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Invasion Part 1: Bra and Panties
by Innovator of Awesomeness

Trish leans in, gently brushing her ruby red lips against Lita's open
mouth. Passionately, the two engage in a meaningful kiss, their hands roaming
across each unique curve of their bodies. Trish pulls away first, gasping for
air. She smiles at her redheaded vixen, continuing to rub her hands down the
back of Lita's cargo pants. Lita fills her mind with sheer lust as she gazes
upon Trish's frame: perfect doll-face, perky breasts contained inside a
flimsy red silk bra, and tight leather pants that revealed the evidence of
matching thong panties. This perfect girl, Lita thought, was straddled on her
lap, kissing her on the lips and in the process, waving her firm breasts like
pendulums in front of Lita's parted lips. This was indeed heaven.

Lita grabs the hem of her fishnet shirt and pulls it up to her chest.
Trish accepts the open invitation, lifting the shirt above Lita's head and
tossing it on the floor, next to Trish's ripped shirt. Trish marvels at
Lita's chest-restrained by a neon green bra-for mere seconds. Immediately
thereafter, like a starving animal, she engorges herself in Lita's
near-perfect breasts. She pushes the green material down, revealing Lita's
tanned and extremely aroused nipple. Lita, all the while, is furiously
digging behind her back, attempting to unlatch her bra and allow Trish full
admission. As she hears the click of her bra strap, Lita also overhears the
sound of a door opening, then suddenly closing. She looks up, over Trish's
lowered head, and shrieks in horror.

"Matt... Jeff..." she stutters. "What are you two doing hereț and what
are you doing... with them?!"

Lita points to Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson, who step into the room
from behind the Hardy Boyz. Torrie wraps her arm around Jeff's, patting him
on the stomach with her hand. Stacy does the same. Each woman is dressed in
their attire from the "Bra and Panties" match that had just taken place, but
the obvious "hanky panky" is evident. Torrie's "Cowboys" printed T-shirt is
pulled and tied into a knot above her abdomen and her spandex pants are
slightly lowered to reveal the white thong encasing her firm butt.
Apparently, Stacy is less concerned about her looks. Her tiger stripped
shirt is completely open, exposing a pair of perky breasts restrained inside
a light green bra. Her spandex pants are down to the middle of her butt,
displaying matching thong panties as well.

"Perhaps I should be asking the same question," Matt fires back, motioning
toward Trish. She lifts her head up and glances back. Trish rises from Lita's
mid-section and stands next to the leather couch that the two had been
sitting on, planting her hands on her curvy hips.

"Matt, I can explainț" Lita retaliates. "You see... Trish... um... she..."

"I'm giving it to Lita better than you," Trish interrupts. "Face it, Matt,
this is a woman's job. Lita hasn't been satisfied with youț and obviously,
she feels she is satisfied with me."

"Good," Stacy interjects, "because Matt wasn't satisfied either. You know,
the women of WCW are MUCH better at satisfying men. It appears the WWF Divas
can only satisfy members of the same sex. Typical."

"And what is THAT supposed to mean?" Lita questions, rising up next to

"Exactly what she said," Torrie chimes in. "WWF Divas can satisfy
women... and only women. We can please men, especially the Hardy Boys. You
two wouldn't know a thing about pleasing these men."

"You want to stand behind that statement?" Trish steps forward. Torrie
and Stacy nod. "Let's have a little contest. We both please the Hardy
Boys - orally, of course - and whoever does it better, wins. It's that

"Sounds great," Matt responds, unzipping his black jeans. "Come on, let's

Matt and Jeff lower their jeans and take their place on the leather couch.
Eagerly, the two wait for Torrie and Stacy to formally accept the challenge.
Torrie glances over at Jeff and smiles. To her, he looked absolutely
marvelous in his fishnet long-sleeved t-shirt and silk boxer shorts, as did
Matt Hardy.

"I'm in," she announces, nudging Stacy. "What about you?"

Stacy takes a moment to glance over the Hardy Boys. She had to admit,
even though she was attracted to Matt Hardy, Jeff looked just as fine as his
brother. Besides, she hadn't had the chance to come near or even see Matt's
cock as the two were merely kissing in the hallway. Matt suggested that the
four-some retire back to their locker room, and of course, Lita and Trish
were waiting. Lita and Trish were the reason that she wasn't able to go all
the way with Matt, and she isn't about to stand back and allow those two to
intrude further.

"Gladly," she accepts, strutting over to Matt Hardy. Torrie Wilson follows
her lead, walking over to Jeff.

Trish and Lita stand back-arm-and-arm-watching the two WCW ladies during
their performance. Torrie and Stacy drop to their knees simultaneously, their
faces filled with lustful snarls. Matt and Jeff are in awe, lacing their arms
behind their heads. Each man watches as their lady flashes them a quick
smile, then reaches for their boxer shorts.

Stacy peels down the front of Matt's boxers, slowly unraveling his package
like just that, a package. She thrusts his satin coverings over his knees and
sends them falling to the floor. Matt glances down, admiring his blonde
beauty as she gazes at his hard-on. She bends forward, extending her tongue
toward the prick. Her tongue grazes the underside of Matt's testicles,
advancing upward in one solid stroke. Stacy guides her tongue up the side of
Matt's shaft, coming to a final halt at the tip. Matt's body quivers as
Stacy's cold and slick tongue circles around his head, imprinting a saliva
trail on the pale skin. Stacy retracts her tongue, but not before running it
along her bottom lip. Beads of sweat drip from Matt's brow, running over his
nose and falling upon his saliva-laden cock. Stacy uses his sweat as a
lubricant, rubbing her left hand over the tip of his penis. She makes small
twisting motions with her hand, working down toward the base of Matt's cock.
Stacy wraps both of her hands around the base of Matt's prick, using it as
a post as she lowers her head. Her satin red lips part, devouring the cock
in one foul swoop. She works her mouth up and down, her nose poking into his
thick pubic hair. Gradually, she scales the prick, coming to a close around
his purple head. Stacy sucks on the head of Matt's cock for moments,
capturing the pre-cum that has emitted from his slit. She licks Matt's entire
shaft one final time before permanently retracting her tongue and flashing
him a sexy smile.

Torrie Wilson, on the other end of the couch, takes a less delayed
approach to the situation at hand. Immediately, she tears through the boxers,
ripping the satin down the middle and revealing Jeff's hard pecker. Jeff
motions to speak with his temporary slut-most likely to scold her for tearing
his boxers -- but she reaches for the hem of her T-shirt and Hardy retracts
his thoughts. He watches inquisitively as Torrie lifts her shirt over her
head and tosses it aside. She kneels in a white bra, bending forward to
allow Hardy to get a glimpse of her cleavage. Jeff positions himself more
comfortably, resulting in a better view of Torrie's bulging rack. Torrie
wraps her delicate fingers around the base of Jeff's tool and slowly pumps
her fist up and down. With her free hand, the blonde bombshell reaches behind
her back and unclasps her bra strap.

Her bra plummets to the floor, uncovering her magnificent, large breasts
and hardened nipples. Jeff's now-enlarged pupils eye the topless beauty,
bringing forth a smile from the multi-colored-haired competitor. Wilson
smiles and continues to rub Jeff's penis with her left hand. She advances
her closed fist to the top of his pecker, rubbing the veins just beneath his
purple head. Torrie releases a small trace of saliva from between her lips,
spitting it onto the top of Jeff's stiff member. She thoroughly rubs the
substance over the head of his cock with the palm of her hand, and then
twists her fist down the remainder of his shaft to spread the remaining
saliva out. As she works her hand down toward the base, Torrie feeds the
slippery cock between her parted red lips. She slurps his meatstick down
without a hitch, deepthroating Jeff in mere seconds. Torrie rubs her nose
beneath Jeff's pubic hair, holding her position for what seems like minutes.
Finally, the blonde beauty slides back to the top of Jeff's prick and pops
it out of her mouth. While Torrie takes a much-needed rest, she continues
to work the stiff cock with her hands, rubbing it up and down. She pins the
slippery tool between her bulging breasts and as if on cue, Jeff bucks his
hips. Torrie pushes her breasts together and moans in delight as Jeff
rabidly tit-fucks her.

"Oh, Jeff, isn't this great?" Torrie coos.

"Yeah..." he replies, "these are great tits to fuck."

Torrie continues to flaunt a bedroom smile as Jeff bucks his hips, driving
his pecker through the small opening between the blonde's large tits. She
uncurls her tongue momentarily, licking the tip of Jeff's cock as it nears
her mouth.

"Time's up, ladies," Trish announces.

"It's our turn," Lita follows.

Torrie and Stacy sigh, rising to their feet. Once again, the two ladies
show a difference in appearance. Stacy flattens her clothing with the palms
of her hands, attempting to look halfway decent after such a smutty act.
Torrie, on the contrary, leaves her bra on the floor and struts to the back
of the room with her enormous breasts swaying freely. Trish watches Torrie's
rack with hungry eyes as she walks to Jeff Hardy. Lita gives Stacy a quick
look, and then focuses on Matt Hardy with intent in her eyes. The two ladies
position themselves at both Hardy Boys' feet and prepare to engorge

"Go ahead, ladies," Torrie says.

Trish licks her lips seductively, staring at Jeff's tool-semi-erect and
dripping with Torrie Wilson's saliva. The smell of Torrie's perfume is
absolutely overwhelming. Jeff's entire member is scented with it, but Trish's
desire still burns bright. She inhales the aroma, admiring her smell. She had
already thought Torrie was hot, but never would she have imagined that her
smell would be so intoxicating. This wasn't going to be easy.

"Let's just get this stuff off of you," Trish commands, leaning forward.

Trish takes Jeff's pole into her hands and places it to her chest.
Thoroughly, she rubs the slick member along the curves of her chest, guiding
it with her soft hands. Saliva covers Trish's red satin bra, much to her
delight. She releases her hold on Jeff and takes a moment to inhale her new
fragrance. It was definitely to her liking. Torrie's perfume and saliva now
covered Trish's bra and bare skin, and she adored it. With Jeff's cock
completely clean and her red satin bra tossed to the floor (to save for
later), it was time for war.

Trish scoops Jeff's stick into her hands and places it to her lips.
Gradually, she consumes the entire member, feeding it into her mouth. Her
tongue swirls around the tip, picking up small traces of Torrie's saliva.
Trish thought about what it would be like to kiss Torrie and swap spit with
the WCW diva, but quickly cleared her mind of such thoughts. She needed to
win this cocksucking battle. Trish scales to the top of Jeff's member and
wraps her sultry lips around its purple head. She traces small circles over
his slit wit her tongue, gobbling up his pre-cum. Then, gradually, Trish
devours his tool again. She moans as she stuffs her mouth, sending shockwaves
through Jeff's sensitive organ. In sheer passion, he releases a long moan
and grabs a handful of Trish's blonde locks.

In the far corner of the room, Torrie watches with regret as Trish
continues her assault on Jeff's prick. Jeff never screamed with such passion
as he did with Trish at his feet. And never did he grab onto Torrie's hair
to guide her. Clearly, Trish was the more talented cocksucker. But now,
watching Trish's smooth ass contract inside a pair of leather pants and the
back of her head running up and down Jeff's cock like a jackhammer, Torrie
was in awe. It didn't matter who won or lost the bet, Torrie wanted a piece
of the Canadian vixen.

Stacy was feeling the same, toward Lita. She watches instinctively as the
redhead sizes up Matt's member between her fingers, squeezing just above the
tip. Lita licks the underside of the firm prick, and then focuses her sight
on his balls. She nuzzles her face against the short pubic hair covering
Matt's testicles. He sighs in pleasure, resting his hand on the back of
Lita's head. He attempts to push her further against his balls, but Lita
refuses. She wants to taunt him first, and does so. Lita, like a cat sipping
at a saucer of milk, licks Matt's nutsac. Then, she takes them into her mouth
and nibbles slightly, grinding the skin beneath her jaws. Matt moans,
advancing his hand from the back of his lover's head to the end of his prick.
Vigorously, he rubs the end of his knob. Lita can feel his balls harden
inside her wet mouth and decides to stop her teasing. She opens her mouth
wide, stuffing his balls into her mouth.

"AMY! YES!" Matt screams in delight, continuing to rub his prick with his

Lita swirls the thick load of skin around in her mouth, running her tongue
along each pubic hair that lines Matt's testies. Between the look of sheer
ecstasy on both Hardy Boyz' faces and the view of Lita and Trish on their
knees, Stacy and Torrie Wilson can take no more.

"Stop!" Torrie yells. Trish spits out Jeff's cock and rises to her feet,

"Time is up, ladies..." Stacy continues, watching as Lita removes Matt's
testicles from her mouth, obviously disgusted.

"This is bullshit!" Trish screams, getting in Torrie's face. Their bare
breasts smash together, forming a titillating mass of skin between the two

"Uh... I..." Torrie starts. She cannot help but glance down at the naked
breasts of the smaller blonde bombshell, Trish Stratus.

"Excited, Torrie?" Trish asks suddenly, stepping back. She takes Torrie's
rock-hard nipples between her fingers. "Like it when I do this?" she
questions, tweaking her nipples. "You like this, don't you?"

Torrie nods, moaning in pleasure. Trish's fingers felt soft to the touch.
She embraces the Canadian Diva, wrapping her arms around her and pulling her
close. Trish breaks her firm hold on Torrie's breasts and the two lock lips.
Torrie can taste the entrails of Jeff's scrumptious prick on Trish's lips.
Trish rubs her hands through Torrie's soft hair, massaging the back of her
head. Her hands drift down to Torrie's shoulders, then her lower back. Torrie
reaches behind and moves Trish's hands to her firm butt. She willingly
accepts, caressing Wilson's backside as the two continue their passionate

Next to the embracing divas, Lita and Stacy stand toe-to-toe, staring
each other in the eyes. Lita smiles seductively, taking a step back. She
removes her flimsy bra and stands in front of the wide-eyed beauty with a
"come hither" look upon her face. Stacy returns the seductive grin, pressing
her lips against Lita's. For moments, the two share an embrace similar to
Torrie's and Trish's, with their hands wandering down each other's near
perfect bodies. Stacy breaks free of the kiss. Obviously, she has other
plans. She kisses the side of Lita's cheek, and then plants several kisses
along her neck. Lita lifts her head up, allowing Stacy to kiss each side of
her neck and both of her shoulders.

"Ooo... Stace, get my breasts..." Lita moans, cranking her neck to the

Stacy lifts her mouth from Lita's shoulders and smiles. She cradles both
of Lita's magnificent breasts into her hands and feeds them to her awaiting
mouth. Her breasts fit nicely in the Stacy's hands, almost like a glove.
Stacy slips Lita's left breast into her mouth and suckles like a small
infant. She takes several long strides with her open lips, and then focuses
on Lita's swelled nipples. Stacy wraps her lips around the redhead's
dime-sized nipples and gnashes them between her teeth. Lita's mouth drops
open and a moan of lust echoes throughout the room. Momentarily, Stacy
switches to Lita's right breast and repeats the same process, suckling on
the mammary and nibbling on the hardened nipple. Lita cries out, dropping
her head back.

Sitting on the couch, the Hardy Boyz are in awe. In sheer moments, four
ladies that looked to be on the verge of a battle were suddenly engaged in
sexual favors. It was like something out of a porno. In any case, neither
superstar wanted to be left out of this situation. Matt and Jeff stand and
creep up behind their respective groups.

Matt wraps his arms around Lita's waist, kissing the back of her neck.
Lita can feel Matt's semi-erect prick sliding down the crack of her ass. She
reaches down the back of Stacy's pants with one hand, caressing her smooth
thong-laden asscheeks. With her other hand, Lita reaches behind and fondles
Matt's dick. She can feel it harden beneath her touch as she smoothly jerks
him off. Matt pulls his lips from Lita's shoulders to let out a soft moan.
He stands back, marveling at the two women that stand before him. He motions
for the two to join him on the couch as he takes a seat. Stacy and Lita strut
over to Matt, wiggling their perfect bodies for him to gaze at.

"Ride him, Stace," Lita suggests, grabbing the waistband of Stacy's pants.
"That ass was definitely made for riding."

Stacy laughs coyly and, with Lita's assistance, removes of her pants. She
peels the material down her curvy hips, unveiling her rock-hard buns that she
had so adequately mentioned on television. Matt sits back, his hands locked
behind his head. He never could have even imaged that this would happen. His
girlfriend, Lita, actually indulging in sex with the woman he had secretly
seen on the side. He knew Lita was constantly horny and very open-minded, but
he hadn't even begun to imagine this scenario in his head.

Lita bends over to remove Stacy's thong, taking a moment to inhale her
scent. Stacy, meanwhile, runs her hands down Lita's arched back, creeping
into the back of her cargo pants. She cannot help but slide her fingers over
the soft material, feeling Lita's smooth flesh in-between. Lita looks up and
smiles. "You'll get to that eventually," she announces to the curious blonde.
"But right now, you have something else to do."

Lita pulls Stacy's panties to the floor and she steps out of them. Matt
extends his arms to the now bra-laden blonde, helping her as she straddles
him. Stacy swings her long, gorgeous legs around his mid-section, and then
gradually sinks down into a sitting position. Matt holds his stiff pecker
upright, lining it up with Stacy's pussy as she comes to a squatting
position. A low moan of ecstasy escapes the blonde's lips as she feels Matt's
cock graze her insides. Steadily, she gyrates her hips, attempting to get a
feel for her lover's tool. Matt bucks his hips, sending a pulsating shot of
adrenaline through Stacy's body. She rides him harder and faster, keeping a
steady rhythm with Matt's furious thrusts. He delivers several upward thrusts
with his hips, ramming his cock deeper into Stacy's insides. She matches his
powerful movements with skill, lacing her hands behind her head as she grinds
into his thrusting member.

Lita stands behind Stacy, marveling at her sexual prowess. Matt notices
Lita's idleness out of the corner of his eyes and decides to invite her into
the melee. He wraps his arms around Stacy's hips, resting his hands on her
backside. With his fingers, Matt peels open the blonde's buttcheeks and
flashes Lita her tender, contrasting butthole. Lita immediately takes the
bait. She drops to her knees and buries her face between Stacy's cheeks. Lita
dips her tongue into Stacy's puckered hole. For the first time in minutes,
the blonde bombshell loses her control and releases an echoing moan of
pleasure. She continues to ride Hardy, but not with the same rhythm she once
had. Lita gobbles on Stacy's tasty butt, licking and sucking her asshole dry.
She comes up for a short breath, but inserts an index finger into Stacy's
anus as a placeholder. Stacy arches her back and dips down further, consuming
Lita's finger beneath her spread cheeks. Vigorously, the redhead works her
finger into Stacy's butt, pumping it as though it were a cock. Stacy's head
flies back as she releases another moan.

Jeff, meanwhile, on the other side of room, decides to interject himself
in the passionate lip-lock that Trish and Torrie are engaged in. He wedges
himself between them, kissing both women in a triangular form. Jeff smooches
Torrie a few moments, then moves to Trish. Trish swaps spit with Hardy for
seconds, and then returns to kissing the other blonde bombshell of the trio.
As the three split, their delight is some what satisfied. However, as Jeff
gazes at Torrie's aching rack, he cannot help but recall the amazing time he
had just a few minutes ago, fucking her tits rapidly. Unfortunately, time
restrictions had prevented him from fully indulging himself in his fancy.
This time, however, there was no time limits.

"I need another piece of those tits," he says bluntly. Torrie smiles.

"Of course," she replies. "Stud."

Torrie sinks to the floor, gently placing her back against the carpet.
Even with her hands above her head, Torrie's breasts still looked enormous
and quite inviting. Jeff stands over Torrie's fallen body, his cock nestled
in his hand. As he sinks to his knees, he guides his semi-erect cock between
the two mountainous breasts. Torrie eagerly presses her tits together,
enclosing the expanding member between them. Gradually, Jeff rocks back and
forth, easing his cock into her mammoth mammories. Torrie remains holding
her breasts, begging for a rougher fuck.

"Fuck those tits harder!" Torrie screams.

Jeff feels his prick harden as he thrusts into her chest with vigor. His
tool bursts through her restraining breasts and reaches the tip of her soft,
parted lips. Fervently, the lovely blonde bombshell completely opens her
lips and eagerly awaits the end of her lover's pecker. Hardy, like a man on
a mission, furiously bucks his hips, driving his cock straight between
Torrie's breasts. Each thrust brings it closer to her awaiting lips. Torrie's
crafty tongue sneaks out and graciously brushes along the head of Jeff's
inching cock. Her soft touch is the spark that the multicolored-haired
superstar needed. He pounds into her chest with a sexual prowess unlike any
other. His eyes shut; his hair flies in front of his face; his heart
palpitates. Finally, within a long strain of passionate moans, Jeff burrows
his cockhead through Torrie's cleavage and quiets the blonde's moans with a
hefty mouthful of his member. She intakes his tool without a problem,
feasting down as far as her neck would let her.

Down below, Trish sits on her knees, watching inquisitively with a lustful
glare as her two friends indulge in a beautiful fuck-fest. Torrie, out of the
corner of her eye, spots Trish seated alone and unable to participate in what
was, no doubt, the best orgy that either one of them had been a part of. Jeff
notices the look in his temporary slut's eyes and turns his head to feast on
Trish's lonesomeness.

"Jeff, honey, would you mind taking a hold of my BEAUTIFUL legs?" Torrie
asks, extending her long, sexy legs. Jeff immediately hooks his arms around
the back of the blonde's knees, pinning her to the floor. He never loses
momentum and continues to thrust into Torrie's enclosed breasts.

Trish hadn't been known as a slut for the majority of her life for
nothing. She knew what Torrie Wilson's greedy intentions were from the moment
she laid her glance upon her. With the sexy blonde beauty's legs wrapped
around Jeff's muscular arms, Torrie's thong-encased backside was now the
center of attention; the crown jewel on this magnificent body, and the only
part of the Alliance diva that wasn't being occupied.

Torrie watches with a sly grin as Trish moves toward her emphasized asset.
Without a moment more of thought, Trish peels away the white panties, sliding
them to Torrie's crooked knees. A gasp escapes Trish's lungs, as she gazes
upon one of the tenderest pussies she had ever happen to come in contact
with. With her knees bent and her legs spread, Torrie's pretty pink hole was
the sparkle in Trish's baby blues. Her mouth waters with the merely the
thought of tasting that sweet morsel that sat in front of her. Trish lowers
her head slowly, almost like a sacred bow to the scrumptious snack that sits
between her former rival's thighs. She uses two fingers to pry the labial
lips open, then, with a quick flick of her tongue, samples Torrie's insides.
A startled Torrie shutters; her pussy contracts beneath Trish's gentle touch.

"Ooo... give it to me Trish... keep it up..." Torrie coos, firmly pressing
her tits against Jeff Hardy's thick tool. She continues to taste the tip of
his cock even though she had to admit, Trish's oral sex was far better.

Trish nuzzles her sweet angelic face against Torrie's blonde patch of
hair. She strides her tongue over almost each single hair, covering them
with bits of her saliva, all the while still prying her lips open with two
fingers. Sensing Torrie's upcoming release, the busty blonde vixen decides
to stop teasing her lover. Trish indulges in Torrie's sweet treat, pushing
her face to the open labial lips. Her head moves uncontrollably between
Torrie's thighs; her tongue working Wilson's insides at an even quicker

"YES! YES!" Torrie shouts, wrapping her gorgeous legs around Trish's
head. She grinds her hips against the quick flick of Trish's rough tongue.

Jeff Hardy, realizing that he, nor his member for that matter, could stand
up to the oral sex talents of the sexy Trish Stratus. His dismounts from his
sultry lover and remains on his knees, stroking his member with one hand and
Torrie's breasts with the other. Wilson's free hands clasp onto Trish's hair
immediately, pushing the blonde into her grinding hips. Trish neglects to
surface for air as she desperately attempts to bring her significant other to
an overpowering orgasm. Jeff strokes his dick with vigor, admiring the look
across Torrie Wilson's face. Her mouth was wide open; her hair was lashing
out in each direction; her eyes were glazed over; and her moaning was like
music to his ears.

Torrie can feel her hands tighten around Trish's hair as her body is
overcome with the feeling of an outstanding release. She pistons her hips in
one last time before a low, mellow moan signals her excretion. Her once
vice-like fingers curl into a soft and delicate touch as she lovingly strokes
Trish's blonde hair. Stratus continues to move between Wilson's thighs,
lapping up her released juices with long lashes of her tongue. With her eyes
closed, Trish takes one last, long, and slow stride with tongue along
Torrie's sweet, tasty insides. She lifts her head and smiles. Torrie's juices
protrude from Trish's lips as they curl into a crafty smile. Wilson tilts her
head to the side, nonchalantly pointing out Jeff's vigorous masturbation.
Together, the ladies smile.

"You loved that, didn't you, you little crafty whore?" Torrie remarks in
her sexiest tone.

"You bet I did," Trish replies. "Your pussy tasted so tender and so

Torrie and Trish giggle. Their sexy bedroom talk was obviously a ploy to
further Jeff into an orgasm.

"But I really love those great, enormous tits of yours," Trish says
sweetly. "I've had so many fantasies about lying on top of you naked-all
day-and just licking at those gorgeous beauties."

"Mmmhmmmm..." Wilson moans, pushing her tits together. "They're so great,
aren't they? Sometimes, when I'm completely alone, I'll just take them-one by
one-into my mouth and suck on them."

"OH! OH!" Jeff moans, pumping his cock furiously.

He throws his head back in a long, drawn-out moan as he releases. Streams
of milky white fluid shoot from his penis, landing between Torrie's chest.
She rubs her breasts together, spreading the substance all along the inside
of her amazing rack. Jeff watches on and continues to fist his own member,
bringing forth a second release. He shoots a second load of cum on the top
of Wilson's tits and stomach.

Trish crawls from between Torrie's legs and sprawls out across her
mid-section. Hungrily, the diva licks her partner's stomach clean, and then
turns her head to trap Jeff's throbbing cock in to her mouth. Torrie
continues to rub her tits together seductively, watching as Trish inhales
Jeff's member. Jeff releases several long strains of moans as his blonde
whore literally sucks him dry. Each drop of cum that tries to escape the tip
of his tool is immediately consumed. Torrie throws her head back in a moan
of ecstasy at the sight before her. She tweaks her nipples, rubbing each
hard areola between her fingertips.

"Please, Trish..." she begs, "help me out over here."

Trish gladly obliges, spitting out Jeff's tool and turning her head. She
is immediately received with one of Torrie's overgrown breasts and willingly
takes it into her awaiting mouth. She swirls the blonde's cream-covered tit
around in her mouth, gently lashing it with her soft, moist tongue. Her hands
remain busy, as well. Trish wraps the delicate fingers of her left hand
around Jeff's tool and furiously jerks him off. Her other hand rests firmly
on Torrie's other breast, massaging the lovely tit flesh.

From the other side of the room, a loud moan escapes the parted lips of
Stacy Keibler. She continues to gyrate her hips, grinding her pelvis into
Matt's waist. Her hands curl around her lover's neck, grabbing a double
handful of his thick, black hair. Matt delivers several hard thrusts, each
one bouncing his lighter lover higher and higher in the air. He captures
Stacy's small, bouncing breasts between his the palms of his hands and
alternately licks each one. Lita stands back, rubbing herself as she watches
her boyfriend indulge in sex with another woman.

"Oooh! Harder, Matt! Harder!" Stacy hollers, pulling Matt's hair. She
continues to bounce to the rhythm of his jolting hips despite the fatigue
that has come over her body.

Both lovers become extremely tired as their bucking hips come to slow
down. Stacy yanks harshly on Matt's stringy hair and releases an
ear-shattering scream. She rubs her hips against Matt's pelvis slowly,
grinding into his hard prick. Finally, without warning, her entire frame
is rocked with an amazing orgasm. Her head flies back and her blonde hair
lashes out uncontrollably. With another ear-piercing holler, she covers
Matt's stiff rod with her juices. Matt continues to rub Stacy's breasts
as she leans forward and rests her head on his chest.

"Not bad," Lita comments, approaching Keibler from behind. "But allow
me to show you how the WWF does things."

Lita assists Stacy in dismounting Matt Hardy. Shaken, Keibler removes
herself from the leather couch and rises to her feet. She kisses Matt on
the cheek and walks away, shaking her little butt for him. He watches in
awe, subconsciously masturbating to the site. Keibler takes a seat on the

"Matt, honey," Lita starts coyly, "let's show Stace how it's done."

Matt hesitates, and then rises to his feet. He places his hands around
Lita's hips and kisses her firmly on the lips. Seconds later, the two
disjoint from the lip lock laden in smiles. Lita turns herself, putting her
directly in the sight of the observant Stacy Keibler and turning her back
to her boyfriend. Matt pushes Lita on the small of her back, bending her at
the waist. Quite flexible, the fiery redhead leans forward to nearly the
floor, with her hands just inches from her feet. Her plump, succulent bottom
brushes against Matt's cock. Matt rests his hands atop Lita's backside,
slipping his fingers down the crack of her ass. He parts her luscious cheeks
and presses his cockhead in-between.

"OOH!" Lita suddenly cries out, shutting her eyes.

Matt places his hands on Lita's hips as he thrusts into her tight
backside. Her butt ripples as it collides with her boyfriend's stomach at
an unparallel rate. He thrusts into her harder and harder; each thrust
filling both with more energy. Lita demonstrates her dominance, throwing
herself back at an even quicker rate. Matt struggles to keep up, pivoting
his hips vigorously. He plows into Lita's ass at an incredibly speed, one
that even surprises Matt himself. He marvels at his own sexual prowess, as
does Stacy Keibler, who begins to finger herself while watching the two
make love.

Feeling he is in control, Matt steadies himself with one hand while
bringing the other down across Lita's jiggling backside. "TWHACK!" The
sound of skin-on-skin contact fills the room. A red handp rint appears on
Lita's ass. Matt rears his hand back and once again, slaps his girlfriend's
ass. Lita throws her head back in a loud moan of lust, begging for more.
Matt delivers, slapping Lita's red ass harder. Lita's intensity mounts as
she feels the stinging sensation of Matt's hand colliding with her sore
backside. She can feel the orgasm build up inside her, but can also sense
Matt's pending release.

"Baby, I'm about to blow," Matt announces.

"Oooo... get it right in there," Lita commands him, reaching back to rub
her own ass.

Matt smiles. He continues to buck his hips, occasionally slapping her ass
for good measure. His balls tighten and his pants become louder and louder.
Lita encourages her man to release, matching his now-pierce thrusts. Matt
holds onto Lita's firm butt as he fills her with his seed. He sends one final
thrust into his girlfriend before removing his limp prick and collapsing onto
the couch.

"Damn," he manages to release between heavy pants. "That was great."

"It sure was," Lita replies. "But Stace, if you would, please help me
over here."

Lita rises to her full stature and spreads her legs a bit. Stacy accepts
the invite, crawling on her hands and knees toward her awaiting master.
Keibler pushes her cover-girl face between Lita's thighs and traps her moist
pussy between her lips. With the energy she has left, the sexy blonde sucks
on Lita's labial lips, tugging on them with her teeth. Her hands run up the
back of Lita's legs, resting firmly on her butt as an added incentive.
Keibler continues to munch on Lita's tasty treat as the WWF Diva rubs her
own breasts, moaning seductively.

"Oooo... Stace..." Lita coos. She can feel the orgasm build inside her.

Lita gyrates her hips against the smooth and crafty tongue of the young
Stacy Keibler. Keibler kneads the redhead's soft ass, desperately attempting
to bring her to orgasm. Lita's moans heighten, and then finally, a final cry
escapes her lips as her juices are deposited into Stacy's mouth. Keibler
swallows them with a loud "gulp" and wipes her lips before falling to the
floor. Lita stumbles over to the couch, visibly shaken and takes a seat next
to Matt Hardy. Instantly, the two engage in a kiss with their hands roaming
all over each other's bodies. Matt's hands cradle Lita's breasts, rubbing
her nipples with his fingers. Lita's hands grasp Matt's cock and she slowly
jerks him off.

As the six superstars lay in the middle of the floor, exhausted from a
night of grueling sex, they know now that the Invasion is definitely on.

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