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Interrogation Part 3: The Captain
by Charlie (

After waiting in my cell an officer orders me to get up as I do so.

CHARLIE: Yes officer?

RENA: That's Sergeant Mero, now follow me.

As I walk behind her as Sergeant Mero leads me to the Captain's office, I
then enter the office of Captain Garcia. As I walk in their she is sitting
behind her desk with her feet up on the table.

LILIAN: Please sit down.

CHARLIE: Excuse me Captain am I under arrest or what? Cause I've been held
here and for what reasons? I mean if I'm under arrest shouldn't I had my
rights explained?

The Captain stands quickly as she then walks up to me with her legs apart and
leans towards me and says...

LILIAN: Yes, your under arrest. You have the right to remain silent, so I'll
make you scream like hell sweetie. Anything I say you do cause I'm the law
right now. You have the right for an attorney, but as of now you won't be
needing one.

So I did as instructed I leaned over the Captain's desk then all of a sudden
she's frisking me, with her hands on the back of my shoulders. Her hands
slowly working her way down all over my muscular back, then moving them to
the front again her hands moving very slowly but hey I'm not gonna argue with
the law. Then she finishes after feeling me all over making me feel so horny.

LILIAN: I'm not sure, your gonna have to lose your clothes.

So I was about to strip then she rip right into me taking off my clothes like
there's no tomorrow, she then turns me around with my cock semi hard as she
looks at me.

LILIAN: Just as I thought (looking down at my cock), your packing. I'll have
to examine it.

She then drops down on her knees her left hand holding my hard tool as she
licks my balls sucking on them making feel a little wet then she slowly moves
onto my hard cannon licking it all over. As she gently swallows then slowly
comes up her tongue pressed up against my shaft, swallowing it making it wet
all over, with my hand on the back of her head Lilian kept going, then...

LILIAN: Get on the table.

So I wipe everything off her desk and lay down on the desk as ordered she
walks around until her pussy is in front of my face. She then mounts herself
on top of me with her dry pussy in my face as she resume sucking my cannon.
Then we rolled to one side in the 69er as we kept going until we came then
moments later Lilian came, her juice came around my face as I licked her
sweet juice up every last drop of it, then she pulls my cock out of her

LILIAN: I wanna ride this cannon and I wanna feel it's firepower.

Lilian then turns around and remounts her self on top of me, with my hard on
inside of her, as her hips start to move back and fourth, as I held her tight
ass cheeks, feeling her tits up against my body feeling my self going deep
inside of her, her hands on the table slightly elevating her upper body above
me, teasing me as she keeps riding me, with breasts bouncing up and down as
she rides me like a wild bull at a rodeo.


Then as she keeps on riding me moving faster and faster, she rode me so fast
I thought I was gonna shoot a huge load, but just as I thought I was gonna
come she stops falling on top of me. Her head next to mine as her she looks
at me kissing me then says...

LILIAN: Now I want the big cock of yours to ride my ass nice and hard.

Lilian let's me stand behind her with her right leg on the desk, she licks
her hole again as I slide right inside of her taking hold of her hips. I
start off slowly gently easing myself inside her gently moaning as I take
my time, then I start building the momentum for I was sticking it hard to
her tight little ass, for I could hear me slapping her body as I got deeper.
The faster I went the louder her orgasms got.


Then I reached up to grab hold of her tit fuck it was hard so I kept going
as I kept going faster and faster I could feel it deep, everytime I went
deeper her moans were loud so I kept going fucking her nice ass hard and fast
as she ordered. Then I knew I was gonna burst a huge load as I pulled it out
Lilian rolls onto her back legs wide open as I jerked off my load all over
her smooth skin body as she felt my warm load landing on her. She then took
hold of my cannon and jerked off the rest as I exploded all over her pussy,
bot I was so tired I thought I was gonna faint after having two long hard
fucking threesomes and now the Captain.

LILIAN: Boy I felt the power of your cannon baby, and it's power, well I'll
be in touch.

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