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It's Your Duty Part 3
by Craig

Torrie felt a little sore after being torn apart at the hands of Charlie Haas
and Shelton Benjamin and was looking for a place to rest for a while. Taking
the elevator would save her the trouble of walking the halls and risking
rape. She hurried over, wearing a pair of tight red leather jeans and a cut
white halter top with a cherry animation in the center. She pushed the button
and waited.

To her dismay, the elevator was occupied by three men. Maven, Rob Van Dam
and Rey Mysterio were those men, and with that she knew that they were not
anything she needed to worry about. She avoided all eye contact and slipped

Immediately, all three men slyly shifted their eyes to take a glance at the
sexy Torrie Wilson, looking her body up and down. Torrie could sense that all
eyes were on her and she started to get that feeling that something bad was
going to happen. She casually stepped towards the elevator buttons and before
she could press the next available button to exit off of, Maven stepped in
front of her.

"What's the rush, baby?" Maven cooed as he licked his lips slowly, getting
a full look at the front of her body. Those juicy tits being held captive
behind that tight white halter top, her toned stomach showing, revealing
that sex appeal of hers.

"I just have somewhere I need to be, I think Mr. McMahon wanted to see me in
his office...," Torrie stammered as she tried to back up, only to bump into
Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey tugged a smirk across his lips; as he felt her plump and ripe ass lightly
bump against his limp cock, now making it slowly spring to attention.

Rob, being the mellow guy he was, pretended not to notice anything and
paid no attention as he saw that these two men were about to assault this
voluptuous vixen.

"Yeah baby, where ya think you're goin' before gettin' on your knees and
suckin' my dick?" Rey Jr. asked as Torrie turned her head in fear.

Maven rubbed his hands together, "Torrie you have no idea how long I've been
waiting to fuck you. Ever since we did those skits I wanted to hit you up."

Maven made a grab at her breasts, violently squeezing them with his hands.
Torrie cried and tried to escape, but Rey made quick and held her still.

"Not so fast, bitch." Maven whispered in her ear, before pushing the very top
button at the elevator to make the ride last longer.

Rey felt his cock head hit the material of his wrestling baggy tights and he
moaned as he started to slowly dry fuck Torrie in the ass. ", can't
wait till I feel your mouth suckin' my meat."

Torrie started to whimper and looked over at Rob for help, but he ignored
her, still doing nothing.

Maven ripped her top off lavishly and attacked her breasts with his mouth,
biting and sucking on her perfectly shaped nipples, tonguing them to bring
them to a hard state. After sucking her nipples, Maven made quick to pull
her red leather pants off with easy, and quickly ridded her of her glass
looking heels.

Rey bit his lip as he felt the base of his cock rub up and down her ass, dry
fucking it slowly, making the friction pull Rey's head skin up and down.
"yeaaah," he moaned.

Maven quickly yanked off her red thong and pushed her down on all fours.
"Get ready baby, I don't fuck slowly." Maven quickly lost his black wrestling
shorts and out sprang his colored cock, at a fairly impressive 7 inches.
Maven got down on his knees and spread her ass apart, carefully placing his
cock head in the center of her bud. That tightly puckered asshole, exuding
heat that made Maven's cock slightly drip with pre-cum. "Damn, tapping your
ass is gonna be fucking awesome."

Rey smirked at his chance now. He couldn't wait any longer. He unbuttoned the
button at the top of his wrestling baggy tights and pulled down only enough
to let his thick, latin dick stick out. He licked his lips as he wrapped one
hand around his cock, guiding it to Torrie's mouth and the other hand placed
firmly on the back of Torrie's head, pulling her forward.

"Open up and do what you do best, suck on this. If you suck good, you might
get some sticky and I might jus' go off in your mouth." Rey warned as he
roughly forced his engorged cock head into her mouth, not giving her a chance
to protest.

Maven saw this as an opportunity and slammed his entire cock into her ass,
giving her no chance to get used to his length. He drew back completely and
from there pounded her ass hard. "FUCK, baby..your ass ain't gonna be tight
once I'm done."

The pounded on Torrie's ass caused her to open her mouth and throat even
more, allowing Rey to slide his surprising 9 inch cock down her throat. "Now
that's what I'm talkin' about." Rey said as he closed his eyes, throwing his
head back and he made hard and fast thrusts into her mouth.

"Mm, like it, huh bitch? Damn, that's tight...ohh." Maven continued
moaning as his protruding cock continued to do it's damage on Torrie's ass,
splitting it almost in two, with the thickness of Maven's cock.

Torrie gagged as Rey's entire cock filled her mouth and Rey chuckled, opening
his eyes to watch the bitch gag on his meat, "Yeah baby, choke on it.., you
like takin' it in the mouth, like when I hit it in your mouth..damn, baby.."
Rey winced as Torrie gently bit into his cock in response to Maven ass
fucking her. Rey found it feeling good though, "..shit, mm..yeah suck for
your daddy Rey."

Maven placed his hands on Torrie's hips tightly and slammed his cock deep
into the bowels of her ass as he exploded. "FUCK, BABY! Uhh, oh shit
yeaaaaaaah.." Maven moaned as he cummed hard into her warm ass, shooting
his thick load of man juice into her ravishingly.

Just then Torrie could feel Rey's cock throb in her mouth and knew the
cumming fest wasn't over.

"Uhh, uhh, ohhh shhiiiit.." Rey started to moan as he felt the first few
drops of his cum spill into her mouth, but it wasn't over. He placed both
hands on the back of her head and shoved her face to the base of his cock
and made her suck.

"Suck me hard," Rey said and Torrie complied. Rey curved his lips into a
smile as he felt his creamy cum start to shoot out forcefully down the
throat of Torrie. "..yeah, swallow for daddy..mmmm yeah, swallowin' my
cum tastes good, huh? Yeaaah.." Rey moaned as he finished emptying his
load of jizz.

Both Rey and Maven pulled out and zipped back up, exiting the elevator.
Torrie exhaustedly collapsed on the floor.

What she saw next scared her. Rob walked over to the elevator and pushed the
very first floor with a smirk on his face.

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