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It's Emma's Birthday
by WWEFinatic

It was the day of Emma's birthday she had invited some of the Newer Divas round to her and Paige's apartment.

She invited Summer Rae, Bayley, Cameron/Ariane and a few others Paige was already there because it was her joint apartment, They were all at the apartment for a few drinks then they were going out to a local club.

Emma wasn't even ready to leave yet but the others had finished there drinks and wanted to go.

Emma: You guys go ahead I'll be with you in 30 Minutes or maybe a bit sooner who knows, I haven't even picked anything to wear yet.

Paige: Are you sure? You are the birthday girl and all we cant leave you.

Bayley: I'll stay with her so she doesn't have to walk down to the club alone.

Emma: There you go Bayley will stay with me.

Paige: Ok girls lets go! Bye.

At this moment all the girls left except for Bayley and Emma.

Emma: Bayley I'm going to see what I can wear so you stay here and get something to drink or something there is still some wine I'm sure.

Bayley: Okay sure just shout when your ready to leave so we can go party.

Emma: Okay I'll be a few minutes.

Emma walked off and went into her bed room she picked a few dresses out from here dresser and lay them on the bed.

Emma: Bayley come here one second.

Bayley: What is it?

Emma: Which dress do you think is nicest?

Bayley: Going by the looked id say the Yellow one is the nicest, but I don't know what it looks like on you.

Emma: I'll try it on then you can tell me sure.

Bayley left the room and Emma got undressed she untied her dressing gown and dropped it on the floor. She then proceeded to put the dress on and because the dress was strapless she didn't need to wear a bra.

Emma: Come back in.

Bayley: Wow you look hot in that. It really does show your assets and by assets I mean your boobs, they look huge in that!

Emma: They aren't that big come on.

Bayley: Emma if I wasn't straight id pounce on you right now.

Emma: Who said you had to be gay to have a little fun?

Bayley: Well I did I'm straight it would be weird, Try the pink dress on now.

Bayley turned around and Emma took the yellow dress off.

Emma: Turn back around.

Bayley turned around and looked at Emma standing there naked with her huge boobs out.

Bayley: I guess I could I've you your Birthday present now?

Emma: I was hoping you would say that

Bayley took off her dress and heels. She threw Emma onto the bed and climbed on top of her. They started to make out with each other. Bayley started to bite Emma lip and grind up and down on her body with her pussy.

Emma: Suck on my boobs babe.

Bayley started to move down Emma's body and licked and bit on her nipples, Emma could feel herself getting wet, So she started to finger her own pussy while Bayley suck her tits.

Bayley: Do you want me to finger you instead.

Emma: Fuck yes.

Bayley then went lower on Emma and jammed 2 Fingers into Emma tight wet pussy and fingered her really hard Emma began to moan really loud.

Bayley: In case you didn't notice I love it rough so you better too.

Emma: Fuck me oh fuck yes like that put another finger in.

Bayley did as Emma asked and stuck in another finger. Bayley was so turned on and started to fuck her own pussy with her 3 fingers.

Emma: Have you ever licked a pussy before?

Bayley: No but I guess im about to?

Emma: Yes now get your head down there.

Bayley pulled her fingers out of Emma's pussy and her own pussy and began to lick around the outside of Emma wet cunt. Emma started to tense her body because Bayley was teasing it they done this for about 5 minutes until Bayley's mouth was starting to get sore so they swapped positions and Bayley lay flat on her back and Emma started to lick on Bayleys wet pussy.

Emma was licking and fingering Bayley and Bayley felt like she was going to cum so Emma stopped.

Emma: Wait here.

Emma got up and ran to Paige's room and lifted a Vibrator from below her bed and ran back into her own room.

Emma: Look what I have.

Bayley: Fuck yes!

Emma turned the vibrator up to full and put it inside Bayley's swollen tight pussy and began to fuck her hard with it.

Bayley: Oh fuck yes uh yea fuck me harder harder yes Emma like that ohh fuck I'm going cum fuck fuck yes!

Emma pulled the Vibrator out and Bayley squirted everywhere all over Emma's bed and all over Emma.

Bayley: Well that's never happened before!

Emma: You see If you can make me squirt now!

Emma lay on her back and spread her legs. Bayley grabbed the vibrator and shoved it straight inside of Emma as hard and as deep and she could then she turned it on, she started to move it back and forward harder and harder making Emma scream with pain and pleasure.

Emma: Keep doing that oh fuck yes harder Bayley harder oh fuck deeper.

Bayley fully pushed the Vibrator inside Emma.

Emma: Pull it out of fuck yes!

Bayley pulled it out as fast as she could and put her mouth round Emma wet cunt and Emma squirted all over Bayley's face inside her mouth Bayley pulled back and made out with Emma.

They both lay down and cuddled in the sweat and squirt soaked bed together.

Bayley: How did you know Paige had that vibrator?

Emma: How do you think I learned how to do all this stuff?

Bayley: Really? You and Paige?

Emma: Yes me and Paige do it on a regular basis.

Bayley: Maybe I could join in?

Emma: I don't see why not. She let Celeste and me fuck her one time I'm sure she wouldn't mind having her mouth inside that little sweet pussy of yours.

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