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J.C. Bailey Makes An Impact
by Julio "The Juggalo Zombie" Cantu

J.C. Bailey is only 19 and he has already made a HUGE impact in every
promotion he had wrestled in. He wrestled in many promotions like; IWA, CZW,
NWA, BBW, MLW, and many others. He wrestled every Hardcore, Extreme, and
Ultraviolent Legend that ever stepped into the ring and won every single
time. He even beat the King Of Hardcore Mick Foley. He held every title in
every promotion he was in. He was one of professional wrestling's greatest
wrestlers. Then at the age of 19, he finally made it big when he finally got
signed by the WWE.

He made his debut against Evolution member Randy Orton and won. This started
a three on one feud between J.C. Bailey and Evolution (Randy Orton, Ric
Flair and Triple H). For six whole months J.C. Bailey suffered several
attacks by Evolution and sometimes by Chris Jericho and Christian. Then one
day Bailey decided to go to the ring and call out Triple H and challenge him
for the WWE World Heavyweight title.

"Hey, Game. Motherfucker, get your fucking ass out here now, motherfucker!!"
said Bailey.

Out came The Game......

"What did you call me, you called me a motherfucker?" asked Triple H.

"Yes, I did, motherfucker. What the fuck are you gonna do about it,
motherfucker." said Bailey.

"You wanna know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna get in there and kill you." said
Triple H and ran to the ring.

He tried to jump him, but he saw him coming and attacked him. Bailey was
kicking Triple H's ass until Evolution ran in and attacked Bailey. All three
members ganged up on him and left him in the ring a bloody mess. Then when
they left the ring he set the challenge.

"Hey, Game. You have the guts to attatck me with your little girlfriends
around, then why don't you give me a fucking title shot? TONIGHT!!" said

"You wanna a title shot,...let me think," said Triple H.

"Why,...are you a fucking chicken shit?" asked Bailey.

"WHAT??!!" said Triple H.

"You heard me bitch, you're a chicken shit." said Bailey.

"You're on!!!" said Triple H.

Eric Bischoff comes out...

"Wait a minute, you don't have the power to make matches, I do. Now, I like
the match and it will happen, but not tonight." said Eric and the entire
arena boos at him and calls him an asshole.

"You're gonna see it at No Mercy in four weeks." said Eric and the arena
started cheering.

During the weeks before No Mercy, Triple H had Bailey attacked every chance
he had by Evolution and he always ran in and finished the job by hitting
Bailey with his sledgehammer and almost killed the poor kid.

Then after so many attacks the day of No Mercy finally came. Bailey's big
chance to become a legend in the world of pro wrestling. It was a good show
so far Kurt Angle had just beaten Brock Lesner to regain the WWE Heavyweight
title in a streetfight in the semi-main event. Then the big moment for Bailey
came. He went to the ring first and the champion made his way to the ring
without Evolution, because RAW Co-GM Stone Cold said if they came to the
ring or got involved in anyway Triple H would lose the title and would never
get another shot ever again.

The match started slow. Bailey kicked Triple H and threw him into the steel
(By the way,it was turned into a Hell In The Cell match the week before. I
forgot to mention that, sorry.) Anyways, Bailey threw him face first and
busted him wide open and broke his nose and knocked out some of The Game's
teeth. Bailey was winning until Test of all people ran in and attacked
Bailey. Then both Test and Triple H ganged up on him and bloodied him. Then
Bailey once again got the upper handand was winning again. Then to all the
people's shock Triple H won the match and retained the title thanks to Test,
Christian and Chris Jericho. Plus it took 13 Pedigrees to put away Bailey
and beat him. Evolution was bigger and stronger than ever before.

Then when Bailey got backstage he was approached by Stacy Keibler and she
said, "I'm so sorry for what Test did, I had no idea he was gonna do that."

"No problem." said Bailey.

"If there is anything I could do, just tell me." said Stacy.

"Well, you can ask co-GM Steve to give a match against Test tomorrow night
on RAW," said Bailey.

Then it was signed: J.C. Bailey vs. Test. Winner Gets Stacy.

It was a long match and with a lot of outside help from Chris Jericho,
Christian, Triple H, Randy Orton and Ric Flair, Bailey won the match after
a Shooting Star Leg Drop. Stacy went crazy with excitementand embraced Bailey
and kissed him and stuck her tongue in his mouth making a mad Test even

Then after the match Keibler and Bailey went to their dressing rooms to get
ready to leave the arena. Then Keibler started kissing Bailey and letting him
feel up and down her legs and rub her ass and slide his fingures in between
her ass cheeks and fingering her asshole. Then Keibler got on her knees and
pulled out Bailey's dick and started sucking on it.

"MMMMMMMMM...MMMM.MMMMMMM.MMMMMMMMMMM." mumbled Keibler as she sucked.

"Yeah,...suck it,...bitch." said Bailey.

Then Keibler stood up, pulled her thong down, bent over and Bailey stuck his
dick in her ass and started pushing. Then he started pushing harder and

grunted Keibler as her ass was being punctured.

The longer it lasted, the louder they got and then they had to stop or
everyone would hear them. So they went a motel and got hardcore. Bailey's
nuts were slapping against Keibler's tight ass as his dick went inside her.
Nick was one knee while ass fucking her.

grunted Keibler. It got harder, faster and more painful.

"HOLLLLLLLY,..FUCKING...SHIIIIIIIIIITTTT!!!!!" screamed Bailey as he came,
but he did not stop. He got stronger after he came.

Then Bailey laid on his back and Keibler mounted him and started riding him.
She jumped up and down as he felt up her thighs and slapped her ass and
squeezed her ass cheeks.

"HHHOOOLLLYYY,...AAAHHHH...SHIT!!!!!!!" screamed Bailey as he came for the
seconed time.

too came on top of his dick.

* * *

Then a week later he got a rematch against Triple H and this time he won the
match and the title. After the show Bailey and Keibler went to their motel
and fucked like true champions because Keibler, had just won the Women's



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