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Rating: NC-17

Content: F/F slash, lesbian sex, a few curse words

Characters: Stacy Keibler, Mariah Carey

Summary: 2 famous ladies meet by fate resulting in a night they'll never

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Irresistible X-Stacy Part 1
by BigDivaPimpin (

Our story begins on a beautiful sun-drenched beach in the beautiful Bahamas.
The peak hour of the day had begun as the beauty of the sunrise blessed
Mother Nature with its essence. The tropical atmosphere was a perfect
environment for enjoying life to it's fullest, therefore jogging in the
distance was a stunning vision of pure loveliness otherwise known as Stacy
Keibler. With beautiful long blonde hair, an angelic face, a sexy and slender
body, and exquisitely long legs, she was without a doubt one of the most
popular women in the WWE. The blonde bombshell had won the hearts of
wrestling fans everywhere and had everything - beauty, money, fame, fortune.
But for all of these fabulous luxuries that most people would do anything to
have, there was one thing that she wanted more than anything in the world
that she knew she could never have. . .

In the back of a vast house, the sights of the light orange sky over the
horizon are about to bless the evening with a radiant sunset. Within the
foreground is a large swimming pool surrounded by various outdoor furniture.
From the depths of the aqua paridise arises a very flawless and gorgeous
femme fatale drenched from head to toe in a simple solid black bikini,
looking almost hypnotic. Her endless beauty could tame even the most hardened
beast while at the same time sometimes being untamed herself, especially in
the entertainment industry. A dominant force in the music industry for over
thirteen years, she is the beautiful and multi-talented Mariah Carey. She is
now on a much needed vacation from the world of entertainment to prevent what
had happened to her in the past. Being the workaholic that she is, she had
been a mutiplatinum status diva ever since exploding on the music scene in
1990. She had won critical acclaim for her many No. 1 singles and albums and
had earned love and admiration from fans all over the world. But she had in
no way, shape, form, or fashion ever imagined that she would have an
experience like the one that awaited her. . .

A midnight black convertible is being driven through the sunbaked streets
of Nassau as the blonde diva is enjoying a day of fun in the sun. She is
promptly heading for a small restaraunt for brunch, thinking of what the day
would bring her. Coming to a stop at the vast parking lot, she stepped out
of her vehicle, immediately revealing her never ending legs. She promptly
turned heads with her sexy, petite frame covered in only a white tank top,
daisy dukes, and white open-toed sandles. She headed inside the restaraunt
and sat down in one of the booths, glaring at her menu on the table. As soon
as the waiter approached her, she ordered a danish and a cup of coffee,
seeming somewhat distracted. The blonde bombshell had been deep in thought
about something ever since her morning jog, and when she was finally
finished, she slowly walked out of the restaraunt.

Being in a relaxed state, the RandB beauty is focusing on ways to promote
her new album when her vacation is over while riding her pure white Bently
sitting on dubs. She drove about 5 miles into town and stopped at a red
light when suddenly a black convertible stopped right beside her. When she
turned her head, she saw a lovely young blonde behind it's wheel. She gave
a friendly smile to the lass, at first not recognizing her. The blonde,
however, knew exactly who the women beside her was, and stared at total
amazement of who she was seeing. Although the fact remained that she herself
was a big celebrity, she couldn't help but feel unworthy to the songstress
due to her long track record of talent. Hardly being able to keep her
composure, she waved at her with total excitement and a 100-watt smile. The
Bently owner couldn't help but to giggle at this turn of events, feeling
very flattered. As the light turned green, the pop diva rode off and pondered
where she had seen the young blonde before, when like a bolt of lightning she
quickly put a name to the face she had just observed . . .

A broken down convertible is fuming with gassy steam as the leggy diva is
fuming herself. She then saw a huge house by where she was parked, with the
intention of using the resident's phone. As she walked up to the vast
establishment, she was still in a state of awe due to her experience earlier
in the day. She got to the door and softly knocked on it, anticipating to see
who dwelled in such a beautiful home. When the door finally opened, a
gorgeous woman in a bathrobe with damp hair answered her knocks. She looked
at her face and realized she was right in front off. . .

Stacy: Mariah Carey! Hi ! Oh my god! I'm such a big fan.

Mariah:(Giggles)Thank you. You're Stacy Keibler, aren't you? I've seen you on
WWE Raw.

Stacy: Well...yeah, but you...are...(giggles) Oh my goodness! You are so
talented and I just...abosolutely adore your music.

Mariah: Well, I'm glad Stacy. You wanna come in?

Stacy: Yeah! broke down and...

Mariah: Stacy, would you like to use my phone?

Stacy: Yeah. . .thanks, Miss Carey...

Stacy delightfully went inside the vast house, gazing at her beautiful
surroundings and used the phone as intended. It wouldn't be until the next
morning that her car would be fixed, so Mariah invited young Keibler to stay
the night, and of course she was estatic and happily accepted. The 2 lovely
ladies went to a cozy den near the back of the home, sitting on a black plush
couch. The whole den was engulfed in midnight black, including the lace
curtains, glass coffee table, entertainment center, and various pictures on
the walls. As they sat on the couch, the 2 ladies got to know each other a
little better.

Stacy: Wow! I can't believe I'm actually sitting in Mariah Carey's house!
You are so pretty and talented.

Mariah: Thank you so much! I'm always happy to meet my fans, but you're just
as popular as I am though.

Stacy: I guess, but I'm just a wrestler. You're like an icon in the music

Mariah: Well, you shouldn't sell yourself short. You're an absolute amazing
athelete. I've seen you in the ring and you're have great talent. I've also
seen your divas photo shoots. I must say you really know how to work that

Stacy: (giggles) oh god...

Mariah: Am I embarrassing you? You're face is red as a beet. Sorry.

Stacy: That's alright. I've kinda got used to fans saying how pretty or
beautiful I am. But to be honest with you, sometimes I really don't feel all
that pretty.

Mariah: Are you nuts? You are an absolutely beautiful woman! You shouldn't be
so hard on yourself, honey.

Stacy: Thank you, Miss Carey. That really means a lot.

Mariah: Relax, Stacy. You don't have to be formal with me. Just call me

Stacy: OK. . . Mariah.

Mariah: Hey, you want to see my pool?

Stacy: Sure. Let's go.

They went to the back of the house where a large swimming pool sat,
surrounded by black lawn chairs and tables. Mariah then took off her bathrobe
to reveal her sexy, luscious body wrapped in a nude color bikini very similar
to the one she had worn in her video for 'Honey'. Stacy couldn't believe that
she was this close to the sexy singer wearing next to nothing. She was
immediately turned on by this sight but didn't want Mariah to notice her
leering at her sexually. But it was too late, for she had already turned to
Stacy and noticed her gazing at her frame, but didn't think anything of it.

Mariah: You okay, Stacy?

Stacy: Y. . Yeah. . . I'm alright.

Mariah: Well, ya wanna go for a swim?

Stacy: Well, I 'd love to, but I don't have a swimsuit...

Mariah: Oh, that's no problem. I have some spare ones in my outdoor closet
over there.

Stacy: Umm...alright. I'll be right back.

Mariah: OK. Don't take too long now.

As Stacy headed toward the closet, she couldn't help but to look back at the
beautiful songstress with great admiration, not just because she's a big fan
of hers, but because she found her to be one of the sexiest women she'd ever
seen. She had been conflicting with her sexuality for a number of years, so
in a way, she was ashamed of having these feelings. But she couldn't help
the way she felt about women. About how she loved their soft skin, or their
breathtaking anatomy. The fact remained, though, that she had still been a
virgin when it comes to lesbianism and wanted badly to experiment, but due to
being a celebrity, she knew the media would have a field day if they found
out that she was bisexual, in real life that is. Sure there have been lesbian
storylines on both Raw and Smackdown, but these were obviously ratings
boosters. She felt that she couldn't handle her fans knowing that she likes
both men AND women. Therefore, she would deny herself of her feelings quite

As her mind ran a mile a minute, she finally took a look at Mariah's various
bikinis. She then remembered the fact that she was very petite and slim, and
Mariah had more of a voluptuous frame. So she quickly went to her position by
the pool to inform her.

Mariah: What's the matter, Stacy? Did you find something you like?

Stacy: I couldn't find anything in my size...I'm a rather small lady...

Mariah: Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Well, why don't you just swim in your

Stacy: (giggling) What? In my bra and panties?

Mariah: Yeah! Why not? Their basically the same.

Stacy: Nawww...I don't think so. That's alright.

Mariah: Well, what are you gonna do? Swim naked?

Stacy: (lol) Yeah right! Swim naked? Girl, you're crazy!

Mariah: (laughing) Am I? What? You've never skinny dipped before?

Stacy: I haven't. Have you?

Mariah: Well...yeah...a couple of times with a guy, and if the mood was

Stacy: I bet that's really romantic and sensual.

Mariah: Oh yeah. It's one of the most fun things in the world to do anyway,
cause it's so exciting and spontaneous. To do it with a man is really

Stacy: I wish I could have that much nerve...aww, the hell with it!

The RAW diva then got a sudden burst of energy and stripped herself of all
her clothes, revealing her slim sexy naked body, and did a flawless swan
dive into the water. Mariah couldn't believe that who she thought was such
a shy, timid woman would do such a thing. On the other hand, she had seen
her topless in the Divas magazines, and strip and parade around in next to
nothing on TV, so Stacy obviously wasn't as shy as she thought she was. So
with that, Mariah's body came out of the bikini and into the water. For a
half an hour the 2 girls were in their own little world, swimming and
playing in the cold water, cooling both off. The ladies eventually went to
the edge of the pool to take a rest.

Mariah: God, that was so much fun! Stace, what made you do that? I mean, one
minute you're saying that skinny-dipping is nuts and then all of a sudden you
jump in the pool naked? (giggling) What's up with that?

Stacy: I don't know...I mean, you were talking about how much fun and
exciting it was, and I just told myself to quit being scared of it and I just
did it..

Mariah: Well, I really didn't see why you would be scared in the first place.
It's just us two here and nobody can see us.

Stacy: Yeah, well still...

Mariah: Stacy, why don't you think you're pretty?

Stacy: Excuse me?

Mariah: Why don't you think you're beautiful? I mean what is it about
yourself that you don't like?

Stacy: (sigh) Well...I think I think I look pretty good, but there's some
things about myself I would definetely like changed...

Mariah: Like what?

Stacy: My...(mumbles)...

Mariah: (smiling) What's that?

Stacy: My...nose.

Mariah: Why? What's wrong with it?

Stacy: Well, it's kinda long.

Mariah: So what? Your still pretty.

Stacy: .....(sighs)

Mariah: Is there something else?

Stacy: (long sigh) breasts.

Mariah: Oh..because they're small, right?

Stacy: Yeah. When I was in school, girls use to make fun of me because of it, got to the point that I would cry at night. I mean, I know that
it's been a long time ago, but it still kinda hurts, you know? It's like
everyone tells me how beautiful I am, but it's like I can't put those days
behind me...

Mariah: Stace, I know how that feels. I mean I used to go through the same
thing. Even when I got into the music industry, everyone was telling me how
to act, how to dress, not being able to think for myself. It was awful. I
was in a state of depression for a long while. I felt like I was in some
cocoon trying to get out, trying to break free, you know what I mean?

Stacy: Which is why you called your album BUTTERFLY, right?

Mariah: Yeah, cause I finally felt free after all those years. Just like you
made yourself get over your fear, I just had to learn to love myself. Don't
get me wrong. It didn't happen overnight, but in time I came around, and you
need to do the same thing. I know it's hard to forget, but you won't truly be
happy until you do.

Stacy: I guess it's true what they say...we're our own worse enemies.

Mariah: yeah.

Stacy felt very comfortable talking to Mariah about her problems, and never
found her to be more beautiful than she did at that moment, not just
physically, but mentally also. She felt that she got a lot off her chest
(sort to speak). Although she felt better, she still had some really heavy
stuff on her mind that she still felt she couldn't express to anyone. The
2 ladies eventually got out of the pool, put their clothing back on, and
headed into the house. As Stacy headed to the guest bedroom to sleep, Mariah
sat on the couch looking at her walk down the hallway, feeling that their
was something else bothering her...

A few hours had past when Stacy finally awoke from her slumber. She quietly
walk to the living room to find that Mariah was now in a state of slumber
herself. The blonde diva slowly made her way toward the sleeping beauty and
sat beside her. As she gazed at her lovely face, she reluctentely moved her
hand toward it. But when they finally touched, it was like touching an angel
from heaven as Stacy caressed what she thought was the softest skin she'd
ever felt in her life. This was the kind of thing that she had struggled with
for a long time. It was what she would often deny herself of but had always
dreamed about. Her heart was beating a thousand times a minute as she leaned
closer to Mariah, now smelling her sweet perfume. As the fumes intoxicated
her, her hidden hunger had finally got the best of her. Having the knowledge
of Mariah being in a deep sleep was all she needed to have the courage to at
least get a small taste of what she had been denying herself of all these
years. So with that, she slowly but surely moved her lips toward hers and
gently kissed them. After she backed up from the RandB legend, a bolt of
adrenaline rushed through every inch of Stacy's body, leaving her estatic.
She quietly but happily went to the bathroom to take a shower as an eye
remained halfway open watching her...

Still not believing what she had done, Stacy was happily singing in the
shower, unaware that Mariah was awake the whole time the event was taking
place. Mariah had made her way to the bathroom where she had heard Stacy's
lovely voice from the stall. She slowly stripped herself of her clothing
making sure she didn't hear her, and crept up in the shower behind her. As
Mariah stood in the stall looking at the leggy diva's smooth, toned skin
and round, juicy ass, she immediately became wet and aroused with her nips
standing. She slowly leaned over to her ear and whispered...

Mariah: finally woke up, huh?

Stacy: WHOA!! Shit! Oh, Mariah! You scared me! Hold up..what are you...doing
in here...naked?

Mariah: So, how did my lips taste?

Stacy: oh shit...

Mariah: (giggles) Busted.

Stacy: Mariah...I..I..

Mariah: (softly) Shhh....don't say anything, sweetie. Just listen.

She gently wrapped her arms around her small waist, surprising the blonde
beauty. Stacy felt uncomfortable, but at the same time very turned on as she
spoke ever so softly...

Mariah: Baby, I know that it's hard when you're struggling with your
sexuality, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn't make you a bad
person just cause you like women sexually. Besides, I think that sometimes
it takes a woman (kiss) to make another woman (kiss) feel good (kiss)...

As Mariah continued to softly kiss her neck, Stacy's whole body immediately
became paralized from shock of this turn of events. After all, the fact of
the matter was that not only was she was finally experiencing a lesbian
episode, but with Mariah Carey! No one would ever believe her if she told
anyone that Mariah was bisexual. She wouldn't have believed it herself if it
wasn't for her kissing her right now. But she had felt more sexy than she had
ever felt with any man. Her emotions were in a state of confusion for a while
cause she had denied her feelings so often that it was second nature to her,
but her touch just felt so good that she couldn't take it any more. Stacy had
been wanting this for years and she had already gone this far, so she finally
surrendered to her lust when she realized that Mariah's hands were already
busy moving up her small, perky tits with her hard, pink nipples gently
squeezing them. Stacy gave a long, soft moan as she drowned in the lust
surrounding the stall. The 2 ladies then turn to each other and had their
lips touch, resulting in what started off as a slow, soft kiss ending in a
passionate french kiss.

The large shower stall had quickly became Stacy and Mariah's sanctuary of
love as they continued to explore each other's wet, warm bodies. Stacy had
badly yearned to taste another woman's flesh, and now was her chance. She
caressed Mariah's lower back while her mouth explored her neck, to her chest,
to her breasts. Being oh so gentle, she licked, then sucked on her hard
aeriolas, making the pop princess coo in extacy. Her slender hands slowly
changed position From Mariah's back, to her ass, softly massaging it, while
all the while never missing a beat with the lovely titties. As Mariah's was
being blown away by Stacy's soft caress, she realized that her hidden desires
were becoming reality after all these years. She had made a solemn promise to
herself that she was going to make Stacy feel more like a woman than she had
ever been. So with that she gently kissed her, nibbled on her ear, and

Mariah: Sit down so i can make you cum, baby.

Without hesitation, the slender Stacy let go of her new lover and sat on the
small marble ledge in the corner of the stall. Her lucsious legs opened
quivering in anticipation making her wet as a calm blue ocean. Mariah simply
glared at the sultry diva licking her lips at the sight of Stacy anxiously
awaiting Mariah's sensitive touch. The RandB sexkitten didn't disappoint as
she locked lips with her, and slowly worked her way down till she got to her
final destination. Her tongue made her way in Stacy's vagina savoring the
sweet wetness within. The feel of a female's hot mouth on her clit for the
1st time was the ultimate experience of a lifetime for Stacy as her eyes
clinched shut cherishing every minute...

Mariah: like that honey?

Stacy: (moaning) Uhhhh yeah! Oh, shhhhhhit! Eat me, baby! Uhhh!

Stacy's loud moans of pleasure heightened as Mariah continued her relentless
sensual assult on her twat now licking it and shoving 2 fingers in and out
causing her to greatly spasm. She can feel her own climax on it's way as she
had been masturbating through the whole encounter. In 3 minutes flat, her
self pleasing ways made her body go into shock resulting in a gush of juices
turning her womanhood into a lusty faucet. Although being weakened, she
refused to loose her composure, for she knew that Stacy's small, petite body
wouldn't be able to stand her efforts of pleasure for much longer knowing
that this was the beginning of the end...

Mariah: (moaning)Uhh,shit. Cum for me, Stacy. C'mon, baby.


What were once Stacy's dirtiest and nastiest dreams became lovely realities
in a matter of seconds as a large shot of adrenaline ripped through her tiny
body like a bolt of lightning causing her to ooze out her sweet nectar on the
marble floor of the shower stall. As Mariah looked at the satified, but tired
blonde struggling to catch her breath, her mind was at great peace knowing
that she could please such a beautiful woman so much. She slowly made her way
to Stacy's lips, giving her a soft kiss and helped her up of the edge....

Mariah: So how did you like that, Stace?

Stacy: (softly) Oh God Mariah. That felt so good... Mariah You know you have
to pay me back, right sweetie?

Stacy: Baby, I wouldn't think of doing anything else tonight.

Mariah: Good, because I want you so bad I can taste it. Come here...

The 2 ladies embraced one another locking their lips in ecstacy, reveling in
each other's passion. The weaked Mariah gave her new lover a sweet peck on
her cheek and felt Stacy place her head on her shoulder. As Mariah softly
caressed her back, the leggy bombshell contemplated about where she got the
nerve to actually kiss Mariah in the first place. Probably cause she finally
realized that her feelings weren't as bad as she made them out to be. She
wanted to find herself, and figured that the only way that she could do it
was to not be afraid to take a chance. All of the money and fame in the world
could never made her feel as wonderful as she did in that moment in time, in
that shower stall, in the arms of another beautiful woman. The one thing that
she never in her wildest dreams thought she could have was gently embracing
her wet, lovely body as she tilted her head, kissed her, and softly

Stacy: Thank you.


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