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Internet History: Vince's Favorite Site
by WOWButtLover (

Stephanie McMahon sat on a black leather sofa which was in the middle of the
McMahon living room of the McMahon's house.

"There's nothin' fuckin' on." Stephanie kept flipping the channel on the big
screen TV.

"Fuck it!" Steph tossed the remote to the other side of the sofa. Stephanie
began to think of something to do. The sexy princess was alone in the large
house for the rest of the of her family were working. She wore a nightgown
that stopped an inch above her knees, Steph wrapped her hair around her

Minutes later Stephanie got up and ran up the stairs to her room (which was
mainly pink) and sat at her desk. Stephanie then pressed the power button on
her laptop computer...nothing happened.

"Fuck!" Steph yelled. Seconds later Steph left her room and went down the
hall and into her father's office. She sat in the big leather chair behind
the desk and turned on her father's computer. A box popped up and asked for
the password.

"Fuck!" She yelled. "I'll give it a few tries." Steph said to herself. She
typed the obvious password. WWE, wrong password. wweisthebest, wrong. One
last try...Vinniemac? The homepage opened.

"Of course." Stephanie said to herself. She then clicked the explorer icon,
the homepage loaded. She sat there not knowing what to look up for a few

"Wonder what dad looks at?" Steph asked herself. She clicked on the page
drop-down tab at the side of the address bar. There was only one site on the
list...""---She clicked on it. The page loaded and when it did
she gasped. She read the title. "Women of Wrestling Erotic Fiction Archive."

She then smiled. "Damn horny old man." Steph understood that her father was
a man and that he would look this stuff up, hell she would too.

She started to x the page out but then she saw a highlighted tab. The
highlight meant that Vince had clicked on it. A sly smile came across her
face. She felt dirty like She was reading a diary or something. "It won't
hurt to look." She clicked the highlighted tab. It brought up the A's to
the D's. She scrolled down the page seeing her name under most of the
title's. She wanted to check those out after she saw what daddy was reading.
She finally spotted a highlighted one.

It read "An Ass Tale:Dawn/Vince."----"I bet that's non-fiction." She then
went down and saw another highlighted one and she froze, her heart stopped.
She didn't know what to think. The title was "An Ass Tale: Dawn
Marie/Stephanie/Vince." Below the title it said "Featuring Stephanie Mcmahon
& Dawn Marie."

She couldn't even move a inch for two minutes. Tons of thoughts went through
her head. This is sick, I can't believe him. Why would he read this?

"I have to see this." Stephanie said in disgust. She clicked the title, the
page loaded. She then began to read the story... She got to a part where she
looked over Dawn's shoulder at her father and then she read as her character
began to seduce her father, the writer made multiple comments on her sly,
sexy smile and her ability to seduce people almost to orgasm. And even though
Steph thought that the writer wasn't really that good, she had to admit that
he/she made her very seductive and that the writer made the reader understand
how Dawn got wet just by watching Steph- Wait a second, Stephanie shouldn't
be judging the story. She should be thinking about her father reading this
and how it made her sick. But She was compelled to continue reading and
infact she was waiting to read about the sex. Despite the situation
Stephanie's cunt was becoming moist and to her own surprise she welcomed it.
(Come right in moist cunt.)

The part in the story where Stephanie tipped the cum filled condom into her
mouth is when Stephanie slipped her hand down the front of her panties. Her
middle finger slid into her bald cunt and became submerged in cunt juice. She
began to stroke her pinky sized clit with long and great strokes. She now
read about her character kissing the tip of her father's cock, telling him
she likes it raw.

She was amazed at how accurate the story was, from the fact that she would
fuck Dawn if something like this happened, to the size of her ass, to the
fact that she did "Like it raw." and... and what? Maybe even down to the
fact that if this story did take place or rather if these events were to
happen in real life then they would play out just as the writer had written.
She slid her index finger into her cunt and vigorously petted her clitoris.
Her breathe's got deeper and her body twitched every couple of seconds. Steph
was fingering her cunt like a cat would scratch it's ear. The story was about
to end, she didn't want it to end.

"You nasty ass." Steph said to herself. In the story Vince had his cock up
her ass and began to pump her ass. "uggghhhhhh." Stephanie moaned loudly. She
felt an orgasm nere, normally she would be harder to make cum but this story
did it for her. If she were told that a incest sex story involving her and
her father would make her cum half an hour age, she would be disgusted and
wouldn't believe that a story could make someone cum, much more her. She
would laugh. But nonetheless as she read the last line, she spilled juice all
over her hand. Juice leaked out of her cunt and onto the carpet. The writer
had left his e-mail at the end for comments on the story.

Twenty minutes later Stephanie e-mailed him (She figured it was a he) with a
newly created e-mail address and told him how much she liked the story and
asked him if he would write another one. If the writer had responded to the
e-mail then he would of been having a conversation with Stephanie Mcmahon, he
may have even talked sex with her but the writer never answered back...


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