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It Still Feels Right Part 2 (sequel to It Just Feels Right)
by Big Diva Pimpin' (

Lita's heart sunk as she held that note in her hand contemplating her 2 days
with Trish. She slowly turn around and gazed at the same bed that she made
her confession to Trish on. The same bed that she made passionate love to the
one person she had waited for all her life, her missing link, the filler of
the void that had ate her insides for years and years. The Xtreme diva had
forgotten all about Trish's situation with Jeff and although her emotions
were at a standstill, she decided not to jump to conclusions. Clearly, this
had happened before Trish knew her feelings towards her, but at the same time
she couldn't help but wonder if she had returned the feelings for Jeff that
she seemed to have for her. She quickly calmed herself down, gathered her
thoughts, and headed to the living room to confront the blonde beauty. With
every small step she took, she could feel a large lump in her throat building
little by little, with her anger boiling over. She approached with caution as
she prepared for the worse...

Trish: Hey babe, ya find it?

Lita: Umm..yeah. And I found something else too..

Trish: What do you mean, Lita?

Lita: (long sigh)....this.

Lita's lump grew three times in size as she handed her friend the note,
lowering her eyebrows ever so slightly anticipating her reaction. She didn't
have to wait long however for the Canadian Diva's face said it all as she
turned pale as a ghost. She fingered one of her golden locks back behind her
ear as she reluctantly gazed at her crimson haired lover already sensing her
helplessness and disappointment. As she opened her mouth to speak, she could
feel Lita's eyes burning a hole right through hers.

Trish: Oh God...L..Lita..I..I...

Lita: (long sigh)....

Trish: know about me and Jeff..and..

Lita: I...I know, I know. You don't have to explain.Can you just tell me

Trish: (hesitent)..what is it?

Lita: How do you feel about him...really?

Trish: (long sigh)..I really don't know..I mean, I care for him as a friend,
but after we kissed that night..., it just seemed like...I saw a whole
different side of Jeff, ya know? Not as that wild and crazy guy that
everyone's used to, but a sweet, gentle, caring man...and...

As Trish's lips struggled to get the words out, Lita's eyes shifted downward
in dismay over these revelations that she had known about for a long time,
but was temporaraly erased from her mind. She had been in love with her for
a long time and to have Trish as her lover was the absolute sweetest taboo.
However,she couldn't blame her, for she had felt that way about Matt for a
long time before they started having major problems with their relationship.
Her emotions seemed to be overshadowing her mental state, and had put her
right back to square one.Feeling her self ready to tear up was too much for
her at the moment so...

Lita: I'm...gonna go for a walk. I'll be back...

Trish: Alright...

Lita paced herself as she headed to the door ready to exit, but all the while
still needing to hear Trish's voice. Her head tilted ever so slightly only to
see Trish's head hung in shame. Her slender fingers gently covered her face
as the Stratusfacting beauty's other hand turned limp thus releasing the note
as it crumbled to the carpeted floor just as she did at that very moment.
Trish, greatly saddened, couldn't bare to look at her lover as Lita felt a
wall build between them. She knew what was going to happen if she seen any
more signs of her breaking down. Trish's melancholy vibes could be felt from
clear across the room as she tried very hard to look away but couldn't.
Finally after struggling with her unwilling emotions, she handled the door,
opened it and never looked back.

12:30 PM

As Lita walked along the streets of her hometown, her mind wandered a
thousand miles a minute pondering why it had to happen to her. Was she
cursed? Why couldn't she find a true love without any drama involved? As
her hands brushed her hips and made her way in her pockets, she gazed at
the gentle scenery around her and was deep in thought about her longtime
friendship with Trish Stratus. All of the good times they've had on and
off the road, all of their fights,the laughs,the tears, the secrets they
shared. All of the things that were told to her in confidence about Jeff
quickly came back to her like a bolt of lightning. How they would go to
the bars after the RAW tapings, how they would hug each other tight, how
she would dream about him caressing her in bed, making sweet love to her.
The thought of her two best friends as lovers would secretly sadden her
but all the while intrigue her, envying what would be a good couple, while
her relationship was going to pieces. The crimson haired beauty struggled
with her tears as she continued to contemplate on how to make such a
negative situation better...

3:00 PM

Meanwhile back at the hotel, a heavy-hearted Trish stood in a hot shower
stall wondering if Lita was alright. By the look of her demeanor, she seemed
to not even want to look at her but still senced her love. The desire in
Trish's heart was slowly overshadowed with pain as she wondered how she ever
ended up making love to her in the first place. She had never had any
feelings for her in that nature until she made her confession that night in
the bedroom...or had she? At that very moment, she questioned her sexuality.
Had she always had bisexual feelings or was it that she just been lonely for
so long that she'd take any kind of companionship she could get? The only
thing she knew was that in that moment in time she had felt closer to her
than she'd ever been in their whole relationship. She truly loved Lita as
her best friend, and seeing her in so much pain for all that time was more
than she could bare. Her heart raced as she came to the realization that her
long friendship with her was more important to her than anything else in the
world and for it to feel so good brought a small smile to her lovely face.
She thought of how Lita was so caring, so gentle and loving, how wonderful
it was to hold her soft body in her arms, gaze into her beautiful eyes, have
her smooth lips touch hers and fix what was left of their fragile spirits.
She didn't want to lose what might just be her one in a million chance for a
true and everlasting love. Her heavy heart in a matter of seconds quickly
turned into a feather as her teardrops slowly fell from her sockets landing
of the marble floor, washing away all doubt from her mind as it mixed with
the water draining in the tub...

5:00 PM

Lita found herself in a state of utter sluggishness as she took her 4th shot
of tequila straight to the head, then eyeballing her 7th bottle of Corona
wondering whether or not to guzzle it down. Her hands made their way to her
forehead as her dizzy eyes withheld the pile of trash before her on the solid
oak bar. The Xtreme diva was sweating bullets as the pit of her ultra weak
stomach bubbled over the lethal combination of alcohol and heartache, causing
her throat to let out a wretched gas that resulted in an even worse
aftertaste. She then felt the worse coming as she stumbled off the barstool
and stuggled to the nasty bathroom all the while belching and almost
vomiting. She hoped and prayed to God she could make it without letting it
all out right then and there. Success was hers. However, things went bad to
worse as her belly lost the internal war of the bodily function as the vile
odor from the bathroom launched huge waves of regurgatation from her body and
into the vile stall before her. The conclusion of the horrible encounter left
Lita literally breathless as her head leaned on the cold toilet seat. As she
struggled to catch what little breath she had left, she realized that she
couldn't possibly feel any lower than she did at that moment. Her limp frame
struggled to the mirror and felt completely ill as she looked at herself,
disgusted at what she saw. Her mascara was ruined as she quietly sobbed in
complete anguish.

8:00 PM

As Trish's worry for Lita escalated at an all time high, her sorrow filled
the vast SUV that started the whole life-altering escapade. After combing
the streets of Ft. Lauderdale for 4 hours, she had no luck finding her. She
slowly pulled over by the curb by a large acre of land, slithered out of the
vehicle and sunk to the cold granet below her feet. In her mind, the worse
case scenario had come true as her efforts to hide her emotions were halted
by her tears. Her quiet sobs were noticed by a rather distraught woman from
across the street, and as she made her way to the truck she felt her heart
almost stop at the sight of the driver ...

Lita: Trish?

Trish: Lita...?

Lita: (long sigh), come here...

As Lita leaned down to Trish, she gazed deep in her hazel eyes. It was just
like looking in a mirror as she saw the same hurt that she had gone through,
the same pain, the same stress. Her tears weren't too far away for it was
all too clear that both were in great agony and were willing to do whatever
it took to rid themselves of it. Lita wrapped her arms around her with sheer
tenderness as Trish buried her face in Lita's shoulder as she had done so
many times during their friendship sheding her gentle tears. Their loving
embrace was one of the greatest forms of compassion anyone could ever witness
as Lita stroked her hair,comforting her but at the same time hurting. Trish
had once again found herself in a state of suffering as she rocked with her
back and forth, and both of the distressed ladies sat there and quietly wept
feeling each others pain.

The next five minutes lasted forever in Trish and Lita's world of sympathy
and sorrow. Their situation truly brought out the best AND the worst in them,
and not much remained but for them to go back to square one and start all
over. Soft kisses proceeded their sobs as both had fully let their emotions
go. Their foreheads rested on ones another's as the 2 felt each other's sweet
breath. The serene scene was enhanced by Trish's delicate voice.

Trish: (softly) Lita...?

Lita: yes?

Trish: Never let me go.

Lita: (almost sobbing)..... I love you, Trish.

Hearing those words had destroyed any pain that Lita could ever feel as her
tears of heartache and anguish turned to tears of joy, and as they once again
embraced, Trish felt light as a feather reveling her new found confidence in
herself. She quickly rediscovered that love was a deadly game of Russian
Roullette, but she was ready, willing and able to play as long as their love
burned stronger as the days, months and hopefully years progressed. They
slowly struggled to get up after expressing their feelings and filled the
truck, ready to head to the same beach they planned to go to earlier.
However, they were both very tired and emotionally drained. The two decided
that they didn't need to be at a beach, or have a bottle of wine, or have
anything fancy to be together. The only thing they needed was each other, and
as the sun reflected it's brightness over an beautiful orange sky preparing
for a glorious sunset, the ladies decided to just stay where they were and
take a romantic walk in the large acre. They already had a large beach towel
in the back of the truck that they could use to lay on, therefore the two
lovely ladies strolled hand in hand through the vast meadows that awaited

Trish: Li, I know we still need to talk about this...

Lita: Are you sure? I mean, you don't have to expain yourself..

Trish: Yeah but...I think you deserve to know the truth.

Lita: You mean about you and Jeff? Forget about it.

Trish: Well...I'm sorry I didn't tell you about that note. I just wasn't sure
what to do...and I....

Lita: Honey, look. I knew about your situation with him way before this
happened, so there's really no need to apologize. I'm sorry I made you worry.
I just needed to clear my head for a while, ya know?

Trish: I understand, but the thing about it is that in the mist of everything
that's happened this weekend, both of us seemed to forget about Matt and
Jeff. It's like we're the only two people on earth.

Lita: I know. I mean, that night in the hotel...I couldn't help it. It's
like..ever since Matt and I broke up...hell, when we were together, I've felt
so lonely and you and I have been friends for so long that I...started seeing
you as everyone else has. A kind, caring, and incredibly beautiful woman.

Lita's compliments toward the blonde bombshell made her stop dead in her
tracks, making her feel more like a woman than she ever had in her life.
Her left hand slowly made a path to Lita's soft face, letting her feel her
appreciation for her gentle warmth. Their bodies are now secure tightly
holding each other, all the while having their colorful irises colliding
never blinking even once. The calm summer wind swept the lovely manes of the
two divas into the night air as Lita gave Trish's hand a small kiss being
becoming the epitamy of placid. The towel was placed on the green grass as
they sat to finally define their new relationship.

9:30 PM

Lita: (sigh)...Trish, you know where I stand with this relationship, but what
about you?

Trish: What do you mean?

Lita: I mean, we've been friends for 3 years, an I'd like to know what you're

Trish: (long sigh)...well, I know that you're kind...and caring. Good sence
of humor. Tender. (softly) Loving, beautiful,sweet, sexy. Babe, I can talk to
you about anything. You're so....when I look into your eyes....I just...

Lita: Trish...?

Three years of being best friends have come down to this very moment. The
moment that both ladies had been waiting for all their lives but didn't know
it. Neither one expected for their good friendship to ever suddenly do a 360
and turn both of their worlds upside down. However, it officially became the
inevitable in only 5 seconds when one small, minute, important sentence that
either one had ever heard was said...

Trish: i'm...falling in love with you...

Lita: Trish...if you only knew how long I've been waiting to here those

Trish: Lita...

Lita: hmm?

Trish: I love you.

Lita: Oh baby..I love you so much...

The quietude of their bliss was silently written in stone as their delicate
lips touched cosummating the hidden love in their once heavy hearts. The air
was just right. The mood was one of pure perfection. The two femme fatales
slowly leaned backward to the towel to bask in the rapture that awaited them.
In the gentle embrace, they were as one, no more, no less. This night was
nothing like the last two. It was not in any way based on lust or carnality.
No being caught in the heat of the moment. It was about love. It was about
affection. About tenderness. Each second that the women spent together at
that very moment was cherished to the fullest extent as they slowly undressed
one another. Pulses racing. Both hearts beating as one. Leaving each other
breathless. This is what it was all about. This is what they yearned for.

Exploration was commited in the purest form as they continued to taste each
others sweet essence. Hands were treated to each others precious wetness,
leaving the fragrance of sweet sex in the night air. The redhead diva panted
nonstop with the infinite pleasuring below her delicate womanhood. Trish's
whole body shivered worshiping Lita's caress as her back was arched by the
sensation of her tongue. The end came near when both ladies hips bucked
squealing in unison taking both to their own private heaven. the encounter
literally left both breathless as they dispersed from the 69 and snuggled on
the now warm towel beneath them.

Trish: (softly)'re so beautiful, Lita. I never wanna let you

Lita: Then don't.

Trish: I love you.

Lita: I love you too, baby.

The gentle lips of both Divas were intertwined once again comfortably under
the shimmering moonlight. Their love had blossomed right there in that vast
field like two spring flowers and the best was yet to come. As the two
gradually dosed off, the angelic glow of both ladies was one of pure
elegance, feeding off of the soft summer wind, making them happier than
they've ever been. No doubts. No negatives. No turning back. Their deadly
game of love had now began...

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