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(I didn't have school today and was bored so I decided to write part two of
"It's Your Duty" because of the positive feedback I got from it, so I hope
you enjoy this one. If I get feedback, I'll be encouraged to write more so,
tell me what you think.)

It's Your Duty Part 2
by Craig

After Torrie had showered and changed her clothes, she was plotting on how to
get Shelton and Charlie to fall for her, which wouldn't be that hard because
of her looks. She wasn't planning on going through intercourse, but instead
use her body the best she could. It was a risk though, considering the sexual
tension, that she could very well be fuck-able.

Torrie twirled her finger through her blonde silky hair, swaying her curvy
hips from side to side. Her tight fitting mini-skirt fit just a little too
short and revealed her black lacy lingerie ... and her tight shirt also
outlined her perfect, succulent tits. Shelton and Charlie instantly dropped
their jaws.

"Hey boys," Torrie said while winking her eye.

Shelton and Charlie still looked at Torrie. They couldn't get their eyes off
of her amazing body. They could already see her hardened nipples through her
shirt, which made them drool.

"I was getting a little hungry and I was hoping that you two could join me.
I'd hate to be all by myself." She shifted her weight to her right, thrusting
her hip out which caused her skirt to pull up, giving the boys a peep show of
her lingerie.

Shelton had to snap out of his trance. Charlie licked his lips as he
continued to eye those large breasts. Shelton could already feel his cock
twitch through his tights as he saw that Torrie was already dripping from
her wet pussy. "Yeah, eating is a good idea. A very good idea," Shelton
said, thinking in his mind about eating out that tender and mouth-watering

"Follow me then," Torrie said, turning around. She led them to her locker
room all while shaking her plump ass as she walked. She walked into her
locker room and the two boys followed her. Shelton closed the door behind
him and anxiously made his way over to Torrie.

"I've got honey, bananas, strawberries and whipped cream. And I'm hungry for
them all, especially all of them toppings on my favorite dish...meat," Torrie
said pushing her two breasts together, closing her eyes and moaning at the
same time. She opened her eyes again and devilishly grinned with her perfect
luscious lips, "So are we going to find out if not only are you the World's
Self-Proclaimed Greatest Tag Team, but also the World's Torrie-Proclaimed
Greatest Fuck Team?"

That was all both Shelton and Charlie needed to instantly get erect. Torrie
walked over to Charlie and grabbed his obvious erection. She shuddered as she
took it in her hands, moaning his name in his ear in a whisper. Torrie ran
her other hand around his hard, masculine chest. Charlie pulled her in and
kissed her hard, crushing his lips against hers. He wasted no time in shoving
his tongue down her throat. Shelton walked over behind Torrie and wrapped his
strong black hands tightly around her waist, pushing his body against the
back of hers. He started kissing her neck, his tongue traveling all around
from her shoulder and back to her neck.

Charlie broke their intense kiss and removed his wrestling attire. Shelton
did the same in order to free his massive cock. Torrie was frightened. This
wasn't supposed to happen, she wasn't actually supposed to go through with
the intercourse. Torrie swallowed hard and then tried to back away, but
those heaving tits and tight ass was too tempting to Shelton and Charlie to
let get away. Both men surrounded her. Charlie grabbed her tight shirt and
easily tore it off, exposing her large breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra.
Shelton also very easily ripped off her tiny little mini-skirt along with
her black panties.

"Guys, w-wait. Don't do this to me," she said in a shaky voice. She had been
a virgin up to this point and she knew both these men were well equip with
large dicks. Torrie back up into Shelton and his lengthy cock poked her in
the back causing her to jump and him to moan. Quickly, he held her back
against him. She tried to struggle and in doing so, she rubbed her bare ass
up against Shelton's black dick. Shelton nodded to Charlie to get out the
food Torrie said was there.

Charlie grabbed the plastic bear container that had the honey in it. He
popped it open and walked over to the struggling Torrie. He pointed the tip
of the bottle at her nipple and squeezed the honey out. The gooey substance
oozed out onto her nipple. Torrie moaned as Charlie swooped down and took
her nipple in his mouth. He sucked on her honey covered tit and used his
tongue to spread the honey all around her breast. He passed the bottle to
Shelton and then continued to suck on her tit while groping the other.
Shelton squeezed the bottle of honey and it oozed out onto Torrie's back.
Shelton let it slide all the way down until it reached the crease in her
perfect ass. The honey dripped down and coated the tight walls in her ass.
Torrie gasped is guilty pleasure.

Charlie started to nibble on Torrie's tit, getting a little more aggressive.
Shelton started to lick his way down to her ass. He spread her juicy ass
apart and stuffed his face in it. He immediately stuck out his tongue to her
honey coated ass. Torrie puckered her ass, causing the honey a squishy noise
as she relaxed a little more. Shelton began to munch on the inside of her
hungrily, lapping up all of the honey. He spanked her ass after eating it out
hard. Her ample ass began to turn red as Shelton kept slapping it, every time
his hand hit her ass it jiggled.

Charlie walked over to the table where the food was as Shelton continued to
hold Torrie back. She was still putting up somewhat of a fight.

"This is what you get for teasing us, slut. We're going to make this a slow
and pleasurable experience that you'll be begging us to fuck you every night
of the week. Let's get out the banana," Charlie said with a smirk. He peeled
it and then walked over to the helpless Torrie.

Shelton switched positions and put her flat on her back. He pinned her arms
down and was straddled over her face. Charlie ran the banana up her leg and
into her thigh region. He teased her with it and then moved it over to her
pussy lips. He parted his pussy with his left hand and then inserted the
banana with his left hand. Torrie moaned as the fruit slowly filled her
virgin vagina.

"No, Charlie! Don't! Stop it already I don't want to do this," Torrie pleaded
as Charlie continued to shove it in slowly.

"Give this whore something to suck on to shut her up," Charlie said angrily.

Shelton smirked and felt his hard thick ten inch black cock rising again. He
knew exactly what to give her. Shelton reached over and pinched Torrie's pink
hard nipple causing her to gasp. Finding the opportunity, Shelton thrust his
hips forward and shoved his meaty cock down Torrie's throat to silence her.
Shelton closed his eyes and smiled as he felt his large cock become moist and
warm in Torrie's hot wet mouth.

Charlie began to thrust the banana in deeper into her vagina. Shelton was now
balls deep down Torrie's throat. He kept it there for a while, letting his
large sac rest on her nostrils. Torrie had no choice but to smell his sweaty,
musky, cum filled sac. Shelton then started fucking her face.

"Yeah...damn, use that mouth. You like that big black dick, huh? Give it to
me baby," he chuckled sinisterly as he continued to pound her mouth, "hmm
yeah. Oh shit, that's it slut...deep throat it," Shelton moaned as he licked
his lips.

"Bitch, take it! Yeah, damn that's making me hungry," Charlie said as he
continued to push it in. This time, Torrie's walls closed around the banana
and she started to cum. She moaned loudly sending vibrations through
Shelton's dick, which caused him to spill his seed from his thick black cock.
Shelton kept his dick buried in her throat allowing his cum to shoot down
into her stomach.

"Eat my cum slut, ...yeah swallow it, keep swallowing. Mm, feel that creamy
jizz in your mouth? Yeah baby," Shelton said as he pulled out.

Charlie took out the cummy banana from Torrie's pussy and stuck it in his
mouth. He began to eat the vagina-flavored banana coated with Torrie's cum.
Charlie moaned in delight. Shelton walked over to the table of food and
picked up the strawberries and the whipped cream.

"Now you're going to find out why they call us the World's Greatest Fuck Team
bitch," Charlie said with a grin. Shelton kneeled down and shook the cream.
He opened the bottle and then applied the cream around Torrie's vagina. Then
he stuck the nozzle into Torrie's pussy hole and shot whipped cream in it.

"Oh my god!" Torrie screamed. She never had that happen to her and it was
surprisingly erotic, but she still was upset that she was going to get

"Get ready to feel double the pleasure," Shelton said with a smile. Shelton
pointed his hard dick towards Torrie's moist clit. His thick cock head rubbed
her pussy lips which caused her to moan, she wanted to get out of this.

"Please," Torrie mumbled.

"You don't have to beg baby," Shelton said with a sly grin. Torrie didn't
mean please as in please fuck me, but Shelton didn't care.

With one quick thrust, Shelton busted her walls and entered her tight pussy.
He felt her walls clamp around his dick which made him moan and almost cum
right there and then. His dick was now lathered in a mixture of whipped cream
and her inside liquids.

"Charlie, you have to try out this fucking awesome ass pussy." Shelton said.
Charlie then pointed his dick near her pussy entrance. Charlie squeezed his
large plump cock head through the small opening that was available after
Shelton had taken most of the space. When Charlie thrust his hips forward and
his dick launched into her pussy, it almost tore her in two.

"Oh fuck, you were right...this pussy is hot." Charlie agreed.

"Oh my god! Please, please!" Torrie moaned loudly as she closed her eyes

"You heard her Charlie, she wants it. Let's give it to her." Shelton said.

They weren't about to give her any mercy. Both of the men liked their sex
hard, rough and fast. This wasn't going to be some slow, teasing shit ...
nah, this was raw and hardcore. Both of them nodded their heads and at the
same time they began thrusting their large Olympic sized cocks in Torrie's
tight pussy. It was already sorely stretched and she didn't know how long
she was going to last.

"Mm, yeah Torrie! You're the tightest pussy I've fucked, oh yeah! We're going
to fuck your brains out," Charlie said with a moan as he felt his foreskin
pull back and forth roughly as he pulled in and out of her clit.

Shelton was thrusting harder and faster, driving his cock balls deep. Shelton
liked it hard and fast, he reached up and grabbed her tits and squeezed them
hard. Torrie then started to enjoy herself, giving up as these two monster
cocks invaded her pussy.

"...Mm, Shelton...Charlie!! Fuck me harder please, ram my pussy! Get it all
in...ooh! Yes! I want it, take me!" Torrie commanded as she thrust her hips
up to in order to match their pattern. It was no use because both strong men
kept knocking her down with their powerful thrusts. Those words from Torrie
made the men work harder.

Shelton began to sweat as did Charlie. The friction between Torrie's hot
walls and their cocks rubbing against them was just incredible.

"I'm fucking cumming, oh shit!" Charlie warned as he continued to pound her
tight clit. Shelton looked over at Charlie, "Fuck man, I'm cumming too...
let's give her the World's Greatest Jizz!"

Charlie and Shelton both groaned loudly. Torrie could feel both of their cock
heads swelling in her pussy and she knew what was going to happen. Both men
could feel their hot cum bubble in their dicks and with that, they erupted at
the same time.

"Fuck! Oh yeah, take that jizz baby! Mm, yeah slut take it all!" Shelton
moaned as he pumped her pussy. Charlie's cum mixed with Shelton's and both
combined short hard into the deep depths of her pussy. Torrie felt like a
torpedo went through her pussy because of the rough force of their cum as
it shot into her hole.

"...Mm yeah!! Oh shit, yeah whore! Fucking take that!" Charlie groaned
continued to pump and cum into her pussy.

Torrie nearly passed out. Both men pulled out of her used pussy. Exhausted,
they didn't want to waste the strawberries so the dipped them in her pussy
and forced her to eat them, covered in both of their cum. That was the first
time she tasted Charlie's cum and the second time she had Shelton's cum in
her stomach. All of them were full from their snacks.

Before Torrie left the room, she made sure she left Kurt's wallet in Shelton
and Charlie's locker room. After all, they did have to pay for fucking her,
even though she liked it. Torrie was now thinking of bigger and better
things. She wanted to rule a male-dominated business. Her next challenge was
to win the U.S. Championship and earning it wouldn't be a problem.

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