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JCP's SEX Files Part 2
by JCP

SUBJECT: Trish Stratus #2

I went into her house and looked around and see if she was home.

JCP: Hello? Trish are you here?

Trish (answered): I'm in the shower.

I quickly tore off my clothes and headed for the shower. I went in and
grabbed her from behind squeezing her huge but firm breasts.

JCP: Say you want me.

Trish: I want you JCP.

JCP:I want you too Trish.

Then moments later I took Trish into her bed she wrapped her legs around my
torso while I was jamming my cock into her pussy.


JCP (while fuckin her): I just love your pussy.

I continuied to keep jammin my dick away on her pussy while she moaned and
groaned squeezing her tits in all excitment. Then I spun her around and stuck
my dick straight up Trish's tight ass. As I rapidly rammed my dick up her
rear she was moaning as loud as ever.


One SMACK on the ass I gave her and she liked it. Then she was on top of me.
Her ass was riding my dick.

JCP: MMMMMMMMMMMM OOOOOH! Trish ride me all night long if you can.

Trish: Oh I will, believe me.

After a good solid 5 minutes of that we were laying on our sides as I
continued to fuck Trish's ass until it was time.

JCP: It's cumming. I'm gonna cum!

Trish: Shoot it in my ass!

And when I came the thick hot exploded all over her tight ass.

Trish: OOOOOOH JCP, that was fucking awesome.

JCP: Thank God. That was great.

We were both breathing heavilly after the sex we had.

Trish: I hope we do it again sometime.

JCP: Yeah me too.

Then I went into the shower to wash off the remnants of the cum I squirted
on Trish's ass, got dressed and left. Before I was able to make it out the
door Trish stopped me.

Trish: Aren't you forgeting something.

JCP: Oh yeah. I hope tonight was good enough for you than it was for me.

Trish: I know that.

But she was pointing at her cheek like she wanted me to kiss her there, so
I did it.

JCP: Better?
Trish: Oh Yeah JCP. Much better.


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