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Interrogation Part 1
by Charlie (

Here I am sitting in Police station I'd been picked by Officer Amy "Lita"
Dumas I sit their waiting to know what I've done wrong, then Officer Dumas
enters the room, walks towards the table and slightly leans over it. As I
look at her as my eyes move further down as I could see the top 3 buttons
weren't done up and you could see her bra and boobs.

LITA: Stand up please.

CHARLIE: What for?

LITA: I have to frisk you, so stand up.

So I stand up as asked Lita walks around behind me and says...

LITA: Put your hands on the table.

As I do, Lita then frisks me like she said she would, her hands start at
my shoulders she took her time to move them down my back, then moves them
to the front feeling my chest and stomach, as I could feel her body leaning
on mine as she frisked me. Then her hands on the side of my legs, and she
slowly goes down once she reached my ankles, she moves her hands on the
inside and slowly brings her hands up my legs, when she came to my groin
she brings her hands to the back and grabs hold of both my ass cheeks. She
kept squeezing them for a bit then, she thought she felt something at the
front so Lita gets both hands and feels my groin I knew what she was doing
feeling up my hard cock as I felt it was going to explode out of my pants,
then Detective Torrie Wilson enters.

TORRIE: Well officer Dumas what do you think?

LITA: I'm not sure.

TORRIE: Well Charlie your gonna have to remove all your clothes.

CHARLIE: All of my clothes?

TORRIE: Down to your bare ass boy, now strip.

So I start to remove my clothes as I notice both officers were enjoying
themselves watching me as I take my clothes off, when I finished I stood
their naked as they both look at me, As Torrie kept staring at my cock.

TORRIE: That's one huge cock you got their Charlie.

Lita then from behind turns me around facing her, she then pushes onto the
table and she sits down and takes hold of my cock slowly stroking it, then
swallows it then Torrie gets behind Lita and starts to remove her clothes,
while she sucks on my hard cock. As I watch and enjoy Lita swallowing my
hard rod as Torrie strips her of her clothes and feels her up by squeezing
her breasts, then Torrie gets Lita to stand up then she begins to pull her
pants then her sexy thong off her firm ass. Once Lita was butt naked Torrie

TORRIE: How is it?

LITA: Well it's big and ROCK HARD.

From their Torrie began to deep throat my cock, as Lita then strips Torrie
of her clothing as I'm still sitting on the table watching them, once Torrie
was naked Lita then pulls out a pair of hand cuffs as they both pull me off
the table and sit me down in the chair. Lita then brings both my hands behind
me then cuffs me, as Torrie slowly sits on top of me with my cock standing
high like a Space Rocket ready to take off, as Torrie lowers her self on top
of my cock as her hands on my shoulders she starts to thrust back and forth
riding me. Moaning...


As Torrie keeps thrusting her body back and forth I could feel Lita's tongue
licking my hard balls, licking them as if it were ice cream, then a while
later Torrie stops and stand up jumps on the table as Lita uncuffs me and

LITA: Bring your hands forward.

So I do as Lita then pulls me closer and turns around rubbing her sweet
ass cheeks against my cock, as she leans over the table I slowly let my
rod penetrate her sweet hole as I do she does the cuffs up. With my hands
together on her body as I drive my cock hard up her hole she then eats
Torrie's pussy out as I fuck her up the ass.


Then Lita undoes the cuffs and drops them to the floor as she gets me to move
back, she then turns around pulls my cock closer to be inside of her as I
lean over her inserting it in her legs wrapped around my waist as Torrie
watches over me fucking Lita on the table. So since I'm on top I hold her
hands down thenstuck my tongue in her mouth as I kept sticking my hard rod
deeper inside her her moans got louder.


Then I could feel that I was about to come then I pull my cock out, then
Torrie comes in grabbing my cock and pulls it hard and fast shooting my load
of cum all over Lita's body, once I had finished Lita then holds my cock
against her pussy rubbing it, as Torrie leans over and licks up every ounce
of my cream off Lita's body. Once Torrie had tasted my sweet cream she grabs
my head and says...

TORRIE: Now I want that rock hard cock of yours up my hole.

So Lita gets off the table, as Torrie comes in leans over the table again
another nice ass rubbed up against my cock as I hold it spanking it lightly
on her ass then I slowly let it inside her hole as I hold her tits then
sliding one of my hands down her body as I kept driving my cock up her ass.


As I kept fucking Torrie I noticed that it got so intense that she was
holding the table as I kept ramming my rod up her ass, then again I pull my
cock out of her ass, then Lita comes in grabs my cock and strokes it as my
load ended up on Torrie's ass then as Lita kept stroking my cock she then
returns the favour to Torrie by licking up my cream off her body. Torrie
then turns around and kisses me as Lita got down on her knees as she gives
both Torrie and I hand jobs, then later I was told to get dressed as too did
Torrie and Lita then Torrie slaps the cuffs back on me ,then I get escorted
out as Officer Stratus takes me down to the holding cell. As officer Stratus
removes my hand cuffs and locks my cell door she says...

TRISH: I'll be back for you later


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