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Ivory & RTC Celebrate
by Gangbang Lover

It was Thursday night and the RTC were watching Bull and Goodfather retain
the Tag Team championships inside the white RTC van. After the match, Steven

Steven: We have been on a roll as of late. We censored the immoral Mr. Ass,
captured two title belts, and have continued to spread the word of the RTC.
Now we cap it off with a successful Tag Team title defense. I think this
calls for a celebration! Right, Ivory?

Ivory: Yes Mr. Richards, we need to celebrate.

Ivory then raised her arms. This was the signal for the RTC to begin
preparing Ivory for celebration. They removed her shirt and bra followed by
her long skirt and panties revealing her wet pussy and nice tits for all of
Right to Censor to see. Ivory loved this celebrating. It was this that got
her into the RTC.

Steven: Now that you are "dressed" for the celebration, we cannot forget the
special accessories.

Steven then pulled something shiny out of his pockets. It was handcuffs.
Every time Ivory celebrates, she loves to not have hands available to help
and she loves the feeling of being helpless even more. So as Steven cuffed
her hands to her back, she started to get wet. Then she got on her knees as
Steven pulled down his pants and pulled out his 9-inch cock.

Steven: As that immoral group D-Generation X would say SUCK IT!

Ivory then obeyed Steven and started sucking on his cock. Even without her
hands, Ivory swallowed all of Richards' cock and began to deep throat him.
As she was doing so, Goodfather and Val, the former pimp and porn star got
their 13 inchers out and approached Ivory. The current (at the time) Women's
champion didn't notice GF or Val until they jammed her on their unlubricated
cocks at the same time (GF in the ass, Val in the pussy). She came
immediately after GF and Val impaled her on their cocks. However, she got
used to the DPing and sucking off the leader, Steve Richards and continued
to get pleasured by the Right to Censor. In the corner watching the gangbang
was Bull Buchanan stroking his 11-inch pal. He headed (no pun intended) over
and shoved his cock in Ivory's slut mouth and she began to suck off both
Richards and Bull while getting double penetrated by Bull and Goodfather. She
came two more times before any male RTC member shot their spunk. She was
handcuffed and had 46 inches of cock inside her and she loved every second of
this even though the RTC would publicly find this demeaning, but everyone
knows the RTC are hypocrites. Finally, as the males were ready to cum, Bull
pulled out of Ivory's mouth and positioned his dick near Ivory's face. Then,
at the exact same moment, the male RTC member came. Her ass and pussy holes
were getting flooded with cum while she gulped down every last drop of
Steven's cream. Bull was shutting his load all over Ivory's face and hair
which some of it dripped onto her tits.

This was by no means the end, as all of the RTC members switched places.
Bull now positioned himself in Ivory's pussy while Steven shoved his cock
inside her ass. Goodfather had his 13 inches down Ivory's throat and Val
began to tit fuck her. This continued all night. Eventually, around 3 AM,
Ivory who has came over 75 times and was filled with cum, passed out in
pleasure. However, RTC kept fucking her and smothering her in cum. Finally
around 6 AM, the male members of RTC had enough and fell asleep next to the
cum covered mass Ivory. When she woke up two hours later still handcuffed,
she thought about the entire Right to Censor taking RAW off!

(This was my first story, the build up kinda sucked but that was because the
first (and better version) got deleted when I was about to post it. If you
liked this story, I might do a group sex story about how Molly chose
Hurricane Helms over Spike.)

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