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Ivory Experiences A Lesson In Basic Thuganomics
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the end of an episode of the WWE Experience, hours before the Judgment
Day 2004 Pay-Per-View (May 16, 2004), the two hosts of the Sunday morning
program, Todd Grisham and Ivory are discussing the featured match of John
Cena defending his United States Championship against Rene Dupree. Todd
looks at the camera and then at Ivory, "Ivory, one of the HUGE main event
matches for tonight's Pay-Per-View is John Cena taking Rene Dupree, what
are your thoughts on this all important match up between two of SmackDown's
young up and coming superstars?"

Ivory smiles energetically as she dressed in a pair of black pants and black
top "Well Todd, we all have seen how John Cena has been on a hot roll as of
late!" Ivory pauses and starts to fan herself off with her left hand "And boy
do I mean hot..." Ivory says in reference to John's appearance.

Todd chuckles a bit as he shakes his head, "And with that we're out of time,
remember Judgment Day starts at 8 PM, & Central, call your Pay-Per-View or
Satellite Provider so that you don't miss out on what will be extraordinary
show!" Todd says as does one last big push to hype the Pay-Per-View event.

Ivory smiles excitedly again "That's right Todd! And guess what we better
go catch that plane, cause guess what!? We're hosting Heat!" Ivory says
excitedly with a laugh before punching her co-host Todd Grisham in the arm.

"Ow..." Todd rubs his arm where Ivory punched him, then he says, "Well let's
get going then!" Todd says in replies before he and Ivory walk out of the
camera angle to end the show.

Later that night backstage at the Judgment Day 2004...

At the Los Angeles Staples arena, after John Cena had his hard fought,
dominating and victorious match against Rene Dupree to retain his United
States Championship, John is walking back to his dressing room, wearing blue
jean shorts and black sneakers. He drapes his US title belt over his right
shoulder as he rubs the back of his neck and walks right past Ivory without
realizing it.

Ivory smiles a bit as the co-host of The WWE Experience is now dressed in a
tight fitting pair of jeans and a red tank top "Hey John! Great match out
there!" The former WWE Women's Champion says energetically.

John stops in his tracks and looks back at Ivory, "Hey Ivory... and
thanks..." John says with a smile, "Man that crowd out there was electric..."
John also says as rubs his rock hard stomach with his hand, still feeling
some of the effects from when Rene Dupree kicked him during the match.

Ivory nods her head "I know! Kid! You're on fire out there..." Ivory says
with a smile as she casually checks out the WWE United States Champion.
" the way John, I thought it was real classy how you went into the
audience and gave that little kid your jersey.." Ivory says complementing
him with a nod.

John smiles, "I gotta show the fans how much they mean to me... they got me
to the United States title at Wrestlemania... and they back me up when I go
to war in the ring night after night..." John says, showing how humble and
appreciative he is for the fans support. John takes the US title belt off
of his shoulder and folds it over his left arm.

Ivory smiles and nods her head as she locks her excited eyes with John "So...
are you busy?" Ivory asks as she gives John a playful slap against his right
arm with her right hand.

John smiles and shakes his head, "No... I was just gonna head back to my
locker room and chill out for the rest of the show..." John says as he tilts
his head and he casually checks Ivory out a bit, "You want to hang out?"

Ivory laughs "You want to hang out with this old lady?" She says as the
veteran Diva pokes fun at herself.

"Hey you're not an old lady..." John says with a smile as he looks at Ivory,
"I would say you're a hot babe..."

Ivory nods her head and smirks "You really think so John?!" Ivory asks with
an energetic tone.

John nods his head, "Oh yeah, a guy would have to be either blind or gay to
think you're not hot..." John replies with a charming smile.

Ivory smiles and waves her left index finger at John "Mr. Cena...I think
you're hitting on me!" Ivory says with a smirk.

John laughs a little, "I think you could be right about that..." John says
with a bit of smirk as he shifts his title belt from his left arm to his
right arm.

Ivory slightly licks her lips and laughs "I might be down with that!" Ivory
says as she slowly turns away from John "Maybe I'll hook up with you later
tonight, kid!" Ivory says in her usual hyper-excited tone as she starts to
casually walk away from the Doctor of Thuganomics.

"Whoa hold on... later?" John says as he walks after her then he steps around
in front of her to stop her from walking away. "You got something better than
learning a lesson in basic Thuganomics..." John asks with a smile.

Ivory smirks and raises her eyebrow "What did you have in mind Johnny-boy?"

John licks his lips and smirks, "Oh nothing much other than you and me
heading back to my locker room and getting it on..."

Ivory laughs "Boy, kid! You sure are straight forward!" Ivory smiles and
nods her head "Alright, Johnny-boy, let's go...and get it on!" Ivory says

John laugh as he and Ivory start walking towards his locker room, "This is
definitely going to be one sweet experience..." John says with as he walks
a bit behind Ivory to look at her backside move from side to side as she

Ivory casually looks over her shoulder and smirks "So where's your locker
room at buddy?"

"Right down the hall..." John answers, "First door on the right..." says as
he stops looking at her backside.

Ivory nods as she looks straight ahead and continues to walk in the direction
of John Cena's locker room "Are you sure, ya don't want to get relax and
loosened up after your big match, kid!?" Ivory says in an upbeat tone.

"I'm sure Ivory..." John says as he walks next to her and lightly pats her
backside, "Besides, I'm already loosened up..." John says as they get closer
to his locker room.

Ivory looks over her shoulder once again with a smirk and nods her head "You
know, Johnny-boy, that's good to hear." Ivory says with a laugh.

John laughs a little, "You're going to find out experiencing it is a lot
better than just hearing about it..." John says as they reach his locker
room, and he pushes his the door open so Ivory can enter first.

Ivory nods her head with a slight as she enters the locker room of John Cena
"Thank you, Champ!" Ivory says.

"No problem Ivory..." John smirks as he steps into the locker room behind
her. He drops his United States Championship Belt down onto the arm rest of
a couch by the door before he closes the locker room door.

Ivory folds her arms as she slowly turns around and faces John with a smirk
"So... Johnny-boy, you all talk and no action?"

"Oh you're going to see that's not true at all..." John says as he unbuttons
his jean shorts and push them down to his feet. Before he steps out of them,
John lowers the black boxer briefs he's wearing, freeing his thirteen inch
cock from them, and then he steps out of his jean shorts and boxer briefs.
John looks at Ivory and smirks, "Just wanted to give ya a look at what I

Ivory smirks and nods her head as she keeps her arms folded over her chest.
Ivory lowers her head and glances down at John's crotch, her eyes widen at
the sight of John's large cock "Whoa...buddy-boy...packing a big weapon

John laughs a little, "I know... good thing I never get in trouble with the
law, the cops would thing I'm packing a rifle down there..." John says as he
licks his lips, "But let's see what you got babe..."

Ivory smirks "I don't do this for everyone!" Ivory says playfully as she
reaches down and slowly lifts her red tank top off of her body freeing her
braless, firm and perky tits. Ivory shakes her dark, smooth hair from side
to side after removing her red tank top and setting it down on the couch.

John looks at Ivory's tits and licks his lips, "Oh... well... I'm glad you
did do it for me..." John says as he steps towards the former Women's
champion and places his strong hands on her hips before sliding them to the
front of her body to unbutton her jeans. Ivory smirks as she looks up into
John's eyes as he finished unbuttoning her jeans and then proceeds to unzip
her jeans. John takes a bit of a chance and he kisses Ivory's lips as he
starts to push down her jeans from her hips. As he slips his tongue into
her mouth, John pushes her onto the couch and he grabs the legs of her
jeans to pull them off of her legs.

Ivory closes her eyes as she kisses the WWE United States Champion back,
working her tongue around inside of his mouth. Ivory slowly breaks the
kisses and smirks at John as she casually sits down on the couch, while
John pulls off her tight fitting jeans. After John pulls Ivory's tight
fitting jeans off of her legs, he smiles, "Ready to get experienced in
basic thuganomics?" John asks as kneels down in front of Ivory and pulls
down her red panties.

Ivory smiles and licks her lips with a nod of her head "I'm so ready, kid!"
Ivory says excitedly.

John removes Ivory's panties after slowly lowering them down her legs.
"Normally I don't do this for everyone... but for a hot babe..." John smirks
as he spreads Ivory's legs so he can lower his head down to her shaved,
experienced pussy. The United States Champion teasingly flicks his tongue
against her pussy as he slides two fingers into her.

Ivory grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she feels John's tongue
brush and flick against her warm, wet pussy "Ohhhh shit..." Ivory moans as
she closes her eyes once John begins to gently dart his tongue in and out
Ivory's soft pussy. As John tongue fucks the beautiful three-time women's
champion, John also moves his fingers in and out of her pussy as well,
giving her a double taste of what he can do. John puts his left hand on
the left side of Ivory's hip. Ivory bites down on her bottom lip as the
co-host of The WWE Experience begins to gently grind her pussy against
John's face and tongue "Mmmm... ohhhh....Johnny-boy!" John slides his
fingers out of Ivory's pussy so he can slide his tongue deeper into her.
The United States Champion begins rolling his tongue around inside of her
soft wet pussy, while he places his right hand on Ivory's waist. He pulls
her towards him so that she can feel almost all of his face pressing
against her pussy.

"Ohhh John...I want" Ivory moans as she starts to breath

John lifts his head from Ivory's pussy and licks his lips, "You liked that
didn't you..." John says as he stands up a bit so he can press the head of
his fat large dick against the soft lips of Ivory's pussy. He places his
hands on her shoulders as he teases Ivory by not pushing his cock into her.

Ivory bites down on her bottom lip "What are you waiting for, Kid! Shove it
all in!" Ivory says energetically as she keeps her smooth legs spread apart.

"Don't have to yell..." John laughs as he thrusts his cock hard into Ivory's
pussy, filling up her soft wet tight cunt with all thirteen inches of his
rock hard shaft. He puts his hands back on her hips as he begins pumping his
dick in and out of her.

"Ohhhh fuck Johnny-boy..." Ivory moans as she places her hands against John's
toned, muscular stomach and feels his strong body move as he thrusts his cock
swiftly in and out the pussy of the overly-hyper Ivory.

John licks his lips as he steadily drives his cock in and out of her Ivory's
pussy, making the veteran diva squirm on the couch each time he pulls his
cock backward. "Ahhh yeah... damn... you're a tight hot one..." John groans
as he slides his hands from her hips to her tits and begins to squeeze them
with his strong hands. Ivory closes her eyes as she feels the impact of
John's large cock thrusting deeply into her sweet, warm pussy. The veteran
Diva begins to travel her soft hands up from John's stomach to his muscular
and sweaty chest as she slightly sits up a bit on the couch.

John stops thrusting into Ivory's pussy for a moment as he wraps his strong
arms around her body after she arches her back a bit. "Let's see what you
got..." John says as he sits on the couch and pulls Ivory on top of him
without ever pulling out of her.

Ivory smiles down at John as she places her hands firmly on John's muscular
chest "You sure you're ready, big boy!?" Ivory says excitedly as she flips
her dark, soft hair back.

John nods his head and smirks, "Oh I'm sure..." John says as he slides his
strong hands over the smooth skin of Ivory's thighs.

Ivory smirks "Alright!" Ivory says before she bucks her hips and begins to
wildly rock back and forth on John's stiff cock as she gradually and quickly
bounces on his shaft "Mmmm fuck yeah..." Ivory groans as she slams down on
his cock and grinds her pussy sharply down against his cock.

John leans his head back on the couch and licks his lips, "Shit... damn...
you like... being on top..." John moans as he puts his hands behind his head,
letting Ivory ride him any way she wants too.

Ivory smiles "You sure bet I do!" She says as starts bounces more frequently
and quicker on his cock, while she occasionally rocks herself back on his
cock "Ohhhh Johnny-boy!" Ivory moans as she sweat begins to dripping of her
hot, toned body. John licks his lips as he puts his hands on top of Ivory's
shoulders as he leans his head forward. The Doctor of Thuganomics begins
flicking his tongue against the stiff nipple of her left tit before switching
to the right one. John closes his warm, hot mouth around Ivory's left breast
and sucks on it as he starts rocking his hips to push his dick up into her
pussy. Ivory tilts her head back and groans as she rides the cock of John
Cena "Ohhhhhh this is an experience!"

John lifts his head up from Ivory's right tit and smirks, "You... uhhh
haven't experienced... anything yet... I got a few... more tricks.... for
you..." John says as Ivory comes down so sharply on his cock that it makes
him jump a bit.

Ivory smirks as she gradually slows down on his cock "Oh you do?"

"Yeah... I do..." John smirks as he as puts his hands on Ivory's waist and
lifts the hot Experience Co-Host off of his fat large cock. John moves Ivory
so that she's on her hands and knees on the couch. "Hope you like it from
behind..." John says as he pushes his stiff cock back into her wet pussy.

Ivory licks her lips and lets out a soft laugh "Ohhh Johnny-boy, how'd you

John smirks, "Oh you have a pretty big round booty... girls who love it from
behind have nice asses..." John answers as he starts pumping his cock back
and forth, driving it in and out of Ivory's pussy. He lays his large sweaty
hands on Ivory's hips to pull her back against him so that her large, soft
ass cheeks press against his waist.

Ivory grits her teeth as she tilts her head back, gradually pushes herself
back against John's large cock "Ohhhhh Johnny-boy!" John keeps his eyes
locked on Ivory's hot body as he drills her soft hot pussy with harder and
faster thrusts. John smirks a bit as Ivory's butt cheeks shake a bit after
every time they hit against his waist.

"Ohhhh fuck yess John!" Ivory moans as she closes her eyes as sweat drips
off of her nicely toned body.

"Ahhh fuck... Ivory... in a moment... I'm going to have... to tap... that
ass of yours... and so you the real basics of thuganomics..." John grunts
as he gives the three-time women's champion a sharp thrust that makes her
body jolt forward.

"Ohhhh...John...fuck my ass please, now!" Ivory groans as she sweats.

"Well... since you... asked so nicely..." John laughs a bit as he pulls his
cock out of Ivory's soaking wet pussy. He pushes all thirteen inches of his
shaft in between her round slightly plump butt cheeks and into her tight
asshole. He wraps his arms around her waist and turns a bit so that he and
Ivory are laying on the couch on their sides. "Mmmm... fuck you got a great
ass..." John says as he feels her butt cheeks rest against him. John lifts
her left leg up and arches it over his legs as he begins thrusting his cock
in and out of her asshole.

Ivory bites down on her bottom lip as she feels and lets her asshole get
used to the width of John's cock "Ohhhhh shit..."

John grits his teeth as he gradually gains momentum as he slides his thick
cock in and out of her asshole. He reaches down with his left hand and eases
two fingers into Ivory's wet pussy, "Uhhhh fuck..."

Ivory closes her eyes as she feels John's large cock thrust in and out of her
tight, soothing asshole "Ohhhh know how to work it!" Ivory
yells energetically.

"Of... course... I do... cause... I'm the... champ..." John replies as he
breathes in and out slowly, keeping his pace steady so that it drives Ivory
crazy. John also moves his fingers in and out of her pussy at a brisk pace,
giving Ivory a bit of double penetration. Ivory's eyes roll to the back of
her head as she begins to cum against John Cena's fingers.

John smirks as he feels Ivory's warm cum flowing onto his fingers as he moves
them in and out of her soft wet pussy. John continues to drill her awesome
backside until he starts to hit the breaking point, "Ohhhhh fuck... shit...
the champ... is HERE!" John moans as he starts to cum inside of Ivory's
asshole, filling her butt with his hot spunk.

Ivory smirks a bit as she glances over her shoulder " ain't the big
time Champ yet.." Ivory says with a slightly tired wink as she slides her
left hand through her sweat-moistened hair.

John smirks, "Oh... I know... but just you wait... I'll be the big time Champ
by this time... next year..." John says confidently as he keeps his cock
inside of her asshole.

Ivory slowly sits up and smirks as she looks over her shoulder at John "You
really think so, kid?"

John nods his head, "Yeah I do..." John sits up a bit after sliding his dick
out of her asshole, "How about... we make a little bet..."

Ivory smirks "Bet? I'm all for bets!" Ivory says loudly.

John laughs, "All right... if and when... I become champ... we hook up
again... for a big time lesson... in basic thuganomics..."

Ivory nods her head "You got it Johnny-boy!"


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