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Ivory's Initiations Part 2 - Caught In The Act
by Josh (

While Ivory was testing out Pamela Paulshock for a spot in the World
Wrestling Federation, her real-life boyfriend Greg Helms (The Hurricane) was
out in the ring wrestling. Helms won his match and came back to the dressing
room to share the news with Ivory but when he opened the door a crack, he saw
Jake doing Ivory's ass while Pamela Paulshock was ontop of Ivory in a 69
position. Greg was hurt and stunned and quickly closed the door, he couldn't
believe Ivory was cheating on him. Greg got changed and left the arena,
distraught, heading back to his hotel room to think things over...

Meanwhile ... After Jake and Pamela had left, Ivory cleaned off and got
dressed. Ivory looked at her watch and said to herself, "Shit! I missed
Greg's match, I wonder if he won?" Ivory fixed her hair and lipstick then
left her dressing room. Ivory walked around backstage asking a bunch of
people where Greg was but they didn't know.

Finally, Chavo had an answer for her, "He left about thirty minutes ago,
he didn't seem to be in a good mood."

Before Ivory could get into it, she was approached by a WWF photographer,
"Ivory, I've been looking all over for you. We've had countless e-mails
requesting more pictures of you in that little football type outfit. Here's
the outfit and an overcoat, go get dressed, get your makeup then one of the
limos will take you to the location..." he explained.

"Can't we do it some other time?" Ivory asked.

"No, we've got to do it ASAP, it won't take that long and the limo will
take you back to your hotel right after."

"Fine but let's make it quick."

Ivory grabbed the outfit then found a makeup woman and headed back to her
dressing room. The outfit was a pair of tiny black shorts and a little black
and white football jersey type top. She'd worn this back at the WWF New York
Divas shoot and apparently it was in high demand. Ivory got her hair and
make-up all done then put on the big black overcoat. She caught the stares
from other wrestlers as she walked out to the parking garage. While she
didn't enjoy photo shoots, she was flattered that people still wanted to see
her. Ivory went and did the photo shoot but her mind was elsewhere. Why had
Greg left the arena so early? Why was he upset? After the shoot was done,
Ivory grabbed the overcoat and put it on...

"Don't you want to change?" The photographer asked.

"Nah, I just wanna get back to my hotel, I'll change there," Ivory said.

Ivory was eager to find out what was bothering her boyfriend. Many
thoughts passed through her mind but the possibility that he had caught her
in the act never crossed her mind. The limo arrived at the hotel shortly and
Ivory headed up to her room, hoping that Greg was there. Ivory opened the
door and Greg was just sitting there with his arms crossed, looking pissed

"Honey, what's wrong? I heard you were upset," Ivory started.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" Greg asked.

"What'd you mean?"


"No ... No, not at all."

"I saw you..."

"Saw me? Where?"

"Don't play dumb with me, just because I'm your little boy toy doesn't
mean you can cheat on me!"

"Oh ... Oh god, I'm so sorry, Greg. Pamela was trying to get a job and it
just got way out of hand, I'm so sorry."

"I don't know if I can get over this, I don't know if we can be together

"I could stand here and say I'm sorry forever or..." Ivory took off her
overcoat revealing her hot little outfit from the photo shoot, "I could show
you just how much I care."

Ivory pulled Greg up and kissed him deeply and he gave right in. Ivory
took off his shirt and kissed his chest. She stood up and began rubbing his
crotch while she kissed him. Greg reached around and felt up her firm ass as
they kissed. "Yeeah, touch my ass, feel it up." Ivory said softly as he felt
her ass through those tight shorts. She began kissing down Greg's chest and
stomach until she reached his crotch. Ivory slipped down his pants and took
his cock deep into her throat then slowly moved her head back. She did this
a few times getting it nice and wet with saliva. Ivory worked over the head
with rubbing the shaft with both hands giving fantastic head.

"Oh suck it deep, yeeah." Greg moaned as Ivory took his cock deep into her
mouth a few more times. Greg then bent Ivory over the table and slid down her
tight shorts, taking them completely off. Ivory stood, slightly bent over
still in her high heels with her tanned firm ass sticking out.

"Ohh yeeah come on Greg fuck me!" Ivory moaned as Greg placed his hard-on
inside of her. "Ohhh! Mmmmmhh yeah your cock is good!"

Greg placed his hands on her tight buns as he picked up the tempo, sliding
in and out of her pussy.

"Fuuuck yeeah! OHHHH! Ohhh my god! AHHHH! Come on Greg! Come on!

Greg grabbed a hold of Ivory's muscular thighs as he pounded her harder
and faster. Ivory pulled off her half-shirt as her body warmed up. Ivory
loved talking dirty while she was being fucked.

"Come on baby, fuck it the way I like it! Make my pussy nice and fucking
wet! Oooohhh yeeah!"

Ivory pounded down onto the table with both hands as Greg thrusted into
her even faster, his thighs smacking against her buns. Ivory stopped Greg
and turned around. Ivory wrapped her arms around his neck then jumped up,
wrapping her legs around his midsection. Greg lowered her down onto his cock
then supported her by holding her butt. Ivory began pushing herself up and
down, with Greg helping. They fucked in this position for a little bit
before Greg laid Ivory down on her back. Ivory spread her legs wide open for

"Ooohh come on give it to me! Ahhhhh yeeah, you fuck me the best!"

Greg pounded her, his balls smacking against her asshole. He held onto
her legs as he worked his way in and out. Ivory played with her breasts and
continued to whisper dirty words to Greg, turning him on even more as he
fucked her.

"Let me get on top, baby!" Ivory said.

Greg pulled out and laid down on the bed. Ivory stood at the foot of the
bed, she was just recently in the Bahamas so her body was golden brown, no
tan lines and it glistened with sweat.

"They all think I'm too old for you but I've still got the body don't I?"
she asked.

"Fuck yeah, Ivory, your body is so tight. You're not old, your
experienced, those other girls can't fuck the way you can."

"Now where was I?" Ivory said as she crawled over and gave Greg's balls
a few licks. She kicked off her heels then straddled Greg putting his cock
back inside of her. Ivory began to bounce up and down on his cock, moaning
softly. He moved his hands up and placed them on her sexy toned abs.

"Mmmm baby, you like how I fuck you?" Ivory asked.

"Yeaah, you fuck me so good. You look so good on my cock."

"Ohhh let me take you to another level."

Ivory put her hands down on his thighs for support and began riding his
cock, so hard and fast. She'd go up then crash down, her butt smacking
against his thighs.


"Oh fuuck me Ivory! Ah yeah, fuck that cock, Ivory, fuck it hard!" Greg

Ivory leaned forward, putting her hands on the head board and began
grinding back and forth like crazy on Greg's cock.

"Ohh baby, I'm gonna make fucking cum inside me! Ohhh yeeah!"

"Ahh that's it Ivory, make me cum!"

"Unnhhh yeeah you like it when I fuck you like this?! Ahhh! Oooh! I
like your young cock in me ... Mmmmhh!"

"Oh shiit I'm gonna cum inside you ... Oooh god!"

"That's it baby! I wanna feel your hot jizz in me! Give it to me!"

Ivory kept grinding Greg as he burst his load inside of her. Ivory then
slowed to a stop as he finished shooting his load into her.

"Ooohhh you're so good," he moaned.

"We're not done, get up, let me show you something," Ivory said. Ivory
stood infront of Greg with her back turned to him. She reached down and
took his limp prick in her hand. She rubbed the head between her firm buns,
rubbing it up and down. "You like that, baby? Like how your cock feels
against my butt?" Ivory asked.

"It feels so good against your hot little ass."

Ivory walked forward, still with his dick in her hand. She bent over the
table again, sticking her butt out. She continued rubbing the head of his
cock between her cheeks. "Let's get you hard again, baby, so you can fuck my
ass." Ivory continued for a little bit until he was hard again. "That's it
baby, take my ass, take it!" she said.

Greg slowly worked his cock into Ivory's asshole.

"Ohhh come on baby, gimme all of it," she moaned, "Yeah fuck it just like
you fucked my pussy!"

Greg grabbed onto her hips and shoved his cock deep into her ass then
pulled out slowly. He went in and out, slowly then began to pump faster.

"Come on baby fuck that ass! Treat that ass like my pussy! Fuck it! Fuck
it hard! Come on fuck that ass! OHHH! That's it!"

He gripped down into Ivory's tanned buns as he began pumping her asshole
faster from behind. "Oh yeah Ivory your ass is so tight!" he moaned.

Ivory reached back with one hand and began stimulating her clit. After
another minute of her ass being pounded, Ivory stood up a bit and leaned
back, sharing a kiss with Greg. "Let me fuck you with my ass," she said.

Ivory sat Greg down on the edge of the bed then eased her ass down onto
his cock while standing. She was now sitting down on his lap with his cock
buried into her ass. Ivory grinded her butt around in circles on his cock
while leaning back and tongue kissing him.

"Fuuck Ivory, your ass feels soo good on my cock."

"You ain't felt nothing yet, baby."

Ivory made Greg lean back a bit and placed one hand on his stomach for
balance as she began bouncing her ass up and down on Greg's cock. He laid
there mesmerized by her firm ass riding his cock.

"OHHH! OHHH! Fuuuck! You like that, baby! Mmmmhhh ... your .... oohhhh
... cock ... AHHHHH ... in my .... UNNNHHHH ... ASS!"

"Oh yeah, ride it Ivory, give it to me!"

He reached forward with his hands and groped her muscular ass. Ivory
tighten her glute muscles, showing Greg just how well she's worked out her

"Oh fuck Ivory ... ohh baby!"

"UNNNNNHHHH! OHHHH GAWWWDD! Oh my fuckin ass! Ohhh!"

Greg sat up and shifted his hands to Ivory's midsection, holding her as
she rode him. He then began thrusting upwards into her tight ass while she

"OHHH! OHHH! OHHH! AHHHH! FUUUUCKKK! That's soooohhhh goood! YEEAHH

"I'm gonna fuckin cum Ivory!"

"Let me taste it!"

Ivory got off and knelt down infront of Greg, sucking on his prick until
he shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed it then continued to tease
his cock with her tongue until it went limp.

Ivory then got up and looked at Greg with puppy dog eyes, "Can you ever
forgive me?"

"It won't be easy but as long as you promise to never let it happen again,
I think I can forgive you."

"I promise you, I'll never cheat on you again."

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