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Ivory & Tammy
by Tazz (

Tammy Sytch and Ivory were both in the WWF lockeroon with Godfather and
D'Lo Brown. Godfather decided to sit back with the hos while he watched D'Lo
fuck Ivory and Tammy Sytch. First Tammy got into a 69 with Ivory with Ivory
on top. Tammy instantly attacked Ivory's sensitive clit, making her squeal
with pleasure.

D'Lo wasted no time, he took a position behind Ivory, Tammy already had
Ivory's plump cheeks spread apart. All dlo had to do was slid his boner into
her tight pussy and he did just that, getting a loud moan from Ivory. Her
moans were muffled by Tammy's soft pussy lips. He then placed both hands on
Ivorys gorgeous, plump ass cheeks and began a fast rythym in her cunt. He
quickly pistoned his 9 inch cock in and out of Ivory's tight snatch.

Ivory's cunt was no stranger to D'Lo's cock. Ivory had sex with D'Lo and
Mark at the same time before. Ivory had two fingers in Tammy's cunt, while
she licked her sensitive bud. Ivorys soft pussy was getting sucked and fucked
at the same time.

Then dlo pulled out of Ivorys pussy, then Tammy grabbed his glossy cock
and put it in her mouth and slurpped all of Ivory's pussy juice off of his
thick, black member. Then Tammy put it back into Ivory's twat. Then Tammy
began to tongue D'Lo's balls as he rammed Ivory's snatch. Tammy licked her
finger and started to rub Ivory's super tight asshole, her finger was buried
between her two plump cheeks teasing her anus.

Then D'Lo pulled out again and Ivory got up and sat on D'Lo, and then he
placed his lubed cock into her vagina again, she began to buck her hips and
hump his huge black cock. D'Lo reached around and squeezed her fat cheeks
HARD! She screamed as her plump cheeks were ravaged. Then a few minutes into
it, she got off of him.

Then Tammy got on, she strattled his manhood. Then D'Lo reached around and
squeezed Tammy's cheeks as well. She moaned like a two dollar whore as D'Lo's
fat cock thrusted through her vagina.

Ivory began to rub her swollen cliterous as she watched Tammy get her cunt
fucked hard. Then he got on top and she put her soft legs on his shoulders,
and then he began to hump her tight cunt. Tammy felt his nuts slap against
her asshole as he rammed her pussy. Pistoning in and out of her vagina at
such a fast and violent rate made him cum. He pulled out and finally shot his
wave of hot semen on her face.

Then he turned her on her stomach, and slid his member between her sweaty
crack, and started to hump her crack. Tammy fingered her cunt as he did this.

"Aaahhhhhh I'm cummmmming .....***AAAAHHHHHHHH YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH" screamed
Tammy as she came.

Then Ivory bent over doggy style. So then D'Lo shoved his cock into her
pussy hard. Then he began to pound her pussy, making her fat cheeks bounce as
he did so. D"Lo, knowing he was close to cumming, wanted to hold back his
orgasm, so he could fuck Ivory's exxxtremely plump cunt, and tap her
outrageously fat butt-cheeks. Then it happened, he was gona cum!


"OH BABY, HERE I CUM!!!" said D'Lo. Then he pulled out and shot his load
on her fat ass .

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