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It Just Happened
by Joe The Jobber (

Backstage - RAW IS WAR - Monday June 25, 2000

Stephanie McMahon walks down a brick hallway along many locker rooms of
the superstars fighting tonight. She is wearing a white blouse, and a
knee-high black skirt, with a slit running up her thigh. She walks with
confidence down the hall, she is not working the camera tonight, just doing
business. Ever since Triple H`s injury she hasn`t been on the camera in
quite a while.

She walks out into a main lobby where most of the wrestlers and the camera
crew stand around directing the show. She walks up to Vince, who is standing
there drinking down a bottle of water.

"Hello... Daddy!" Steph says as she reaches up and gives Vince a peck on
the check. "How is the show going?"

He looks down at her and grins, "The crowd is eating it up! We`ve had
title changes, hardcore matches, WCW run-ins to build up the "Invasion"

"Where is Matt and Jeff? I need to speak with them," she asked her dad

He staring at the televsion. On screen Tajiri spits green mist into
Reagal's face. The crowd goes in a frenzy. It then cuts to a scene Vince and
Debra recorded earlier.

"They`re in the back somewhere. That's my cue to walk out, wish me luck
honey!" He says as he walks through the curtains as his music hits.

Shane pats him on the back as Vince starts to make his way out into the
arena. Steph loses her attention from the show and begins to walk back up the
hallway. After minutes of looking she hears the arena explode over something.
She remembers Vince and Shane discussing some kind of set-up, but she didn`t

She walks up to a door that reads "Matt, Jeff, and Lita." The sign was
made for them, not tv-air time. She knocks on the door then moves in. She
walks in to see Lita sitting in a corner starring down. She turns her head
to see Matt standing there.

"Matt! I need to talk to you!" Steph says as he puts his backpack on his

"Not now Steph, Jeff took of out of here. He is pissed about something.
Can I talk to you tommarow morning?" He ask as he moves out the door.

"Sure I guess that will be alright." She replies. He shuts the door behind

Steph turns around and notices she is all alone with Lita. She smiles as
she walks over and sits in a chair next to Lita. Steph looks over at Lita.
Lita us still starring, she has tears rolling out of her eyes. Steph quickly
takes notice.

"Lita, whats wrong?" Steph ask.

Lita turns her head and then looks back down. Steph takes Lita`s hand in
hers and repeats the question.

"Steph, I need a new angle! I`m starting to turn into a Trish. People look
at me and say, hey, there is the babe who shows half her ass and fucks up
every moonsault." Lita replies, she turns and looks at Steph.

Steph looks in her eyes right back. "Look, Chyna will be gone in no time.
There is no competiton. Umm... We`re trying to push all three of you guys,
maybe in a couple of weeks-"

"Look, the only reason I`m is for your Dad`s play toy." Lita cuts her off,
Stephanie looks shocked. Lita sqeezes her hand harder. "Look, your father is
a great man, but I can`t take this shit anymore!"

"Lita, we need you, the crowd loves you. Everyone is the locker rooms love
you." Steph says.

"No. No, the crowd loves my thongs, your father loves my pussy, I`m just
another puppet here. I can never get an angle-"

"Listen Lita, we need you, I`ll do anything... and everything in my power
to get you any angle you want if you," Steph says while she mumbles off.

"Oh you too, I know this route, I better not get ripped off again." Lita

Stephanie comes to her senses and notices she is sexual harrasing
someone. Never in her carreer as she harrased anybody to push somebody. And
now that she is, she is doing it to another women. She has never been with a

Lita lets go of her hand and puts it into Stephanie`s crossed legs.
Stephanie uncrosses them. Lita moves her head in and begins kissing at
Stephanie`s neck. Stephanie leans her head back and negins to moan. Lita now
moves her hands closer in her legs. She uses a finger and pushes her white
panites to the side. She inserts her middle finger into her pussy. Stephanie
moans a little louder. She can`t believe herself.

Lita moves her head up while sucing her her neck. Steph turns her head to
meet Lita`s. Lita`s lips meet Stephanie`s lip. She kisses her for several
seconds. Lita then moves her tounge into Stephanie`s mouth. Lita moves a
second finger into her tight pussy. She moves her hands faster. She pickes
up the pace.

Stephanie leans her head up against the wall, she cant even kiss back, she
is loosing her self. She is maoning louder and louder. Lita inserts a third
finger. Stephanie yelps out loud and begins panting. Stepahnie fills her
orgasim comming closer. Lita quickly removes her fingers and stands up.

Stephanie realizes she ws used by Lita. She felt ashamed about her
harassing her. She felt like a slut.

She layed there up agaisnt the wall, hair messy, legs spread. She closes
them quickly and stands up agsint Lita.

"What the fuck did you stop for?" Steaphanie ask her fiercly.

"You will get the rest when I get my push." Lita replied smiling, knowing
she just cheated one of her bosses.

Stepahie walks out of the locker room slamming the door behind her. She
walks down the hall, nipples hard as hell. She was hornier than she has ever
been. She makes a turn around a corner and runs straight into Edge and
Christian. They were facing each other, leaning up against opistie walls.
They were laughing about something. She didn`t care what about.

She walks up to Edge and grabs his dick though his wrestling gear. Edge
jumps and looks down at her.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Edge ask her.

She backs her hand away realizing she is embaressing herself. She looks at
Edge and Christian laughing at her. Tears begin to come down her face. She
covers he face with her hands. She turns and runs down the hallway.

Edge and Christian and yelling at her to come back. They are yelling "Get
that sweet cooperate pussy back here," and "I`ve always been there for ya."
They say more, but thier voices trail off. They give each other a high five.

She runs out the door and into the parking lot. There are many of the
camera crews loading up equimpment and wrestlers standing around. She runs
and gets in her car and drives out of the parking lot. While driving down
the road, she cant get over her first encounter with a woman and how much
she enjoyed it. They how confident she was as she grabed Edge`s member. She
became more and more turned on by the minute.

She pulled in to the Hilton hotel, it was a hotel parked right next to the
New York airport. They were having Smackdown recorded the next day at the
same arena. She didn`t bother grabbing her bags, it was the last thing on her
mind. She grabbed her hotel key and walked in the building. There were many
teenagers outside waiting her at the door. They were flashing pictures at
her. Most of the superstars don`t show until lat in the night. She walked
into the hotel. The manager immeditly had security follow her to her room on
the 14th floor.

She shut the door in the black security guards face. She walks over and
sits on the bed. She stares over out the window. She again begins to think
about Lita`s breath on her neck as her fingers made thier way closer and
closer to her pussy.

Stephanie grabbed her neck and closed her eyes. She begins to moan. She
lays back on the bed and closers her eyes. Her hand makes her way down her
stomach and into her skirt. Two fingers quickly make thier way into her twat.
She breaths in deeply. There is a knock at the door. Stephanie quickly turns
her head as she see watches the door swing open and closed. Her face turns
blush-red as she watches the horror on her dad`s face as he stares down at

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Stephanie yells. She sits up and pulls her
skirt back down. She turns her head, she can`t make eye contact again.

"I`m sorry, I`m sorry!" Vince replies. He turns his head to see his
daughter looks away. She has a few tears again coming down her check. It has
been a touchy night for her.

Vince makes his way across the room and sits down next to her. "I`m sorry
to walk in on you like that. Its were acting different tonight. You
didn`t seem to care aboutt he show.. and just stormed right out of the
place!" Vince says. Stephanie slowly looks back over at him in his eyes. She
feels a little different. A little turned on by how her father saw her. It
was so wrong, so nasty, so hot. She feels a little more comfortable. She sits
back leaning on her hands.

Stephanie notices her father glance at her breast. She notices how every
guy looks at her, no matter who he is. She again begins feeling hot.

"Don`t feel embaressed about what just happened. It was a clear mistake,
everyone touches themselves like that, everyone gets caught, ya know!" Vince
says trying to comfort her.

Stephanie begins to feel a little more comfortable, a little more brave.
"Do you touch yourself Dad?" She ask with a grin on her face.

"Uh, well, Steph, there are-" He is cut off.

"I know your screwing Lita, Dad!" She says. He is dumbfounded. He promised
he hasn`t cheated in over 6 years. "Don`t worry dad, so am I!"

He looks at her with an odd look. She looks down and notices movement in
his crotch. Was she turning her dad on? Was that turning her on?

She moves over a little bit wear she is sitting up agasint him. She
crosses her legs.

"Stephanie, don`t tell your mother about Lita, please." He asks her.

"I won`t tell if you don`t tell!" She says smiling. She leans in and
kisses her father on the lips. They kisses for several seconds. He then
pushes her away.

"What has gotten into you Stephanie?" He asks her. "This must stop now!"

She moves down onto the floor in front of his pants. "If you want to stop
me, go ahead."

He tries to say something but nothing comes out of his mouth. She unzips
his pants and looks at his throbbing member, full 7 inches long. She looks
down on it, this is what she has been craving all day. She opens her mouth
and takes the head in. Vince feels the feeling of her young soft lips
closing in on his dick. She begins to move up and down several times until
she can get in all in her mouth. She is licking it up and down with erh
tongue. After minutes worth of silence he starts to grunt as she is moaning
the whole time. He uses his hands and palms the top of her head. He pushes
down on her head as she pushes her hands up from the bed. She begins to bob
her head up and down faster and faster. He pushes her head off of him.

She falls back down onto the floor. She is licking her lips with her

"I don`t want to stop now, not like this, come here." He says. She is
getting mroe and more turned on by the minute, her father is making her have
feeling like this. She stands up and stardles him on the bed. He begins
kissing her neck. He grabs her tits and begins sqeezing her nipples. She
maons out loadly. He is now sucking on her neck. She pushes him down on to
the bed. he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a condom.

"Was that for Lita dad? She ask him with a sexy grin. She bends down and
kisses him again full on the lips. She looks down at the full erect dick. She
balances herself onto his dick. The head of his penis is at the entry of her
twat. She pushes down hard onto his member. He grunts and she yells out

She sits on top of her father abouncing up and down on his dick. They are
both moaning and grunting.

"You like fucking your own father don`t you, you litle slut!" Vince
repeats. Turning them both on. He sits there and watches his own daughter
bounce up and down on him. He has never been so turned on in his life.

Her father, the owner of the World Wrestling Federation, was having great
sex with his daughter. She bounces up and down down. Her tits flapping up and
down making a smacking sound. they were almost hurting her, but the loved it.
She screams out louder and louder. She comes her juices all over his condom.

She comes to a stop.

"What the fuck are you doing? I`m not done yet slut!" Vince yells out.

Vince flips her over where is on top of her. He begins moving in and out
faster and faster. She is now screaming. She grips her theighs around his
waist, her legs warpped around his back as he slams in her repeatedly. She is
screaming out louder with every bump. Faster anf faster. She scratches her
nails in his back as he begins to come.

They both come at the same time. He falls on her out of breath. Stepahnie
lays there, feeling like a slut. Thinking out nasty it was to have sex with
her father and how she enjoyed it so much.

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