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Jackie Earns Her Push
by NotTooFugly (

Steve threw the door to Ms. McMahon's office wide open. Stephanie was sitting
behind her desk reading a magazine. "What the fuck is this?!" he exloded,
tossing a sheef of papers onto her desk. Stephanie glanced at the papers.

"Well Steve, that appears to be the transcripts from the last few weeks of
Smackdown," said Stephanie, cooly ignoring Steve's outburst.

"And you know what is in them? Fucking idiocy I tell you!"

She looked surprsied. "Steve, you wrote most of that."

"I know what I wrote, and that damn sure isn't it. That angle was supposed
to be Matt Hardy's angle, not that walking throw rug Albert's," said Steve,
referring to Albert's feud with Edge, "and I threw out that 'A-Train' BS as
a joke. I assumed no one would be stupid enough to use it!"

"Well Steve, when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. Besides, I
consider A-Train to be more important to the company than some ass-backwards
North Carolinian!" Stephanie shot back.

"Oh God...Albert is fucknig you isn't he? Well look at what it's one for
HHH's career-"

"How dare you!" Stephanie shrieked. "I could have your balls for that!"

"Well, mine are about the only pair in the company you haven't had so..."

"Get out damn you!"

"Oh, don't worry Steph," he gestured towards the discarded magazine she'd
left on the desk, "I won't take anymore of your valuable time from the guys
and gals of Bound Bitches Monthly."

Stephanie flushed, and flipped over the X-Rated magazine in an attempt to
cover it up only to expose a picture of a huge dick on the back cover. Steve
left the office in stitches leaving Stephanie staring at the door while she
tried to collect herself. "I'll have that smug bastard yet," Stephanie fumed.

* * *

Steve wandered down the hall outside Stephanie's office. As he neared the
corner he almost bumped into Jackie Gayda, the young female prospect from
Tough Enough 2, hot in more ways than one in Steve's opinion.

"Hello Jackie. If you're on your way to see Stephanie I suggest you knock
before entering," said Steve, chuckling a bit.

"Actually, I was looking for you Mr. Deschain," she replied, "I wanted to
talk to you about my push."

"Well, I don't know how much help I can be at this point, but maybe I can
point you in the right direction. Shoot."

"Well you see," she hesitated a bit, "things aren't going quite the way I
think they should. Nidia hasn't been here much longer than me and she's all
over TV. Where am I? OVW!"

"But Nidia has shown a remarkable willingness to do, umm, whatever it takes
to earn her spot around here," explained Steve, savouring some private
memories, "if you take my meaning."

"Like what? Make out with some slob, shake her ass? I can do that as well as
she can!"

"That's not exactly what I meant. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll get your
spot eventually," he said, starting to turn away. Jackie pulled him back
around to face her.

"Look Mr. Deschain, I don't want a spot eventually, I want it NOW. And I'll
do whatever or whoever I have to to get it!" She grabbed Steves ass and
pulled him in close. "My apartment. 7 o'clock tonight," she whispered in his
ear, pressed something into his hand. Then she turned on her heel and strode
away, putting a little extra swing into her hips as she strode away. Steve
looked into his hand. A key and an address.

"It could wind up being a very good night after all."

* * *

Steve stood outside Jackies door, gave himself a quick once-over. Good
enough, he thought to himself. He unlocked the door with the key and stepped
into a... dark apartment. What the hell?, he thought. He groped his way along
the wall looking for a lightswitch. No luck. He stumbled his way through the
darkened living room. He arrived at a short hallway with three doors. Lets
see whats behind curtain number 1...he looked into the room, revealing a
small closet with a standing mirror inside. Door number 2... a bathroom.
Well, Steve murmered, if this isn't the right one I'm going to have a serious
case of blue balls tonight. He pushed the door open...jackpot!

Jackie sat on the bed facing the door. She wore a small robe that looked like
it'd been borrowed from Torrie Wilson. "Well hello there big stud. What took
you so long?"

"If I'd known I'd need a flashlight to find you, I wouldn't have come," Steve

"Oh don't worry Stevie, I'll make sure you cum lots!" She gestured towards a
chair that sat near the door. "Sit." Steve sat. Jackie stood up, smiling
seductively at him. She began to undo the belt of her robe, dancing a little
as she did. She turned away from him and let the robe drop to the floor. She
wore a small white thong which was neatly tucked between her firm tanned
cheeks. Her legs were long and lean, and her back was firmly muscled beneath
her soft flesh. She had no top on. She smiled over her shoulder and gave her
hips a little shake. She gleamed all over, from baby oil perhaps. She turned
to face him.

The front was even better. Her thighs were thick and smooth and the thong
was nearly as thin in the front as in the back. Steves eyes trailed up her
washboard-flat belly to her equally inviting breasts. He couldn't take his
eyes from her large round globes, full and upright with perfectly formed
nipples. She strode towards him smiling at him. "Well?"

Steve choked on words that would not come. Finally he was able to force some
out. "You're... absolutely stunning."

Jackie put her leg up on the chair. Steve began rubbing it with his hands,
kissing and licking her thigh and moving towards her still covered pussy.
Jackie pulled her leg away, then sat down on his lap. She looked into his
eyes, then leaned down and kissed him. Steve tongue roamed her mouth the
same way his hands moved roamed her body. She stroked his face as she kissed
him, and then began to unbutton his shirt and slipped her hands inside,
feeling his firm pecs. She quickly pushed his shirt over his shoulders and
began pressing her lips against his neck and chest as he tried to free
himself. He finally managed to free himself, and he tossed his shirt to the
floor before returning her fire with his own. He kissed her fierecely, then
trailed down her neck, feeling her pulse beat under his lips. He cupped her
breasts and massaged them, his tongue moving over them in slow circles until
he reached the nipples. He moved around the nipples, teasing them up with
his fingers, kissing them, biting them gently. She quivered as he lickd them,
her fingers running through his hair as he pleasured her. His hands journeyed
her body, stroking here, squeezing there. He could have just sat, touching
her forever, but she bade him stop.

"Lets go to bed babe. I want you inside of me," Jackie murmered.

"There's no place I'd rather be." Steve grasped her firm buns and picked her
up, traversing the short distance to the bed and depositing her upon it. He
removed the remainder of his clothes, exposing his muscled body, the hardest
of which stoof at attention between his legs.

"Christ, you could've been a wrestler with that body!", exclaimed Jackie.

"Almost was," replied Steve, "but it's a long story and the only length you
want from me is inside your sweet cunt. Am I right?" He grinned at her hungry
nod. He dove into bed beside her. They writhed together all lips and tongue
and flesh, his hardness pressing against her warm crotch. He reached down to
remove the thong. Suddenly, she rolled out of bed. Before he could protest,
she raised a finger to her lips to call for silence.

She moved her hands down her body, giving him a striptease as she began to
remove the thong. She wriggled, pulling the thong down her hips and thighs
until she could kick it off. It landed on the bed beside Steve. He picked
it up and inhaled, looking at her shaved pussy which dripped with her lust.
She walked over to the door and stepped out, then looked into the closet
he'd seen previously. She brought the mirror out, and stood it up in front
of the bed.

"Now we're ready," Jackie said in a sultry voice.

"Ms.Gayda, you're about to receive your push."

Jackie grinned wickedly and her eyes filled with sin. She crawled into the
bed, stroked his cheek, then trailed her hands down his body, arriving at
his erect cock. She leaned down and planted a kiss on the tip before leaning
back a bit and spitting on it. She placed her hand on it, slowly spreading
the spit all over his cock. He groaned as she jacked him off, giving him a
hand job he could never have equalled alone. He had a great view of her
perfect ass in the mirror. She noticed his look, looked back then smiled at
him. She turned, giving him a perfect view of her buttocks.

He leaned forward and kissed her ass, licking it and squeezing it with his
hands. He gently spread her cheeks and worked a finger inside, causing her
to gaps and almost forget to jerk him off. He pulled the finger out and
insetted his tongue, tasting her fine ass as he moved his hand between her
legs. He found her wet cunt and began to rub it with his fingers, preparing
her for penetration. He pushed his finger through her lips and into her
moist cave. He pushed deep as her could, stimulating her labia and her clit
as he tongued her ass. He could feel her inner muscles tightening around
his fingers as she orasmed, responding to his ministarions.

"Oh baby...your fingers...ah, ah, ah!", Jackie panted as he fingered her.
Then she crawled forward, bringing her ass away from his mouth. He would have
protested, but that he knew the best was yet to come. He pulled his fingers
from her cunt and licked them, tasting her wonderful juices.

She left a trail of wetness down his body as she moved around, preparing to
take him in. She positioned herself above his cock with her back to him. He
watched as she slowly lowered herself down, seeing his cock disappear inside
her in the mirror. He could hear her moan as he entered her, then she began
to shift around, getting a feel for his size and girth. He rested his hands
on her hips as she began to swivel her hips going slowly just the way he
liked as she ground into his throbbing dick. He groaned deep in his throat
as she moved around. Then she began to bounce, his cock rubbing against her
insides. She moaned, louder and louder, and he knew she was going to orgasm

"Oh, oh yes, oh baby... OH STEVE!", Jackie screamed as she rode his cock to
orgasm. He could see her breasts bounce up and down as she fucked him, and
her ass jiggled when it slapped into his stomach. She was practically jumping
up and down now, his dick sliding in and out of her. He couldn't hold out any

"Ah yes, ahhh...oh!", Steve shouted in spite of himself, and he knew she
was screaming with him. His cock spurted thick globs of jizz into her cunt
splattering all over and overflowing out of her cunt. She collapsed, gasping
from her exhertion, then crawled beside him.

"Have I earned my push Mr. Big Time Writer Man?"

"Oh yes hun, you most certainly have," murmered Steve. Then a thought struck
him: how am I going to get back in Stephanies good graces?

To be continued?

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