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It's Your Duty Part 1
by Craig

Torrie Wilson, she was every thing a normal red-blooded man would want and
more. She knew that all the men in the back fantasized about her. She was a
luscious, curvy woman with ample breasts. She was looking to make changes
around the WWE in both rosters by using her body in more ways than one.

"I'm the new General Manager as most of you guys already know. Now, Stephanie
couldn't hack it so I'm here to make things a bit more exciting," Kurt Angle
announced at the SmackDown! conference.

Torrie smirked devilishly as she slowly ran her tongue over the top of her
lip seductively. She knew this was going to be too easy. She was sitting
right next to Kurt, which worked to her advantage.

"Does anyone have a question?" Kurt asked as he looked around the room.
Torrie raised her hand and he nodded his head to her, "Alright- what's up

"...well, I was thinking that maybe I should get a promotion in the women's
roster." The other SmackDown! divas were about to explode in anger. Kurt
frowned, which gave Torrie the signal. She slipped off her high heel under
the table and elevated her leg and moved it towards Kurt's package. She
gently dug her foot in and started to massage his cock and balls.

Kurt's eyes widened as his dick and nuts were being serviced by Torrie's
foot. He turned red and bit his lip to keep back a moan of pleasure. Torrie
stopped and then looked at him with her big green eyes.

"T-Torrie, you definitely deserve a promotion. Stay after and will discuss it
more. Everyone else is free to go." Kurt tried to smile the best he could at
the passing superstars, but he was still strung out on his erection and the
pleasure he was getting.

Once the room was empty, Torrie wasted no time. She kicked off her other heel
and climbed up on the desk and started to crawl over to Kurt. Leaning down
like that, Kurt could see the crease between Torrie's bountiful breasts. When
she got at the end of the table she pushed Kurt on his rolling chair back a
little to give her some room.

"I-I don't think we should—" he started to fumble for words.

"Some people are born to shut up and sit behind a desk," Torrie started off
as she hopped off the desk and straddled Kurt tightly. She wrapped her long
honey-colored legs around his waist and the back of the chair and slowly
started to grind into him.

"...Oh god, Torrie." He moaned. Torrie wasn't wearing any panties under her
short, tight mini-skirt so Kurt could feel her heated walls through his
Olympic tights. It made his hardy meat jump and it jabbed Torrie against her
thigh which caused both of them to let out a sharp sexual moan. She started
to ride him, harder and faster and then slower and more gentle so he could be
teased and played with. She leaned in and licked Kurt's lips with her moist
tongue and that sent Kurt over the edge. He had to have her right there and
then. He wrapped his hard and rough hands around the back of her neck and
then thrust his tongue into her mouth, french-kissing her hard. Their saliva
mixed and Torrie groaned at his dominance, but she knew she was just supposed
to tease to get what she wanted.

Torrie took the control back as she vertically bounced up and down on his
dick through his tight fabric. She would lower her tight and hot pussy lips
down on tip of his raging hard on and then lift herself off him. She decided
to finish him off and take what she was there for, power. To drive him crazy
and over the edge she lowered herself a centimeter short above and have her
clit drip it's sweet nectar down on his fabric, which was absorbed and
reached his cock head. That was it, Kurt broke the kiss and thrust his hips
up, while putting both of his hands on Torrie's firm ass, squeezing it
tightly as he released his hot seed through his tights. Volley after volley,
his cum kept soaking his tights. After a minute or two of cumming, Torrie got
off of him and got down on her knees in front of him.

"I can see you got a rise, can I get a raise Kurt baby?" She said with a
naughty smirk.

Kurt still was hesitant of giving her the raise, until - Torrie leaned her
head down towards his tights. His erection was still apparent and visible.
She opened up her mouth and just before she was going to suck it through the
fabric, she instead let her mouth hover over the thick head and exhaled on
it slowly, her cool breath generating chills through his cock which caused
him to spill his nut again. Kurt moaned loudly, and nodded his head.

" definitely have your raise." He said exhaustedly.

Torrie smiled and left his office. On the way out she took with her Kurt's
wallet. She smiled to herself and skipped out to find herself somebody she
could frame with it. What better people to frame it with than Shelton
Benjamin and Charlie Haas? But before she would do that, she had to change
and shower to get the tangy, salty, cummy scent off of her.

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