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Jackie Catches Torrie & Trish In The Locker Room
by Peacealien

After a long hard fought match on Raw Torrie and Trish go to the locker room
the cool off.

Torrie: Well, Trish I think that match went well don't you?

Trish: Yeah the fans seemed to enjoy it, especially when I pulled your pants

Torrie: Why did you do that anyways? Well, besides that I don't think we
meesed up once I wonder if Vince will take notice of this.

Trish: I think there might be a raise. (Laughs)

Torrie: Whatever, that old bastard doesn't even pay for his own prostitutes.
He tells them who he is and even if they don't know who he is, they
instincively flock. They suck his dick for free and they pay him to eat them

Trish: ...

Torrie: What's up?

Trish: Nothing it's just when you were saying that I got really turned on.
Damn, I need a man.

Torrie: Who needs a man.

Trish: What?

Torrie: Who needs a man when you can (Torrie touches Trish's cheek) have a

Trish: What are doing? This is wrong.

Torrie: Wrong? How can it be wrong when it feels so right.

Trish: o..ok

Torrie: I thought you would see it my way.

Torrie takes off her top and starts to rub her big tits. Then Trish starts
licking Torrie's nipples for a couple of minutes. Then they both take off
their leather pants and their thongs. After that Trish tells Torrie to lie
down then starts eating Torrie out. Torrie starts moaning and asking fo
more then Trish licks her cunt as fast as she could. Then all of a sudden
Trish stopped.

Torrie: Why did you stop?

Trish: Let's switch baby.

Then Torrie and Trish switch places then Torrie starts eating Trish out.
They were in their own little word so they didn't see Jackie walk in then
then when she said something they seen her.

Jackie: Oh My God!

Trish and Torrie: Oh please don't tell anyone please. (Both on their knees

Jackie: Only on one condition.

Trish and Torrie: Anything!

Jackie: Let me join in.

Trish and Torrie nod their heads.

Then Jackie took off her clothes then Trish and Torrie told her to lie on the
floor so she did then they both started eating Jackie out.


After about 10 minutes they got up and thought that they would get caught so
they went to Trish's dressing room and continued there then after a hour
Torrie and Jackie got dressed and left grabbing each other's ass then after
taking a shower Trish got dressed and left.


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