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Ivory Makes Good
by Purpleblue

Jeff hurried down the corridor, Ivory had told him to see her in her hotel
room at 7 sharp, it was past that now. As he quickened his pace bits of light
green hair fell from his hair band and framed his face. He arrived at the
door, Jeff noted she had checked into a large room as there were no doors
near by to adjacent rooms.

Jeff extended a hand to knock at the door, he had freshly painted his nails
blue to match his blue T-shirt. He wore a pair of red pants that clung to
his ass but were baggy against his legs.

The door opened.

Jeff looked into the door crack, not being able to see anything due to the
darkness. He pushed the door open further, "Ivory?" he called.

"Come in," she said.

Jeff looked into the darkness, seeing what appeared to be a cigarette alight.
He pushed the door open and saw her silhouette. "Mind if I put the light on?"

"Actually I do," she took a puff on her cigarette. "Come in, your eyes will
get used to it."

Jeff walked into the darkness and closed the door behind him. His eyes
started to adjust.

"Drink," Ivory said as she extended a glass to him. The light from the
cigarette shined from it.

He took the glass and smelled it. Whisky. Not wanting to be rude he took a
sip of the liquid. It was warm and ran down his throat. "Good stuff," he
said complimentarily, although he didn't mean it, preferring less alcoholic

"I suppose your wondering why I brought you here," she said standing up.

Jeff felt himself get light headed. He knew his alcohol tolerance was low,
but not this low. "Yeah," he responded to Ivory's question. He blinked his
eyes down hard, the cigarette turned into two, then four.

"Oh," Ivory said walking over to him, "I spiked your drink."

Jeff stumbled into her arms, stopping himself from falling on the floor. He
closed his eyes into the darkness that called him.

* * *

Jeff opened his eyes. His head hurt. He felt himself hung by his hands, the
pressure on his wrists intolerable. He forced open his eyes and looked around
the room. His vision was blurred but started to recognise objects. The room
was still dark except from a small light source that shone on him and a

"Animal is awake," Ivory noted as she walked towards Jeff. She forcefully
grabbed his chin and made him look her in the eyes.

"Ivory?" he tried to speak with his jaw held tightly.

She let go of his jaw and striked his face with her right hand. "You will not
speak unless I tell you to," she slapped him again. "And you will call me
Master Ivory," another slap. "Understand?"

Jeff felt his cheeks warm and sore. "Why are you doing this?" he asked. His
throat was dry and had a nasty aftertaste in his mouth.

Slap. "Animal, what do you call Master Ivory?"

Jeff's cheek hurt something bad, "Master Ivory," he whispered.

Slap. "I didn't hear that."

Jeff felt blood on the inside of his mouth where the skin had smacked into a
tooth. "Master Ivory," he said louder hoping that Ivory would stop.

"My Animal," Ivory said, running a finger over his lip and trailing it down
his chin, then throat.

Only when the finger ran down Jeff's chest did he realise he was naked. He
then looked to Ivory.

Her long dark hair was down, tickling her shoulders. Around her neck was a
sharp pointed bitch collar, attached to a chain that lead down to her leather
bra. The bra pushed her D cup breasts up and had chains that lead down to her
thong. Her bra was decorated with small silver studs, and was attached with a
thing piece of leather tied at the back. The leather thong barely covered her
pubic region and sunk into her butt crack. Her legs were covered in black
fishnet stockings held up by a black garter. Her feet were covered in a pair
of knee high boots. Her hands were hidden by a pair of leather black gloves.

Jeff looked at his master in her leather glory, she looked fantastic.

Ivory moved away from her animal and over to a nearby table. "Hhmm..... what
should I use to punish you?" she asked. She picked up a knife, which caught
the light.

He looked over to her and the knife, "let me go," he pleaded.

"Did animal speak?" she shot a glance at him. She picked up a whip and moved
over to Jeff. She moved around his back and ran her hand over his naked ass.
She stepped back and crackled the whip over his back.

Jeff screamed. A line of blood appeared on his back from the whip's attack.

She walked round to his front.

Jeff looked at her in hope that she'd let him go.

Ivory kissed him, using her tongue to explore his warm mouth.

Jeff kissed back, rubbing his own tongue against hers.

Ivory pulled back and grabbed his face. "Bad animal," she said letting his
face go with force.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked quietly, hoping Ivory wouldn't hurt him

Ivory gave Jeff the same look she had done when she had slapped him, raising
her hand to his face she changed her mind. "I suppose I should.... it would
be only fair...." she took the end of the whip and ran it gently over Jeff's

Jeff took a deep breath.

"You see," she circled his nipple with the end of the whip. She moved her
mouth to his ear and whispered, "I saw you." She leant back and took the
whip to her mouth, biting the end seductively.

"Doing what?" he asked softly, wondering what he could ever do that would
call for this treatment.

Ivory leant to Jeff's face and said loudly, "I saw you fucking your brother."

Jeff was speechless but tried, "I..."

Ivory grabbed his chin, "going to deny it, Animal?" She replayed the event
she saw in her mind, she had been looking around the locker-rooms at the last
show and had found a door ajar. She had pushed it open further to find Matt
on top of his brother, pounding into him like there was no tomorrow.

Jeff looked down, knowing he couldn't deny making love to his brother.

Ivory moved around Jeff to behind him, "You see," she continued, "incest is
bad." She pulled the whip up high and brought it down across his back, over
and over again.

"Stop!" Jeff cried as he felt his back being bloodied.

"Oh dear," Ivory mocked, "does Animal want Master Ivory to stop?" She held
the whip steady.

Jeff cried, tears rolling down his cheeks. "Please," he said.

"Awww," she said in a sarcastic voice, "I know what I'm doing wrong." She
bent to her knees, her face looking directly towards Jeff's butt. She leant
forward and ran her tongue down Jeff's crack, finding his hole she taunted
it with her tongue. "Tastes like..." she laughed, "Matt Hardy."

Jeff bowed his head, hoping and wishing Matt was here now to save him.

Ivory ran her gloved finger over Jeff's checks, into his crack and down to
his butt hole. She shoved it inside, forcing Jeff to cry out as his ass was
penetrated. "Pretend I'm Matt," she laughed. She inserted another finger,
ramming it harder in.

Jeff screamed as his unprepared ass was assaulted. "But," he tired as his
tears fell, "I love him."

Ivory couldn't bare to hear the inbreed talk and took the end of the whip,
shoving its thick shapely handle up Jeff's hole.

"Arhhh," Jeff shouted in pain, his muscles tearing.

Ivory was glad she'd rented a large hotel suite, the distance from other
rooms ensuring no one heard. She pushed the whip in to its hilt, pulling
it nearly all the way out before shoving it back in. She noted the blood
down the handle, urging her to push harder.

Jeff closed his eyes, wishing it were a nightmare. He tried to imagine it
was Matt inside him, but he knew his Matt could never be this brutal to him.

Ivory pulled the bloodied whip handle from Jeff's anus and licked it,
savouring the coppery taste.

Jeff opened his eyes, scared of what Ivory was going to do next. He could
feel his sore tortured ass release blood that ran down his leg.

She appeared in front of his face suddenly. She gave the whip one last long
lick with her red tongue and threw the whip aside. She placed her hand on
the back of Jeff's head and pulled him forward for a kiss.

Jeff felt his own blood in her mouth as she explored his with her tongue. He
cried as the long meat rubbed its red over his teeth, a tongue that was not

Master Ivory pulled back and grabbed Jeff's face with her gloved hands, "Such
a pretty little animal," she said.

Jeff feared she was about to cut his face with the knife he saw earlier.
"Please don't," he whimpered.

"Aww," she mocked, she let him go with force. "Unfortunately I can't fuck up
your face, people would ask questions, you'd crack," she stopped and smiled,
"and poor Matty wouldn't want to be with an ugly bastard like you," she
giggled. "What was it he said?" she recalled, "oh, that's it, 'Perfect
Angel'." She let out a loud laugh, "such irony that he'd call you an angel
when your both going to HELL," her deep brown eyes looked straight into
Jeff's sad green eyes.

He felt sick and worried that she'd kill him to send him to hell or worse
yet; kill Matt.

She picked up the knife from the table and went back to Jeff, holding it to
his face.

"Please, no," he tried to wiggle his hands out of the restraints with no
luck. "I'll do anything you want," he reasoned.

Ivory just smiled and took the knife to his chest. She positioned to the left
of his right nipple and slowly pushed against it, running it across to the
other nipple. His skin opened slightly, leaving a thin trail of blood.

Jeff bit his lip, knowing that if he still felt pain he'd be alive. If he
could just last long enough, Matt could save him and everything would be

Ivory took the knife to just below his throat where the shoulder bones met.
She ran the metal down vertically to just above his belly ring, leaving
another blood trail.

Jeff looked down at his bleeding chest, a biblical cross formed in blood. He
knew Ivory must be insane and all he could do to not tell her was think of

"That should leave a scar," she said as she dropped the knife. "Everytime
Matt looks at you, he'll be reminded how dirty you are," she smiled, "and
if anyone else looks at it: they'll presume your some religious nut." She
walked back to the table and sat on a chair beside it, looking at her animal.

Jeff hung there bleeding, his ass sore and chest marked forever. His eyes
stung from the salty tears.

Ivory lit another cigarette and looked at her animal chained up. "Not enough
chains," she said with no emotion as she took another puff.

Jeff closed his eyes and listened for what Ivory might do next. It wasn't
until now that Jeff realised someone else was in the room, drinking out a
glass and then placing it down on a table. He opened his eyes to make sure
it wasn't Ivory. The 2nd noise was still there as the glass was refilled
with liquid. He wondered who it was, he didn't dare turn his head to see
who it was.

Ivory placed her cigarette into the tray, leaving it lit. She picked up
something else from the table: a piercing gun. Moving over to Jeff she
loaded a stud into the device.

Jeff had his ears and naval pierced before and the pain hadn't been too hard
on him.

She took his right nipple in her hand and squeezed it to a point. She pinched
the sensitive bud and pressed it hard, making it red with soreness.

Jeff had always loved it when Matt had played with his nipples, but when
Ivory played with them the only thing he felt was fear. His nipple was sore
as it was squished and pulled.

Ivory took the piercing gun to his chest and placed the red abused nipple
into position. With one pull on the gun the stud ripped its way through the
nipple and shot out the other side.

Jeff screamed, his sensitive nipple being torn and invaded by a silver metal

Master Ivory bent her knees; lowering her face to Jeff's new piercing. She
took it in her mouth and sucked, feeling the familiar copper taste of Jeff's
blood enter her mouth. She bit down on it, causing a scream to be released
from Jeff's mouth once again.

"Do you only scream?" she said as she ran her tongue to the left nipple,
biting it and making it sore; ready to be pierced like the firth.

Jeff didn't reply, his throat was sore.

"You didn't do much screaming when Matt was with you," she brought the gun
to his nipple and sent another stud shooting through it.

Jeff inhailed a sharp breath, trying his best not to scream.

Ivory stood back and admired her work, the two red nipples were now complete
with bars through them, the nipple she had sucked on was now leaking a small
red line of blood. She went back to the table and picked up a small silver
chain. Bringing it back to Jeff she attached one end of the chain to one
nipple and the other end to the other nipple, it barely just reached. She
pinged the taught line, causing Jeff to jerk.

"Let me go," he tried, hoping there was a shred of decency left in her.
"Please, I won't say a word."

"Your damn right you won't say a word," she grabbed the hair at the back of
his head and yanked it back, "because if you do, we'll kill your brother."

"No," Jeff whispered, hoping she hadn't gotten to Matt. Jeff heard the person
behind him get out of a chair and walk across the room, leaving through a
door, slamming it shut as they went. Jeff's stomach tied a knot thinking they
had gone to kill Matt.

"You know," Ivory said as she held Jeff's hair tightly, "I never did like
your hair." She let his head go and walked over to the table, "was always
too long for a guy, and that colour!" she laughed. She picked up a sharp
shining object and moved behind Jeff.

Jeff braced himself for what she might do next. He felt his hair clasped
tightly, the pressure being slowly released as he heard scissors clamp
together. Eventually all the pressure was gone.

Ivory blew across Jeff's naked neck, blowing the short 3-inch long hair
towards Jeff's face. Once more to the table, she picked up a flat object
and took it to Jeff's face.

It was a mirror.

He looked at himself, his once long green hair was now a short mess no longer
than the bottom of his cheeks. His eyes were dull, lacking their bright green
sparkle, red from tears. His lip was bleeding. He let his eye leak another
tear. He looked horrible.

"Awww, Poor baby," Ivory mocked. "Is poor Jeffy crying because someone cut
off all his hair," she stroked her hand through Jeff's hair like a loving
mother. She moved in and gave Jeff a cuddle.

Jeff hoped and prayed that the woman had changed and wouldn't hurt him.

"I know," Ivory proclaimed as she stopped hugging Jeff, "since I've been
mean," she got to her knees, "I'll be a little bit nice." She placed her
hands on the back of Jeff's thighs and ran her tongue over Jeff's flaccid

Jeff let out a gasp as she pleasured him, not expecting her to do so. 'How
dare she,' he thought. She had no right to touch him that way. His penis
betrayed him and started to grow hard.

Ivory took the large semi-erect organ into her mouth and started to suck on
it, increasing its hardness. She ran her hands up the back of his thighs,
lubricated with the blood from his ass.

"Uuhh," Jeff let slip out of his mouth. He didn't want this, he didn't want
Master Ivory to suck him. He wanted Matt.

She ran her tongue over the head, swirling it like it was candy. She brought
her hands to his balls and started to massage them.

Jeff's penis was now a fully erect 8 inches. He cried out in pleasure,
knowing himself near.

Ivory felt his balls stiffen and stopped sucking. She pulled at a ring on her
belt, lifting it off. Taking the cock ring she placed it onto his penis hard,
trapping him from cumming.

"Oh god," Jeff said in pleasure, pain and disappointment. He wanted to cum,
to feel his hot seed squirt out of his pole. The hard cock ring now pushed
into his skin brutally.

Ivory stood and looked at Jeff, "You have to do something for me," she
demanded. She put a hand to her bra and brought out a small silver key. She
held it in front of Jeff's face then moved her hands to his. She used the key
to unlock the chain that held his handcuffs above his head.

He dropped to the floor no longer supported. The floor was carpeted but hard.
Taking the chance as he was no longer bound to anything he tried to stand,
but Ivory kicked his leg sending him down.

"Don't try that again, Animal," she demanded. She rolled Jeff onto his back
and took his hands to the table the third had been sitting at, attaching them
with another pair of handcuffs.

Jeff tried to struggle again but gave up, his wrists hurt and bleeding.

Ivory stood over Jeff's body, a leg either side of his torso. She moved her
hands up her body and stopped at her bra. She unhooked the chains that
connected to her choker and thong. Taking her hands behind her back she
untied the leather bra and threw the strapless material to the side.

Jeff looked at his master topless, her large D cup breasts hanging loose. He
knew he shouldn't look and like, but he did.

Ivory ran her hands over her breasts, rubbing her nipples making them erect.
She then followed her hands down her stomach to her thong. She hooked her
thumbs into the leather material and pulled them down her legs, stepping one
leg out, then the other. She now stood there wearing just a garter and
fishnet stockings.

Jeff looked at her, he hadn't been with a woman since high school and had
started to forgot what things looked like. He had remembered how bad his
female lovers had been, but he did love breasts. Unfortunately his hands
were bound so anything he had in mind was out of the question.

Ivory stepped back down Jeff's body so her naked pussy was directly above
Jeff's erect penis. She slowly lowered herself down.

He was leaking as the pressure on the cock ring increased as the naked diva
prepared to mount him.

Inches above his cock, she pushed a finger into her slit, ensuring she was
wet enough. She opened her pussy lips and slowly engulfed Jeff's thick rod.
She sank herself down onto the full 8 inches, letting it fill her. "Oh Jeff,"
she moaned, "how does it feel to be in a woman?"

Jeff remained silent, unsure of what to say. He liked the sensations on his
penis, but needed to cum so badly.

She rocked herself on the pole, massaging the walls of her vagina. "Oh, big
boy," she said as her pussy came alive in senses.

"No," he tired, "please stop." Jeff closed his eyes, pretending Matt was on
his penis, his warmth and tightness loving him. The cock ring pressed harder.

"That's it," Ivory rocked faster, pushing herself harder onto Jeff's meat.
Her breathing increased and she screamed at the top of her lungs, her pussy
leaking its juices over Jeff's monster. "Oh, Jeff," she cried, "you're so

"I didn't know you were planning on doing that!" Terri said from the open

Ivory got off Jeff's penis and stood, her red pussy recovering as she walked
over to Terri. "Did you get it?" she asked, placing her gloved hands on her
naked hips.

Terri walked further into the room, holding a leash in her hand. On the leash
was a huddled form she couldn't quite see. Terri held the leash out to her,
"careful, he bites."

Ivory brought the leashed figure into the darkened room and kicked it.

The leashed figure cried out in pain, his eyes blindfolded and long black
hair tied messily. It was gagged and had a leather harness on its body;
strapping its arms and legs into an uncomfortable four legged position. Its
hands and legs bound.

Lying on the floor, Jeff looked over to the figure. "Matt!" he screamed. They
had Matt and were treating him as bad as they had himself.

The leashed figure cried back a muffled "Jeff".

"Awww," Ivory mocked, "the lovers are reunited."

Terri walked over to Jeff's floored position. "Cute baby," she knelt to his
face. "Do you want mommy Terri to make it better?" she reached into her black
robe and pulled out a dummy, sticking it in Jeff's mouth.

Jeff spat it out, "let us go," he shouted.

Terri looked down Jeff's body, noticing his ringed cock. "Take that thing's
blindfold off," she demanded, "I want him to see this."

Ivory grabbed Matt's head and yanked the blindfold off, taking hairs with it.

Matt looked at his naked baby brother, looking into his tear stained eyes. He
saw fear in the green pools, but then came a look of hope as he looked back.
Matt saw they'd cut his beautiful hair and bloodied his body, he grew angry.

Terri glanced at Matt then ran her hand down Jeff's naked body. She used her
hand to grab Jeff's penis, digging her nails into it.

Jeff screamed and shot his head back in pain. His penis leaking its cum.

Terri took her face down to Jeff's cock and extended her tongue, licking away
some of the precum. She made sure Matt had a good view as she deep throated
his large member.

Matt stared at Terri in hate, how dare she touch his baby.

With Matt on all fours, Ivory moved around him and picked up a large paddle
from the table. Getting a good aim on his naked ass, she pulled the paddle to

"Arghhhh!" Matt screamed in pain as his ass was suddenly hit.

"Matt," Jeff screamed for his brother, trying his best to ignore the
sensations on his cock.

Ivory whacked over and over, using her full force to strike the paddle
against Matt's white flesh. "Bad Matt," she shouted, "not right to have
Jeff up here."

Terri stopped mouthing Jeff's penis and looked up to Ivory. "Lets make it
right," she smiled angelically. She reached inside her robe and pulled out
a knife. "We'll make it Jeffette."

Jeff's eyes opened as he saw Terri take the knife to his straining member.
His cock was already in pain with the hard ring pressing into him and his
need to cum. "Matt," Jeff cried, closing his eyes hoping it would all go

Ivory smiled as Terri took hold of the cock and lined the knife up to just
above where the cock ring was.

Matt looked in fear at his brother, his lover, his soul mate's cock. They
were going to hurt him, he had to do something else he'd never taste the
sweet in his mouth again.

Terri pressed the knife gently into Jeff, a line of blood appearing.

Jeff screamed out loudly, the pain too much forcing him to pass out.

"No!" Matt tried to stand up, the leather digging into his arms and legs.
Making it to his feet he punched a shocked Ivory in the face, knocking her
to the hard floor out cold, a sliver of blood draining out of the back of
her head.

Terri stopped cutting into Jeff and stood, holding the knife towards Matt.
"Back of you inbreed!"

Matt picked up the paddle from the floor for defence, "fucking leave my
brother alone!" he screamed at her. He moved forward towards Jeff.

Terri, knowing if he and Jeff escaped, her life would be over, she ran
towards Matt. She jumped onto him, knocking him to the floor. She held the
knife up and brought it down to Matt's chest.

Matt grabbed Terri's hand, stopping the silver object from piercing his skin.
He twisted her fragile wrist, forcing her to leg go of the knife. He rolled
her over on the floor and took the knife, plunging it into her chest.

Terri lay there not moving, her eyes starring lifelessly to the ceiling.

Matt held there silent, holding the knife still in Terri. He had just killed
two people.

"Matt?" Jeff whimpered, waking.

Matt turned round, looking at his baby brother. "Jeffy," he quickly crawled
over to him. He took his hands behind Jeff's head and held him, "your ok,
your ok," he repeated to him.

Jeff cried. He shot his eyes down to his penis, making sure it was still
here. He let out more tears in relief, the cock ring still digging though.

Matt reached his hand down and took the ring off, the freedom allowing Jeff
to shoot his salty cum.

Jeff breathed in released and looked deep into Matt's eyes. He was so scared
and so relieved at the same time.

Matt stroked Jeff's hair out of his face.

"They cut my hair," Jeff sobbed, "I... I..." he tried.

"It's ok," he played with a bit in his hand, "you look beautiful anyway." He
reached in and kissed Jeff. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Jeff smiled.

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