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Jackie Gayda's Warm Up
by Skivelowitz (

I am a wrestler for the WWE, but I am still in OVW. Back when Jackie Gayda
was in OVW, they would have us work together a lot. That was before she was
brought back with Rico as Miss Jackie.

Now even though I am a male wrestler, sometimes they would have us wrestle
against each other anyway, usually in mixed tag-team matches. One night
Jackie and I made plans to practice together. We would go to a WWE practice
ring in the WWE gym, and we would run a practice match together. We hoped
that it would improve our performance the next night at an OVW show. So that
night we met up at the training facility at like 6.

Me: Hey Jackie. Damn! You are lookin fine tonight.

Jackie: (giggles) well thank you. You actually don't look so bad yourself.

Jackie was looking georgeous. She had on a very tight, white, see through
tank top which showed off here very sexy naval. It was very low cut and
showed off a lot of cleavage. Along with that she was wearing very short
white see through shorts. She also had on a sexy white thong which was
sticking out of her shorts, Lita-style.

Me: So you ready to wrestle?

I said this in a joking manner. As I said this, I took off my shirt. I then
made my large pecs bounce, as I saw her stare at them.

Jackie: Hey, that's cool! Let me see something? Keep making them do that.

I did as I was told, and as I did this she place her right hand on my right
pec as it went up and down.

Me: OK, my turn.

I then moved right hand as if to place it on her right breast. I only meant
it as a joke, but I accidentally ended up actually grabbing it. I immediately
pulled my hand away. I began to apologize, but then I stopped when I noticed
the look that Jackie was now giving me. She was giving me these incredibely
sexy, seductive look, and she had a cute little smile on her face too.

Me: (thinking) Hmmm. I guess she didn't mind.

Even though she decided not to make a big deal about it, I still felt very
akward and tried to change the subject.

Me: So you ready to start practicing?

Jackie: Yeah let's do it.

We got in the ring and started practicing. We continued this for a while.

Jackie: OK. Let's practice certain spots for the match.

Me: Like what?

Jackie: Well, for example, we can practice the spot when I run around the
ring and when you follow me my partner clotheslines you.

Me: Yeah.

Jackie: Or we can practice all of the spots that are done to the women?

Me: Like what?

Jackie: Well it is all the things you do to me after I slap you.

Me: Such as?

I had a pretty good idea of what she was hinting at. Her eyes said it all.
But after you accidentally grab a women's boob, you have to be careful with
stuff like this.

Jackie: Well,... you could um... spank me,.... or even um.... kiss me?

Me: Oh, ok. Let's go for it. I mean, you can never be too sure.

We got ready to do the kiss spot first. No one had ever rehearsed the kissing
spot. It was always straight forward, and something that no one ever bothered
waisting their time practicing. But no way in hell was I going to let this
opportunity pass me by. I mean, I didn't even think we were gonna be doing
the kiss at all, let alone, during practice.

Jackie: OK, you ready? I'm gonna go to slap you, and you are gonna grab my
hand, then my a hair. And then you'll give me a nice long kiss.

I was getting a little excited just thinking about it. Jackie was looking so
hot, and I have wanted to get with her for so long. I remembered watching
Tough Enough II, and wishing I was Pete in the hot tub with Jackie. So we
began the spot. I had her by her hair, and I was getting ready for the kiss.
I looked at her georgeous face, and I could tell that she was looking forward
to it as well.

With one motion, I moved in and kissed her roughly, but at the time that I
would usually have broken the kiss, I wasn't ready yet. I then sort of forgot
what was going on. All I knew was that I was kissing Jackie Gayda, and there
was no tongue. I changed that, and began to passionately kiss the bucsome
beauty. But suddenly she started resisting, and I remembered why we were
kissing in the first place.

Jackie: What the hell ....

Me: I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. I just...

Jackie: took you so long!?

Before I realized what she had just said to me, Jackie grabbed me and we
began to passionately kiss in the middle of the ring. As me made out, I used
my hands to grab at her booty, which did leave much to be desired. I mean
there was nothing there! But luckily she had the breasts to make up for not
having an ass. She then began slowly kissing and sucking at my neck. We then
moved into the corner, and I was leaning on the turnbuckle as she kissed my
neck,and then slowly made her way down. She made her way to her knees, and
pulled down my tights. My shlong sprung out, almost hitting her in the face.
The sight of my 8 inch killer put a nice sexy, seductive smile on Jackie's
face. She then took my dick in her mouth and began bobbing her head back and
forth, sucking at my almost erect cock.

Me: Oohh Jackie!!! Oh my God! Yes jackie, Yes!!!

The feeling was unbelievable. Jackie was giving me, by far, the best blowjob
I had ever gotten. She used her tongue to lick my cock from top to bottom,
and from bottom to top, stopping at the tip and licking it before going back
to sucking and jerking me off at the same time.

Me: Oh Jackie! You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this. You are so

Jackie then stopped sucking my cock, but stayed on her knees. I then knelt
down so we were eye to eye. For a brief moment we just stared into each
others eyes, letting each other know that we both wanted the same thing.
Then we began kissin again, both on our knees. As we passionately kissed,
I took her shirt off, revealing her enormous, lovely breasts. I grabbed
them each with one of my hands, and sucked on her big boobs.

Jackie:oooooooooo yeah! That's the way. You like my big breasts don't you!?

I sucked on them some more, treasuring them. I was loving every minute of
this, but I could tell that we both wanted more, as she bagan stroking my
cock again. I figured that I would speed things up a bit, and I pulled off
her shorts and thong. Jackie and I were both in the ring together competely
naked. I stopped a minute, and just stared at her beautiful, naked body.
She then flashed an incredibely cute but sexy smile, as she wrapped her legs
around me. I then stood up as she was wrapped aroung me with my fully erect
cock inside her. I grabbed her by her ass and she began bouncing up and
down on my cock, while we made out again. I then leaned her against the
turnbuckle, and put her in the shattered dreams position as I pushed in and
out of her. She let out moans of pleasure with every thrust, until I was
about to burst. I laid her on the floor and she jerked off my cock until I
shot my load all over her huge titties. SHe then licked it all up, except
for some which she just rubbed into her breasts.

Me: Oh God, yeah. Jackie you are amazing.

Jackie: Oh, you are everything I imagined and more.

We both just layed in the ring, cuddling together carresing our naked bodies.
She then moved her hand from my chest, to on my cock. At that moment, my head
sprung up and I was met with a very sweet kiss. She then moved her head down,
slowly kissing my chest, until she once again had my 8 inch penis inside her
mouth. I placed my hand on her head and ran my fingers through her hair,
guiding Jackie's head up and down as she sucked on my cock. After sucking on
it for a while, she moved up again and began to ride my cock like a cowboy.
As she did this, I used my hands to feel and play with her fantastic breasts.

Jackie: Oh my God! Wow!

She let out more moans as I placed my hands on her ass and began picking up
the pace.

Me:I'm gonna cum. Jackie! I'm gonna blow!

She almost instantly got off of me, and instructed me to cum in her mouth.
I did as I was told. After taking another breather, we were both ready for
another go. We both stood up, and I began to kiss her neck. Her nipples
became hard, and she let out tiny little moans of joy, as I fingered her
clit at the same time. She seemed to be really enjoying it, until all of a
sudden she turned around and started walking away.

Me: Jackie! Don't Go. What's wrong. Did I do something?

I was wondering what I had done to turn her off, until she got to the
turnbuckle on the opposite corner of the ring. She placed her hands on
the ropes and stuck her ass out. She then looked at me and gave me a very
inviting look. I didn't waste any time. I came up behing her, and before
doing anything I kissed the back of her neck again.

Me:Jackie, are you sure?

Jackie: Oh God yes. I want to feel you inside of me. You know you want my

Now, ofcourse I wanted her ass but I was a bit scared do to the fact that
she didn't really seem to have an ass. I was afraid that if I fucked her in
the ass, I'd break her legs. But once I gave it a shot, it turned out that
her ass was pretty damn sweet. I slowly stuck my erect cock into her tight
asshole. I then began to slowly bring it in and out, until we gained a
rhythm. I then began slamming her ass as she grabbed onto the turnbuckle
for leverage. I reached my hands out in front of her, and grabbed onto her
huge breasts. With every thrust came another beautiful moan of pleasure
from the wonderful Jackie Gayda. I then picked up the pace, and pounded her
pleasant dairy air. After a while longer I finally came right into her ass.
She went also. We were both so worn out that with my dick still inside her
ass, we both just fell back and lay there in the ring. I removed my cock
from her ass, but she still remained on top of me in that position. I moved
my hands onto her enormous titties, and then we both passed out naked and
together. When we finally woke up, we started making out again, but only to
end it shortly. We then got dressed, and headed to the back for a shower. I
was in the shower, when suddenly the shower curtain sprung open. There stood
a beautiful and completely nude Jackie Gayda.

Jackie: The women's shower is broken, mind if I share this one with you?
_ _ _


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