting up back to just over half-way before it's quickly back down and
occasionally making herself gag erotically when she goes down too far.

A smirk remains on the face of the wrestler formerly known as Tyler Black in
the indy scene as he moans and watches the gorgeous General Manager of FCW
giving him a hot and swift blowjob, leaving his dick with a more than ample
coating of saliva as it seeps past her soft lips as they try and stay tightly
wrapped around his length but her gagging causes some spit to escape and
trickle down her cheek. He's more than content to just watch her rock her
head back and forth onto his shaft as she takes him deep and sometimes a
little too deep for her to clearly handle, getting easily warmed up from her
oral skills as she smoothly and quickly moves her head onto his cock, causing
her long locks to shake slightly from the effort she's using in her sinful
attempt to "convince" him to side with her decisions.

"Mmmm... You're a pretty hands on G.M. I see..." Rollins says with a smile as
she lifts her head up and off from his rod, giving herself a chance to gasp
and catch her breath.

"Of course I am..." Summer replies with a smile of her own as she wipes her
saliva off from her chin as she stands up. "I'm a very enterprising Diva, and
I do what it takes to get what I want." She adds, pulling the straps of her
dress down her shoulders as she pushes it down her tanned and curved body.

"Enterprising huh?" Seth questions with a smirk, but focuses more on her
perfectly sized and rounded breasts when they'rre revealed as she undresses.
"That's... That's one way to describe it..."

Sliding her clothing down her legs, revealing her neatly shaved pussy in the
process, she steps out of her dress and moves beside him, running a hand over
his shirt-covered chest. "Now that I've given, how about I get to receive
some as well?" She suggests with a lick of her lips, now hopping up to sit on
the edge of her own G.M. desk.

Even though he knows full well what she's up to, he's not about to turn down
the chance to nail a stunning blond especially when she's his current boss
and it's in her own office, so he turns and steps between her spread apart
legs as she arches back on the desk with her arms resting back for support,
smiling seductively as she looks down at his still rock hard length as he
places his title belt down on the desk before approaching her. Lining it up,
it just takes one firm thrust to push inside her snatch and make them both
moan from the feeling as she's forced to stretch already from his size, and
he enjoys how tight she is down there but the pause only lasts a moment
before he starts to work his hips towards and away from her.

Surprised at how soon the always intense and passionate in the ring FCW
Superstar is starting things off, the former member of the Chicago Bliss team
of the Lingerie Football League has to hiss through her teeth with a groan as
she takes the long and thick dick of the hunk holding her by the ankles,
keeping her long legs apart as he pumps his tool into her snug pussy with
steady and quite forceful thrusts. Her snatch isn't getting much time to
adjust to his vast size as he slides it back and forth into her love tunnel
but it seems he's looking to make her eat her words, smirking down at her as
he moans and indeed gives it to her, but not perhaps in a way she's ready for
as he stuffs his manhood already deep into her and is making her gorgeous
body jolt back when he thrusts forward into it.

Closing her eyes with a moan, the first Generation American beauty of French
and English parents can feel the massive dick of the hunk in front of her
ploughing in and out of her snatch with increasing speed and force already,
and more than enough to make her breasts bounce in time with the motion her
body is being made to do in response to this very impressively powerful
thrusts deep into her pussy. It's obvious that the Buffalo, Iowa born hunk
has experience of his own in this kind of activity, perfectly timing his
motion to slide his member in and out of her dampening hole, groaning in
enjoyment himself as he works his fat inches into the woman who's seated on
the edge of her own office desk.

Getting her thoughts about her even as she clearly and rather shameless loves
how her snatch is getting pounded by the man she's the boss of as FCW General
Manager, she sits up slightly so she can wrap her arms around his neck,
pressing her nicely sized and rounded tits against his muscular, shirt-
covered chest as she attempts to pull him into a lustful kiss to take
control. She doesn't get it though as he changes his grip to her toned waist
to hold her and keep her back, making her groan as he keeps control of the
situation, not intending to be seduced by the gorgeous but ambitious FCW Diva
yet at the same time he clearly doesn't mind fucking her inside her own
office as his crotch starts to smack into her and his balls slap into her
tanned and smooth skin.

Tossing her hair back, she narrows her eyes seductively at him as she grinds
her hips up to meet his motions when he thrusts into her balls deep and
stuffs all of his inches into her still tight but not very wet pussy, licking
her teeth as she takes his powerful and fast pumps that are still causing her
curvacious frame to jolt back each time he pushes forward into her snatch. If
that image and the feeling of her breasts against his own body weren't
enjoyable enough, seeing the sweat starting to form all over her body makes
the first ever FCW Grand Slam Champion grin as he moans, banging her snug
pussy with thrust after stiff and sudden thrust as the black and blond haired
stud shows his clearly high sexual skill, much to both their moaning delight
even if things aren't going quite the way she intended despite the pleasure.

"Don't try and play me Summer..." Seth states as pulls his head back away
from her when she attempts another kiss on him, only to be denied by his
strength as he gives her pussy another couple of deep pumps. "It didn't work
with Maxine, and it won't work here..." He adds as he pulls out of her pussy
with a groan.

"You've got me wrong here Seth..." Rae claims as she takes a moment to catch
her breath. "I only want what you want... If you didn't love this, then why
aren't you just leaving?" She states with a seductive lick of her lips as she
hops down to the floor.

"I never said I wasn't enjoying it..." Rollins responds with a smirk as he
pulls his T-shirt up and over his head, revealing his muscular and desirable
upper body. "I don't turn down a hottie who wants some dick either."

"Well I just want what's best for us both..." Summer says, swaying her hips
from side to side as she moves around the desk. "So take a seat "champ" and
I'll show you what you can enjoy if you drop the act and side with me..." She
adds with a grin.

With a shake of his head at her attempts, Rollins takes a seat in her office
chair and soon finds his cock back inside her tight and wet pussy as she
turns around with her tanned and sexily rounded ass facing him and eases her
snatch down onto his rod, leaning over her own desk with her hands resting on
it, her own legs resting back on the same chair so she's in an inventive,
doggy-style like position. It allows her to rock her body back and forth
towards his shaft, sliding it in and out of her snatch as she looks back over
her shoulder at him, smiling as she moans and takes his thick rod deep, and
that grin widens when he moves his hands up to run across her ass cheeks to
squeeze them as she rides him.

However the sudden spank delivered to her booty makes her gasp before her
hips are gripped and now she's getting pumped sharply and swiftly once again,
even as she moves herself back towards the hunky and talented FCW Superstar,
her teeth clenched in frustration that she's not in control but her own
desire making her carry on as she can't deny the increased pleasure she now
feels when he works his dick in time with her own firm motion. Groaning
himself, the man now once again balls deep inside FCW's General Manager
groans and grunts as he puts in plenty of intense effort into giving it to
her, watching her juicy butt cheeks jiggle when his crotch collides into her
ass when she pushes it back sharply against him so the smack of skin meeting
sweat-covered skin rings out inside the office they're fucking in.

As the beautiful and enterprising Manhasset, New York born stunner continues
to move her curvy and tanned frame back and forth in time with the thrusts of
the hunk hammering into her from behind, her nicely sized and perfectly
rounded breasts sway in time with her body's rocking motion, hanging down as
she keeps herself held up over her own G.M. Desk and works her hips up and
down sharply against the seated man with his shaft deep in her snatch. While
many a woman would struggle to handle every inch of such a fat and lengthy
piece of man meat, to her credit she's taking it all and able to give it back
as well, moving her ass right back to meet him and smack it into the muscular
waist of the current FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion as he rams his member
completely deep into her still tight but soaking wet snatch each time he
sends his rod right into her love tunnel.

Intense and fired-up as he always is in the ring, the former ROH World
Champion is just as able to deliver the same when it comes to a test of a
sexual nature, sweating now as he moans but looking clearly able for plenty
more as he grips the hips of the babe on his lap and keeps on banging her
with a fast and hard pace that keeps his balls smacking up into her when she
drops down into him. Neither feels any sting of pain as the desire fuels both
on to continue fucking, but not in the way the former Lingerie Football
League player wants as she's not dominating the pace even with her on top of
him as she rocks back and forth over her office desk and moaning with each
motion she takes or makes herself.

Sweat now covers the beautiful face of the FCW General Manager as she feels
her arms becoming weaker and her pushes backward against the man sending his
long and thick dick rapidly and with force in and out of her wet pussy
noticeably mistimed and not as strong as earlier on, clear signs that this
hot and heavy pace is taking its toll on the gorgeous blond. Her breasts
continue to sway back and forth as they hang down, now more due to her body
jolting sharply forward when the native of Davenport, Iowa slams his cock
right up into her snug but very wet snatch to keep them both moaning but with
a big grin on his handsome and rugged facial features as he knows he's got
full control of the situation despite her obvious planned seduction of him
here in her own office.

The final proof that her scheme has failed comes when she lets out a loud,
sudden moan with her head tilted back and her eyes closed as Summer Rae
starts to cum hard over the thrusting dick of Seth Rollins, her pussy
tightening right around the long cock that keeps on driving up into her to
force her to ride out all the waves of pleasure that travel through her body.
Juices flow out of her snatch, all over his rod and crotch to make him groan
but he keeps his control to continue pumping into her as she gasps and moans
before finally coming to a rest on his lap, licking her lips with a sly smile
as she opens her eyes to look back at the man who'd brought her such a
powerful sexual high and is now pulling his still rock hard cock out of her

"Well... I think that... You've now seen the benefits of doing things my
way..." Rae says, still recovering as she rests down on her own desk still.

"You're still trying to feed me lines?" Seth smirks as he stands up, pushing
her forward so she's laying chest-down on the desk. "Honestly? You were
decent, but I've had way better around here... And I'm not even finished
yet!" He adds as he steps forward towards her but pauses, seeing his FCW
championship placed beside her still.

"Decent??" Summer glares back, forgetting to keep up her own act as she's
outraged by the insult. "You're calling me decent after all of that??"

"Yeah, you were OK at best..." Rollins smiles at her change of tone as she
picks up his title and places it onto her back right above her gorgeously
rounded backside. "I mean, against the likes of AJ, Kaitlyn, Aksana, and
Maxine who've passed through here? You don't come close yet... But this might
give you a taste of what you need to really impress around here..."

Still in a daze from her orgasm, the worn-out and sweat-soaked blond can't
respond in time as the FCW Superstar who'd just made her hit a sexual peak
unlike anything she's felt before spreads her nicely juicy ass cheeks apart,
lining his dick up with the entrance to her other lower hole before pushing
forward into it with a firm thrust and a deep groan. Her eyes shoot wide with
a low groan escaping as her hands grip the edge of the desk she's bent over
and is now getting taken up the ass, feeling his huge dick sliding in and out
through her asshole that's gripping the invading shaft, a clear show that her
back passage is even tighter than her snatch was but it's not stopping him
from grunting as her works himself into her.

Moaning out now, the reigning FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion pumps his
length into her thick and sexy booty, watching her cheeks shake when he
pushes into her and fits his inches deep into her backside as his prized
title belt rests on top of her just above her butt, a further humiliation for
her as he openly enjoys this sexual domination of his own boss in her own
office as well as the feeling of tightness all around his shaft. With only
her own pussy juices that are coating his length acting as a lubricant, it's
no surprise he's having to put in more effort to forcing his tool deeper into
her ass as he grunts and sweats, showing his intensity as he won't be denied
even as it makes the woman on the receiving end of this gasp and grit her
teeth together as her ass gets hammered with a series of stiff and quickening

With her face turned to the side to rest down on her own desk and her breasts
pinned down and grinding against the smooth surface, her tanned and perfectly
curved body is yet again jolting roughly forward each time the talented stud
behind her sends his fat and long dick sharply into her, filling her booty up
with his man meat as he moans out in lust. Despite her having no control over
this position, it's impressive that she's able to take so much of him and at
such a pace, still thinking somewhat straight whereas a normal woman would be
left unable to walk straight for days, let alone still conscious at this
point as the grunting and groaning beauty currently is, unable to do anything
else but just gaze back at the man having his way with her backside like it's
his own property.

Jiggling erotically, the smoothly rounded and juicy ass cheeks of the FCW
General Manager are made to shake each time the Superstar stood behind her
fires his length deep into her asshole and his muscular and toned waist
collides with her butt, the smack of skin meeting skin sounding out to mix
with their groans of pleasure as this hard and intense anal sex continues on.
Even this top-notch feeling of tightness all around his starting to throb
cock as he moves it back and forth into her ass isn't enough for the former
Tyler Black with his championship belt resting across her lower back above
the very booty he's slamming into, as he reaches forward to grab a handful of
her long blond hair, pulling her head back to make her groan again as he
hammers his shaft in and out of her back passage.

In a blurry, passion-fueled state, the eyes of the former Lingerie Football
League player for the Chicago Bliss team are almost rolled into the back of
her head as her hair is roughly pulled and her ass takes the hardest fucking
she's ever experienced as every inch is stuffed deep into her booty, her
breasts still rubbing against her own office desk she's being banged on as
she's remains bent over on it. It's a sight alone that would send a red
blooded man blowing a load in a second as she pants for breath and her ass
cheeks shake when the first ever FCW 15 Champion slams his entire pulsating
cock into her back passage and only pulls a couple of inches back out so he
can quickly drive back into her with his crotch smacking hard into her butt
with a loud slap each and every time he does so.

Thankfully for her, she only has to take a few more pumps into her tight back
passage before with a grunt he pulls out of her asshole, letting go of her
hair in order to grip his dick and after a couple of strokes Seth Rollins
starts to spray his cum all across the juicy ass of Summer Rae, his FCW
Florida Heavyweight Championship still resting above her backside as the
first stream of thick and warm jizz lands across her butt cheeks. He moans
out with a big smile, jerking every last drop of spunk out of his long and
thick cock, coating both her smoothly rounded and tanned ass cheeks with his
seed, a large load splashed down onto her booty as she groans from the
sensation, staying bent over her own desk as the FCW General Manager has
taken his cock in all of her holes and now has been left a sweating mess with
a cum-covered ass in her own office.

"Not... Not too bad "Boss"..." Seth states with a smirk as he lets go of his
now spent cock, stepping away and now moving around the desk, picking up his
T-shirt and putting it back on. "Not quite on a Cortez or Paige level, but
with some practice you might get there..." He adds with a smirk, taking his
title belt off of her and putting back on his shoulder.

"You... You certainly are championship worthy..." Summer manages to gasp out
as she gazes up at him as he gets dressed, still tired out from the intense
fucking she's taken from him. "But this isn't done yet Seth... I'm still your
boss, and the General Manager of FCW..."

"I get that, but it's like I said before... I'm not up for sale, and I'm not
getting manipulated by you, or anyone else." Rollins states, doing the belt
up of his jeans. "It didn't work when Maxine tried it on me, and it didn't
work here. I'm loyal to the fans, and to myself. That's why I'm the FCW
Florida Heavyweight Champion."

"You misunderstand me again Seth..." Rae gets a smile on her face as she
looks him over and pushes herself up from her desk. "When I say we're not
done... I mean this won't be our first meeting like this..." She licks her
lips as a seductive look comes across her face. "Because I always get what I
want, just like when I became General Manager here... So expect another
meeting just likethis one pretty soon, and you'll see how enterprising I can
be... Especially when you're as intense like you were just now..."

With a smirk, Seth adjusts his title on his shoulder as he gives her a nod.
"With thinking like that... You'll fit in just fine with the rest of the
women around here... Because trust me, that's not the first time a FCW Diva
has said to me... And I never get tired of hearing it..."

* * *

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