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Jackie & Jake
by Un-Named

It was the night of WrestleMania X8. Jackie and Jake had gotten home late
because they decided to go for their massages after the event. Jackie had
just finished showering when Jake walked into the bathroom. "Oh, sorry
Jackie. I didn't hear the shower running so I figured you had already left
the bathroom."

"No problem Jake. And from the looks of it, you're pretty excited to see

Jake looked down and noticed that his towel had slipped off exposing his
very erect penis.

"You're bigger than I thought Jake," she said with a seductive look in her
eyes. She walked toward Jake and then dropped to her knees. She first studied
his 9 inch cock before engulfing it in her mouth, nearly gagging. She started
to bob up and down on his monster of a cock.

"Oooh, damn you give good head. Oooh."

She started to massage his balls and got plenty more moans out of him.

"Ohh shit, I can't hold out much longer."

No sooner did he say this than he blew his load inside her beautiful

"Alright, I gave you what you wanted, now give me what I want."

With this, she bent over the bathtub using her arms to hold her up. Jake
took a few seconds to admire the body of the woman he was about to bang.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked.

"Just admiring you from a far first." After he said this he walked up to
her. He slowly started to ease his cock into her tight fuck hole. "Ooh, damn
you're tight," said Jake.

"Oooh, come on Jake. I want you to fuck me. I wanna feel you cum inside

He didn't need to hear this but once. He started to rock back and forth,
sliding in and out of her pussy in the process.

"Oooh, hmmmm. Faster Jake, faster."

With those words he started to pick up the pace.

"Ooooooh fuck yeah. That's it Jake, that's the way I like it."

Jake reached around and started to gently massage and squeeze her titties.
"Ahhhhhh, you feel so damn good. Shit, I could fuck you forever," said Jake.
Jackie started to moan louder and louder.

"Fuck me faster Jake, faster."

He started to go faster and faster.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah, that's it. Make me cum Jake."

Jake started to pump her faster and faster. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum."

"I want you to make me cum Jake. Harder, faster."

Jake went harder and faster. They both let out a loud moan as they both
came at the same time.

Jake didn't pull out immediately. He stayed in her, still half hard,
moving in and out of her fuck hole. Jackie still wanted more of Jake's cock,
but he was too tired to stand up and fuck her again.

"Sit down on the toilet," she said.

Jake gladly did as he was told. After he sat down, Jackie walked over to
him, spread her legs, and straddled his once again fully erect cock. This
time, she was in control of the action. She started out slow, not wanting to
cum too soon, then she worked her way up to a rythmic hump. She started
moaning again.

"Oooooooooh, god your prick feels so good inside me."

Then, out of nowhere, she said, Jake, I want you to fuck my ass."

"Of course," said Jake. "Anything for you."

Jackie lifted herself off of Jake's lap and got down on all fours on the
bathroom floor. Jake got on his knees right behind her and slowly started to
ease his dick into her hot ass.

"Ahhhhhhhh, god damn, your ass feels so good."

"And your prick, ahhhhhh, feels, ahhhhhhh, really good inside it."

He slowly started to get his rythm up as he stretched her asshole with
every thrust. "Ohhhhh shit, I'm gonna cum again," said Jake.

"Me too," said Jackie.

Jake started to pull out when Jackie said, "No, don't pull out. I want to
feel you cum inside my ass." Jake gladly obliged to her request and kept
pumping her ass until he finally came.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh yeah. Cum inside my ass Jake. Shoot your hot load
into my ass. Ahhhhhhhh yeah." She let out one more moan before she finally

Jake stayed inside her and collapsed on top of her. Jackie rolled over
with Jake's prick still inside her hot ass. They layed there in the spoons
position for about an hour before Jake got up and got in the shower and
Jackie went to her room.

Before Jake got into the shower Jackie said, "Who knows, maybe if we both
get picked as the Tough Enough 2 champions, we can make this a regular

Jake said, "I'd definately look forward to that."

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