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Invasion Part 2: Lingerie Match
by Innovator of Awesomeness

"Are you sure this will work?" Stacy Keibler asks, admiring the black bra
and thong panties that wrap gorgeously around her slender frame.

"Stace, trust me, this will work," a trench coat-clad Torrie Wilson
assures, handing her comrade a matching brown trench coat. "Just put this on
and follow me."

It is a known fact that throughout the wrestling world, superstars have
been ribbing, or joking, with each other-on and off camera. These pranks can
be as simple as placing Tabasco sauce on one's food platter to purposely
forcing a wrestler to laugh inside the ring and thus break his/her character.
A major rib on a widely known superstar - one with the caliber of the Rock or
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin" - would gain an unknown superstar certain respect
among the boys in the lockeroom.

Often times, however, the pranks became more sexually oriented. Women
wrestlers would purposely rub their breasts against a male wrestler's crotch,
or grab them there when attempting a body slam. In the back, the wrestlers
would be hysterical, watching as the male victim attempted to hide his
obvious erection. This was the type of prank that was extremely hard to fully
accomplish, as most of the male wrestlers were married and thus lost their
lust for their big-breasted counterparts. In some cases, the workers cared
more about putting on a great match then dealing with their overwhelming
sensation of lust.

Stacy Keibler, the twenty-two-year-old self-proclaimed "Duchess of
Dudleyville" and her on-camera enemy Torrie Wilson, the current girlfriend
of WWF Superstar Tajiri and the center of the Alliance/WWF Diva controversy,
were attempting to pull something off that most of the women in the back
wouldn't even manifest. Together, the two bombshells were planning on
arousing a fellow female. However, this feat alone could be achieved,
especially with the two lovely diva's working together. It was the fact that
this woman was none other than the ECW owner, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley,
that made this task seem like a scene right out of Mission: Impossible.

Despite warnings from their fellow female friends, the two decide to
attempt this seemingly impossible rib. They had already gotten Stephanie
McMahon to meet them ringside, inside the arena, to watch them practice for
their upcoming "Lingerie Match" at No Mercy. Apparently, the two had asked
their boss to watch the match, at least, and evaluate them, giving them
pointers along the way.

Arm-in-arm, the two ladies step out onto the hardwood floor of the arena
and head toward the constructed ring. Usually, the night before the PPV was
reserved for those superstars that needed to practice their all-important
matches. However, with a promise from Stacy and Torrie themselves, the
superstars sat backstage, watching a monitor that links to a camera placed
secretly at ringside, capturing all the action inside the ring and at
ringside. These two ladies had promised the superstars watching that their
task was to be completed, thus the absence of them during this usually
crucial time.

Stephanie sits atop a steel chair at ringside-her legs crossed and her
arms occupied with the current issue of WWF Magazine (which just so happened
to have Mrs. Helmsley herself on the cover). She turns the page casually as
the two smiling broads prance toward her seat at ringside. Arriving at
Stephanie's location, the ladies taken their stand in front of the ECW owner.

"Stephanie, thanks so much for coming," Torrie greets her boss, extending
her hand in hopes for a handshake. Stephanie glances up from her magazine for
a moment, then returns to reading.

"Well..." Stacy stalls for a moment. "We're just going to take this HOT
trench coats off and get inside the ring. You know, to prepare for a match
like this, you have to be in the same clothing. We don't want anything coming
out during this match."

Stephanie snidely glares at Stacy for a moment, then, once again,
nonchalantly returns to her magazine. It was obvious that the owner of ECW
and boss of both blonde bombshells was completely uninterested in this
affair. She was dating Triple H at the current moment, the man that has
satisfied her needs for quite some time, on and off camera. And everything
sexual aside, this match at the PPV, quite frankly, was going to do nothing
but kill time. Neither of the women was going to lose any clothing. Just a
basic women's match, except the ladies are decked in a bra and panties --
nothing that interested Stephanie. However, the McMahon daught er agreed to
watch their match to prove the sweet and innocent side of her that was never
able to shine through her character on television. Besides, it was quite
humorous to watch the two women wrestle as she sits back and savors the fact
that her father will never make her do such things.

Stacy runs her fingers continuously through her flowing blonde locks
and shakes her inviting backside as she removes the trench coat, hoping
to capture Stephanie McMahon's attention in her signature erotic dance.
Unfortunately, the Princess hardly takes notice of the attractive young
woman. Her gyrating hips and tight, jiggling ass would normally bare a
second glance at least, but Stephanie takes me rely a small glimpse.
Nonetheless, Stacy drops her trench coat and stands in front of the
occupied ECW owner in a black bra and matching thong panties. She takes
a glance over her body and pretends to search for something, secretly
allowing Stephanie another look at her beautiful, firm, and fit body.
Stacy knows that her push-up bra was far too tight to stuff anything
inside and the thong that protruded between her delicate buttcheeks was
far too small to be the hiding place for any such item. Still, the blonde
wanders up-and-down the front and back her body, running her hands along
her smooth, silky skin. Stephanie lifts her head, but merely to suggest
that Stacy get inside the ring and "hurry the hell up."

Torrie Wilson frowns at Stephanie's lack of interest in Keibler and
decides to skip her fancy manner of undressing. She simply pulls her arms
out of the sleeves of her trench coat and drops it to the side. As she
stands in her red satin bra and panties, she cannot help but wonder if
perhaps Stacy was not the kind of woman the ECW owner was interested in.
Perhaps, Torrie ponders, Stephanie prefers a woman that is closer to
matching her enormous silicone breasts and plump butt. Sure, Stacy Keibler
was one hot piece of ass -- even Torrie Wilson had to admit that-but she
was a mere A-Cup to Torrie's DD breasts. Her ass, was, of course, one of
the firmest, as Wilson had said before at Invasion when she took a squeeze,
but it was definitely not plump enough to meet the credentials of someone
like the Stephanie McMahon. Torrie finally decides to attempt to entice
the Billion-dollar Princess. She bends at the waist in a sensual stretch,
flaunting her rich, full thong-clad ass at the brunette.

"Get in the damn ring with Stacy," Stephanie demands, gazing at Torrie
Wilson's jiggling buttocks in disgust. "What are you guys, strippers?"

Torrie bows her head in shame and crawls into the ring, beneath the
bottom rope in hopes to further her entice of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.
Another failure.

"You know the drill," Torrie whispers to Keibler as the two establish
a weak collar-and-elbow tie-up. She places Keibler into an even weaker arm

Stacy is sent into the ropes. Torrie extends her arm in attempts for a
clothesline, but Keibler responds with a flying head-scissors takedown.
She traps the lovely blonde between her thighs, he r face buried deep into
her moist crotch, and flings her to the ground. As the two come crashing
to the mat, Keibler retains the head-scissors. She tightens her grip,
forcing the busty blonde's face deeper and deeper between her legs. Keibler,
for dramatic effect, grinds her hips erotically, rubbing her panties across
Wilso n's parted lips. Torrie moans loudly, hoping to catch Stephanie's
attention with such an erotic hold. Stacy watches Stephanie in anticipation.

"Nothing," Keibler reports. "I can't believe it this."

"Let's attempt the next move," Torrie requests, forcefully breaking free
of Keibler's head-scissors hold.

Torrie greets the rising Stacy Keibler with a series of weak overhand
chops to the chest, making sure to press firmly on her breasts for a few
seconds following each strike. No reaction. Keibler whips Torrie into the
corner and nails an amazing handspring back elbow from the opposing side of
the ring. Wilson sells the move horribly, falling to a seated position in
the corner. Her head rests on the third turnbuckle-an obvious set-up for
her foe's next maneuver. Keibler turns her back on the dazed Wilson and
slowly backs into the corner, rubbing and slapping her buttcheeks with the
palms of her hands. Wilson's false screams are silenced as Keibler rubs her
tasty butt in her face, driving Torrie's nose between her soft buttcheeks.
Wilson places her hands on Keibler's jiggling ass in what appears to be an
attempt to escape the move, but is actually just another excuse to employ
sex into the match. Keibler continues to press her small, round backside
against Torrie's angelic fac e as she takes another glance toward Stephanie.
The Princess has her attention focused on the match for more than a second
this time, but laughs hysterically at the two women.

"The Stink Face?!" she asks herself, nearly falling out of her chair in

"She's lau..." Stacy starts to report.

"I can hear it." Torrie responds coldly.

"It worked in WCW," Keibler explains. "Fans loved it."

"I'm sure fans will love it in our match, too," Wilson assures her. "But
horny, drunken male fans are not Stephanie McMahon."

Torrie shoves Keibler to the middle of the ring. She lays in a heavy kick
to her mid-section, doubling the slender blonde over. Torrie captures Keibler
around the waist and brings her to her knees.

"I think it's time we go with the ending to the match," Torrie orders.
Stacy takes the all-too-familiar position across Torrie's knee as she kneels
to the canvas.

Torrie's hand pulls up, then comes crashing down across Keibler's ass.
The resounding "SMACK" of her flesh resounds throughout the empty arena.
Immediately, as if the dinner bell had just rung, Stephanie's head rises.
She now observes the two ladies with her utmost attention and interest.

"She's lookin' at us, Stace," Torrie whispers happily. "Watch this."

Torrie proceeds to slap Keibler's bottom several more times, each slap
weaker than its preceding one. Wilson positions the leggy blonde for another
slap, but clumsily drops Keibler to the mat. She lifts Stacy into her arms
again, raising her hand in the air. Yet again, the blonde slips through her
grasp and hits the mat. Torrie's sloppy style of spanking is well noted by
the brunette that observes at ringside.

"You call THAT a spanking?" Stephanie questions, rising from her chair
and inching toward ringside. "I've done better spankings in the dark."

Keibler and Wilson smile at the remark. That comment is sure to cause a
bit of a ruffling in the back.

"Well," Torrie starts, releasing Keibler from her grasp, "if you are SO
much better at this than I am, why don't YOU show us the right way?"

Stephanie gladly accepts the challenge, stepping into the ring. Her
long-sleeve fishnet top and stretch pants are barely able to contain her
active full, enriched, and billion-dollar body.

"Come here," Stephanie summons. Keibler approaches with a smile across
her face.

Stephanie wraps her arms around Keibler's waist, pressing her firm
breasts against Stacy's rib cage. Torrie watches in vein as the fishnet
material grinds against her friend's bare skin.

"First off," Stephanie points out, "you can't hold her like such a damn
woman. You have to pin her down like so..." Stephanie lays her left arm over
Keibler's lower back, pinning her to her knee. "...and slap her with your
free hand. And don't slap like such a wuss, either."

Furthering her demonstration, Stephanie spanks Keibler viciously.
Ricocheting sounds of skin-on-skin contact fill the hollowed arena. Deep
red handprints appear on Keibler's soft, milky skin as h er catalyst's
assault comes to a close. Stephanie rudely drops Stacy on her side, rising
to her feet. Keibler lies on the mat rubbing her smooth buttocks, smiling
despite feelings of extreme pain.

"And that is how you spank someone," Stephanie finishes. "Any questions?"

"Yes," Torrie chimes in. "Could you please do that to me? You know, just
in case Stace has to do the same thing."

"All right... I guess..." Stephanie responds. She approaches Wilson.

"But first," Torrie interrupts, pushing Stephanie slightly back, "I'm
going to lower this thong. It's been riding up my ass all day. I'm thinking
about going with another outfit for the actual match." In actuality, of
course, Torrie's thong was perfectly comfortable. She had worn it for her
recent photo shoot with RAW magazine. However, Stephanie McMahon didn't pay
any attention to such things and took it as a legitimate excuse.

"We're all women here," Stacy chimes in, stepping forward to assist her
compadre in the removal of her thong panties.

Stephanie watches with a tad bit of interest as Stacy tugs on the
waistband of Torrie's thong, pulling it past her curvy hips. Wilson pulls
the panties the rest of the way to beneath her perfectly round ass.

"Ready," she announces and drops to all fours.

Steadily, Stephanie approaches the downed Torrie Wilson and traps her in
the spanking position. She gingerly slaps the far too eager blonde on the
bare backside and quickly retracts her hand.

"There," she says, "that's how you spank her."

Stephanie tries to escape, but Keibler grabs her hand and places it on
Torrie's ass. She forces the Princess to rub the blonde's bare ass, making
sure to dip her head between Wilson's soft buttcheeks.

"That feels SO good, doesn't it?" Torrie asks, wiggling her ass as
Stephanie's fingers are forced between her cheeks.

"Uh... um..." Stephanie stutters, watching her hand in amazement. "I
need to... uh... go..."

Again, the brunette attempts to retract her hand, but Keibler keeps a
steady and firm grip. She forces Stephanie's index finger to slide down
Torrie's smooth ass and circle her eager and contracting pussy. Torrie
reaches behind and opens her labial lips as Stephanie's finger slowly
enters. Gradually, Stacy forces Stephanie to finger-fuck the moaning
blonde. Torrie rocks back and forth against her boss's smooth finger.
Keibler retracts her own hand as a smile appears on Stephanie McMahon's
face. She was finger-fucking Torrie Wilson like mad now, and without
Keibler's force.

"Feels good, doesn't it Stephanie?" Torrie asks as she notices the
self-support. "Uh-huh..." Stephanie lightly moans, twisting and bending
her finger inside the busty blonde diva.

Stacy stands back and removes her undergarments. She reaches behind her
back and unsnaps her bra, freeing her A-Cup breasts. They were a tad less
than a handful and quite small compared to Torrie's or even Stephanie's
enhanced breasts, but they weren't filled with silicone, or, for that matter,
the best part of Stacy's magnificent body. It was her firm ass that all the
men gawked over -- a perfect compliment to a great pair of 44" legs. Keibler
slips out of her soaked panties and slides them along Stephanie's lower back,
getting a rise out of the distracted brunette. Stephanie slips her finger out
of Torrie Wilson and turns to face her new lover. Keibler brings the panties
to Stephanie's face and she inhales their odor, turning the smile on her face
into an ear-to-ear grin.

"You smell absolutely amazing," Stephanie replies, intoxicated with
Stacy's scent.

"Imagine what it must taste like then," she seductively replies, parting
her legs.

Stephanie pounces on Keibler, pinning her to the mat. Stacy opens her legs
slightly as the Billion-Dollar Princess pushes her sweet face between them.
Stephanie presses her nose against Keibler's pubic hair, once again inhaling
her intoxicating scent. She teasingly licks the parameter of Keibler's aching
vagina, trailing her tongue ever so slowly around the parted labial lips.
Stacy moans in delight, wrapping her gorgeous legs around Stephanie's neck.
The ECW owner takes another whiff of Keibler's scent before indulging into
her tasty treat. Hungrily, Stephanie licks, bites, and tugs on Keibler's
parted lips, bringing a rise out of the leggy blonde that she never knew she
had. Within an instant, Keibler moans uncontrollably and pushes Stephanie's
face further between her thighs. Eagerly, the brunette continues her assault
on Stacy's aching hole. She allows her tongue to explore the blonde's insides
with quick, brisk flicks. Keibler is out of control, grinding her exposed
cunt against Stephanie's parted lips and scooping her A-Cup breasts into her
own hands. Stephanie was rumored to be a great cocksucker, but this
experience proved that her talents failed to stop beyond the male race.

Torrie Wilson sneaks behind Stephanie and rubs her hands over the
brunette's large, plump ass. On her stomach, Stephanie raises her hips
slightly, pointing her bulbous backside upward. Wilson waists little time
in pulling down the spandex material, tugging Stephanie's pants to her
feet. Without the slightest lift in her head, Stephanie uses her feet to
fling the pants to the canvas below. A small black thong is now all that
is holding the world, or at least, the locker room, back from viewing
Stephanie's plentiful bottom. Torrie approaches from behind and wraps
one arm around Stephanie's mid-section, fondling her enormous breasts,
and the other one rises up with her hand poised for a slap. With the
Billion-Dollar Princess trapped in the doggy-style position with her head
between Keibler's shifting thighs, she can do nothing. Torrie comes down
with a thunderous "TWHACK!" across Stephanie's jiggling bottom.

"Is that how you want to be spanked, ma'am?" Torrie asks innocently.

Stephanie giggles from between Keibler's legs and momentarily lifts her
head to respond.

"Perfect," she sounds, moaning softly.

"But I really love these big jugs," Torrie comments, reaching around with
her other arm to fondle both of Stephanie's silicone-filled fun bags.

"Yeah... ooooh... when are we going to see those things?" Stacy asks
between moans, pushing Stephanie's face from beneath her legs.

"Well," she starts, rising to her knees and wiping her lips seductively,
"I was planning on saving them only for Hunter. He loves them. Daddy thinks
I shouldn't have done this to myself."

"How about we give you an honest opinion?" Stacy asks gently, brushing
her hand along Stephanie's chest.

Stephanie hesitates, then pulls the fishnet long sleeve over her head
and tosses it to the canvas. She admires her small black bra for a moment,
wondering just how in the world she managed to fit her breasts into it.
Keibler and Wilson have the same thought running through their heads, but
are too mesmerized to mention the quandary. Shrugging, Stephanie reaches
behind her back and fondles with her bra strap. With a loud "SNAP!" her
boobs burst free and propel the tiny bra forward to the canvas. Stephanie's
tits fall to their natural position, hanging freely and beautifully from
her chest. Her nipples are as hard as erasers. She rubs her breasts a few
times over, cupping them in her hands to present to both admiring women.

"Are you guys just going to SIT there?" she asks ferociously, shoving
her nipples out toward the stunned broads.

Keibler and Wilson shatter their trances and scoop Stephanie's breasts
into their hands. Wilson licks Stephanie's stiffened nipple while fondling
her left breast with her hand. Using her other hand, the former Alliance
member traces her fingers to Stephanie's backside, rubbing her hand over
the brunette's thong-laden asscheeks. Torrie grips the elastic material
between her fingers and lowers it. Stephanie wiggles her butt to escape
the tight grasp of her panties. Wilson pulls the thong to mid-thigh,
exposing the Billion Dollar Princess' bare ass. Immediately, like a savage,
Torrie allows her free hand to roam over the delightful curves of the
brunette's pale ass. Her fingers trail over both cheeks, following the
tan-lines, and slip between the crack of her ass. Stephanie shifts her
entire body as Torrie's fingers probe deeper into her asshole.

Stacy Keibler decides to assist Torrie in her endeavor. She forces
Stephanie's other breast into her mouth, cradling it in her hand. Her other
hand slips quietly down Stephanie's stomach, over her curvy hips, and toward
the light brown patch of pubic hair that guards the brunette's sweet cherry.
Keibler traces her index and middle finger along the trail of brown hair,
circling the tasty treat that waits. Stephanie's labial lips contract at the
mere touch of Stacy's soft fingers. Keibler allows her two fingers to pry
apart Stephanie's lips and enter her vaginal opening.

"Oooh..." a soft moan escapes the cherry red lips of Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley as her finger-fucking commences.

Stephanie grinds her hips, pushing into Stacy's fingers and then back
against Torrie's. Each gyrate of her hips sends Stephanie closer and closer
to orgasm. Her body rocks to the rhythm of the double penetration. Stephanie
throws her head back in a lustful snarl and flips her long, brown hair back.
Her lips part into a sexy, bedroom smile that most men in America only dream
about. Her hands roam her body, rubbing her enormous breasts and tweaking
her rock-solid nipples.

"Oh... I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." Stephanie coos, grinding harsher and
rougher with each passing word.

Torrie and Stacy exchange a wicked smile. Their fingers probe deeper and
deeper into Stephanie's insides. Torrie pries open Stephanie's slightly
parted cheeks and slips her tongue into her tasty butt. Stacy slips another
finger into the brunette's hot hole. Sweat pours from Stephanie's body,
dripping onto her lovers. She lifts her own breast and takes it between her
soft, open lips. Her muffled cries are the only sound that can be heard
throughout the hallow halls of the abandoned arena.

"Mmmhmmm... mmmm... Mmmm..." Stephanie's muffled cries resound.

At long last, the Billion Dollar Princess releases. Her entire frame
rumbles beneath the powerful overthrow of an exhausted orgasm. She
continues to grind against the soft touch of her two lesbian lovers in a
slow, aggravated motion. Her juices continue to flow as Stephanie comes
to graduated stop.

"Did that feel good?" Stacy asks, retracting her fingers. She notices
that her fingertips are covered in Stephanie's rich cream.

Stacy slides her fingers between Stephanie's bulging chest and spreads
her own fluid all over her breasts. Stephanie lifts Keibler's hand to her
mouth and slips each finger between her lips, sucking them clean. Torrie
Wilson lifts her hands from Stephanie's backside and wraps her arms around
the brunette's stomach. She rests the palms of her hands on Stephanie's
cum-laden breasts and rubs them seductively. Stacy leans forward and licks
the tip of Torrie's fingers, as well as the tits that she they cover.

Minutes later, the three women curl into each other's arms and lay awake,
reminiscing about the one moment that just changed their own personal
perspectives of one another and the dreams of eac h WWF superstar in the
backstage area.

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