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Ivory, Mark Henry & D'Lo
by Tazz (

Ivory was in the locker room with D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry. D'Lo grabbed
her nicely formed hips while Ivory sucked on the head of Mark's 11 incher.
D'Lo pulled down her shorts, and then down went her silk panties. D'Lo stared
in excitement at her naked ass cheeks. Then d'lo bent over and parted the
firm orbs of flesh, and stuck his tongue in her warm pussy.

Ivory moaned around the cock in her mouth. The vibrations of Ivory's moan
tickled Mark's black cock. D'Lo held open Ivory's pussy lips as he licked
circled around her tender vaginal flesh. D'lo stared at her asshole as she
gulped down her feminine juice. Wetness began to trickle down Ivory's legs.

"Okay, now I want you to fuck my pussy, Mark. I want you to fuck me hard
with that big black cock of yours!" begged ivory.

So Ivory spread apart her toned muscular legs for him, and Ivory grabbed
Mark's huge penis and slowly put it up her extreamly tight pussy.

"Ooowwww ..mmmm. Yes...THAT'S WHERE I WANT IT!" yelped ivory.

D'Lo began to stroke his meat as his friend fuck Ivory. Mark's thrusts
became harder as he came closer to orgasm. Then he placed both hands on
Ivory's mounds of silicone. Then D'Lo came in and placed his nut sac over
Ivory's mouth. She began to lick his hairy sac. Then she inhaled it all and
began to suck on his hairy black balls as hard as she could. She stroked his
cock hard and very slow as she tongued his balls.

Mark was totally concentrating on Ivory's warm vagina. He was thrusting as
hard as he could into Ivory's wet, warm, folds of flesh. Then finally pulled
out of her cunt and then told her to turn over and get on all fours. So she
did and she stuck her ass out as far as she could, exsposing her pink pussy
and her tiny asshole. Mark spread open her tight asshole before sliding his
cock into her pussy.

"OH YES MARK!" screamed Ivory as Mark pressed deeper into her hotbox.

Then D'Lo got on his knees in fron of her, she grabbed his cock and
pressed it into her chest and closed her tits around his erection. Then she
began to slide her jugs up and down his twitching cock. She licked circles
around his cockhead as it pistoned through her melons.

"OH FUCK IVORY, IM CUMMING!" yelled D'Lo. Then he shot a warm wave of
semen on her face.

Mark moaned as he watched her fat butt-cheeks jiggle. Then he pulled out
of her snatch, and ivory sat on top of d'lo and slid his member into her
dripping cunt, she began to bounce on his slippery penis. D'lo held firmly
onto her jiggling cheeks as his cock pistoned into her wet folds. Then Mark
came in from behind and parted her tender cheeks and slowly filled her tiny
asshole whith his huge prick.


Mark let her asshole comform to the size and shape of his love wand. When
Ivory's anus began to slowly loosen he pushed himslef all the way into her
rectum, until he reached the curved hilt in her rectum. Then mark pulled all
the way out, and thrusted all the way back in her butthole. Then he began to
thrust into her tight anus.

Meanwhile, D'Lo was ramming her pussy at a mad rate, enlisting loud moans
from Ivory. Then D'Lo pulled out very suddenly and Ivory very quickly started
to beat his meat. Then he unleashed his title wave of semen all over her flat
lower abdomen.

Then Mark pulled out of her ass and she grabbed his cock and shoved it
between her tits and sucked the head. She moved her jugs up and down his
prick, then he shot his cream all over her fat tits. Then she began to suck
on Mark's fat cock, licking it clean.

Then came D'Lo from behind. D'Lo parted her plump cheeks and thrusted his
member into her hot vagina. D'Lo had both hands on her firm, tight cheeks.
Ivory started moaning around the cock in her mouth as D'Lo's cock pistoned
into her tight pussy. Then D'Lo pulled out and Mark Henry laid down on his

D'Lo picked Ivory up by her waist and slowly sat her down on Mark's thick
prick. Mark held his cock with his hands, making sure it went into her wet
folds. She moaned as she felt his thick member bury itslef in the hilt in her
tight vaginal folds. Slowly Ivory began to hump his penis bouncing up and
down on the huge piece of manhood.

D'Lo yanked his cock in the heat of the action. Then he stood in front of
Ivory and she lifted up his huge member and began to stroke its base as she
tongued his balls. Then D'Lo took her off of Mark's twitching cock and laid
her down on her back and filled her pussy with his python. He instantly began
to thrust into her cunt at a mad and violent rate making her tits jiggle out
of control. Then d'lo lifted her up and laider her down back first on Mark.
He then reached down and parted the perfect asscheeks and inserted his prick
into her tight anal passage. Ivory let out a squeal.

Then D'Lo re-inserted his cock back into her dripping vagina. He began to
fuck her twat hard and Mark started ramming her tight back door as fast and
hard as he could, squashing her muscled ass-cheeks against his groin. Then
D'Lo finally shot his huge load into her tight pussy. Then she got off of
Mark and he shot his load on her huge butt.

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