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Ivory's Initiations Part 1: Ivory Gets Paulshock-ed
by Josh (

Pamela Paulshock had seen her career plummet after not going over to the
WWF when WCW folded. While she didn't like wrestling or working in wrestling
she realized that she needed it to help her career. So Pamela decided the
next time the WWF was in her area she'd go backstage and ask for a job.
Pamela put on a pair of tight black pants and a revealing pink tube top.
"How can I be denied?" Pam asked herself looking in the mirror. Pamela
arrived at the event and was allowed backstage. She was surprised to see an
old production guy from WCW that she remembered working with when she did
interviews named, Jake. The two chatted a bit before Pamela asked him, "Who
do I have to speak to around here about getting a job?"

"Mr. McMahon's put Ivory in charge of all the Divas, you've got to impress
her if you want to even get a meeting with Mr. McMahon," Jake answered.

"Well, can you take me to her?" Pam asked.

"Sure, I don't see how she could deny you," Jake responded.

Jake led Pamela to Ivory's personal dressing room and knocked. Ivory told
whoever it was to come in. Jake brought Pamela in and told her that Pamela
was here about a job. Ivory was dressed in black leather pants and a black
low cut shirt.

"So you want a job here, do you?" Ivory asked.

"Yes, I think I'd be a great addition to the WWF," Pam responded.

"Why because you've got nice tits? Or because you've got a nice ass? I'm
not impressed, we've got enough blond bimbos running around here," Ivory

"What can I do? I'll do anything it takes to impress you, I'm really
multi-talented you know," Pam said.

"Well then, Jake shut the door and sit down. Lets see if Pamela's got
what it takes," Ivory said.

Pamela leaned in and rubbed Ivory's midsection then kissed her, "Please, I
really want a job," she said. Pam and Ivory started kissing, Pam reached
down and felt up Ivory's firm ass then lowered herself down to her knees
rubbing Ivory's crotch through her pants. Pamela slowly pulled down Ivory's
leather pants while Ivory pulled off her shirt. Pam kissed Ivory's naval
while slowly moved her black thong down. Pamela slowly worked her tongue
into Ivory's pussy while Ivory took off her black bra and leaned against the
wall rubbing her good sized tits.

"That's right bitch, eat my pussy," Ivory moaned.

Jake watched from the couch becoming more and more aroused. Pamela leaned
back on the floor and Ivory bent over her and pulled off Pam's pink tube top
and bra.

"You do have some nice tits!" Ivory said. She began licking on Pamela's
nipples as Pam moaned softly. Ivory moved down on Pamela and slid off her
tight pants revealing a white thong. Ivory pulled it off then went to work
on Pamela's pussy.

"Oh Ivory that feels so good, ohh yeeah," Pamela moaned.

The two soon looked over and Jake then crawled over to him and pulled down
his pants. Ivory began sucking on his cock through his boxers. Pamela took
it out and placed it in Ivory's mouth. Pamela licked the side while Ivory
sucked on the head. Pam then took all of it in while Ivory reached down and
rubbed Pamela's ass as she sucked off Jake. The two then began alternating a
bit sucking him off.

"I want you to fuck her Jake, fuck her hard," Ivory directed.

Pamela laid down on her back and spread out her legs as Jake slid his
cock deep inside of her.

"Ohhhhhh oOOOOOHHH!" Pamela screamed in ecstasy.

"That's right, take his cock inside you..." Ivory said. Ivory sat down
by Pam's face and leaned forward so Pamela' could suck on her tits. Ivory
caressed Pamela's large breasts as Jake pounded her.

"Mmm yeah fuck me! Ahhhhh fuuuck me baby fuuck me! Ohhhh... Unnnnnhhhh!"
Pamela moaned.

Ivory crawled ontop of Pamela, sticking her muscular ass in Jake's face.
Jake gave her ass a little smack, it was so tight and firm. "Come on give me
some of that cock," Ivory said. Jake pulled out of Pamela then moved up to
Ivory's pussy. "OH! OH! Unnnhh! Oh shit!" Ivory moaned.

Pamela reached up and began sucking on Ivory's nipples, toying with them
while Jake did Ivory from behind. Pamela sat back a bit so Ivory could play
with her big jugs. Jake picked up speed pounding Ivory faster and faster.
Ivory held onto Pamela's breasts for support. Pam reached down and smacked
Ivory's ass a few times, "That's right, fuck her hard, fuck her brains out!"
she said. "Ohhhh! Ohhh fuuuuck! Fuuuck me! MMMMMMMHHH!" Ivory moaned.
Pamela ran her hands through Ivory's hair and kissed her deep. "You want
some cock?" Ivory whispered to her.

"Mmmm yeah," Pam responded.

Pamela stood up and so did Jake. Ivory grabbed Jake's cock and slid it
into Pamela's wet pussy from behind. "Oooohhh" Pamela moaned softly.

"That's right, fuck this hot bitch!" Ivory said standing behind Jake
watching him pump Pamela's hot little cunt. Jake dug his hands into Pamela's
sexy little backside as he pounded her.

"OH! Oh fuck! Unnh! Unnnhh! YEEEAH!" Pam moaned.

Ivory moved up and began sucking on Pamela's nipples as Pam got fucked.
Pamela then leaned back and whispered to Jake, "Lets make her cum."

Pamela grabbed Ivory and kissed her deeply then moved her down onto her
back. "You wanna be impressed? I'm gonna make you cum!" Pamela told Ivory.

"We'll see," Ivory responded.

Pamela then turned around and sat her soft ass down on top of Ivory's face
then leaned forward in a 69 position. Pamela spat on Jake's cock then rubbed
it in. She directed it down past Ivory's pussy to her tight asshole. Pamela
slowly guided Jake's cock into Ivory's little asshole. *SPANK* Ivory spanked
Pamela's ass hard as she felt Jake's cock enter her asshole.

"You naughty girl!" Ivory said.

"I know you want it, Ivory!" Pamela said. Pam guided Jake's cock slowly
in and out of Ivory's asshole as Ivory cringed then became more relaxed.
"Fuck her harder, Jake, pound that little asshole!" Pam said. Pamela then
began rubbing Ivory's pussy like crazy with her fingers. Pam put her head
down and stimulated Ivory's clit with her teeth and tongue.

"OH GOD YES! Fuuuuuckk my ass! Lick my pussy! Ohhh fuuuck!" Ivory moaned
at the incredible pleasure.

Pamela knew when she had hit the right spots because Ivory would smack her
soft ass at the overwhelming sensation.

"Make her taste it!" Ivory yelled.

Jake pulled his cock out of Ivory's asshole wet and Pam sucked on it then
put it back in. "Tastes okay but I wanna taste your cum!" Pamela moaned.
Jake began fucking Ivory's asshole harder and harder at Pamela's request
while Pamela really worked over Ivory's pussy.

"OHHH SHHIIIIT! OHHH YEEEAH! FUUUUCK!" Ivory screamed and she dug her
nails into Pamela's ass.

"That's right, let it fly!" Pamela said.

"OHHH! NOOOOO! OOHHH YEEESSS!" Ivory screamed as she came wildly. *SPANK*
*SPANK* *SPANK* She smacked Pamela's ass giving in to her orgasm.

"I'm gonna cuuum!" Jake exclaimed.

"Cum on her wet pussy!" Pamela exclaimed.

Jake shot his load into Ivory's cum. Pamela turned around and leaned over
Ivory giving her a kiss.

"So did I get the job?" Pamela asked.

"I'll have to think about it," Ivory said.

Pamela was a little upset but Jake whispered to her that Ivory barely ever
even says that, usually she just throws the women out. Pamela then whispered
back to Jake, "How about you and me go finish what we started here without

To Be Continued...

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