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Ironwoman Match for the WWF Womens Title
by Mathew (

The match is set, a sixty minute battle, for the WWF womens title. The
current champion Stephanie McMahon is set to go up against Tori. This came up
to date as Tori became tired of Stephanie parading around with the Women's
title and she felt Stephanie was a disgrace to the title. So one night on RAW
Tori jumped Stephanie from behind and stripped Stephanie to her bra and
panties. This upset Stephanie into her making the Ironwoman match, however, a
swerve in this is the guest referee is Terri Runnels.

Last week on RAW, Stephanie was seen exiting Terri Runnels lockeroom and
Terri soon followed with a big smile on her face. Both women were sweating as
they exited the room.

The night of the match, Tori is the first one to come out, Tori is wearing
a bikini top with tight leather shorts. Stephanie and Terri come out together,
as Terri is wearing a thong with a bikini referee stripped top. Stephanie is
wearing long wrestling shorts and a WWF Come Get Some t-shirt.

The match is underway, Tori charges at Stephanie and grabs her by the hair
and throws her across the ring. Tori with a scoop slam. Tori is venting a lot
of anger and frustration on Stephanie, as the first 15 minutes are nothing
but Stephanie being thrown around like a rag doll. Tori hits a ddt, and goes
for the cover, 1..........2............3. Tori gets the first fall, a very
slow count by Terri. Tori gets up as Terri raises Tori's hand as the victor
of the first fall, Terri then throws powder into Tori's eyes and pulls down
Tori's shorts causing Tori to trip. Tori is now in a thong, and Stephanie
quickly grabs Tori's legs and pulls them over her head for a quick 1...2...3.
The match is tied.

Stephanie keeps Tori in this pin and spreads Tori's legs out causing her
pussy lips to be exposed. Stephanie slides Tori's thong to the side and
begins licking Tori's pussy and fingering Tori's asshole. Tori is getting
really into it. Terri then joins into help Stephanie and begins licking
Tori's asshole as Stephanie is licking Tori's pussy. Tori begins kicking in
orgasm causing her to go limp to the mat. Stephanie pins her. 1..2..3.
Stephanie is in the lead.

20 minutes left in the match, Tori regains her posture and throws Stephanie
to the mat and smothers Stephanie's face with her pussy. Terri comes from
behind and pulls Tori's top to her neck and begins to choke her out with it.
Tori is now fully nude as her breasts are bouncing around as Tori is trying
to get free of the choke.

Stephanie gets up and whipes Tori's pussy juices onto her shirt and takes
it off and begins to tie Tori's hands to the ropes. Stephanie has no bra on.
Stephanie takes her pants off and is now in a thong and they tie Tori spread
eagle on the ropes. Terri comes over and begins pinching Stephanie's nipples
and the two begin to make out in the center of the ring. Stephanie walks over
to Tori and slaps her. Stephanie shoves her hard tit into Tori's mouth. Tori
is sucking it like a baby, Stephanie pulls it out and begins spraying Tori
with breast milk.

10 minutes left, Stephanie unties Tori and begins to make out with her. It
seems the two have totally forgotten about the match. Terri is licking both
women's twats as they are on the ground still kissing. Time is running out,
Tori rolls on top and Stephanie begins eating her out. 1......2.....3. The
match is now even again.

3 minutes left, Stephanie becomes enraged at this and spears Tori. Titties
bouncing all over the place. Terri then whispers into Tori's ear, Tori seems
to like it. They surround Stephanie. Terri pushes Stephanie into Tori. Tori
sets her up for what looks to be a tombstone piledriver. Terri slides
Stephanie's thong off revealing Stephanie's hairy bush. Terri then pushes
Stephanie's ass and this causes Tori to lose her balance and Stephanie lands
on top of Tori in a 69, they are eating each other out. 1...2...3! Stephanie
wins and retains the WWF Womens Title! What a match!

After the match, Tori slaps Terri and slams Terri to the mat. She then rips
Terri's top and thong off. All three women are completely nude. Tori begins to
lick Terri's asshole, and Terri is playing with her tits. Stephanie comes up
behind Tori and grabs Tori's ass and rolls her off of Terri. Stephanie and
Terri kiss and exit with the title.

The End.

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