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JCP's Sex Files Part 4
by JCP

SUBJECT: Stephanie McMahon #2
EXTRA SUBJECT: Lilian Garcia
LOCATION: Fleet Center, Boston

I was sitting front row with my pals Shawn B. and Stevie J. awaiting for the
match of the night HHH vs Brock Lesnar. The ring announcer Lilian Garcia
announces Brock first and he is without agent Paul Heyman then HHH comes out
with a huge pop (If you can believe that).

The match began with a huge fist fight between the two and went out of the
ring where they spent about 5-10 minutes beating the hell out of each other
outside the ring. They continued giving one another a glorified ass-kicking
in the ring for a good solid 25 minutes then in the closing moments of the
match Triple H tries to hit Brock with a clothesline but gets referee Earl
Hebner instead.

Meanwhile Stephanie was backstage watching the match then she goes to the

HHH tries for his trademark finisher "The Pedigree" when Brock countered
with a slongshot out of the ring. The Game quickly recovered and got back in
the ring where Lesnar got him and set him up for his finisher "The F-5" but
Hunter countered with a DDT. Both men were fatigued and couldn't go on that
was until Stephanie was at ringside and whacked Hunter in the face with a
chair, which Brock catches him and nails his F-5. The Referee is back in and
makes a fast three count and leaves the ring. Lilian announces Brock Lesnar
the winner and still WWE Champion. I called Lilian over to where I was

JCP: Hey Lilian. C'mere I want you to meet me backstage I got something for

Lilian: I'm there.

* * *

Backstage HHH is pissed off at the outcome of his match against Brock he
asked him if he was in on the screwjob.

HHH: Brock were you in on this?

Brock Lesnar: Nobody tells me shit around here, but I tell you I had nothing
to do with what happened out there.

* * *

I was walking with Lilian back to her room I went in with her and locked the
door shut.

JCP:Take off your clothes while I take off mine I want to fuck you.

We stripped down to nothing and then I was banging her hard.


I was eating her pussy while she was squeezing her melons and was licking
them at the same time then she gave me a WICKED blow job.

JCP: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Keep on sucking my sweet bitch.

She was sucking my cock for a good solid 5 minutes. Then I put her on the
couch and fucked her in the ass hard and fast.


JCP: Don't worry woman I will. (I smacked her on the ass)

* * *

HHH was trying to get into Stephanie's room but the door is locked.

HHH: That fucking bitch just locked herself in her dressing room.

Shawn B: Maybe she isn't there.

Stevie J: Or she's in Brock's dressing room getting fucked.

Shawn B: Stevie, shut up!

HHH: I gotta go take a shower. If Stephanie comes you tell her to talk to me
got it?

Stevie J: Personally I think Shawn elbow'd him one.

Shawn B: We got it Huntz.

* * *

Back in LG's room Lilian was riding me like I was a buckin bronco. I was
squeezing her ass real hard.

Lilian: You like it like that?

JCP: Do I ever. MMMMMMMMMMMM I'm gonna turn you around ready?

1-2-3 The switch was made now she is on her back legs spread wide open and
I stuck my dick up her pussy. I was viciously pussy-fucking her.


And I did I squirt cum on Lilian and she was sucking on my cum-soaked dick
cleaning out whatever is left and she gulped it way down her throat.

Lilian: Oh JCP, that was awesome! We need to do that again.

JCP: Call me here's my number. (I pulled out my card).

* * *

Stephanie was walking to the locker room where Shawn and Stevie were outside.

Stephanie: Have you guys seen Hunter? I gotta talk to him.

Shawn B: He's inside and very angry with you.

Stephanie goes on in.


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