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Interrogation Part 5 - Internal Affairs
A Fictional story by Charlie

After being under house arrest by Sgt Mero & Constable Stratus the next night
a knock on my door, so I answer it their stands 2 women Stephanie and Dawn

STEPHANIE: Excuse me, are you Charlie?

CHARLIE: Why yes, ma'me.

STEPHANIE: I'm Detective Seargent McMahon and this is my partner Dawn Marie,
Were with Internal Affairs and we need you to come with us please

So I hop in the car with the 2 officers both wearing black mini skirts,
sleeve less tops and a lady's jacket. As we arrive at the station they lead
me into the Interrogation Room their waiting was a women

DAWN MARIE: Please sit down

I turn to the women next to me.

CHARLIE: Who are you?

VICTORIA: My name is Victoria, I'm your Lawyer, I'm here to represent you
since your here with IA, I'm here that your rights aren't Violated

STEPHANIE: Now Charlie I'm gonna ask you some questions regarding officers
from the 69th Precinct and how they may have treated you?

I notice that Dawn Marie has shut the blinds and locked the door as she then
comes and joins us at the table. After hearing the question I started to
have flash backs to how I was treated. First I had Amy and Torrie in the
Interrogation Room then screwed the cell guards Kimberly and Rebecca then
fucked the Captain in her office and had another threesome with the Seargent
Rena Mero and Constable Trish Stratus.

STEPHANIE: Excuse me Charlie, Are you ok?

CHARLIE: Yes, I'm fine

DAWN MARIE: Now tells us about the 69th Precinct.

All I could do was stare at Stephanie and Dawn Marie.

VICTORIA: Well as your Lawyer and from the rumours I heard maybe I'll refresh
your memory.

Victoria takes both my arms behind the chair with handcuffs in her hands
cuffing me as if she's a cop, then stands over me and slowly sits down on
my lap rubbing herself against my groin. Which made my cock hard, she then
removes her jacket then her blouse with no bra on, then stands pulling her
skirt up revealing her bald pussy. Pretty much giving me a lap dance, as
she rubs her naked body against me but very slowly, then both Stephanie and
Dawn come over they to began to strip each other one item at a time. Once
all 3 of them had lost everything they took turns dancing all over me each
of them giving me a lap dance rubbing me all over with their bodies each of
them stuffing my face in their tits wiggling them in my face. Then Dawn
takes off the cuffs as Stephanie throws me on the table as Victoria goes
straight for my pants taking dropping them to my feet as I lie back on the
table. With my cock up and ready for action they all start to lick me all
over from the head to my balls, 3 tongues on my cock.


Fuck it felt so great I honestly thought I was gonna blow a load, so Victoria
kneels over me ordering me to eat her pussy as she lowers herself over my
head. I hold her thighs as I began to taste her, my hands going up her body
to her hips then up to her breasts. Her head leans back as she moans.


Both Steph and Dawn kept double teaming my dick, suck and stroke, then
Victoria let's me up as I stand, I take Dawn as she lies on the table legs
open ready for my entry, I take hold of my wet cock as I spank her pussy
teasing her.


So I slowly go inside of her holding her hips as I slowly go in and out of
her, as she holds her tits as I fuck her, her thighs rubbed against my waist
as she crosses her ankles wrapping her smooth legs around me.


While doing Dawn Steph comes over Dawn for her to eat Steph out facing me,
so I'm fucking Dawn, Dawn eats Stephanie and I kissing Stephanie's tits, then
Victoria comes in pulling my head back then plants one on me. While Victoria
stuck her tongue down my mouth both Dawn and Stephanie finger Victoria, while
I feel up Stephanie's huge tit. Then I picked up the pace pounding Dawn's
pussy hard and fast, so fast het tits kept bouncing back and fourth then
suddenly I stop.

CHARLIE: Hey Dawn roll over cause I wanna see your ass.

So Dawn rolls over, I kneel down a bit licking her thighs working my way to
her wet hole then I take it penetrating her hole. Holding her hard ass cheeks
as I began to ride her ass hard, my hands going up her body first her hips,
then her breasts as I squeeze them tight then I could feel it.

CHARLIE: Baby I'm cumming!

I pull my cock out as Dawn quickly turns around flat on her back mouth opened
underneath my dick as she pumps every drop of my load landing all over her
mouth. Some dripping off her lips some landed on her tits, once it all came
Dawn still holding my cock gently stroking it lying their as both Stephanie
and Victoria do the clean up licking my load off Dawn's face, lips and
breasts. Then Victoria tells me.

VICTORIA: My turn.

First of all both dawn and Victoria licks my cock again making it rock hard,
then they began stroking it keeping it hard as Victoria then licking her
fingers making herself wet. Then sits me down on the chair, as she stands
over me coming down with my dick going inside of her arms around my head her
body slowly rocking back and fourth my hands on her ass supporting her
movement. Then her hands on my shoulders as she leans back still going.


Victoria's tits bouncing up and down, my hands holding her ass, Stephanie and
Dawn lie on the table watching Me and Victoria. Victoria then stops all of a
sudden as she then gets on the floor on all fours, her right hand playing
with her wet pussy inviting me to take her from behind. So I get behind her
on the floor, my hands on her hips as I go in through the back.


Both my hands run up her smooth body squeezing her breasts, my balls pounding
her as I keep fucking her up her ass, Victoria moans out to me.


So as I keep taking Victoria from behind both Dawn and Stephanie joins us
on the floor both on all fours slowly crawling towards me then I feel it. I
pull my tool out and stroke the hell out of it as I fired my load all over
Victoria's ass cheeks like she asked.


My load landed all over Victoria's ass, some slowly drips down her cheek onto
her thighs as I finished both Dawn and Stephanie with their tongues hanging
out licked my cum off Victoria. Stephanie takes hold of my cock stroking it
gently, as she kneels staring at Dawn, they both see that they each have a
little of my cum on each others lips, they then lean in towards each other
and kissed, still with my cock in her hand I then take my right hand and
start playing with Stephanie's pussy, as I too take my left and do the same
to Dawn's. Victoria then turns around lying flat on her back looks up and
sees my balls, then sticks her tongue out and licks them like a lollipop,
Stephanie looks at me.

STEPHANIE: Now it's my turn.

Stephanie sits on the chair legs open playing with herself as I crawl on my
knees, kneeling in front of her as I take my tongue slowly licking her all
around her pussy. Her thighs resting on my shoulders, her right hand
squeezing her right boob, as her left hand runs through my hair holding my
head close to her pussy. As I lick her clit while my index finger pokes her
in and out.


As I still keep eating her my hands run up her smooth curve body when I
reach her huge tits, squeezing them her right hand holding mine. Then all of
a sudden Victoria still stroking my cock and sucking on my balls, the fact
is the reason she's sucking so hard is a reaction of having Dawn eating out
Victoria. So their we are 3 headjobs at once, Stephanie takes my right hand
to her mouth, then takes a finger and slowly swallows it as if it were my
cock in her mouth. Then I get up as I stand Stephanie takes hold of my cannon
as she pulls me in closer as I sit down in front of her, she then inserts me
inside of her.


So I begin to fuck like she'd ask slowly dipping my cock inside of her, her
hands grab hold of my ass pulling me in closer. Mean while Dawn pulls out a
night stick licking one end as Victoria licks the other, then Victoria still
flat on her back has Dawn insert the stick inside of her Dawn holding hard
using the wet stick to fuck Victoria. Dawn then sits down putting the other
end of the stick inside of her as she then starts to rock her body back and
fourth as they both begin to fuck the night stick together.



So here I am fucking Stephanie on the chair then she whispers in my ear.

STEPHANIE: Get on the floor.

So I lay down on the floor with my cock up like a rocket ready to take off as
Stephanie mounts herself on top with her hands on my chest as she starts to
move back and fourth. She's riding me like a horse, then her hands run down
my arms when she takes both of my hands pinning me down as she lies on top of
me fucking nice and slow. Kissing me as she kept fucking me, then all of a
sudden I roll her over onto her back with me on top as I have her pinned down
on the floor her thighs around my waist with her ankles crossed. As I go in
deep inside of her, her moans get louder, I lie on top of her kissing her
neck as I keep pounding her pussy.


Then I could feel it coming so I whip out my tool as I fired a bit of my
sweet cream on Stephanie's pussy, then I fired the rest all over her stomach,
then with the tip of my dick I wiped some on her thighs. Stephanie calls me
over so I kneel next to her head as I was still coming she quickly takes it
into her mouth swallowing the rest of my load as Victoria and Dawn joined us
Victoria went straight for Stephanie's pussy covered in my cream. Dawn then
took the rest licking it off Stephanie's tummy, Stephanie still sucking my
cock taking the very last drop of my load, with my right hand feeling
Stephanie's breast my other hand feeling Dawn's sweet ass as my hand works
it's way down to her hole, as I start to finger her while she and Victoria
continue to lick up my load off Stephanie's body. Stephanie then takes my
dick out of her mouth stroking it and looks up at me.

STEPHANIE: Well was this the kind of treatment you received from the 69th

Before I answered I looked at Dawn on my left then see Victoria on my right
with Stephanie flat on her back with my cock in her hand all I could say was.

CHARLIE: Far from it.

DAWN: Well looks like our job here is done.

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