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JCP's SEX Files Part 5
by JCP

SUBJECT: Stephanie McMahon #3

I was chatting with Jeff Hardy on my way to meet with Shawn B. and Stevie J.

Jeff: I got your e-mail a few days ago I can't help you with your research.

JCP: Why not Jeff. It's not like I'm using you to get to that girlfriend of
yours, I mean come on man.

Jeff: Yeah I know.

JCP: I mean everything I write and draw is a masterpiece.

Jeff: Let me think about that.

JCP: Think about this. You help me, I'll save your ass from getting fired
from the WWE.

Jeff: Cool.

Shawn and Stevie are still waiting for JCP.

Shawn B: I wonder what is taking JCP so long?

Jeff: I like you to have lunch with me on Thursday.

JCP: Let me check my calendar. (I look at it and I'm free) Jeff, Thursday is
okay with me, man.

Jeff: I'll look forward to it see you JCP.

I go meet up with Shawn and Stevie

JCP: What's going on man?

Shawn B: It ain't good what's going on in there.

JCP: What is going on in there?

The door opens and HHH is out.

HHH: What the hell do you three want?

JCP: What happened man. I'm confused?

HHH: Me and Stephanie the relationship is over. We are through.

He walks away. I take a peak inside and I see Stephanie on the floor crying.
She was spitting out blood.

JCP: OH SHIT! Stevie, Shawn go get help and hurry!

Help had arrived UnderTaker, Kane, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and Vince
McMahon had arrived.

Vince: What the hell happened? (He grabbed me and started screaming at me)

JCP: Why don't you ask your on-screen son-in-law, he'll tell you what
happened. But before you do we need to talk.

Vince: About what?

JCP: Did you and Steph order Triple H to job to Brock Lesnar?

Vince: It was the right thing to do for the business and the company that
made him a modern day legend and he refused to drop the match to him so I
had to make a minor judgement. Call and order a DQ ending I was not happy
by making that call and neither was Stephanie.

JCP:H e told me that he is finished with her. What that means in terms I
understand and you don't is that he dumped your daughter like a piece of

Vince: He does this to my little girl. Well, tomorrow morning I will schedule
a meeting right in the Marriott Hotel here in Boston and I will decide the
fate of Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Triple H.

He leaves the room. I go back over to check on Steph.

Undertaker: Doc is she OKAY? DO SOMETHING DAMNIT! JCP, you were present when
this occured.

JCP: No I wasn't. Stevie and Shawn here were outside listening in.

UT grabs the two.

Undertaker: C'mon boys I want answers from you two.

Later in the night I was in bed asleep when a knock on the door woke me up.

JCP: Who is it?

Stephanie (replied): It's Stephanie McMahon open up please.

I opened the door and let her in. She sat down on the right side of the bed
her face was black and blue.

JCP: So what happened when you confronted Triple H on what you did?

Stephanie: I went in we had a few choice words. Then the conversation took a
real nasty turn and then he hit me. He continued to hit me and then started
kicking me in the stomach which explains the blood coming out of my mouth.
Then he pulled my panties down and started jamming his dick onto my ass and
he was pressing my face on the locker door. He even slammed my face in the
door a few times and then after that he threw me on the floor and said it's
over. Just a few minutes ago I called the police about what happened and now
they got an arrest warrant out for him.

JCP: Oh man, I'll tell you something right now. Tomorrow morning at that
meeting if the police don't burn his ass your father will.


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