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READ THIS FIRST!!! We, Kristi and Dice, want you to know that this is
fiction. Once more, fiction. It ain't true, didn't happen and probably won't
ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Ivory Gets Rowdy
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of the Madison Square Garden during the December 7,
2001 edition of SmackDown, the reigning Women's Champion and Right to Censor
member Ivory, wearing a tight fitting white button, short sleeved blouse and
black slacks, is watching a monitor which is displaying the rapping tag team
of Road Dogg and K-Kwik, each wearing jeans and orange t-shirts, making their
way to the ring while they perform their theme song 'Getting Rowdy' to the
delight of fans packed into New York City's Madison Square Garden. Ivory is
bobbing her slightly and is caught off guard when the leader of the Right to
Censor, Steven Richards suddenly steps next to her to watch the monitor.
"Look at those two disgusting, immoral degenerates... they are corrupting
everyone with their little song and dance... and they think they will take
the Tag Titles from Bull and the Goodfather this Sunday at Armageddon..."
Steven says.

"Don't worry Steven... we got it all worked out," The Goodfather says
confidently as he steps up behind Ivory with his tag team partner Bull
Buchanan next to him.

"There's no way they, Edge and Christian or The Dudley Boyz will win, we're
the best..." Bull adds just as on the monitor, as Road Dogg picks up Edge and
holds him for K-Kwik to deliver a big leaping kick. Within a few moments, K-
Kwik pins Edge to get the victory for himself and Road Dogg.

Steven shakes his head in disgust as Road Dogg and K-Kwik begin to rap again
and then he looks at Ivory who has been quietly enjoying what she has been
watching the monitor the whole time, "Ivory... do you have any suggestions on
how to deal with those corrupted fools?" Steven asks as he again startles

Ivory blinks her eyes a few moments before she turns to look directly at the
leader of the Right To Censor, Steven Richards. "Huh...what?" Ivory asks as
she narrows her eyes slightly and turns away from the television monitor.

"Looks like someone is thinking about teaching some morals to Trish and Molly
this Sunday.." Bull Buchanan says.

Steven raises an eyebrow as he looks at Ivory, "I said do you have any
suggestion on how to deal with those two degenerates..."

Ivory grits her teeth slightly and nods her head. "Oh Mr. Richards! Those
vile parasites absolutely disgust me...with their coarse language...and their
indecent clothing!"

"So... you're saying we should take their clothing away and force them to
dress normally..." The Goodfather says.

Steven Richards thinks for a few moments, "That's a good idea... but I need
you and Bull with me to take out the Dudleys..." Steven says before he looks
at Ivory, "Do you think you can handle it?" Steven asks.

Ivory presses her firm lips together and nods her dark hair head "Of course
I'll can...I'll teach those ruthless degenerates something that will
definitely be for their own good..."

* * *

Later on in the evening, Road Dogg and K-Kwik are in the Superstars dressing
room watching the fatal four way match featuring Kurt Angle defending the WWF
Title against The Rock, Steve Austin and The Undertaker. K-Kwik smirks,
"There's no way that white boy is gonna survive tonight with the belt..." K-
Kwik says.

Road Dogg laughs, "Yeah, he'd be lucky to still be able to go into the Cell
on Sunday after Rocky lays the smack down on him..."

The locker room door swings open as the WWF Women's Champion and sole female
member of Right To Censor, Ivory, barges in to the locker room, somewhat
startling K-Kwik and Road Dogg. "There you disgusting perverts are!" Ivory
yells as she closes the locker room behind her.

Road Dogg looks at Ivory with a raised eyebrow, "Hey... you just barged into
the men's locker room and you're calling us perverts?" Road Dogg asks as
calmly as possible

"That's crazy..." K-Kwik says with a bit of laugh.

Ivory grits her teeth slightly "Listen here you vile parasites with that
horrid rap music with all those foul words! Do you know the impact you're
having on young children!? You're corrupting them with your music and..."
Ivory pauses and looks at disgust towards Road Dogg and K-Kwik's baggy
clothing attire. "And your hideous two should be ashamed!"

K-Kwik raises an eyebrow, "Ashamed? I don't know about that... what about you
dawg..." K-Kwik laughs as he looks at Road Dogg.

Road Dogg looks at Ivory has if she has two heads, "Ivory... considering what
I've seen you in... this is pretty conservative..." Road Dogg laughs a bit.

Ivory raises her right hand up to silence Road Dogg and K-Kwik "Well
I...along with my Right To Censor brothers have seen enough!" Ivory says in
her shrill voice. "I can not stand by and allow this horrid act continue!"
Ivory says as she steps forward and glances over the black studdly rapper
known as K-Kwik.

K-Kwik raises an eyebrow as Ivory walks over to him, "And what are you going
to do about it?" K-Kwik asks.

Ivory narrows her eyes as she looks at K-Kwik "What I'm going to do...will be
for your own good!" Ivory says before she reaches forward with her left hand
and surprising places her hand against the crotch of his baggy jeans. "And I
will still by making you both get out of this inappropriate attire!" Ivory
says as she moves her left hand up and down against the crotch K-Kwik's baggy

"Whoa... whoa..." K-Kwik says as Ivory manages to grip his large black cock
through the material of his baggy jeans as she moves her hand back and forth.
Road Dogg smirks a bit, "Looks like Ivory wants to get down and dirty..."
Road Dogg says with a laugh as he gets up to turn off the television monitor.

Ivory narrows her eyes firmly as she glances over at Road Dogg as he steps
closer to her and starts to unbuckle his belt around his own baggy jeans.
"You disgusting pervert are going to learn a lesson about being righteous and
pure..." Ivory says as she moves her left hand up from the baggy crotch of K-
Kwik's jeans at proceeds to unsnap the belt buckle.

K-Kwik looks over at Road Dogg and then at Ivory as she jerks his belt
through the loops of his baggy jeans, "All me that lesson..." K-
Kwik says as Ivory almost eagerly unbuttons and unzips his baggy jeans.

Ivory presses her lips tightly together and scowls at K-Kwik before she
pushes the baggy jeans down from his muscular black waist, causing them to
practically fall down his muscular legs to reveal a pair of white boxers.
"You are a disgrace to what my Right To Censor brothers and I fight the good
fight for" Ivory says before the often prude Diva proceeds to kneel down in
front of K-Kwik.

"Uh huh... right..." K-Kwik says as Ivory begins to pull down his white
boxers, freeing his long and thick black cock. Meanwhile, Road Dogg has
casually stepped over to the locker room door to lock it before he starts to
remove his baggy orange shirt.

Ivory wraps her left hand tightly around K-Kwik's large and hardening black
cock as she looks up at him. "You both are disgusting filth...sinners! You
will see the light and join us in the good fight!" Ivory says as she moves
her hand roughly against K-Kwik's hardening and enlarging cock.

"Right.... mmmm..." K-Kwik moans as Ivory pumps her hand up and down on his
now rock hard black cock. Ivory narrows her eyes as she sits up high on her
knees as she strokes K-Kwik's fully hard black cock and spits down onto his
shaft before she opens her prude mouth and takes his cock into her mouth.
"Ahhhh..." K-Kwik moans as Ivory begins to bob her head up and down on his
long hard and black dick. Road Dogg undoes his baggy jeans and lowers them as
he starts to approaches Ivory from behind.

Ivory wraps her lips firmly around K-Kwik's black cock and starts to bob her
head rapidly on his shaft, causing her pulled back-style dark haired head to
bob as she slurps on his meaty black shaft. "Mmmmm..." The WWF Women's
Champion moans.

"Ahhhh... mmm..." K-Kwik moans as Ivory's lips drags against his meaty black
dick as she bobs her head rapidly on his dick. Quietly, Road Dogg steps out
of his jeans, freeing his own fat dick, and he moves behind Ivory to kneel on
the floor. Road Dogg then begins to lower Ivory's black slacks from her the
WWF Women's Champion's waist.

Ivory closes her eyes as she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace on K-
Kwik's black shaft, her firm and moist lips dragging back and forth.
"Mmmmmm...." Ivory groans as she crouches up slightly so that it is easier
for Road Dogg to remove her black slacks.

"Yo, someone really came in here prepared..." Road Dogg says with a laugh as
he sees Ivory juicy ass cheeks as he pulls her pants down her slender legs.
Road Dogg smacks Ivory's ass with his right hand while she continues to
eagerly suck on K-Kwik's dick.

Ivory turns her head on K-Kwik's black shaft and proceeds to lower her head
further down on his cock, wetting his shaft with her saliva. Ivory places her
hands onto his muscular waist and starts to bob more rapidly.

"Ohhhh shit.... fuck some up tight bitch... she can really suck a dick..." K-
Kwik moans as he places his hands on Ivory's dark haired head as he slobbers
all over his cock. Road Dogg smirks as he strokes his fat cock before he
guides his cock into Ivory's warm, wet and tight pussy.

"MMMMMMMMM!" Ivory loudly groans around K-Kwik's black shaft while she feels
the long and fat cock of Road Dogg sliding firmly into her pussy from behind.
Ivory rocks forward on her knees and continues to bob her head quickly on K-
Kwik's black shaft, taking him deeply into her mouth, her lips brushing back
and forth on his shaft.

"Awwww... mmmm..." Road Dogg grabs hold of Ivory's waist as he begins to pump
his cock in and out of her tight wet and hot pussy. K-Kwik leans back against
the wall as Ivory sucks and slurps on his dick while at the same time, he's
trying to undo the bun formed by Ivory's dark hair. Ivory tightly presses her
lips around K-Kwik's black cock as she holds him deeply in her mouth and
slaps her tongue against his shaft while her lower body rocks back against
Road Dogg's firmly thrusting cock, feeling his long shaft ramming deeply into
her from behind.

"Ohhh fuck it..." K-Kwik moans as he gives up on undoing Ivory's bun and he
moves his hands underneath Ivory to start pulling open her tight fitting
button blouse as she deep throats his cock. Road Dogg licks his lips as he
firmly holds onto Ivory's waist as he drives his shaft harder into her cunt.

Ivory lifts her head up from K-Kwik's black cock that solidly hangs between
his muscular legs with her wet saliva dripping from it. "Mmmmm! Ohhhh you
fucking sick perverts!" Ivory screams and grits her teeth as she sharply
rocks forward on her knees while Road Dogg thrusts his cock steadily into her

"Ahhhh mmmm... shouldn't you not be using that kind of language?" Road Dogg
asks with a laugh as Ivory pushes back against his pistoning fat cock while
K-Kwik manages to pull Ivory's blouse half way open so that her large, firm
tits can be seen. Ivory turns her head to glance over her shoulder and glares
back at Road Dogg as he grips her nicely toned hips and starts to rapidly
drive her back on her knees to slam his cock into her tight pussy.

"Awww.... don't look at me like that... ahhh..." Road Dogg grunts as he
continues to fuck Ivory from behind. "No wait... keep looking like that...
you're fucking hot..." Road Dogg laughs. Ivory scrunches her nose in anger as
she glares back at Road Dogg as he continually slams his rock hard cock into
her pussy from behind, his toned waist smacking against her perfectly toned
and shaped ass.

"Hey Roadie... how about lettin' her get some of this black dick..." K-Kwik
says as he takes off his baggy t-shirt before he slides from the bench down
to the floor.

"All right..." Road Dogg moans as he rams his cock sharply into Ivory's
snatch one more time before he pulls out.

Ivory sits up on her knees and grits her teeth before she shakes her head
with disgust and refusal. "I will absolutely not partake in that disgusting
and degrading display with you two perverts!" The shrill voiced Ivory

"Oh... and here we thought you were going to show us the error of our
ways..." Road Dogg says with a grin.

Ivory turns her head back and glares at Road Dogg. "You disgusting...
vile...sick..." Ivory begins to snap before she feels the powerful hands of
K-Kwik placed on her arms as she is lifted towards him as he lays on the
floor. "Hey! Get your hands off of me! This is unjust!" Ivory screams as the
hot black rapper lowers the loud-mouthed Diva onto his stiff black cock,
mounting her on top of himself. K-Kwik simply smiles up at Ivory as her
mouth hangs open and her eyes roll back slightly as he brings her down on to
his long, thick, rock hard black cock. " disgusting...ohhhh... dare you...ohhhhh!" Ivory groans and insults K-Kwik as he
rocks her back and forth on his large and rock hard black cock, with his
hands placed on her curved and toned hips.

"Ahhhhh... mmmm just keep talking..." K-Kwik says as he pushes Ivory back and
forth on his large black cock. Road Dogg scoots closer to Ivory and he pushes
her to lean forward so that her juicy ass is sticking up slightly.

Ivory's hands plant forward onto K-Kwik's muscular black chest as Road Dogg
pushes her body further on his partner's black cock. "Hey!" Ivory snaps as
she turns her head to look back at Road Dogg. "Don't you even think about it
you sick pervert!"

Road Dogg smiles at Ivory, "Why? You seem to like have a stick up your ass...
and I got a fat dick..." Road Dogg says as he proceeds to spread Ivory's ass
cheeks apart in order to shove his cock into Ivory's ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Ivory lustfully screams as she feels Road Dogg's fat and rock
hard cock penetrate her tight asshole, causing her to sharply rock forward on
K-Kwik's black cock. Ivory grits her teeth and digs her fingernails into his
chest as she rocks back and forth between both thrusting cocks.

"Mmmmmm shit.... ohhhh yeah... someone likes to be sandwiched..." K-Kwik
groans as he pumps his black dick upward into Ivory's hot wet cunt. K-Kwik
smirks as he looks at Ivory's bouncing tits that are exposed thanks to
Ivory's opened white blouse. Road Dogg grabs hold of Ivory's hips again as he
fucks her juicy ass with his fat white dick.

" perverts! You are nothing but perverts!" Ivory screams as she
bounces sharply up and down on K-Kwik's impressively large and thick black
cock, causing her pussy to sharply grind in response from Road Dogg's deep
thrusts into her tight ass.

"Ahhhh and you're fucking us harder than we're fucking you... so who's really
the pervert here?" Road Dogg says as he and K-Kwik slow down their thrusts so
that the highly conservative WWF Women's Champion is rocking back and forth
between them on her own. Ivory closes her eyes and leans her head back as she
sharply drives her nicely toned body back against Road Dogg's cock as she
bounces quickly on K-Kwik's black cock, feeling both long cocks sliding into
her body.

"Mmmmm ohhh damn... awww..." K-Kwik moans as he slides his hands into Ivory's
open blouse to grope her tits as she bounces up and down on his huge black
cock. Road Dogg smacks Ivory's juicy ass as he begins to increase the pace of
his thrusts once again. Ivory slides her hands against K-Kwik's muscular
black chest as she moves back and forth on his cock, deeply inside of her
pussy, while Road Dogg continues to quickly pound his cock into her tight

"Ahhhhh... awww fuck... mmm..." Road Dogg grits his teeth as he pounds
Ivory's ass with sharply deep thrusts as she pushes back against him. K-Kwik
smirks up at Ivory as she bounces on his stiff cock while he gropes her tits.

"OhhhhhhH! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Ivory screams and throws her head back as she starts
to cum on K-Kwik's black cock. "Ohhhhh you sick bastards!"

"Ohhhhh yeah.... mmmm yeah cum on that big black dick..' K-Kwik moans as
Ivory's pussy squeezes his dick as she cums.

Road Dogg grits his teeth as his throbbing cock begins to erupt inside of
Ivory's asshole, "Ohhhh yeah... mmmm..." Road Dogg moans as he fills Ivory's
ass with his cum.

Ivory narrows her eyes and sternly glances over her shoulder, locking her
death-glaring eyes with him. "How dare sick pervert!" Ivory yells.

"Ohhhhhh you have a problem with taking a load in your ass?" Road Dogg smirks
as he pulls his cum spent cock out of Ivory's juicy ass.

Ivory slowly shakes her head. "You are what is wrong with the WWF...
corrupting those poor young minds!" Ivory replies as she remains bouncing on
K-Kwik's rock hard black cock.

"Ahhhhh... you're saying that... and you're bouncing on my big fucking black
dick..." K-Kwik grunts as his cock starts to throb a bit as Ivory continues
to ride him.

"You know.... I heard seeing the light was always a bad thing... I rather see
her painted Kwik... if ya catch my drift..." Road Dogg says. "Ohhh yeah....
mmm...." K-Kwik grunts as he suddenly turns over so that he's on top of the
only woman in the Right to Censor group. With incredible quickness, K-Kwik
pulls out of Ivory's wet snatch and straddles her body so that his throbbing
and pulsating black cock is inches from Ivory's face.

Ivory's eyes widen as she looks at the throbbing head of K-Kwik's black
shaft. "What...what are you doing!?"

K-Kwik doesn't reply as he starts to stroke his cock rapidly while she smiles
down at the highly conservative WWF Women's Champion. "Ahhh... awww...."
K-Kwik moans as he starts to cum.

Ivory presses her lips together and scowls at the warm, thick cock of
K-Kwik's cock sprays onto her face and immediately drips. "Oh! You pervert!"
Ivory screams.

"Oh you liked it...." K-Kwik smirks as he strokes his cock repeatedly until
he's finished cumming on Ivory's face.

"Hey let's hit the showers... she can show herself out" Road Dogg says as he
walks to the shower area of the locker room. "Sounds good to me Roadie..." K-
Kwik replies as he gets off of Ivory to head to the shower area.

Ivory narrows her eyes and grits her teeth as she watches K-Kwik and Road
Dogg walk into the showering unit that is hidden from the locker room area.
Ivory slowly sits up onto her knees and slyly smirks a bit. "Now that was for
my own good..."


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