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Is He Really Tough Enough?
by Mousegibson (

As the water splashed down off of his toned naked body, Maven heard the
telephone's muffled ring from off in the bed room of his Hilton hotel room.
He quickly shut the water off and opened the shower door taking only a second
to rub his wet body down before wrapping the towel around his waist. He
padded off out of the bathroom and into the living room over to the telephone
beside the bed not paying a care to the water droplets that dripped off of
him as he grabbed the phone.

"Hello?" Maven answered in his always cool and calm voice.

"Maven! It's Al!" Maven heard his goofy but talented trainer Al Snow say on
the other line.

"Al! What's Up?" Maven asked.

"Nothing man, but listen, it's real important that you get down to the arena
early today, as soon as your ready come on down." Al answered.

Maven was a bit confused, he knew he was having his first official match in
the WWF today against Tazz, but he didn't understand why he needed to be at
the arena at 11:00 in the morning when the show didn't start until 7:30. "Why
so early Al?" Maven questioned.

"No time to explain, but its your final test in becoming a real WWF
superstar, everyone does it. Get down here soon, there will be a special
locker room with your name on it, see ya Maven!" Al explained, and without
giving Maven a chance to reply he hung up the phone. Maven thought for a
moment, and perplexed, he shrugged his shoulder and headed back towards the
bathroom where his shower was still running.

He walked in and shut the door behind him, a thin air of steam rising about
him as he let his towel drop to the floor of the bathroom. He turned to the
full length mirror on the door admiring his physically fit tanned physique.
He was in the best shape of his life each muscle in his toned upper body was
perfectly defined in its still wet glistening state. His arms ripped with
muscles he trained hard to achieve and his pecks were firm. His stomach
formed into a chiseled six pack.

He glanced down at his own package hanging down between his legs, at a
respectable near seven inch length when hard, and reasonably thick around, he
was happy with what he looked at. The little pubic hair that he had begun
trimming regularly since becoming a wrestler was still wet from the shower.
He turned around, and glanced over his shoulder to observe his tight hard ass
cheeks for a second. He smiled his cocky smile after taking in all of his
muscular form. The thought of how unbelievable it was to be the winner of the
Tough Enough contest, and to have a real WWF Contract danced in his mind.

He got back into the shower thinking of how lucky he was and how amazing it
will be to wrestle in front of thousands later on in the nights event. And
then he wondered what the final "test" in becoming a WWF Superstar was...

Twenty minutes later Maven was ready to head to the arena, wearing a WWF
Tough Enough T-shirt and black Adidas swoosh pants he headed out of his room.
The valet was ready with his rented car that he got in to drive the very
short distance to the arena hosting the nights WWF Event.

A few minutes later Maven had pulled into the parking garage behind the arena
and was out of his car heading into the backstage area. Curiosity growing
Maven traversed through the backstage area, catching more then a few people
eyeing him in a strangely excited manner, as if everyone but him was in on
the secret. Finally he saw the door that Al described, with his name on it,
and sighed with relief at the thought of being able to go inside away from
the eyes of all of the WWF staff in the halls.

Maven pondered why he was getting his own locker room, when guys like the
Undertaker, Steve Austin, the Rock, and Chris Jericho actually shared one big
locker room off camera. Maven certainly didn't think he deserved anything
special, but perhaps it was another part of this final "test" Al Snow told
him of. Maven opened the door and stepped inside, as he let the door slide
shut behind him he took in a shockingly pleasing sight before his eyes.

Sitting along the long wooden bench in front of the row of lockers in the
locker room, all in equally revealing and sexy outfits were the WWF's Stacy
Keibler, Trish Stratus, Lita, Torrie Wilson, and Stephanie MacMahon Helmsly.
Maven's jaw hit the floor as the WWF divas before him giggled mischievously.

In the center of the locker room on the floor was constructed a type of bed
of pillows and blankets, Maven could guess what this was going to lead into,
but he couldn't in his right mind believe his assumption. Stephanie spoke up

"Why hello Maven." Stephanie purred, causing the always cool and calm Maven
to instantly blush, he did nothing but wave sheepishly back. "You must be
wondering just what your final test will be. Well Maven, you proved you were
Tough Enough for the WWF in one aspect, but today we get to actually see if
you really are "Tough Enough". Today, if you can endure, and satisfy all six
of us without having an orgasm prematurely, then you truly are tough enough

Maven felt his head spin as Stephanie finished explaining his final test. But
before he could regain himself the WWF women were up off of the bench and
pulling Maven down onto the bed of plush pillows and blankets on the floor in
the center of the locker room. Ten hands from five knock out women roamed
over his body as he lay back completely in their mercy, the divas ripped his
tough enough shirt off his back and tossed it aside, letting their hands feel
up and down his hard upper body and firm chest.

The hands moved down to his pants, feeling his manhood through them. Maven's
crotch ached as he was already fully erect. The ladies had no trouble pealing
off his black pants and tossing them to the side leaving Maven lying on his
back in his skin tight gray boxer briefs. He watched as the WWF women licked
their lips staring at the impression of his rock hard member through the
material of his underwear. Hands grabbed and pulled at it and Maven groaned
for them to release his soldier from it's cotton prison.

"Ooooh he looks pretty big!" Trish Stratus exclaimed with excitement as she
grabbed at his cock through his underwear.

"Lets get him out of those! I fuck him first!" A feisty Stacy Keibler
demanded, and then the five ladies were ripping at his last remaining article
of clothing, and soon Maven's muscular body was left completely nude before
the eyes of the hungry WWF Starlets. He heard giggles and peeps of excitement
from the woman, and then still on his back Stacy Keibler, in a cut off
Dudleys T- Shirt and a very short black skirt, was straddling his waist
looking down directly at his face. "Put that hunk of man meat in me, big
boy!!" She commanded, but before Maven could respond Stacy's tiny hand
reached down and wrapped around his rigid cock guiding it towards her damp

Maven was instantly swept with a wave of initial pleasure as his cock head
pushed against the entrance to her tight love tunnel, as apparently she
wasn't wearing panties under her skirt. Stacy smiled slyly down at Maven.
"Hear we go Big Boy!"

Then she lowered herself completely down on Maven's fuck pole, completely
burying it up to his pubic hair into her completely shaven cunt. She
instantly began bouncing up and down and Maven was overcome with the sinking
feeling that he wasn't going to last very long. "Mmmmmmmm let me ride that
cock Maven you stud!" Stacy mumbled completely focused on riding Maven into
an instant orgasm.

"Oooooooh," Maven let out, reaching up and under the short shirt of Stacy, to
find that she also was not wearing a bra. He cupped her petite breasts, each
only a mere handful and continued to be fucked by the tiny rambunctious WWF

Around Maven the other woman began to strip out of what little clothing they
had on, rubbing their dripping cunts and pert tits hoping that Stacy wouldn't
finish off Maven before the rest of them got the chance.

Maven released his grip on Stacy's tits so that he could grab on to her hips
and guide her down onto his now pussy juice soaked cock. Stacy was bouncing
wildly letting out screams of pleasure, Maven struggled to slow down her pace
as he already felt his orgasm coming closer.

"I can't stand it anymore!" Torrie Wilson let out, now completely in the
nude, she leaped at Maven, and as Stacy had straddled his waste, she sat down
on his face, her completely soaked cunt pressed against Maven's lips. Maven
looked straight up the body of the now very close Torrie Wilson, at her full
round breasts, and the trimmed pussy that was now touching his damp lips. He
opened his mouth wide and as Stacy continued her assault on his prick, Maven
began to mouth fuck Torrie Wilson engulfing as much of her pussy lips as he

He let his tongue jut out of his mouth and furiously lash at Torrie's pink
sex mound. His tongue instinctively found her pleasure box, and he quickly
began working her clit, with the intent on ending Torrie quickly before
Stacy drove him completely over the edge.

With his tongue whipping about her wet clit Wilson shouted loudly in intense
pleasure. "OH FUCK MAVEN YOU STUD!!" Maven continued his oral assault and
quickly he felt his mouth and face being flushed with Torrie's juices she
began to spasm with intense waves of orgasmic pleasure. With one shrill
scream Torrie rolled off of Maven and in a sweaty naked heap began panting.

With Torrie done for Maven focused back on Stacy who was still going strong
riding his prick like a bull screaming strings of dirty words as she
completely dominated Maven. Maven knew he was closer then ever but couldn't
give in so soon and shoot his load up Keibler's tight little pussy. He knew
he had to take control so He grabbed Stacy around the waist and in one swift
motion flipped up from off his back, flipping Stacy, still impaled on Maven's
seven inch sex pole, now onto her back. Stacy stuck her legs up into the air
and spread them wide, allowing Maven to fold her nearly in half as he
mustered up the rest of his strength and began pounding himself as deep as
he could into the petite little slut. Stacy yelped in short pleasure filled
bursts with each thrust that Maven gave her tight cunt, his balls slapping
loudly off her tight sweaty ass cheeks.

"I'm going to Cuuuuuuuuum!!" Stacy let out in a long moan as Maven slammed
deep into her one last time. The Diva slut began jerking and spasming with
Maven deep inside her. Her already tiny tight shaved pussy tightening even
more like a vice over his member. Maven held fast and knew that he had to
stop humping the sultery temptress as she had her orgasm or she'd drive him
over the edge with her wild spasms. Finally he slipped out of her completely
soaked pussy, leaving her in a pool of her own juices down on the bed of

With two down and three to go Maven stood up, gleaming with sweat and sex
juices, Maven had regained his confidence. He looked at three more sexy,
completely nude WWF divas chomping at the bit to have his cock rammed into
their aching dripping vaginas. "Bring that sexy ass over here Trish," Maven
demanded, surprised at what came out of his own mouth. Trish smiled a
seductive smile and slowly moved over towards Maven. Maven took her into
his arms and pulled her body up against his, their heat pressing against
each other.

Trish's perfectly round breasts pressed against Mavens hard chest as they
locked in a passionate kiss, exploring each others mouths with their tongues.
He then pulled free of Trish and swung her over so that she was facing the
bench and the lockers. Trish bent over, holding on to the bench for support
as Maven positioned himself behind her.

"Come on fuck me hard you hot fucker!" Trish pleaded, Maven's rock hard penis
ached at the sight of Trish's open pink shaven cunt between her legs. He
guided his purple headed soldier into her hole slowly the first time, then
pulled himself out, and slammed himself back in, his balls slapping off of
her pussy between her legs as he began humping madly at Trish Stratus doggy

"OoOh OooH oH!" Trish yelped over and over as she was rocked back in forth
from behind by Maven who was now bucking his hips wildly as fast as he could
go without causing himself to explode his built up load into her pussy. He
slapped her beautiful ass cheeks a few times hard, causing her tan ass to
turn beat red.

As Trish bucked wildly in rhythm with Mavens intense fucking Lita came to the
side of Maven rubbing her own wet hairy cunt with one hand, and her hard dark
nipples and tits with the other. She licked her lips, and as Maven free
fucked Trish from behind with no hands holding on to her waist he let one
begin to rub Lita's pert tits, and the other to begin rubbing her moist

"Mmmmmm Maven, stick your hand in me!" She purred, as Maven continued
slamming into Trish, Lita held her cunt wide open for Maven to see deep
inside her cavity. He started with three fingers and began jamming them
into her cunt and swirling them around inside her wet sex. Lita continued
to moan with pleasure as Trish continued yelping from the violent doggy
style fucking she was receiving.

Soon Maven was able to fit his entire hand in a fist into Lita's cunt and he
began shoving his hand up into the crevasses of her vaginal canal, soaking
his entire arm. As Trish began bucking her hips faster and faster Maven began
pushing his fist in and pulling it out of Lita's cunt with increasing speed
and force. Soon Lita was screaming as Maven's arm rubbed past her clit up
into her pussy and Maven's entire arm was drenched in an out pour of Lita's
sex juices. As she screamed from her orgasm she pulled away from Maven's now
soaked arm and collapsed down onto the bench.

Maven focused back on Trish and realized that he was about to blow his load
deep with in her. He glanced back at the hot Stephanie MacMahon Helmsly,
sitting on the bed of pillows rubbing her cunt furiously, and realized he
still had one to go. He reached around Trish and as he continued penetrating
her from behind he began rubbing her exposed cliTorries as fast as he could
in a circular motion.

Trish went insane screaming "FUuuuuUUuuuuUUUUUK i'M cUmmMInG!!" her voice
bobbing up and down just as her tits were as she rocked back and forth as she
continued being dominated by Maven's monster cock. Maven slowed the pace to a
halt as Trish's wetness tightened around him and she shook violently with
intense waves of a huge orgasm. Maven pulled himself out of Trish and she
fall down onto the bench panting heavily with sweat covering her entire body.

Maven turned to Stephanie who smiled licking her fingers and rubbing the huge
nipple to one of her giant breasts. "Come prove your Tough Enough you hot
little fuck." She dared him spreading her legs giving him a perfect view into
her pink insides. Maven came to her and got on his knees in front of her
beckoning cunt. His prick was nearly spent from all the intense fucking, and
his balls ached from slapping so hard off of Trish's sweet ass, but he still
entered Stephanie's loose vagina.

Maven wondered how big of a man Triple H was, because Stephanie was
surprisingly loose as he buried his cock into her. Before he could begin a
rhythm Stephanie wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him completely
into her.

Stephanie continued to bump and grind using her lock around his waist to rock
back and forth on his cock from on her back. Maven reached down and grabbed
hold of both of her giant tits, and squeezed and pinched violently at them as
he began bucking his own hips in an intense cluster fuck with Stephanie.

"SHIT!! SHIT!! SHIT!! SHIT!! FUCK ME!! OOOOOOOH!!" Stephanie screamed, Maven
was sure the entire arena could hear as he continued the wild blurring pace
of fucking with Stephanie. Their sex organs joined in the most intense sex
act either one of them had ever witnessed.

"OOOOOOOOOOH GOOOOOD!! I'M GETTING CLOSER!" Maven screamed out as the
blinding speed continued. With each thrust inward Stephanie let out a loud
yell, and as the thrust became quicker an harder so did the yells. Finally
when Maven thought he was about to blow the entire thing by shooting his
load in Stephanie before she was satisfied, Stephanie yelled out an ear
splitting scream.


Maven's sex organ was flushed with Stephanie's juices as she violently jerked
and twitched, her eyes rolling back in her head and her back arching from the
most intense orgasm she had ever received as Steph's orgasm subsided Maven
felt himself being pulled from her down onto the pillows and then saw as all
five woman jumped at his sweaty cock and balls ad began furiously jerking him
and rubbing his balls.

Maven felt hands and mouths rub around his soaked hairy balls and ridged
member, and finally after fucking five of the hottest women on the planet, he
shot a giant load of pearly white cum out all over the five woman's hands and
faces, load after load flew out of his spasming dick head as he let out one
last moan, his entire body felt drained from the intensity of the orgasm, and
he passed out in a wet sweaty heap with the hot cum covered WWF Diva's all
around him licking up all of the cum that they could find.

Maven had done it, finally he knew that he was tough enough, and he was ready
to prove it in an impressive WWF Career.

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