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JCP's Sex Files Part 3
by JCP

SUBJECT: Stephanie McMahon #1

One night before Triple H's BIG match against World Wrestling Entertainment's
Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar he and Stephanie went in to a hotel room
and locked the door shut. They both quickly stripped down to nothing and then
started kissing roughly HHH was nibbling Steph from the neck down to her


I was way downstairs in my car talking to myself

JCP: This shit is getting weirder by the day I'm in the city where Killer
Kowalski trains BRUTAL and VICIOUS WARRIORS to do battle in the ring I sure
as hell don't wanna me The Killer in a Dark Alley I wish I was in Fort
Lauderdale near a swimming pool,drinking Pina Colada's and BANGING bitches
in bikinis. Then a friend of mine named Shawn B. comes in.

Shawn: Hey Fuckin JCP man what the fuck are you doing out here freezing your
ass off you should be inside they have a private screening of Triple H
fucking Stephanie McMahon.

JCP: Take me there.

Meanwhile back in the hotel room Triple H is ass-fucking Stephanie viciously
and she's SCREAMING like crazy.


HHH: Who's your daddy Steph?

Stephanie: You are!

HHH: Who?

Stephanie (moaning): YOU ARE!

HHH: I can't hear you!

Stephanie (screaming it out): YOOOOOOOUUUUUU AAAAAAAAARE!!!

Outside me and Shawn watch on in one of the security cameras in the hotel

JCP: DAMN MAN! I never thought Steph could take it up the ass!

Shawn: Neither did I. I guess she likes it ROUGH. HHH has his dick in Steph's

HHH: Yeah Baby OOOOOOOOH SHIT. Gimme all of that pussy, OOOH!


HHH: I'm cumming Stephanie get ready?

Stephanie:Pour it on me AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

His cum starts squirting all over Stephanie.

HHH: So tomorrow night I win RIGHT?

Stephanie: But daddy said you have to lose to Brock tomorrow.

HHH: I know, but if I job to him my love for you will be nothing after
tomorrow. Please Steph, I'm begging you.

Stephanie: Alright Hunter. You got it. I'll see what I can do.

The next night HHH is gearing up for his match with Brock Lesnar when he is
confronted by JCP.

HHH: Hey man what's going on?

JCP: You met with Mister McMahon about your match?

HHH: I had a talk with him and he and Stephanie agreed that there will be a
DQ finish.

JCP: Why's that?

HHH: I told Steph last night after I fucked her that if I was to job to Brock
we were through.

JCP: What did you do man blackmail her?

HHH: No I don't do that shit. I never blackmail anybody.

Undertaker interjected.

Undertaker: I did when I was just about to bang Stephanie.

HHH (about to snap): WHEN?

JCP: I gotta go see you in the right trip.

I ran like a chicken.

Undertaker: HEY KID C'MERE! (He grabs Triple H) Listen to me right now you
heartless bastard you got a match tonight against Brock if you fuck this up,
so help me you piece of shit I'll bury you tonight. (He throws him down.)


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